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									                            DoFollow Blog Comment Rules

My blogs have been dofollow for a few months now, and for the most part it is going very well.
However, I do get a few comments that I will NOT approve because they are obvious comment spam.
I want to give you some real life examples of what I consider comment spam that I will not approve,
and provide you with some dofollow blog comment rules.
Before I do, I want to stress how important it is to post quality comments, related to the post you are
commenting on.
Remember, DoFollow blog owners are giving you some link love, in exchange for your quality
If you, and others, post junk comments, blog owners will get tired of seeing the junk, get tired of
moderating junk comments, get tired of being taken advantage of, and will turn nofollow back on.
So, please be considerate, and appreciative of dofollow blog owners by doing the right thing and
leaving quality comments related to the post you are commenting on.
DoFollow Blog Comment Rules
1. Read the post you are going to be commenting on! I also read several of the current comments if
there are some. It only takes a few minutes to read the comments and get a general feel on what people
are thinking.
Then, post comments directly related to the blog post, related to the general tone of the comments, or
related to a comment left by a specific person.
2. Be kind, even if you disagree with the blog owner’s post, or some individual comments. As a blog
owner if you blast me or some of my posters directly, I won’t allow your comments. If you disagree
with me, that’s fine. Disagree, offer more information to support your disagreement, and do it
3. I prefer at least a short paragraph of comments, that adds to the comment conversation. A simple “I
agree” is not going to be approved by me.
4. Don’t use your comments to list every website you own. After leaving some good comments, don’t
blatantly advertise your other websites. I’m already giving you an incoming link with your selected
anchor text. If you add additional websites, I probably won’t approve your comments.
If you add a website in the comments that is directly related to the discussion, even if it’s yours, I will
allow it. If I think you are just trying to get more links, I won’t allow it.
Okay, so here are some examples of posts that I did not allow.
Comment #1
From my post: Do-Follow Blog Directory - New Feature
I changed my blog to dofollow also: (Note: This is the same website user used in the comments form)
Sorry, but I want more comments than just telling me you changed to dofollow, and giving me two
more websites in the comments field.
Plus, this was in a post that didn’t really fit, I don’t think the user really read the post. If you want to let
me know about your dofollow blogs, add them to my dofollow blog directory that is mentioned in the
Comment #2
From my post: How Do I Know if A Blog is Do-Follow?
Well when you open a website you can right click and check if it is a dofollow or no follow by clicking
on properties. Do follow allows you to make comments where any link in the website can be track. No
follow stop there itself.
The above comment is a nice paragraph of related text, but it’s apparent they didn’t read my post at all.
My post was all about how to tell if a blog is dofollow or not.
That comment added absolutely no value to the discussion, and was just stating information I had
already stated in the post.
It looked to me like the user just read the headline “How Do I Know if A Blog is Do-Follow?” and
thought - oh I know the answer to that. So, they posted the answer without having any idea what the
post was about.
Sorry, doesn’t pass my approval test
Comment #3
From my post: How Do I Know if A Blog is Do-Follow?
it is interesting! thanks!
That one is pretty obvious. That sort of comment just makes me mad, and gives us responsible
dofollow blog commentors a bad name.
It only takes a few minutes to read before you comment, and only takes a few minutes to post a
relevant comment that adds value.
The blog owner will approve your quality comments, and appreciate you adding value.
Others who read the comments are also more likely to click on your link if you are contributing good
content to the discussion.
If you have additions to my list of dofollow blog etiquette, please leave a comment with the
suggestions below.

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