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					July/Aug., 2009                                                               Volume 37 Issue 4

                                     Ohio Mushroom Society

                  The Mushroom Log
                                        permit is somewhat restrictive,     Baymont Inn & Suites, Logan -
Fall Foray at                           so Shirley and myself are           Average - (740) 385-1700
                                        working on a couple of
Clear Creek                             excursions away from the park       Shaw Restaurant & Inn,
                                        for anyone interested in            Lancaster - Pricey - (800) 654-
9 am Saturday, September                gastronomy. There will be           2477.
12 thru noon Sunday,                    some leniency allowed on the
September 13, 2009.                     trail rule if it results in some    Glenlaurel Inn & Cottages,
Clear Creek Metro Park -                great additions to the list.        Rockbridge - Pricey - (740)
Northwest Hocking County                                                    385-4070
                                        Throughout the summer,
By Andrea Moore                         Shirley and I (and anyone else      Dum-Ford House Bed &
                                        who might want to join us one       Breakfast, Amanda - (877) 271-
Nearly 5000 acres and 95%               day) will be permitted access to    9598.
forested, it is the largest nature      the park to document fungi
preserve in the state of Ohio.          occurring between now and the       American Heartland Cabins in
Over 1200 species of plants             actual event in September. At       Rockridge. 800/833-0262 or
including rare ferns and pink           the completion of our foray,        740/412-2004
ladyslipper reside there, as well       myself, Walt, and the naturalist    http://www.americanheartlandc
as over 150 species of birds.           intern will present to the public
18 Species of warblers                  a program detailing what we've
regularly nest in the park.             learned with regard to fungi in     Friday early arrivals will meet at
There is an occasional bobcat           the park.                           7 pm that evening at the
sighting. The topography is                                                 Sandstone Bistro in Logan.
rugged and there is a 300 foot          Accommodations                      Coming from the north on 33
elevation increase from the floor                                           towards Logan, continue on 33
of the valley to the top of             Inns and hotels listed are in all   and exit east into town on Rte.
the ridge. There are, however,          price ranges. You may also          93 (Mulberry St.). Go through
some level trails with easy to          access         two traffic lights and at the 3 .
moderate hiking. OMS will be            for other accommodations like       light, turn left onto Main St. Go
the first to provide a list of          camping or cabins, as there are     to the 2 light (Spring St.)
fungi since the property was            too many to list.                   Sandstone is on the corner of
obtained by Franklin County                                                 Spring and Main Sts., across
Metro Parks.                            NOTE: Lodging in Hocking            from US Bank.
                                        Hills can be scarce in the
The facility we will utilize is a       fall, so book early!!!              Saturday lunch is potluck.
large barn with electric and                                                Please bring something to
lots of picnic tables. The              Holiday Inn Express Logan -         share.
Starner House sits next door            Average - (740) 385-7700
and has a restroom facility and                                             Saturday dinner will be at La
a small kitchen area if we need         Inn Towner Motel, Logan -           Cascada- a generous and
a little extra space beyond what        Cheap!!! - (740) 385-2465           inexpensive family owned
we have in the barn. Our
2 The Mushroom Log
Mexican restaurant. It is very      As is often the case with a foray   True turkey-tail
close to several of the hotels.     scheduled months in advance,        Uromyces ari-triphylli
Directions:                         the weather leading up to the       Jack-in-the-Pulpit rust
From the North: take 33 out of      workshop was terrible for           Puccinia podophylli
Columbus toward Lancaster.          mushroom growth--very dry.          mayapple rust
Do not take the Lancaster           However, the lack of numbers        Fuligo septima
business exit, but stay on 33       made the hunt that much more        Dog vomit slime mold
until approximately 8 miles         stimulating, with no nook
south of Lancaster. Turn right      unsearched, and the lack of
on Hocking County Road #116         diversity allowed the newer         * references for scientific names
aka Clear Creek Road. Follow        mushroom enthusiasts to             and common names:
it approximately 5 miles until      become well-acquainted with         Bessette & Bessette,
you come to the park office on      the species that were found.        Mushrooms of Northeastern
the left. It is a small 2 story                                         North America, 1997
white farm house with a large       In about two hours the group        Roody, Mushrooms of West
red barn.                           collected 20 species from a         Virginia and the Central
                                    portion of Brecksville              Appalachians, 2003
From Logan: Take 33 out of          Reservation’s wooded hills and
Logan northwest toward              valleys.
Lancaster/Columbus                                                      Mycorrhizae and the
approximately 7-8 miles. Turn       Sat. May 23, 2009 Species List
left onto Hocking County Road                                           Vegetable Garden
                                    * (in alphabetical order)           .
#116 aka Clear Creek Rd.
Follow it as above.                                                     By Mike Allen
                                    Agaricus bitorquis (rodmanii)
