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Responding to Severe Weather
•   What is Shelter-in-Place?
•   Safe Rooms
•   Purpose
•   Notification
•   What’s It Look Like?
•   Safety Team Responsibilities
•   Upcoming Drill
What is Shelter-in-Place?
• Protective action
• Taking shelter within the immediate area – a
  safe location within your suite or on your floor
• Ideally within a “Safe Room”
Safe Rooms
• A room designated as a safe area within which to shelter
• Each company / tenant designates their own safe rooms
• Things to consider:
  ▫   Large enough to accommodate staff
  ▫   Away from exterior windows
  ▫   In the core of the building
  ▫   With an internal communication method
  ▫   Lockable door
Purpose for Shelter-in-Place
• Two main reasons to conduct shelter-in-place
 ▫ External Threat
 ▫ Internal Threat
• Fire Life Safety System
 ▫ Tone will sound
 ▫ Strobes will activate
• Announcement to shelter-in-place
• Drill will focus on external threat
 ▫ Experiencing an external threat
 ▫ Shelter-in-place
What’s It Look Like?
• Announcement initiated
• Important that occupants wait to hear full
• Safety team members assist in directing
  occupants to safe rooms
• Await further instructions within safe room
  (announcement, Ringclear, e-mail blast)
Safety Team Responsibilities
• Safety team still critical for shelter-in-place
• Instead of assisting in evacuation, safety team
  members direct occupants to safe room
Safety Team Responsibilities
• Floor Warden / Elevator Monitor / Stairwell
 ▫ Do NOT report to typical post
 ▫ Move to designated safe room with floor
 ▫ Direct people along the way
 ▫ Instruct not to use stairs or elevators along the
Safety Team Responsibilities
• Searchers
 ▫ Continue normal duties
 ▫ Walk designated search area and request floor
   occupants move to safe room
 ▫ Do NOT use search stickers
 ▫ Move to safe room upon conclusion of search
Upcoming Drill
• This will be a familiarization exercise
  ▫ Notified ahead of time of drill date
  ▫ Floors will be drilled one at a time
  ▫ Performance will not be graded / critiqued by the building,
    will not be timed
  ▫ Goal – to understand what a shelter-in-place looks like and
    identify safe rooms
• Announcement will be made
• Wait until announcement is complete
• Move in an orderly manner to the nearest safe room

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