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Shelter - In - Place


									Shelter In Place
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 Living Safely With Chemicals
      Community Advisory Panel
Working Together to Improve Community Safety
   The Community Advisory Panel (CAP) was
   developed to create a forum for communication
   between the community and a core group of facilities
   in the Dubuque Tri-State area.
   The group’s mission is to promote public
   understanding and involvement in chemical risk
   The CAP consists of representatives from community
   organizations, the core facilities, and residents of the
Members of the Panel include:
•   American Red Cross        • Local Emergency Planning
•   AmeriCold Logistics           Committees
•   Citizens                  •   Media
•   City of Dubuque Water     •   Menominee Fire Department
    Treatment                 •   Mercy Medical Center
•   Dubuque Fire Department   •   National Education Center for
•   Dubuque Schools               Ag Safety
•   East Dubuque Fire         •   Rentech Energy Midwest
    Department                    Corporation
•   East Dubuque Schools      •   Sinsinawa Mound
•   Finley Business Health    •   Tri-State Occupational Health
A hazardous material release
      is very unlikely
• Hazardous materials are transported
  through our community by truck, rail,
  and barge.
• This risk exists across the US.
How would you know?
• Eye and Throat Irritation
• Strong Chemical Smell
• Local Authorities
• Local Media
You should know how to respond

• If encountered with a release of
 hazardous materials…

      What would you do??????
    Shelter In Place
The best way to protect yourself and
your family in the event of a
hazardous material release is to go
immediately inside the nearest
building, home or vehicle.
     Shelter In Place
This works because the outside air does not
mix quickly with the air in closed spaces.

Shelter in place protects you from the most
hazardous materials as the cloud passes.
 Six Steps - #1

1. Go indoors immediately.
  Six Steps - #2

2. Close doors and windows.
   Six Steps - #3

3. Turn off heaters and air conditioner.
Close fireplace dampers.
              Go to the highest
                 room above
              ground with the
               fewest windows
                  and doors.

    Six Steps - #4

4. Other precautions: if needed, cover nose
and mouth with wet cloth and seal windows.
 Six Steps - #5

5. Watch/listen to local TV and
radio stations.
 Six Steps - #6

6. Wait for additional instructions.
Following an “all clear” message, air
out your home.
         If in your car...
• Close windows, vents, turn off A/C and
•   Listen to a local radio station for more
•   Continue driving unless directed otherwise.
•   Drive away from the scene of the emergency.
•   Do not drive into a chemical cloud.
  For Additional Information,
      Please Contact . . .
• Your county’s Local Emergency Planning
 Committee (LEPC).

  – Dubuque County LEPC      563-589-4170
  – Grant County LEPC        608-723-7171
  – Jo Daviess County LEPC   815-777-2141

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