                                    urban agaric                        In the late 19th century, the
If anyone has questions or          Armillaria mellea black bootlace
concerns up to this point,                                              German forester A.B. Frank
                                    (honey mushroom)                    described the relationship
please contact me! Email is         Clitocybe ectypoides
fine, but I don't have access at                                        between fungi, specifically
                                    (Pseudoarmillaria) ?                truffles, and the trees that they
home, so it usually takes me a      Collybia dryophila
bit to get to it. If something is                                       associate with. The work was
                                    oak-loving collybia                 undertaken in the hope that
ever really urgent, please call     Coprinus micaceus
my house! (740) 969-8049.                                               truffles could be cultivated and
                                    mica caps                           the Germans could live happily
                                    Coprinus plicatilis                 ever after, knee-deep in truffles.
                                    Japanese umbrella                   They obviously failed in that
Brecksville Foray                   Daedalea confragosa                 sense, but in another sense,
                                    thin-maze flat polypore             science has succeeded. As so
                                    Daedalea quercina                   often happens, the story has
By Deb Shankland
                                    oak maze polypore                   come full circle, back to food.
                                    Flammulina velutipes
A three-part fungus &
                                    velvet foot                         Most seed-bearing plants in the
mushroom workshop was held
                                    Ganoderma applanatum                wild, and quite a few of the
at Cleveland Metroparks
                                    artist’s conch                      sporulating type, satisfy at least
Brecksville Nature Center on
                                    Mycena leaiana                      some of their nutrient needs
May 21, 22 and 23, 2009. Co-
                                    golden fairy helmet                 through mycorrhizal relation-
leaders Dave Miller, Pauline
                                    Pholiota sp.                        ships. The "fungus root" is, for
Munk and Debra Shankland
                                    Pluteus cervinus                    many genera, absolutely
shared their knowledge and
                                    fawn mushroom
experience, and Dick Grimm’s                                            essential to normal growth and
                                    Polyporus squamosa                  development. All of which
key, with 13 (class size limit)
                                    Dryad’s saddle                      comes as no surprise to OMS
very keen adult learners. This
                                    Schizophyllum commune               members. Our hobby depends
special workshop allowed
                                    split-gill                          largely on the fact that trees
gathering in an area normally
                                    Stereum ostrea                      depend on fungus, and that
off-limits to any type of
                                    false turkey-tail                   fungus produces large, beautiful
                                    Trametes elegans                    and delicious mushrooms for us
                                    Trametes versicolor                 to admire, collect and eat.
3 The Mushroom Log
Tuberales, Boletus,                 metabolism, make phos-                 highly shelf-stable, and most
Cantherellus, Tricholoma,           phorous, normally a "patchy",          versatile. A powder form can be
Russulas and Lactarius are all      insoluble and inaccessible             dusted on seeds when starting,
woodland mushrooms that exist       nutrient, available to the plant.      mixed with water for a drench,
primarily for their association     Mycorrhizal fungus has also            used as a side dressing, mixed
with "higher" plant life (i.e.,     been found to be the source of         into potting soil or starting mix,
trees). As it turns out, our        glomalin, an as yet little-            used as a root dip, or mixed into
vegetable plants also rely on       understood exudate that holds          soil when transplanting or
fungal relationships to thrive.     soil together and therefore            outplanting. Soils or composts
                                    contributes to its tilth, an inexact   containing mycelia or spores
The fungi involved live their       description of a soil's texture .      are not recommended, not only
entire lives underground and do                                            because of their high cost, but
not produce large fruit bodies-     Mycorrhizal inoculation is             also their lack of versatility and
themselves. They cannot even        possibly best utilized by the          possible problems concerning
live without a plant host, yet      home gardener in an "organic"          the viability of the inoculant. It is
they are not parasitic. They are    system. Studies have shown             important to note that some
the arbuscular mycorrhizae and      that "slow release" of nitrogen        plants will not form fungal
they can go a long way towards      and modest application of rock         relationships, probably including
maximizing your organic             phosphorous is preferable for          the Cruciferaceae (cabbage
garden's production of strong       cultivation of relationships           family). Some garden plants,
roots and lush foliage.             between plants and fungi,              notably the Ericaceae do not
                                    presumably because the plant           form relationships with
Arbuscular mycorrhizae are          is "encouraged" to form the            arbuscular mycorrhizae. This
endomycorrhizae, meaning that       relationship in order to get what      means that your Western
