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									                        Congregation Beth Israel of Ocala
                                  KOLEINU          (Our Voice)

JULY 14, 2011                                                   VOLUME 3, NUMBER 2

                                Present, Future, and Past

                                       August Services
                        On August 12th, the Boetger Family will again lead us
                        in prayer. We look forward to another lovely family

                               HIGH HOLY DAY SERVICES
                                            AND EVENTS
                                     for the new year of 5772
    To provide an
 environment for the    We are pleased to announce that Rabbinical Intern
Jewish community of     Saul    Oresky,     from    the
      Ocala and         Reconstructionist Rabbinical
surrounding areas for
 worship, fellowship,   College, will be joining us
    and learning.       again this year for High Holy
                        Day Services. We are so
                        pleased to have Saul and his
                        lovely wife, Phyllis, returning
                        to us this year!

    Mary Chang,         Over the course of thirty-
                        five years, Saul has tutored
                        more than 300 b'nai mitzvah
     maryooch874        students     and taught    in         numerous Jewish educational environments, most
                        notably the Shoresh Hebrew High School in Chevy
                        Chase, MD, for the last decade. Saul has always been
                        involved in synagogue life, growing up at the now-
                      defunct Temple Israel in Silver Spring, MD, and being
                      an active member of Congregation Mishkan Torah in
                      Greenbelt, MD, since 1978. He has also worked for
                      more than thirty-two years as a writer-editor, the
                      last twenty-one of which have been at the Naval
                      Research Laboratory in Washington, DC.

                      Below, find our schedule for High Holy Day services:

                      Erev Rosh Hashannah will begin with a free catered
                      meal at 6pm on September 28th at the Collins
                      Center. Please make sure to RSVP (Sonia or Estelle)
                      as soon as possible as space is limited. This event is
                      open to members, associate members and those who
                      purchase membership for a month for $100.00.
                      Services will begin this evening at 8pm.
     We are a
   progressive,       First day Rosh Hashannah, September 29th, 10am;
  contemporary,       Tashlich after services:
                                  September 29th 2011, 1:30 PM
congregation under
the guidance of the           Stumpknockers on The River, Dunnellon
 Reconstructionist               Salad - choice of dressing, Rolls,
    Federation          Entrees: Broiled Flounder, Broiled Mai Mahi, Grilled
                       Chicken Breast, Baked Potato, Green Beans, Sweet or
                                    unsweetened Tea, Coffee,

                            $15.95 per person, tax & gratuities included

                           Dessert will be compliments of Stumpknockers

                         Please call Sonia Peterson, 352-307-3662 or Estelle
                        Magidson, 352-861-2542 for reservations on or before
                        September 25th, 2011. Make your checks payable to
                                 Congregation Beth Israel of Ocala
                      Kol Nidre 7:30pm, October 7th
 Judi                 Yom Kippur day, October 8th, starting at 10am
                      Study session at 4pm
                      Yizkor at 4:30pm
   237-8277           Neilah – closing service – 5pm
                      Break the fast at the conclusion of services
              (Break the fast will be celebrated with a wonderful array
                of homemade dishes cooked by our members. Please
              contact Henrietta Goldfrank who has graciously agreed
              to spearhead the committee again this year at 873-4265
                     to let her know what you will be bringing.)
BOARD:        We offer a one month membership which includes all
 Nina           High Holiday Events and services for $100 per

