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Serving the people of SD & G, Leeds & Grenville & area

Purify your body, calm your mind, feed your soul
                                                Do you suffer from anxiety
               YOGA                              and depression, chronic
 ….Helps improve mood, and combats                    pain or illness?
   depression, stress, and anxiety              Are you recovering from an
                                                automobile or work related
 ...offers an effective therapy for back                   injury?
     pain and may ease and prevent              We offer group therapeutic
                  arthritis                     yoga classes, private yoga
                                                 classes, as well as yoga
   ...Can help lower blood pressure                       therapy.
                                                     *Insurance coverage may be available

We offer daily drop in                                         28 Prescott St.,
            classes in:                                        Old Town
      Akhanda, Hatha                                           T: (613)258-5775
    Kundalini, Kripalu
Yanumoja, Flow Gentle
     Hatha, Back Care


                                                          Jnana yoga (study of yogic scripture). Ram Dass has
Thoughts on "daily practice"                              so eloquently described the beauty of aging on our
 from a middle-aged yogini                                "When I meditate I sit quietly, I withdraw my

f w ;
                                                          awareness of my ears hearing, my eyes seeing. I don't
                                                          move around much. I sit quietly and I go deep inside.
                                                          What happens when you grow old? You lose your
                                                          hearing, you lose your sight, you can't move around
                                                          very much. What an ideal time for doing inner work.
It is interesting the feedback I have received based on
a question about daily practice in our yoga teacher       Aging has its own beauty. It is a beautiful stage for
training applications. Several students immediately       doing inner work. You have a chance to not be so
started to judge themselves as they didn't feel perhaps   dependent on social approval. You can be a little more
"competent" in this area. This can be a wonderful         eccentric. You can be more alone. And you can
teaching moment about yoga..........this rajasic need     examine loneliness and boredom instead of being
we have in North America to be constantly moving          afraid of them. There is such an art and a possibility
faster and harder, pushing ourselves and then feeling     of aging."
guilty when we don't "measure up".                      Finally, yoga is a lifestyle that should reduce
Yoga has taught me that my past "type A" behaviour, suffering........what does your yoga do for you?
while socially acceptable, was really harming to my Gayatri (Gayle Poapst ~ Owner & yoga instructor
body and my psyche. Patanjali's sutras describe an Bodhi Tree Yoga Centre, 28 Prescott Street
ease or "sukka" that is to be found in our practice. Kemptville Ontario.
You won't find any "hot power" yoga classes in India.
It all goes back to practicing ahimsa or non-harming
and finding balance in our lives. If our practice is
causing pain and suffering, then we need reassess
what we are doing and what is the motivation behind
our behaviour. If your yoga is stressing you out, there
is something wrong!                                                      we           g
                                                                               llness trainin
A teacher of mine once told me that when we are 20
years old, our practice should include 20% meditation         Workshops, treatments, counselling in
and 80% asana, when we are 40 years old, it should                   Reiki
be 50 % asana and 50% meditation, and when we are
80 years old, we should be practicing 80% meditation                 Reiki exchanges
and 20% asana. Honouring our bodies also applies to                  Chanting group
times when we may be ill or recovering from injury.
During these times our practice should be modified                   Emotional Freedom:
accordingly.                                                          Yours to Tap Into
When we talk about practice, one immediately thinks                 Reiki: The Gentle Art CD
of asana or physical practice. My daily practice only        Patricia Cyr, a Reiki Master since 1993, has
includes asana about half the time. This week, one           17 years apprenticeship in the healing arts
day I practiced Karma yoga (volunteer service) and           and meditation. She is a well respected
another day Bhakti yoga (chanting) and on a third day        metaphysical teacher, healer and coach.
                 Download Free                                   613-498-1054 or
   The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali                                     for course dates and information.
                                                                      Serving Brockville and area.


Quantum Vibrational Kinesiology                            stress plus the additional one, so this is when we
                                                           experience dis-ease. A common example of this is the
  A New Paradigm in Healing by Ruth McLaren increase of illnesses at the change of the season into winter,
                                                           where colds, flu, teeth problems & joint pain seem to be
    ‘There are no diseases, only dis-eased conditions’     more noticeable. The stress of the change of season,
                    ~ Sir Brian Jenner                     decrease in light, pressure of Christmas etc… push the
                                                           body’s stress-threshold past breaking point and our
It was March 1991; the Universe had orchestrated a struggling immune systems fail to cope with this,
beautiful synchronistic event that was to forever enhance communicating this to us with the conditions experienced.
my life. It was then that I had the honor of meeting Sir
Brian Jenner, who founded this incredible form of The amazing strength, resilience & intelligence of our
healing, which is continuing to dramatically change the minds and bodies are simply amazing… when people
lives of the many people who are receiving this treatment. come to me for a balance, they are often amazed at the
I was truly blessed to have him as my teacher till his many stresses being experienced by the body, which is
passing in 2005. I am a certified practitioner for QVK for still functioning relatively well when considering the
the past 19 years, and now work together with Sir Brian amount it is coping with… so imagine what we are capable
Jenner on another level.                                   of when we are freed from this lifetime’s (and previous
                                                           generations!) stresses!
          What is QVK & How Does it Work?                                           Dis-Ease