they interface inside of the        it needs. In field trials of habitat   Huckleberries (Vaccinium spp.)
plant's root cells, in contrast     restoration performed by Tim           and blueberries will need a
with the ectomycorrhizae, also      Meikle and Michael                     different type of inoculant than
known as sheathing myco-            Amaranthus, this type of               your tomatoes.
rrhizae, which commonly             fertilization regime boosted
associate with trees and do         colonization rates from a 0-20         Perennial plants, once
their business through the cell     percent range to a 16-20               inoculated, will continue to be
walls. Arbuscular approximately     percent range. Outplanting             colonized by the fungus season
means "little tree", so named       success, measured by seedling          after season. An annual garden
because of the form the fungus      survival rates was increased           bed that is only lightly tilled or
takes inside the root cell          from a maximum of 60 percent           untilled will possibly continue to
approximates a silver maple.        for seedlings under "traditional       harbor spores and mycelium
                                    fertilization" to a minimum of 65      year after year although heavier
The relationship is, as kids say,   percent in the heavily                 colonization rates could
complicated. At its most basic,     inoculated seedlings under the         probably be achieved by freshly
however, the plant gives up a       "alternative fertilization" regime.    inoculating each season's
portion of its photosynthesized     Compost and seed meal are              annual vegetables. A long
carbohydrates in return for         examples of amendments                 established, organically
nitrogen, phosphorous, certain      which release nitrogen slowly          maintained and untilled or
trace minerals, protection from .   as they degrade. Conventional          lightly tilled garden bed likely
certain toxic substances such       fertilizers generally provide          already has a diverse and
as some heavy metals,               nutrients in a highly soluble          healthy population of
protection from some soil           form that plants can readily           mycorrhizal fungus and
pathogens and more water than       utilize without a mycorrhizal          additional inputs may yield less
it would be able to absorb          intermediary.                          dramatic results. However,
otherwise, which renders the                                               inoculation is not a binary
plant more drought resistant.       Commercial mycorrhizal                 relationship, there is a matter of
The fungus is able to provide       inoculant comes in various             degree of root colonization,
these benefits by increasing the    forms and preparations.                which I suspect is especially
surface area and reach of the       Straight spore preparations are        important with short-season
plant's root system and, by         the most common and most               annual crops.
virtue of its unique fungal         recommended as they are
4 The Mushroom Log
Although the research on               president's support of science      When men on the chessboard
arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus          and science education."             Get up and tell you where to go
is less than absolutely                                                    And you've just had some kind
definitive, and the science is still   Knudsen published his               of mushroom
relatively young, most of the          discovery in the March issue of     And you're mind is moving low..
available evidence points              the journal Opuscula
toward a clear-cut plant benefit       Philolichenum.                      --"White Rabbit," Jefferson
from these relationships. Soil                                             Airplane
degradation through physical           "I made the final collections of
disturbance, contamination,            C. obamae during the                By Samantha Campos
erosion, over-fertilization and        suspenseful final weeks of
imprudent application of               President Obama's campaign          By now it's common knowledge
agricultural chemicals is a            for the United States               that when Grace Slick sang in
reality not only in agricultural       presidency, and this paper was      1967 of hookah-smoking
settings, but in our home              written during the international    caterpillars, pills that make you
gardens as well. Many sites            jubilation over his election,"      larger--or smaller--and yes,
could probably benefit from a          Knudsen said. "Indeed, the final    mushrooms, she was utilizing
deliberate bolstering of the           draft was completed on the very     the Alice's Adventures in
below-ground fungal                    day of President Obama's            Wonderland imagery to refer to
populations.                           inauguration."                      the hallucinatory effects of the
                                                                           popular psychedelics of the
Editors’ Note: The use of              C. obamae, the first species of     day.
mycorrhizae in gardening is a          any organism to be named in
topic that has not had much            honor of President Obama,           But in fact, psilocybin
attention with OMS. If you are         grows on soil and almost            mushrooms have been used for
interested in exchanging               became extinct.                     their mind expanding properties
information, contact Mike at                                               in shamanistic rituals and             "This species barely survived       healing possibly as far back as
                                       the intensive grazing of cattle,    a million years ago.
Reprinted from the May/June, 2009      elk, and deer on Santa Rosa
MushRumors, the Newsletter of the      Island," Knudsen said. "But with    What the ancients recognized--
Oregon Mycological Society.            cattle now removed, it has          and modem science is only