 Suzanne            D’var Torah for Parashat Pinchas
              I hope that all my friends of Congregation Beth Israel
 Mary         of Ocala are having a summer of rejuvenation and
              relaxation, and I look forward to the High Holidays,
              when we will again welcome in the New Year
 Shirley      together.
  Gottfried   Of this summer’s parashiyot (Torah portions), one of
              the most fascinating and also troubling is the
 Steve        beginning of Parashat Pinchas, read on Shabbat
  Lande       morning, July 16. (The story actually begins at the
              end of Parashat Balak, read during the week that
              ends on July 9.) It is the story of Pinchas (often
  Magidson    transliterated as Phinehas), a priest who was the
              grandson of Aaron the first High Priest (see the Book
              of Numbers (Bemidbar), chapter 25).
  Mandel      Pinchas ben Elazar ben Aharon haCohen became
              famous for a particularly brutal act of vigilantism – a
              double slaying. (If you want to know exactly how
 Sonia        brutal, read Rashi’s commentary on this – believe
              me, it’s X-rated and quite unpleasant.) However, the
              punishment also seems to have been well-deserved.
              Here was Zimri, a leader of a tribe, Simeon, leading a
              Midianite woman named Cozbi into the Tent of
              Meeting (the Ohel Moed, which was to be used for
              only holy matters, not as a cheap motel!) for immoral
              purposes in the sight of Moses, Aaron, and the entire
              congregation. And this was during a plague in which
              the people were dying because the Israelite men had
              gone whoring after another god, the Baal of Peor
              (and after Moabite women, who were enticing them
                       to do so as part of a scheme by the evil but
                       frustrated sorcerer/seer Bilaam). Pinchas became
                       enraged, arose from the weeping crowd, grabbed a
                       spear, followed them into the Ohel Moed, and ran
                       them through simultaneously while they were in the
UPCOMING               act. G-d immediately says that Pinchas did the right
 HOLIDAYS:             thing, making a brith shalom, a covenant of peace,
                       with him and assuring his descendants the priesthood
                       forever after. On account of the “jealousy for G-d”
Tisha B’av: 8-9
                       that Pinchas exhibited, the plague that had killed
August 2011            24,000 Israelites was stopped.
                       Why didn’t Moses stop them himself? He himself was
                       married to a Midianite woman, and apparently knew
Tisha B'Av is a fast   what the people would say had he acted as Pinchas
day that               had done.
commemorates the
destruction of the
                       But what does that say about Jewish views on
First and Second       vigilante acts, if anything? Does the Torah really
Temples. It has        justify vigilantism? While it may be true that extreme
also became a day
of general
                       times require extreme measures, isn’t this act still at
mourning for other     least somewhat problematic? Alternatively, is this act
major disasters        like one of war? The killing that is acceptable (in
that have befallen
the Jewish people,     fact, encouraged) on the battlefield, is called murder
from the Edict of      if done in civilian life.
Expulsion from         The Torah, in this place, does seem to justify this act
England in 1290 to
the mass               of vigilantism. After all, earlier in the chapter, Moses
deportation of         had been told by G-d to impale the leaders of the
Jews from the          tribes because of the crime that was being
Warsaw Ghetto.
                       committed. We read that Moses changed that
                       command when he told the leaders of the people
                       whom he had appointed (the “judges” of Israel
Rosh                   (shoftei Yisrael) to go and kill only those involved in
Hashanah: 28-
30 September
                       the sinning, but we don’t know whether they had
2011                   begun to do this, because this story intervenes.
                       Pinchas, not Moses and the “judges,” does the
                       impaling, but only of this couple. One could also
Yom Kippur: 7-8        argue that this was no act of vigilantism; G-d, the
October 2011           ultimate Law and Authority, had commanded it!
                       Nevertheless, the rabbis of the Talmud were clearly
                       uncomfortable with Pinchas’s act, saying in the
Sukkot: 12-21          Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 27b, that had G-d not
October 2011           immediately approved of the act, they (in their age)
                       would have excommunicated Pinchas. Due process
                was important to them, as well as it is to us.
                But don’t we also have a certain fondness for
                vigilantism? None of the costumed heroes of comic
                book and movie fame wear police badges, but we
                don’t begrudge them their meting out of justice. Or
                do we enjoy it in the movies and are uncomfortable
                with it in real life? In the light of day, we understand
From our July   how violence breeds violence, how revenge remains a
  Services:     powerful motivator, and how, ultimately, innocent
                people will die in never-ending cycles of violence.
                Pinchas, therefore, raises more questions than he
                produces answers. Does either a buying-in to the
                need for appropriate violence on one hand or a
                commitment to total pacifism on the other offer an
                adequate solution? The answer is found, as usual and
                no doubt, in the middle, but who has the GPS that
                can locate the shvil hazahav, the Golden Path?
                Be well, and as the song says, See you in September!

