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Unit 3
Housing & Interior Design
15 class periods

(Before beginning this unit, take a day to send home letter about clothing
projects (unit 4), and let students pick out projects)

Day 1:
    Objective 3.2 – Match housing choices with the definition of each
    Bellwork – Describe your dream house.
    Terms to teach –
    PowerPoint Overview – slides 1-10
    Activity – Complete graphic organizer with types of housing available.
       If time remains after lecture is finished, have students add pros and
       cons of each type of housing to the graphic organizer.

Day 2:
    Objective 3.2.1— Examine the factors to consider when choosing
    Bellwork – Imagine you’re looking for a home to buy. What are the 5
       most important features that you just can’t compromise on?
    Terms to teach - physical needs, psychological needs
    PowerPoint Overview – slides 11-13
    Activity – Student Workbook pages 213-214

Day 3:
    Objective 3.3, 3.5, 3.6 — Name the elements of design; Name the
       three classifications of color; Identify the basic color schemes
    Bellwork – Make a list of color combinations that you think go well
    Terms to Teach – personal living space, color scheme, color wheel,
       elements of design, shade, tint
    PowerPoint Overview – slides 14-25
    Activity – Complete color wheel using crayons or colored pencils

Day 4:
      Objective 3.4 — Name the principles of design
      Bellwork – Identify the use of the elements of design in this picture.
      Terms to Teach – principles of design, accessories, room accessories
      PowerPoint Overview – slides 26-31
      Activity – Enrichment Activities p.74-75: Design Challenge

Day 5:
    Objective 3.7-select daily, weekly, and occasional household chores
       needed for home care
    Bellwork – Make up a chore chart that everyone in your house could
       use to rotate jobs that need to be done.
    Terms to teach -
    PPT
    Activity-student workbook ―My Home Maintenance Plan‖ p. 221

Days 6 and 7:
    Objective 3.8-Designate features needed for home safety
    Bellwork – What would you do if someone broke into your home?
    Terms to teach -
    Activity- Read pages 656-659. Imagine your job is to conduct home
      safety inspections. Based on the reading, create a thorough checklist
      you could use to evaluate a home. When you have finished, use your
      checklist to evaluate our classroom and kitchens.

Days 8 and 9:
    Objective 3.9—Name ways to apply conservation techniques in the
    Bellwork – Why is it important for us to be environmentally
      responsible? What might happen if we are not?
    Terms to teach – conservation, energy, recycle
    Power point for notes
    Activity – Write an essay that describes the impact conservation in
      the home could have on a family’s economy and the environment.

Day 10:
    Objectives 3.10-Discuss housing occupations
    Bellwork – List all the jobs you can think of that would be involved in
     building a home.
    PPT slides
    Book p.662
    Activity - Create want ads for at least 6 housing careers. You may use
     the textbook, the classifieds, your personal experience, and the
     Occupational Outlook handbooks for information.

Day 11:
    Objective 3.1-Define terms related to housing
    Activity-Vocabulary crossword
    Test tomorrow-Pass out unit PPT and objectives

Day 12:
    Unit 3 Test

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