                                       begun to recover. With future       beginning to see--is that
NEW SPECIES OF                         removal of elk and deer-both of     mushrooms are darn good for
                                       which were introduced to the        us.
LICHEN NAMED AFTER                     island-it is expected to fully
PRESIDENT BARACK                       recover."                           Unfortunately, just as it has
OBAMA                                                                      been with marijuana, psilocybin
                                       Knudsen is excited about his        use in hippie counterculture did
Science Daily April I5, 2009           discovery. "A new lichen            little to elevate mushrooms'
                                       validates the value of the public   therapeutic standing in
A researcher at UC Riverside           support for preserving public       mainstream society--even
has discovered a new species           lands as ecological                 though the National Institute for
of lichen-a plant-like growth that     sanctuaries," he said. "C.          Occupational Safety and
looks like moss or a dry leaf-         obamae teaches us that              Health--a branch of the Centers
and named it after President           possibly other species of           for Disease Control--rated
Barack Obama.                          lichens and plants unique to        psilocybin less toxic than aspirin
                                       Santa Rosa Island may have          and nicotine. However, because
"I discovered the new species in       disappeared, without ever being     taking hallucinogens is part of a
2007 while doing a survey for          known to science."                  fringe culture; the real danger
lichen diversity on Santa Rosa                                             lies in amateurs identifying and
Island in California," said Kerry                                          consuming the wrong "shroom"
Knudsen, the lichen curator in         Mycology--About as                  in the wild and not just having a
the UC-R Herbarium. "I named           Hip as a Fungus                     "bad trip" but potentially dying.
it Caloplaca obamae to show
my appreciation for the
                                       Science Can Get ...
5 The Mushroom Log
Clearly that's not what               an orange or that famed               members of the plant kingdom,
happened in late December             monkey fruit.                         now we think they're closer to
when two 11-year-old Albany                                                 animals. Really, they're neither
boys and their 72-year-old            Maitake, shiitake, chaga and          fish nor fowl; they're in their own
grandmother from New York             reishi are among the kinds of         kingdom. The more we know
were hospitalized (and released       mushrooms being studied for           the more fascinating
from UCSF eight days later,           possible anti-cancer, anti-viral      mushrooms become."
with liver damage) after ill-         properties; even psilocybin
advisedly harvesting and eating       (yes, we're back to the               Possibly one of the most
wild mushrooms on the Dipsea          psychedelic ones) is currently        fascinating discoveries to arise
Trail near Mt. Tam; the fungus        being researched for its healing      from recent fungal curiosity has
was later identified as the           abilities for migraine head-          been in the development of
deadly "death cap." The               aches, obsessive-compulsive           mycoremediation, a form of
grandmother was a self-               disorder and anxiety associated       biological filtration using
proclaimed lifelong "mushroom         with terminal cancer.                 mycelial mats. Or, as Paul
hunter" who had not recognized                                              Stamets writes in Mycelium
the specific type of Amanita--a       In addition to nutritional benefits   Running: How Mushrooms
genus of mushroom of which            and potential medicinal uses,         Can Help Save the World,
there are 600 of the 14,000           mushrooms can also be used to         mushrooms act as "soil
currently described species-          dye protein fibers--such as           magicians," aiding in the-
because it was not one typically      wool, cotton, silk, mohair and        restoration of a contaminated
found in her home state.              hemp--make paper and start            environment by decomposing
                                      fires.                                toxic wastes and pollutants. The
The innocent but potentially                                                concept is part of a larger global
fatal mishap occurred as a            And to top it all off, mushrooms      bioengineering plan to utilize
prelude to one of Grandma's           can now even be considered            nature's ancient webs in order
favorite soup recipes.                hip. Fungus-themed events are         to develop new technologies.
Mushrooms have been touted            growing like, er, wild
for their flavorful, if not           mushrooms. There's a                  "Mushrooms have evolved with
nutritional, contributions to         "mushroom walk" taking place          green plants since the first goo
Asian and European cuisines           this Saturday, Feb. 7, in Point       oozed from the primordial
for years. But as fusion foods        Reyes and the Point Reyes             soup," says Viess. "They've co-
have gained notoriety, so has         Fungus Fair is this Sunday at         evolved--every tree and plant
the knowledge that mushrooms          the Bear Valley Visitor Center.       has a fungal associate. It's
are healthier than previously                                               more proof of the intricacy of
thought.                              "They seduced me," says               life."
                                      Debbie Viess, a zoologist
According to the USDA National        /animal behavior specialist and       Meaning, everything is
Nutrient Database, crimini,           co-founder of Bay Area                connected. "It's not
portobellos and white                 Mycological Society (BAMS).           revolutionary thought," says
