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     v revenue
     v higher contact rates than
     manual calling                     We Don't Just Remind. We Confirm!
     v patients to bring their
     insurance card or other required
     Free your staff to take on other
     Raise office morale

                                                a front desk
                                                assistant who…
                                                  Automatically calls thousands of
                                                  appointment reminders per

                                                  Dials during evenings and off-hours
         FREE S
        30 D L                                    Dials up to 3 alternate numbers
          TRIA                                    including home, cell and work
                                                  phone numbers

                                                  Diligently re-tries the phone
ReminderDesk absolutely                           number if busy or no answer
free for 30 days to see what                      Sends SMS text message and
it can do for your bottom-                        Email reminders
line revenue.
                                                  Reports back the status of each call
                                                  with confirmed and cancelled

1  month free trial
      NO COST

                                                  Requires no monthly salary &
     OBLIGATION                                   Has human voice with personal
How does ReminderDesk                                          TM
There are three ways to use our ReminderDesk                        product. 1) If you use with our integrated
AppointmentDesk , you do not have to do a thing. ReminderDesk™ automatically reminds your
customers and updates the appointment scheduling. 2) If you want to use with your existing EMR (say
scheduling software), you can purchase a bridge software from X-Link ( which will
automatically synchronize the appointments in real-time from EMR or any other PMS or other system that
has a scheduler in it to our system and and you do not have to do a thing. 3) Otherwise we can write a
custom bridge interface to export the daily appointments from your EMR software and import to our
system. Most scheduling software includes a data export or save-to-disk feature that creates the required
data file within seconds. This could be fully automated or semi-automated depending on the willingness of
your EMR vendor in providing the necessary API and/or access to their database/file system.

  Appointment                                                STEP 1                  STEP 2              STEP 3
                         CUSTOM INTERFACE


  Record in
  Scheduling                                Dial Customers   Upload patient’s        We make your       Check call results
  Software                                                      schedule             reminder calls       on the Web

No Software!
ITFrontDesk offers Application Service Provider (ASP) Hosting at our secured data center for a low per minute rate
and/or flat monthly rate. ASP hosted service is ideal for many small and medium sized businesses that want to avoid the
expense and complexity of running these systems internally and to leverage the true potential of complete automated
appointment reminder service with 24/7 customer support.

                                                                    Steps Involved:
     ASP Hosting

                                                                       Appointments are exported and sent to ITFrontDesk’s
                                                                    server either in real time or batch process which runs daily.
                                                                    ? Calls are made by ITFrontDesk’s IVR Server at
                                                                    the scheduled time.
                                                                        You view
                                                                    ? the results in real time using our web based
                                                                            No software to install, maintain or upgrade
                                                                            All that you need is a computer connected to
                                                                            an internet
                                                                            No large investment on initial purchase
                                                                            State-of-the-art telephony system with multi-line
                                                                            telephone ports
                                                                            We take care of the technology so you can focus
                                                                            on your practice and clients
                                                                            24/7 access from anywhere and anytime
                                                                            24/7 technical support
                                                                            Free upgrades
Features :
Web based access and results could be viewed from any computer.
All you
þneed is an Internet and your existing software with appointment
   scheduling.There is nothing for you to buy or install. It’s just that easy!
þ                 sends out remind notification by 4 ways: outbound phone
   call, SMS text message, leave message on their Answering Machine, and
   Email reminders.
Unlike most other competitor products, ReminderDesk
þ                                                     can dial up to 3
   alternate numbers including home, cell and work phone numbers in any
   pre-defined order.
You can
þ customize the IVR script (how you want to play the audio message) for
   your practice needs.
You can
þ customize the text for SMS message and Email reminders.
You can
þ use Text-to-Speech (TTS) or pre-recorded audio by your own voice or
   by professional voice talent.
You can
þ choose Male or Female voice and English or Spanish voice.
You can
þ configure how many days prior to appointments, you want to
You can
þ configure how many total attempts to try before marking the call as
You can
þ configure not to leave message or leave message after certain number
   of unsuccessful call attempts, in the answering machine.
You can
þ leave different messages for human answer and answering machine.
You can
þ configure to dial up to 2 different periods in a day. Also you can
   configure not to call during weekends and holidays.
Color coded calendar with visual status of Pending, In Progress, Confirmed,
   Canceled, Answering Machine, SMS text, Suspended status icons.
Takes input from patient to confirm or cancel the appointment.
View real-time status on the remind calls.
ReminderDesk's Admin Web Interface has user friendly graphical display of
   remind call status, a weekly calendar, detailed call activity list, generate reports
   and much more.
Do not
þcall directory and thus your patients can opt out of reminder calls.
Fully HIPPA compliant by restricting the user access by logins and privileges
   and providing industry-standard SSL encryption.
No Cost
þ No Obligation 30 day Free Trial.
                                 ITFrontDesk’s Other Products

                 It is fully automated self-serve appointment scheduler using state-of-the-art IVR
                 technology. Your patients can make self-serve appointments 24/7 using their
                 phone or computer connected to internet. Your staff can schedule appointments,
                 view reports, configure working hours etc using web based admin interface. It
                 seamlessly integrates with ReminderDesk         and other EMR and Practice
                 Management Systems. Its multi-lingual phone prompts and online text allows your

                 Reduce incoming phone call and eliminate phone tags by using our automated Lab
                 Results retriever service. You record the lab results for patients in your voice using a
                 phone and the system will immediately notify patients with availability of their
                 Lab Results and provide call back number and instruction to retrieve the message.
                 Your patients can dial in any time (24/7) and listen to your messages using their
                 phone. Also patients can login securely through online and listen to your audio
                 message as well as print the Lab Results.

Audio Sample Script
                           This is automated appointment reminder service from Demo Medical Group.
                           We are calling to remind John Doe that you have an appointment on January 15th
                           scheduled for 9:30 am with Dr. Smith at Bellevue Clinic. Please remember that all
                           deductibles and co-payments are due at the time of service. Please contact us 24
                           hours in advance if you must cancel your appointment.

                           It is very important that you respond to one of the following options:
                           To confirm your appointment, say or press 1
                           To replay this message, say or press 2
                           To cancel your appointment, say or press 5.

                                                            Regional Sales Contact Info:

 7900 Harpeth View Drive, suite 101
 Nashville, TN 37221 USA
 Ph: (615) 469-0909
 1-877-2iT-DESK (877-248-3375)
 Fax: (615) 224-6112

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