; Fossil Fuels vs. Alternative Energy
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Fossil Fuels vs. Alternative Energy


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									  Fossil Fuels vs.
Alternative Energy
        What is Fossil Fuel?
• Microorganisms are buried and decay

• Formed millions to hundreds of millions of years ago

• Supply is limited

• Burning produces carbon dioxide (CO2)

• Contains other impurities that cause pollution
 Examples of Fossil Fuels:

Extreme emissions and pollution

 Petroleum (oil)
   Used to fuel vehicles

 Coal
   Powers electricity plants
            More examples:
Fossil Fuels considered to be less harmful
  than oil…. But still limited in supply.

► NaturalGas
► Propane
   Domestically abundant (in the USA)

  Fossil Fuel Dependence
Alternative Sources of Energy

   Options to replace fossil fuels

   Solutions to solve environmental problems
      Reduce carbon emissions

      Lowers other greenhouse gases
  Biomass energy sources
• Ethanol
  – Produced domestically
  – From corn or other crops
  – Produces lower greenhouse emissions

• Biodiesel
  – From vegetable or animal fats
  – Produces less pollution

  Alternative Fuels
      Electricity as an Alternative
Electric Motor Vehicles       Internal Combustion Engine

   75% of energy is             15-20% of energy is
    converted to power            converted to power
   No tailpipe emissions        Great emissions
   Domestic (self reliant)      Political and Economic
   Stronger acceleration         issues
   Less maintenance

Electric Cars

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