mushrooms are excellent               Viess recalls walking in a park       Viess. "We're just seeing what
sources of selenium, a mineral        in the East Bay and discovering       we already knew was true."
that's thought to decrease the        an amanita that bewitched her.
risk of prostate cancer.              She attributes mushrooms'             Stamets believes fungi are the
Mushrooms are also high in            desirability to not only their        vanguard, "gateway species
fiber, low in calories, have no       pragmatic but also their              that open the door to other
cholesterol, are virtually fat- and   romantic nature:' sure, they can      biological communities"; that old
sodium-free and are a good            be foraged as food from the           growth forests should be saved
source of essential B vitamins--      wild, but they also make              "as a matter of national
riboflavin, niacin and                excellent photographic and            defense," since certain strains
pantothenic acid, specifically--      artistic subjects, and for many,      of mushrooms found there are
and potassium. Forget                 they conjure childhood                highly active against flu viruses
bananas--one 3-ounce                  memories of mushroom-friendly         and small pox; that
portobello mushroom cap               societies. "And they're a             entomopathogenic fungi can
provides more potassium than          biological puzzle--25 years ago       totally revamp the pesticide
                                      mushrooms were thought to be          industry in killing ants and
6 The Mushroom Log
termites; and that mycelium can         food section, calling for one cup    house, suspended sales of the
be used as an intermediary              of chanterelle mushrooms.            new edition of its famous
energy source between                   They even provided a helpful         dictionary because the book
cellulose and ethanol to build          photograph so amateur                erred in saying that some highly
carbon banks on the planet and          mushroom hunters could find          poisonous wild mushrooms
renew the soils.                        their own wild chanterelles.         were harmless. On page 203 of
                                        Unfortunately, the photograph        the 1991 edition, there was a
But Viess doesn't think                 showed Destroying Angels,            color illustration showing 15
mushrooms are going to save             which are deadly when eaten.         varieties of mushrooms,
the world. She believes the                                                  including Amanita phalloides,
latest advancements are merely          On the very same day it ran a        often called the deadliest wild
fueled by financial interest and        story about an Albany family         mushroom in France. There
patent propriety, and that              that was poisoned by a batch of      was supposed to be a red dot
mycological bioremediation--            wild "death cap" mushrooms           next to the beige-white
'the flavor of the day" as she          they picked by mistake, the          mushroom, indicating that it
calls it--is too expensive to be        Contra Costa Times                   was deadly. Instead, there is a
feasible. She simply thinks             accidentally ran a photo of a        black dot, indicating that it is
mushrooms make the world a              death cap mushroom on the            harmless. The same mistake
more beautiful, fun place to be.        cover of their food section-         was made for two other highly
                                        which focused on wild                poisonous mushrooms,
"For the mushroom-obsessed,             mushrooms. Oops. A correction        Amanita virosa and Cortinarius
they're everywhere. And they            read: "A photo of this               orellanus.
are endlessly entertaining; you         mushroom on the cover of
can learn something new every           Wednesday's Food section was         This is the perfect time to say
day. It's all about the                 incorrectly identified as a giant    "thanks" to our reviewers,
microcosm-getting your face             morel. It's actually either a        Maggie Rogers and Jolie
down in the dirt and seeing fairy       death cap or a death cap look-       Jordan.
lands. They're marvelous in the         a-like, a mushroom ethical
truest sense of the word."              foragers never harvest due to        DUTCH SCIENTISTS
6 February 2009.                        the danger of confusion."                                                              DEVELOP A
                                        Maine's Portland Press Herald-       POTATO RESISTANT
From the April, 2009 issue of The       Maine Sunday Telegram ran a
Spore Print, the Journal of the L. A.   correction for a previous article.
                                                                             TO PHYTOPHTERA
Mycological Society.                    "A story about foraging for
                                        edible mushrooms contained a         Thijs Westerbeek van Eerten
                                                                             Radio Netherlands, May 11,
OOPS! EDITOR                            photo of Amanita muscaria,
                                        which is a poisonous and
NEEDED By Nick ladanza                  hallucinogenic mushroom. It
                                        was a copy editor's error. The       Using a form of genetic
Reprinted from the Editors’             picture in question was              modification called cisgenesis,
Note section of MushRumors,             removed from the online site."       botanists at the University of
Newsletter of the Oregon                                                     Wageningen in Holland have
Mycological Society, May/June           From Great Britain: One              developed a potato with a
2009                                    national newspaper had to            natural resistance to the fungus
                                        issue a hasty correction after it    Phytophtera infestans.
Someone once asked if there             gave away a free wall chart          Phytophtera infestans, better
