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         Greater Noida Facts
         Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority(GNIDA) was established in Jan, 1991

                                           Vision           ❐        An Eco-Friendly Relaxed Environment.
                                           for the City     ❐        A Modern, Efficient City Of International Standards.
                                                            ❐        A Pro-Active Investor-Friendly Framework.
                                                            ❐        Holistic Planning to cover all Urbanisation issues.
                                                            ❐        Participation Of The Rural Population In Urbanisation.

                                           Area and                   ●       Total Notified Area of 36,000 hectares
                                           Population                 ●       Current Urbanization - 5,000 Ha in Phase I
                                                                      ●       Urbanizable area of 12,000 Ha. by year 2011

                                                                Overview of ODP -2011
                                                                Total Area                               12000 HECTARES
                                                                Industrial                               2600 hectares
                                                                Transportation                           1280 hectares
                                                                Institutional & Commercial               2120 hectares
                                                                Open Area                                3000 hectares
                                                                Residential                              3000 hectares

                                                            City planned for a population of
                                                                   7 Lakh by year 2011
                                                                   12 Lakh by year 2021

                                           Infrastructure   ❐        Top Quality Housing & Social Infrastructure.
                                                            ❐        Covered drains and Underground Cabling.
                                                            ❐        Wider than normal access Roads.
                                                            ❐         Corridors for each service.
                                                            ❐        Inland Container Depot under construction.
                                                            ❐        Convergence Network.
                                                            ❐        Solid Waste Management System.
                                                            ❐        State-of-the-art Telecom Linkages - A wired city
                                                            ❐        First City in North India to Privatise Power Distribution (1994)
                                                            ❐        Broadband Service Providers- Reliance, Tata Teleservices,
                                                                     RPG Enterprises, Powergrid Corporation.
                                                            ❐        All services- Voice, data, internet, National Lease Circuits, Lease Circuits,
                                                                     eVPNs, Connectivity to MPLS network
                                                            ❐        VSNL setting up STM-4 (expandable to 16) POP at Greater Noida.
                                                                     Multiple STM 1 rings will originate which will go into customer premises.

                                           Controlled       ❐        Signage Master Plan prepared.
                                           Signages         ❐        No overhead signages permitted.
                                                            ❐        Usage-wise colours defined.
                                                            ❐        All Boards installed by GNA.
                                                            ❐        Private Boards not permitted.
                                                            ❐        Signages designed for all Shopping Centers.

                                           Excellent        ❐        Land allotted to 10 Hospitals. Kailash Hospital working.
                                           Social           ❐        Ansal Plaza Shopping Mall Operational.
                                           Infrastructure   ❐        Shopping Malls, Multiplexes coming up
                                                            ❐        Greg Norman Signature Golf Club, Stellar Gymkhana, YMCA
                                                            ❐        Adequate parking.
                                                            ❐        Fashionable shopping areas in the vicinity
                                                            ❐        Hotels, Restaurants.
                                                            ❐        Country's first India Exposition Mart for export of Handicrafts (55acres).
                                                            ❐        Banking & Postal services

8 GroundTruths I August - September 2008
Green Areas               ❐    An Eco-Friendly Relaxed Environment.
                          ❐    25% of Master Plan area reserved for Greenery.
                          ❐    Organised flowing green belts- continuous lung space.
                          ❐    Ornamental avenues - to control development, improve aesthetics and environment.
                          ❐    3000 acres Reserve Forest Area within the city limits.
                          ❐    Minimal Pollution-The best urban environment in North India.
                          ❐    Clean environment USP of GNoida.
                          ❐    Polluting industry not permitted.
                          ❐    Lab set up to measure ambient air quality.
                          ❐    Display boards at entrance to GNoida to display air quality on daily basis.
                          ❐    Green & impeccably planned, greenfield city in India.
                          ❐    Wide roads (130 m), open spaces, lush roadside and central verge grass and tree plantations.

Education Facilities      ❐    SCHOOL EDUCATION
                                  Public and International schools- DPS, Ryan International, Somerville, Oxford, Kendriya Vidyalaya.
                                  Excellent Preparatory and Kintergartens: Pragyan
                          ❐    COLLEGE EDUCATION
                                  150 Allotments made for Higher secondary schools, Engineering Colleges, Medical Colleges,
                                  Management Institutes, Vocational Institutes

Emerging Knowledge Hub    ❐    Greater Noida is developing Knowledge Park in three Phases:
                                   Phase-I (320 acres), already developed.
                                   Phase-II (407 acres), development nearing completion.
                                   Phase-III (940 acres), planned.
                          ❐    Allotments have already been made to several institutions : Schools, Management Institutes,
                               Vocational Training Institutes.
                          ❐    14 Engineering, 8 Management Colleges, IIT Roorkee, BITS Ranchi, National Law School,
                               Sharda Group prestigious Institutions 2 Medical Colleges, Homoeopathic College.

Connectivity              ❐    Strategic Location within NCR - well linked to domestic & international markets via Delhi.
                          ❐    Railway Station 45 min, International Airport 1 hour, ISBT 30 min.
                          ❐    Connected to Delhi, Noida by 8-lane Expressway.
                          ❐    Yamuna Expressway -link to Agra - construction work started
                          ❐    Link from Noida via M.P. Road No.3.
                          ❐     Link from N.H.24.
                          ❐     Link from G.T. Road via Dadri ROB.
                          ❐    Basic Infrastructure provisioned ahead of demand.
                          ❐    Proposed International Airport, Aviation Hub, Railway Station in PPP.
                          ❐    Corridor earmarked for future expansion of Metro/LRT.

Transport Hub             ❐    Development of Boraki Railway Station into Greater Noida Station in PPP.
                          ❐    Passenger and Goods Terminal Between ICD and SEZ (2500 acres).
                          ❐    ROB for connectivity to GT Road- NH 24.
                          ❐    Wholesale market, Fruits and Vegetable wholesale trade.
                          ❐    No unnecessary truck parking/movement inside GNA- Clean City.
                          ❐    Seamless merging of passenger transport systems.
                          ❐    Likely Railway Station in PPP.
                          ❐    RITES doing Pre-feasibility Study on Railway Station.
                          ❐    Entire Hub in Private Partnership.

IT and other Industries   ❐   Automotive
                                   Honda Siel Cars
                                   Escorts Yamaha
                                   New Holland Tractors
                                   Auto Ancillaries
                          ❐   IT/ Electronics
                                   Moser Baer
                                   L.G. Electronics
                                   12 units allotted plots
                          ❐   Others
                                   Pepsi, Vectra, Honda Power

Major Projects            ❐   Proposed International Airport.
                          ❐   Night Safari project (similar to Singapore) planned in 150 acres.
                          ❐   Proposed Bird Sanctuary & World Nature Garden.
                          ❐   Yamuna Expressway link to Agra.
                          ❐   Ganga Expressway link to Balia (Bihar via Kanpur, Allahabad, Varanasi).
                          ❐   Hindun Expressway link to Dehradoon (Uttranchal via Ghaziabad).

                                                                                                        August - September 2008 I GroundTruths 9

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