                “Erev Rav” Saul Oresky

                             High Holiday Prayer Books

                If you are a new member having joined after the
                High Holidays last year, you will need to purchase a
                High Holiday prayer book called a machzor. This
                beautiful volume is similar to the Shabbat prayer
                book     in   format   though     bigger   because    it
                encompasses all the services for the High Holiday
                season. Because of our association with the
                Reconstructionist Federation, we are able to purchase
                these books at a considerable discount. If you were
                sharing a book with a partner last year, you should
                purchase your own copy for this High Holiday season.
                Please note that these books are your own
                property, whereas the Shabbat books which were
                are owned by Beth Israel of Ocala. The cost for the
                machzor is $40.00. We have only a limited amount
                of machzorim available. These are for “walk ins”
                during Yiskor. Each member needs to have their
                own copy or share with a partner. Please email us
                or call in your request to Judi. We will not accept any
                     orders after August 30th.

                                       July Services
                      Our services on Friday, July 8th were led by Ed
                     Simnowitz and Judi Siegal. Jim Goldfrank shared his
                     spiritual journey with Judaism with us as well. It was
                     truly a very traditional and yet unique service and
Reconstruction       enjoyed by all! Thanks to Ed, Jim, and Judi for
ist Judaism is a     making it so special!
                                  New Board Member
approach to
Jewish life
                     We are pleased to announce that Kenny Mandel will
integrates a
                     be joining the board of Congregation Beth Israel!
deep respect
for traditional                      The Book Nook
Judaism with
the insights         I have purchased two copies of Exploring Judaism, A
and ideas of         Reconstructionist Approach by Rebecca T. Alpert and
contemporary         Jacob J. Staub. This wonderful book is newly revised
social,              and edited and gives the reader a concise and easy
intellectual and     to understand view of what the Reconstructionist
spiritual life.
                     movement is all about. There is much to discover in
                     the text. Since we are being guided by the
                     Reconstructionist movement, it would behoove you to
                     check out some of its core principles. If you wish to
                     borrow a copy, please let me know, and I will get to
                     you. (Judi 237-8277)
Judaism as the
Culture of the
Jewish People
                     Sisterhood is a great bargain at $10 for an entire
                     year’s membership. All are welcomed to join! Have
For Recon-           some fun with us!
Judaism is more      Remember: Our sisterhood is here for you. If you
than Jewish          need help because of illness, call Jan Cohen (861-
religion; Judaism    6732) and they will get somebody to you.
is the entire
cultural legacy of   Lois Gherman (291-1308) is our ‘Sunshine Lady’ and
the Jewish           she will send out cards for birthdays, anniversaries,
people. Religion      sympathy, and get well. Please contact her at the
is central; Jewish
                      above number if you have an occasion for her to
spiritual insights
and religious         acknowledge, a person in the congregation who
teachings give        should be receiving a card.
meaning and
purpose to our                             Directory
lives. Yet our
creativity as         We are currently putting together a directory listing
expressed             all our members. Please send us any changes, so we
through art,
music and             can correct our records. If you are a prospective
drama,                member and wish to be included in our book, please
languages and         let us know. We can only be accurate if we have the
literature, and our   correct information. Advertising at a very nominal
relationship with
the land of Israel    cost is also available. This advertising will help off-
itself are also       set the cost of printing. For $25.00, a business can
integral parts of     have a WHOLE PAGE in our directory. Ask your
Jewish culture.       beautician, doctor, pest control tech, any one you
Each of these
aspects provides
                      wish to consider an ad with us! Please contact Sonia
a gateway into        Peterson at 352-307-3662 for any questions or
the Jewish            changes.
experience that
can enrich and                          Scrip Program
inspire us.
                       Do you know that our Scrip Program has
                       already raised several hundred dollars for
                       our congregation? The money we raise will go
                       towards a down payment on land to build a real
                       home for us which we really need as our
                       congregation and Sisterhood continue to grow.
                        By simply planning ahead on everyday purchases
                       like groceries, restaurants, clothes, entertainment
                       and home repair, you can earn dollars a week for
                       the congregation. That modest number adds up
     Stef              quickly. How does it work? Simple. You order ‘gift
  Wertheimer           cards’ from any of several retail operations (like
                       Walgreens, Dillards, Ruby Tuesdays, etc.) from
                       Shirley. You use them as you would cash or give
                       them as gifts, and the congregation receives
                       money from each card you buy. For example, a
                       $25 gift card from Dillards nets the congregation
                      If you haven’t participated yet, remember that this is
                         really no cost to you, it is a ‘painless’ way to give to
“He's the richest
                         our congregation. So please pitch in and help out.
man in Israel. And
at 82, Stef
Wertheimer is far        Place orders with Shirley Gottfried (873-6186 or
from calling it quits. )
Two years after
selling 80 percent
of his Iscar             *Note: A list of retailers we can order from and the
Metalworking to
Warren Buffett for
                         percent which will be contributed to the congregation
$4 billion,              is available on our website.
Wertheimer has an
idea on how to
bring peace to a
                                    Our Bikur Cholim Society
region scarred by
decades of strife.       Sonia Peterson is chairing our Bihur Cholim society,
                         visiting the sick. This act of gemilut chassadim, acts
His idea: jobs.          of loving kindness, is one of our most important
More than two
decades ago,             mitzvot. Please contact her (352-307-3662) if you
Wertheimer built         are able to help. To begin with, we will be visiting
Tefen, an industrial     Jewish members and non-members in nursing homes
park in an
undeveloped and          in the southwest part of Ocala.
low-income region
of the Galilee,
offering                 Membership Dues
employment both
to Arabs and Jews.       Sonia Peterson, our treasurer, has mailed out
It worked out so
well that he             requests for the upcoming year for membership dues.
subsequently built       We are again holding the line on dues, so that they
three more               will remain the same for the coming year.
industrial parks in
Israel, as well as
one in Turkey. The       We urge you to fulfill your commitment to this
parks serve as
incubators for
                         congregation so that we are able to meet our
manufacturing and        financial obligations for the year. We ask that you
export companies,        please join us as members as soon as possible. This
which over the
years, have
                         is important so that we can make arrangements for
spawned about            events in the future, particularly for the High Holy
250 companies--          Days. If you are in need of the application please
one third of them in
the high-
                         contact Estelle Magidson (861-2542). Our dues
technology field,        schedule remains the same as last year:
according to
                                         Single – 150 per year
                                        Couple - $300 per year
                                      Associate - $75 per year *
The way                  Please note that these are minimum amounts. If you
Wertheimer sees
the future: it's only   are able to contribute more, it would be appreciated.
a matter of time
before economics        No one is turned away from this congregation due to
and self-interest       financial hardship and a payment schedule can be
ultimately trump        worked out. Please contact our treasurer, Sonia
ideological and
religious               Peterson (307-3662) for arrangements. This remains
differences, paving     confidential.
the way toward a        *Note: Associate membership is for those who belong
final resolution
between Israel and      to other congregations and wish to support us. It
the Arabs.”             does not include high holiday privileges.