was a point to the editor's             showing edible mushrooms of          known as potato rot, can wipe
message in MushRumors ...lest           the UK which wrongly stated          out whole harvests and was
you think that this is a waste of       that the giant funnel cap was        responsible for the Great Potato
space, I offer the following as         safe to eat.                         Famine in Ireland and in the
examples of the value of having                                              mid-19th century.
good editors (or lack thereof):         Old but interesting: In a country
                                        that takes its champignons           The problem with genetic
Canada's Ottawa Citizen                 seriously, Larousse, the             manipulation arises from the
newspaper printed a recipe for          venerable French publishing          artificial addition of foreign
Chanterelle Lemon Pasta in its                                               genes into a plant or animal to
7 The Mushroom Log
create a living organism that        bacterium' and you add the          ZERl (Zero Emissions
does not occur naturally. Many       required gene. The bacterium        Research and Initiatives)
people object to such                introduces the gene-which is        started a program in Colombia
manipulation on moral grounds.       resistant to potato rot-into the    I5 years ago using waste from
What gets really scary,              new plant and continually           coffee farms to grow
however, is when such                repeats the process."               mushrooms. ZERI says that
organisms start to spread,                                               shiitake mushrooms grow three
mutate, or mingle with other         Another advantage of                times faster in the waste than
species, raising even stronger       cisgenesis is that resistance to    normally. Any waste left over
objections on ecological             a disease developed in this way     from growing the mushrooms is
grounds.                             is a natural resistance, making     then used as animal feed.
                                     pesticides practically redundant.
Wouter van Eck, an expert with       And that is a completely            ZERI's waste-to-mushrooms
the Dutch branch of Friends of       different approach to the way in    program has already created
the Earth, paints a frightening      which large companies               10,000 jobs in Colombia and
picture: "Unexpected dangers         currently use genetic               Africa, providing at least two
could emerge that only become        modification, as Mr. van Eck        jobs per coffee farm, ZERI
apparent when an allergy             explains:                           hopes to spread the program
occurs or a plague, or when it                                           even further throughout the 25
reproduces with other                "What you see is that gene          million coffee farms in the
organisms in nature .... You         technology is developed to          world.
don't know what can happen, it       serve the interests of
is a risk."                          companies and not of farmers.       The program is even coming to
                                     For example, more pesticides        the United States this month as
Unwilling to brush aside the         are used because Monsanto           two students from University of
advantages of genetic                has developed plants which are      California Berkeley's Haas
modification without a fight,        better able to endure them.         School of Business, Alex Velez
scientists at the University of      That is just bad for both the       and Nikhil Arora, launch BTTR
Wageningen are working hard          environment and people's            Ventures. The company will
on cisgenesis. In this method;       health,"                            take local coffee ground waste,
new genes are introduced into                                            use it to grow mushrooms in an
an organism, but ones from the       Environment Minister                Oakland, California, warehouse,
same family and not from             Jacqueline Cramer has told the      and donate the remaining waste
another organism. You could          Lower House she is considering      to City Slicker Farms in
consider it in the same way as       an exemption for the limited use    Oakland.
classical cross fertilization, but   of cisgenic plants, so that they
much quicker. With cisgenesis,       can be grown freely. The case       The Specialty Coffee
a new type of potato or tomato       continues.                          Association of America gave
with a built in resistance against                                       ZERl its annual sustainability
disease can be developed in 6        TURNING COFFEE                      award at its 2lst Annual
years instead of 40. Another                                             Exposition in Atlanta this month.
important factor is that the         WASTE INTO
process is not completely            MUSHROOMS                           The above 2 articles were reprinted
unnatural because the                Greener Design Staff                from the June, 2009 issue of Spore
combination of certain genes                                             Prints, the Bulletin of the Puget
from a plant family could take                                           Sound Mycological Society.
                                     April 20, 2009
place in the wild.
                                     ATLANTA, Ga. - The ZERl
Professor Evert Jacobsen of          Foundation was recognized by        Articles for the next newsletter
Wageningen University's Plant        the Specialty Coffee
Sciences Group explains how          Association of America this         Deadline –September 18
the new-but related-genes are        month for its work helping
introduced into the potato.          coffee farms utilize their waste.   David Miller
                                      .                                  352 West College St.
"You take a bacterium which                                              Oberlin, OH 44074
occurs naturally in soil, 'an agro                                       David.H.Miller@oberlin.
8 The Mushroom Log

