Our store is developed into a constantly evolving realitiy that

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					Our store is developed into a constantly evolving realitiy that takes energy from
natural passion for everything that is related to the Metropolitan world in its many
forms and inevitably the world of beach: from clothing, accessories, art, music, sport

It will become the reference point of fashion in the environment that surrounds it.
This thanks to an unique setting, historical brands and new proposals in constant

The new frontier of art exhibition and shopping experience pays attention to the
details and materials, with personality, never banal, it is aimed at passionate
customers of street cultures

This is realized thanks to the great synergy between multiple people, directed and
guided by common intention to implement this innovative project, selecting the best
clothing, footwear and accessories in the world of the beachwear street wear,
skateboard, hip hop and urban culture

A perfect place to present different marks, a space that expresses the search for a
special style, great attention to detail, in an environment driven by passion and
experimentation with the only aim to make living with style

A place conceived to satisfy the needs of those who conceive the hip hop as a
lifestyle all round from clothes of the most sought after brands of street wear,
shoes, retro models to the latest sneakers, accessories to live better the era of

You tube: with its video and the music of artists such as: Broke One, Crookers, Broke,
OneCrookersMen, In SkratchPink is PunkScuola FuranoUseless Wooden Toys,
Victeam, Amari, Canadians, Dargen, D'Amico, Dufresne, Forty Winks, Nesle,
Notimefor, Rae Martini will accompany the customers in their shopping experience

The main feature of this concept store is the outfitting of the store in an area that
starts from the teenagers’ lifestyle to that of their fathers or mothers who live the
trend of the moment

A permanent exhibition of paintings, drawings and objects created by international
artists as Ben Frost, Ryca, Only One, Banksy, Ronzo, Shephard Fairey (Obey), Beghy,
Mr. Jago, BearBrick, Amos

All this will be integrated with the most innovative selections of clothing, footwear
and accessories that besides historical brands such as Carhartt, WEsc, Franklin &
Marshall, Stussy, Macbeth, Paul Frank, Etnies, Billabong, Quiksilver and many others,
will see new international proposals like Dr Denim, Keep, Obey, Original Adidas and
many others

The brands are high-profile names, selected worldwide with a focus on Japan,
considered a pioneer in terms of trends
Among others names as:

  -    DC shoes, that has long been the leading brand in the skate industry, always
       attentive to the needs of street style and keeping the technical
       characteristics of a real skate shoes, they are conquering the favors of the
       new generations that dress the urban

  -    - Vans, one of the best known and reputable brand in the world of

  -    Nike, that is today the main trend-setter in sports.

      "Just Do It!"

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