QVK is a form of energy healing which also incorporates          I am a firm believer in the words of Brian Jenner, that there
some physical techniques to help the body to maintain            are no diseases. I have enjoyed seeing many of the clients
health. This form of healing works at addressing the             that have come to me for a balance radically improve their
causative factors of conditions or dis-ease, so that by          health, some in just one treatment, others over several. The
releasing the cause of stress from the body at cellular level,   truth of healing is simple; remove from
the body’s innate self-healing ability is restored,              the body the cause of the condition, & the body will heal
allowing the symptoms to be healed.                              itself, often instantly, sometimes over several weeks. This
                                                                 has been experienced, documented and written about by
QVK incorporates the use muscle testing to get to the            many, so why does it seem unbelievable to society? In
cause of issues at hand. Muscle testing is using the muscles     most teachings, the intelligence of each individual cell
of the body as a divining rod to locate the causes of            within the body is denied. It is inconceivable that the body,
dis-ease, allowing the intelligence of the body to               each cell and fibre within it, can respond to words,
communicate it’s own wisdom, & therefore eradicating             thoughts and intent to become healed.
the opportunity for erroneous diagnosis from the healer.
The strength of the locking mechanism of the muscle is           A beautiful quote from Brandon Bays : (The Journey)
used to discern the degree of stress that is being               explains this concept: ‘the same intelligence in my body
experienced by the body, so a muscle lock that is strong         that created this tumor can also heal it’, and it did, a
when I ask the body a question will signal no stress             baseball size tumor simply vanishing from her body in 6
experienced by that, whereas a muscle that unlocks, or           weeks.
grows weaker, indicates that this is a stress factor for the
body. In this way I can communicate easily with the body      Our bodies are a minimum of 70% water. What emotional
& enable the client to release the priority stress factors    memories from our childhood are being carried in our
as expressed by the body.                                     bodies (from family, school, our social environment)?
                                                              What impact does the media and what we choose to watch
Many people are surprised to find that the cause of their and read have on us? What effect does our attitude towards
condition stemmed further back in time than when the our life and ourselves have on our physical bodies?
symptoms were first noticed. Our immune system is
amazing at coping with stress factors to such a degree that By removing the detrimental memories of past experiences
we can live seemingly healthily for a long period of time from our bodies, by recognizing and respecting the
without being aware that our body is experiencing stress intelligence of our bodies and by working in harmony with
at varying levels. It is only when additional stress is added this intelligence, we can truly create healing miracles. By
that the immune system can no longer fight the initial        removing these blocks, the body’s innate self-healing


is restored, the conscious intelligence of the body is able
once again to communicate, and self-healing takes place
as if by magic.
                                                                                                   Registered Massage Therapists
                                                                                                  Professional Hands you can trust

This life force that enables the heart to keep on pumping       Covered by most extended health care plans.
and governs your biological rhythms, is what performs the             Take advantage of your benefits!
healing. Taking into our body; chemicals and drugs,                      Open Monday to Saturday.
simply compromise this flow of light intelligence and in      Evening appointments & Gift certificates available.
the long-term detrimental to our health.
                                                                        HEADACHES - WHIPLASH
                                                                 CARPAL TUNNEL – FROZEN SHOULDER
Book your QVK today and experience these simple yet
                                                                 LOW BACK PAIN - SCIATICA - SCOLIOSIS
powerful healing techniques that you will all be able to
                                                                  SI DYSFUNCTION - SPRAINS/STRAINS
incorporate into your life quite easily. For me this is a
                                                                    TENDINITIS - PLANTAR FASCIITIS
Universal Wisdom that it is a gift to be shared and needs
to be taught to others.
                                                                           …and much more!
Quantum Vibrational Kinesiology Q.V.K                                  Renee Currie, owner / RMT
Coming in the fall to the “Circle of Life” are                        Nadine Pickard, owner / RMT
QVK Workshops. For anyone who loves helping
people this is a must in your tool box. These are             “Let us help you… get Back In Motion!”
definitely tools that will be used.
                                                                  Located at 28 Clothier St. E, downtown Kemptville
BASIC LEVEL                                                               (above Salamanders restaurant)
SIMPLY LYMPHATICS                                                              613-258-0022
Ruth McLaren                                                          Website ~
B.E.M.E.R.B Facilitator                                                Email ~