                                  Calendar of Events
OMS Events                                                         doctoral fellow at Michigan
                                    Aug. 29 or Sept. 5 Mini-       State Univ. She is studying
Email Jerry at                      foray. Chance Creek,           amatoxins found in Amanita, to receive           Lorain Co. Metroparks, date    Galerina, Lepiota, and
notification of impromptu           depends on weather! Call       Conocybe. Her talk will be
events. Check your most                                            “How the Toadstool Got its
recent issue of the                                                Toxin.”
Mushroom Log for event
updates and for more                                               Ohio & Regional
detailed information. Please
plan to join us. All mini-and
morel forays are subject to                                        Sept. 12 (Sat.) Gary Lincoff
cancellation. Call first to                                        Mid-Atlantic Mushroom
confirm. Please bring a                                            Foray in North Park. See
whistle and compass and                                            their website at
RSVP the host so they have                                         http://www.wpamushroom.or
cancellation flexibility.                                          g for details.

                                                                   National & More
Other impromptu mini forays,        Dave Miller (440) 774-8143
as follows: details will follow     for details.                   33rd Annual NEMF The
in next Log.                                                       Sam Ristich Foray. The
                                    Oct. 17 (Sat.) Hocking Hills   Northeast ycological
July 19 (Sun.) Scenic Vista         Buckeye Trail. Winter          Fedration’s Annual Sam
Park – Lisbon. 2 PM. Walk           Chanterelles (Cantharellus     Ristich Foray will be held in
and talk by Walt Sturgeon.          tubaeformis). Shirley          Cape Cod based at the Four
                                    McClelland. (740) 536-7448.    Points Sheraton Hotel,
Aug. 15, 10 am. Lookout                                            Eastham, Massachusetts
(Fire) Tower at Mohican             Jul. 24-26 Summer Foray.       and hosted by the Boston
State Park, Ashland Co.             J. H. Barrows Biological       Mycological Club. Oct. 15-
Coming from the north or            Field Station of Hiram         18. See their website for
east, go to Loudonville; take       College. Pete and Pauline      details:
Rte. 3, and just past the Park      Munk. (440) 236-9222. See
entrance, is a traffic signal       page 1 for details.            9/2009
(Rte. 97) turn onto Rte. 97,
go ca. 2-3 mile(s), turn right      Sept. 11-13 Fall Foray.        Nov. 26-29. 2009 NAMA
into the park and follow signs      Hocking Co. at Clear Creek     Foray
for Lookout or Fire Tower.          Metropark Nature Preserve.     Lafayette, LA. The North
From south or west exit I-71        Leaders: Andrea Moore          American Mycological
onto Rte. 97, go thru               (740) 969-8049 & Shirley       ASSOCIATION’S 2009
Bellville, then Butler, just a      McClelland. (740) 536-7448.    Orson K. Miller Foray will be
mile or so after entering                                          held at Lafayette, Louisiana.
Ashland Co., take a left at         Sat. Nov. 14th. Annual Dick
the Lookout sign. There is          Grimm Banquet. Buckeye         Check their website
parking right at the Lookout        Lake Yacht Club. Details for
(it’s an old forest fire            tba. Our speaker will be       details.
lookout). Pete and Pauline          Heather Hallen a recent
Munk. (440) 236-9222.               Ph.D. and now a post
9 The Mushroom Log

