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HT Burda Media Ltd. is an offshoot of the philosophy of providing customer service par excellence
in the areas of Printing and Pre-Press Services. It derives advantage from deeper understanding of
customer needs and our ability to create and deliver the desired results. Well-proven technology
and quality systems give our processes the cutting-edge sharpness.

Our Printing & Pre-Press facility is supervised by technology experts and experienced professionals.
We have a highly motivated, highly efficient team trained in Germany. A team that ensures best-in-
class practices to maintain international quality standards.

Quality monitoring is done in real time deploying the correct instruments and inspection facilities.

The Gravure process allows precise registration of colour. A rich & bright print further enhances
the print quality.

Our Pre-Press is equipped with modern facilities and provides expertise in Color Correction, Cut-out,
Ground Extension, Change in Hue, Saturation and Tone Value, Image Manipulation, Photo Merge,
Skin Smoothening, Body Structuring, Transparency Effect, Product Development, Reflection Effect,
Image Mixing, Color Balancing, Advance Filter Effect, Lighting Effect, Embossing, Wrapping and can
produce results in the minimum turnaround time (All the monitors are calibrated with ICC Profile.
Results are matched with high quality Epson proofs. All profiles are of International standard and
are documented in detail.)

Our structured quality system allows us to capture the voice of customer. Customer participation is
a key factor to realize continuous improvement of process & quality.

Our quality system is based on

•      Well defined Quality Policy on Quality
•      Regular Total Preventive Maintenance to ensure zero breakdown and consistency in
       performance, in-depth problem analysis using the 7QC Tool and full proofing
•      Continuous performance improvement by employing the “Kaizen” practice
•      Building processes for achieving ISO Standard.

One can see and feel quality. Hence the dictum ÂQuality SpeaksÊ
To build a Customer Centric Organization and be a Leader in providing Best in Class Print Products
& Services on time, every Time.

We will lend ourselves to Customers in order to:
•        Help raise the Quality Standards of Print Products & Services
•        Print & Provide Services to foster Customer total satisfaction
•        Reduce turnaround time for Print Production & Services.

At HT Burda Media Ltd., we believe our values drive us towards our committed goals of expansion,
diversification and excellence. These values define our philosophy of operations, guide our
important decisions and determine our commitment and achievements.

•       Courage
•       Responsibility
•       Empowerment
•       Continuous Self Renewal
•       People Centric Services
HT Burda Media Ltd. is a Joint Venture between HT Media Ltd., India and Burda Druck GmbH. Both
the partners bring together over 100 years of experience in printing. HT Media Ltd. is primarily
into the business of Newspaper publishing and printing in India and Burda Druck GmbH is one of
Europe’s leading Media companies, engaged primarily in the business of magazine publishing &
commercial printing.

HT Burda Media Ltd. started its Pre-Press operations last year and is now aligned to start its
Printing & Finishing operations at Greater Noida by the end of year 2009.

With the completion of state-of-the-art Print Facility, HT Burda Media Ltd. will be in a position to
capture a substantial share of the commercial printing business in India.

HT Burda Media Ltd. intends to bring International quality standards and services to its Customers
through proven technology of Gravure Printing.
HT Media had its beginning in 1924 when its flagship newspaper, Hindustan Times was inaugurated
by Mahatma Gandhi. Hindustan Times (English) and Hindustan (Hindi), have a combined daily
circulation of 2.25 million copies and a readership base of 12.4 million readers to their credit. Both
dailies enjoy strong brand recognition among readers as well as advertisers.

To cater to the large readership base, HT Media operates more than 21 printing facilities across
India with an installed capacity of 1.5 million copies per hour.

HT Media also publishes a national business newspaper, Mint. It is a one-of-its-kind newspaper
wherein HT Media Ltd. has an exclusive agreement with the Wall Street Journal. HT Media through
its subsidiaries has also made its foray into Electronic Media, i.e. FM Radio in partnership with
“Virgin Radio” and in Internet Business, incorporated under Firefly E-ventures.
Burda Druck Gmbh is a part of the Hubert Burda Media Group. Hubert Burda Media has its presence
in various segments such as Print, Publishing, TV Channels, Radio, Mobile, Online, E- Commerce,
Events, Direct Marketing, Promotions, and Research etc.

Burda Druck GmbH has enjoyed a respectable position in the European Gravure Printing Industry
with a rich experience of over 100 years.

Burda Druck GmbH has an employee strength of over 1200, with printing locations spread across
Germany, France & Slovakia and having an annual printing output of 3.3 lac tons of paper (equivalent
to 600 million pages per day) using the high speed Gravure Printing Machine.

Burda Druck GmbH prints some of the world’s leading magazines, catalogues & brochures
like Elle, Playboy, Focus, Lisa, Ikea etc. which reflects the level of quality of printing & services
being offered.