                        At this point in time, our membership has grown to
                        seventy congregants.

                                We Warmly Welcome Our New Members!
                                               Adele and Fred Malkin

                                       Birthdays in July and August
                        7 – Reva Goldstein                     8 – Henrietta Goldfrank
                        11 – Marty Gottfried                   22 – Jerry Cohen
                        7 – Mary Lou Tucker                    8 – Shirley Gottfried
                        16 – Steve Boetger

 Papercutting:                                  Anniversaries
  as A Jewish           July:
   Art Form                                    Mort and Leigh Pollack

                                    Yarhzeits for the Coming Months
                        Diane Cristal              wife of            Paul Cristal
                        William Garfinkel         father of           Shirley Gottfried
                        Martin Bloom              brother of          Estelle Magidson
                        Sam Koppel                 father of          Sonia Peterson
                        Morris Berger              father of          Pearl Werman
                        Nathan Morton Dasch         father of             Nina Adler
                        Anna Koppel                 mother of             Sonia Peterson
                        Jeane Peterson              mother-in-law        Sonia Peterson
                        Nathan Pollack              father of             Mort Pollack
                        Joseph Tucker              father-in-law         Mary Lou Tucker
                        Joseph Weischselbaum       husband of           Peggy Weischselbaum
                        Clara Berger                mother of           Pearl Werman
                                       Refuah Shelaymah
                                  (A complete and speedy recovery)