                                Membership Application for the

                                     Ohio Mushroom Society



CITY                                           STATE                  ZIP

TELEPHONE                                      FAX


Enclosed please find check or money order (check one):

        ____ $15.00 annual family membership without a paper copy of the newsletter
        ____ $20.00 annual family membership which includes a paper copy of the newsletter
        ____ $150.00 life membership which includes a paper copy of the newsletter

For existing 2008 members (on their 2009 renewals only):

        ____ $10.00 annual family membership which includes a paper copy of the newsletter
        ____ $125.00 life membership which includes a paper copy of the newsletter

My interests are:

Mushroom Eating/Cookery                 Photography            Nature Study

Mushroom ID                     Cultivation                    Other (specify)

Would you like to be an OMS volunteer? In what way?

How did you hear about our group?_________________________________________________


May OMS provide your name to other mushroom related businesses? Yes ______ No

Return form and check or money order to:

        Ohio Mushroom Society
        c/o Jerry Pepera
        8915 Knotty Pine Ln.
        Chardon, OH 44024
10 The Mushroom Log

        2008 Ohio Mushroom Society Volunteers
Chairman                Newsletter Editor            Program Planners          Hospitality Co-chair

Walt Sturgeon           Dave Miller                  Walt Sturgeon             Sharon Greenberg
(330) 426-9833          (440) 774-8143               (330) 426-9833            (330) 457-2345       d.greenberg@worldnet.att.
Treasurer/Membership/   All-round Special Person     Pete & Pauline Munk
Circulation                                          (440) 236-9222            New Board Members:
                        Dick Grimm         
Jerry Pepera            (740) 694-0782                                         Shirley McClelland
(440) 279-0611        Lake MetroParks Liaison   (740) 536-7448                                                       
                        Cleveland Metroparks         Pat Morse                 m
Jack-of-All-Trades      Liason                       (440) 256-2106
                                                     pmorse@lakemetroparks.c   Andrea Moore
Dick Doyle              Debra Shankland              om                        (740) 969-8049
(740) 587-0019          (440) 526-1012                                     dks@clevelandmetroparks.                               m
Corresponding Sec’y

Joe Christian
(419) 757-4493
11 The Mushroom Log

         Ohio Mushroom Society
           The Mushroom Log

           Circulation and Membership
                  Jerry Pepera,
              8915 Knotty Pine Lane
               Chardon, OH 44024

                   Dave Miller
                352 W. College St.
                Oberlin, OH 44074


The Mushroom Log, the official newsletter of the
Ohio Mushroom Society, is published bi-monthly
throughout the year.

Contributions of articles and ideas for columns are
always welcome. Articles may be edited for length
and content.

Non-copyrighted articles may be reprinted without
permission in other mushroom club publications,
provided that The Mushroom Log is credited. We
                                                             DATED MATERIAL
appreciate receiving a copy of the publication.       Address service requested. Return postage

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