    HT Burda Media Ltd. operates on the philosophy of building strategic partnership with its customers by
                                 addressing their expectations and needs.

        We also broaden our customers’ vision by apprising them of the latest trends across the globe.

              Understanding these trends would widen customer’s perspective and provide them
                                       with a competitive advantage.

 Pre-Press, Printing & Finishing are three major operations involved in the production of a high quality product.
             Good Quality Pre-Press is a predecessor of a high quality print.

             Pre-Press involves a huge range of digital services whichservices,
             which can be used to manipulate images according to customer’s
             requirement. It can actively participate in the designing of catalogues,
             advertisement material, and magazine’s page layouts etc.

             Pre-Press of HT Burda Media Ltd. is operational since March’2008
             and is excellently catering Indian clients. Maintaining international
             standards, timely delivery of quality products, efficient & skilled
             manpower etc. are some of the key factors giving us a clear edge.

             We are in the process of increasing our employee base by over 500,
             exclusively for Pre-Press to cater to the increasing customer set-up
             built across the Globe.

             Pre-Press at HT Burda Media ltd. means “Reduced Turnaround Time,
             Uniform & High Quality Work, Maintaining schedules, Calibrated
             Process & Cost Effectiveness”


Before   After

Before   After


Once the document passes through Pre-Press, it becomes
digitally correct for printing on paper and subsequently the
Print Press realizes a high quality print product. HT Burda
Media ltd. brings to the Customer, Gravure process to
enable a high quality print.

Gravure is an established process and acknowledged by
customers across the world for its consistency & better
color management.

                                                               We plan to install high speed, Rotogravure Printing Presses
                                                               to cater to the time sensitive, high quality commercial print
                                                               market. Cylinder engraving & preparation is in-house with
                                                               advanced Engravers & Polishers ensuring perfect image
                                                               transfer on Copper Cylinder & thereafter its reproduction
                                                               on paper.

                                                               Our Presses are designed to handle a web width of 2.45
                                                               meter which allows higher & economical Print runs.

The extra wide press allows for a simultaneous print of
upto 96 pages (A4 Size) in one go, thus reducing turnaround
time. 4 colour to 5 colour printing guarantees superlative
quality and that too in a shorter turnaround time.

Printing Operations at HT Burda Media Ltd., Greater Noida
will commence by Dec’09.
                                                            HT Burda Media Ltd. have the capacity to produce
                                                            over 3,50,000 copies of magazines and catalogues
                                                            daily and – in line with customers’ requirements –
                                                            adding supplements, product samples, CD’s, inserts or
                                                            affixing postcards before binding, etc. are addressable

                                                            High speed saddle stitcher & the fully automated feeding
                                                            of finishing equipment enable economic runs. Reduced
                                                            manual handling of products ensures a consistent &
                                                            better quality product & adherence to time limits.

                                                            HT Media’s wide & established circulation network
                                                            across India can be leveraged by our customers for their
                                                            new product launches/pan India advertising.

Special Features :
Ongoing investments in cutting-edge technology,
expertly handled by trained professional staff, guarantee
a smooth production flow.

We attach equal importance to continuous process
optimization and compliance with environmental

HT Burda Media Ltd. believes in sustainable development
and thus utilizes every form of technology that
reconciles economic growth with the preservation of the
•   Apple MAC Pro Dual 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel
    Xeon Processor – 4 GB of 800MHz DDR2 RAM

•   Eizo Color Edge CG19 TFT Color LCD Monitor

•   Additional Mac Monitor with each work station
    to enable usages of full screen for image/page
    (Operating masks open on additional screen)

•   Wacom Intous Tablet – 9”×12”

•   Flat Bed Scanner-Fuji Film -
    Lanovia Quattro (A3 Size)

                                                      •   Eskofot - Eskoscan2024 copy-dot scanner

                                                      •   Enfocus Power Switch Software for automation

                                                      •   Epson Stylus pro 4880 proofer unit

                                                      •   GMG software for maintaining international
                                                          proofing standards (ISO)

                                                      •   Epson Stylus pro 9600 with halftone
                                                          proofing system

•   Gretag X-rite… Spectrolino for calibration

•   Dell Personal Computers with 2.8 GHz with Nvida
    Graphic Card – 2GB of DDR RAM

•   Hi-Band width dedicated leased lines
                             You can reach us at:

                      HT Burda Media Limited
        Plot No. 8, Udyog Vihar, Greater Noida- 201 306, Uttar Pradesh, India
            Tel : +91-120 - 2569862, 63, 84 • Fax : +91 -120 -2569056
          Regd. Office : 18-20 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi - 110001

    A Joint Venture Company of HT Media Limited and Burda Druck GmbH

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