                      (If you know someone in need of healing, please let
There is no better
example of a          us know so that we can remember them in our
popular art form      prayers. If we are not notified, we cannot help. Also
that took its         will you be celebrating a special anniversary, birthday
inspiration from
these hallowed        or event in your life? Let us know! Share your
sources [the Torah    simcha with your Beth Israel family! )
and Talmud] than                       Contact Mary or Judi.
Jewish papercuts,
all of them serving
                      If you have never filled in an application or you just
some religious,
ritual, or mystic     want to check that we have all of your information
purpose. Many of      correct, please contact Estelle Magidson (861-2542)
the objects that we
revere and
                      who is in charge of membership so that we can
treasure today as     correctly acknowledge your yarhzeits, birthdays, and/
traditional Jewish    or anniversaries for you.
folk art were made
of expensive
materials                                   Donations
according to
accepted patterns     It is customary in Judaism to mark lifecycle events
and styles of the
day and region by     with gifts of tzedakah. Do you know somebody
skilled by            celebrating a birthday or anniversary? Are you
craftsmen--often      observing a Yarhzeit? Know somebody graduating
commissioned by       from school? These are just a few of the occasions to
private individuals   commemorate. We will be happy to send out a
or congregations.     certificate to the recipient of your choice for as little
                      at $10.00. Our dues do not cover all costs in
                      running this community. Although we try to keep
                      costs down and our dues low, it is difficult to operate
                      without additional income. Increasingly, our growing
                      congregation is demanding more services and this is
                      wonderful, but these things are costly. For instance,
                      our prayer books cost $35.00 a piece, a special price
                      for us because of our interest in the Reconstructionist
                      movement. Please consider donating one or more so
                      that we may purchase additional copies. We also
                      have a General Fund, a Yarhzeit Fund and a
                      President’s Discretionary Fund.
                      Of course, a contribution of any amount is
                      always gratefully accepted and will be
                      acknowledged in our newsletter.
                       The Beth Israel Community
                       We welcome your thoughts and suggestions. As a
                       ‘start up’ organization we are happy to have you join
                       in with any talents and assistance you may be able to
                       offer us. We have many ideas for the future, but that
But even the
poorest Jew had        will only be possible with a congregation willing to
access to the          participate and work with us. We value your input. If
humble materials       you have something you would like to discuss with
and tools--paper,
pencil, penknife,      the board, kindly email the president or phone her in
water colors and       advance of the board meeting, and we will put it on
colored crayons--      the agenda. You may also address the board if you
with which he
could express his      wish, but it must be cleared in advance with the
own form of hiddur     president.
[beautification of
the                    How to Reach Us
and rituals] by
making a papercut.     Email us at:
Of all Jewish ritual   Check          out         our       website        at
and folk art, Please send any monies
papercuts (and
also some              or contributions to our treasurer, Sonia Peterson,
calligraphic sheets)   9147 135 Pl., Summerfield, FL 34491.         Reminder:
lent themselves to     Our new email address can be found above. Our
the freest
expression of          yahoo address was comprised. This is a more secure
religious spirit.      site. Please use it for congregational business.
Unlike metal,
wood, or textiles,
paper was so           From the President:
cheap and so
easily replaceable
that the artist-       ( A letter from God who is on vacation)
craftsman was
never afraid of
spoiling it. He        My dear children,
could be bold and
inventive within the   Everybody wonders if I take a vacation and the
simplest of            answer is yes, I do. All that angel singing does get a
technical means.
And indeed, he         bit tiresome, so right now I am spending some time
took full advantage    in the National Parks. I used to go to the Catskills but
of the medium and      since they closed Grossingers, it just hasn’t been the
let his imagination
run to fanciful        same. Last year I went to Disney. I really enjoyed
extremes.              that. It was a pleasure seeing all those children but
                       the lines were just too long for me even though I am
                       noted for My patience. So this year I decided to visit
  I must tell you this is truly My country. The lake,
the mountains, the geysers are spectacular! And oh,
those bison and elk! And the meadows, the streams,
the wild flowers! The canyon and the waterfalls! My
hand is certainly everywhere. I recommend this place
because here you will really feel My Presence. It is
truly the ultimate Shabbat experience.
 This brings Me to another issue. Please don’t forget
to observe Shabbat during the summer. I may be
away but I am always near to those who call upon
Me. Those who seek Me out will surely find me,
whether I am on vacation or not.
 So as the song goes: “See you in September”. I will
be back in My Dwelling Place then getting ready for
the High Holidays. We will have much to discuss, you
and I.
My love and blessings to you all,
The Creator

 Judi Siegal

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