atlantic slave trade by zhangyun


									         Portuguese Arrive
 1400’s King Henry the Navigator opens
  sailing schools to explore away from
  Portugal for wealth
 Look toward Asia…Portuguese explore
  down coast of Africa eventually know the
  coast as the gold coast
 Colonize Azores and Canaries and Madeira
 Eventually Dias reaches tip of Africa and
  Portuguese set up colonies in India and
 Great wealth accumulated convinces other
  Europeans to get into competition
   First large scale plantation style European colony
    in 1400’s
   Portuguese import Africans to work cash crop
    fields and thus racial slavery or Atlantic slave
    trade is born
   Columbus makes famous voyage in 1492 and
    sets up settlements in Caribbean…attempts to
    use Amerindians as slaves
   Problems with disease and run aways
   1518 first Spanish ship with Africans brought to
    America to work the plantation fields in America
 Human slavery existed since?
 Slaves sold in ancient Africa through
  Arab merchants during medieval
 Slavery exists in all societies

 Point of atlantic slave trade is?

 Perception amongst Euros can not

  enslave other Christians
Atlantic Slave Trade and Triangular
   1400-1800 about 60,000 voyages
   20 million stolen from home mostly along West
    coast becomes known as slave coast
   Portuguese eventually Dutch, English, Spanish
    set up forts along coast as storage spots for
    stolen people
   Euros bring trade goods to trade other Africans
    for people
   Africans involved in trade as they are encouraged
    to and paid to make war, capture prisoners and
    trade them
   Most Africans sent on middle passage to
    Caribbean and Brazil
   Return trip brings raw materials from Am. to
 View that colonies exist to make
  money for mother country
 Effort to increase bullion compared
  to rivals
 British colonies founded to counter
  Spanish wealth from America
 Founded in 1607 with Amerindians
  as large fortunes and black slavery
  firmly embedded
  Land/Labor contrast with Europe
  Virginia answers to labor questions?
  Indentured servitude in 1600’s
  Transformation to African slavery in late 1600’s
  Caribbean British colonies founded in 1600’s
   with slavery embedded and big part of sugar
  South Carolina and deep Southern colonies
   established as colonies of a colony late in
    Colonial Competition in N.America
 Spanish/English competition in early 1600’s
 English/Dutch competition in mid 1600’s
 English settlements in Virginia, MD., and Mass, CT
 1660’s Dutch settlement in New Amsterdam as
  trading center
 Great competition between British and French as
  several wars fought in 1700’s
 Most famous is French and Indian War a.k.a.
  seven years war in Europe
 1763 British victory drives French out of N. Am.
        Outcomes of Collision
 Large African American population in Caribbean,
  S. America and U.S.
 Amerindians destroyed in large numbers
 Large mestizo population in S. Am. And Mexico
 How should Amerindians and A. Ams. Remember
  the slave trade, slavery, and European arrival?
 How should Columbus, Jamestown be
 Is either group owed anything? Reparations,
  affirmative action?
Argument for Aff.
Arguments against Aff.

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