                                    Ruth McLaren
                                 By Appointment Only

                                 Quantum Vibrational
                                         Kinesiology                            (613) 537- 8427
                               Algonquin Shamanism
                            Aqua massage Treatments
                               Fortune Skin Products

                               PHYSICAL     MENTAL       EMOTIONAL    SPIRITUAL         Lori Garlough, R.D.H., As. Sc.
                                                               The Tooth Fairy clinic and mobile unit offers many
                                                              services in Oral Hygiene and Dental Care including:

                                                                        specialized fluoride treatments
                                                                        regular cleaning and polishing
                                                                deep cleaning for patients with gum disease
                                                                 HOCKEY MOUTH GUARD SPECIAL $40
                                                              great prices on custom tooth whitening/bleaching
                                                                       preventive sealants for children
                                                                    desensitizing of extra sensitive teeth
                                                                          polishing of old dark fillings
                                                                        professional denture cleaning
                                                              14705 Cty Rd 2 , Unit # 3, Ingleside, ON.


 Welcome Message
Seasons... they come and they go... We accept them as a normal part of the flow. We often accept them
without much thought, as if there was no Creative Principle behind them. Ahh... but take a second look.
The Creative Principle of the Universe is seen everywhere. The Creative Principle is the breathing in and
breathing out of creation. We live in a universe that is alive and ever re-creating itself.
We watch the tides, the sunrises and sunsets, the budding of leaves and their fall. Infancy, adolescence,
adulthood, and old age come to all that exist... and as sure as the sunrise... as sure as the spring... the
Creative Principle gloriously brings it all back around again.
So no matter what kind of challenge you are facing today. No matter how much it seems like this is the
end and there is no way out or help in sight... know with surety... the Creative Principle is a Law. It doesn't
apply to everything except you. You are not separate from it. It dwells in every aspect of your being and
will bring about something new and fresh and wonderful in your life. It cannot do otherwise.
So look ahead with anticipation and let the Creative Principle flow though you right now, in this moment.
Natural Presence Magazine and its contributors can only trust that whatever services or information we
provide may help guide you in a direction that will be for your highest good.
We trust you enjoy it. ~ Paul Beshara ~ Editor

 Natural Presence magazine is available free from selected locations across the counties of Stormont, Dundas and
 Glengarry, Leeds and Grenville. It may also be received by by mail, $20 per year for first class in Canada. Circulation
 is currently 7,500 copies. Natural Presence is currently published 6 times per year

 Contact information: Paul Beshara ~ Editor ~ We may also be reached by mail: 464 Main
 St., Box 8, Winchester, Ontario K0C2K0. By phone at 613 612 7948.

 Submission deadlines: For advertising and event information no later than the 18th of the prior month. For article
 submissions of no more than 1000 words before the 15th of the prior month.

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                                                        2. Time Released: This form contains substances
                                                           to reduce absorption over an extended period of
                                                           time. They are not always broken down by
                                                           individuals who have weak digestive enzymes.
                                                           As well, the undigested vitamins can be released
                                                           in the large intestine or bowel (instead of the
                                                           stomach) and result in toxicity.
                                                          3. Sublinguinal: This is a great method of
The market contains countless products, prices and           assimulation of B12 for best absorption (used for
sizes of Vitamins & Supplements. The following will          depression and strict vegetarians).
help you to choose properly in order to obtain the best 4. Chewables: Sounds great, however this type often
value & health for your money!                               contains artificial colours or dyes, sugar &/0r
                                                             artificial sweeteners along with binders, fillers
Natural versus Synthetic                                     and coatings. Not great for the teeth!
1. Natural: Natural nutritional supplements come
                                                          5. Capsules: May contain fillers and less additional
    from vegetable, mineral or animal sources, and
                                                             substances than tablets. Gelatin capsules could be
    undergo very little processing. This allows for the
                                                             made of beef, pork or vegetable. Capsules are
    supplement to retain its maximum integrity.
                                                             dissolved quickly, are easily digested and well
    Examples are fish liver oil, bee pollen, kelp, yeast,
                                                             absorbed. They can also be opened and the
                                                             contents can be mixed with food or juice. Look
2. Natural Source: Undergoes processing and is               for vegetarian capsules.
    from vegetable , mineral or animal sources.
                                                          6. Powders or Liquids: Best assimulated, easy to
    Examples are Vitamins A & D from fish liver oil,
                                                             swallow. Make sure that there are no additional
    Vitamin E, lecithin, digestive enzymes, protein
                                                             sweeteners, flavours or colours as they are often
    powders and amino acids.
                                                             synthetic and artificial.
3. Nature-identical: Nutrients that have been
    manufactured in a lab and are identical in Label:
    molecular structure & activity to human body. 1. Read the label, know when , how much to take
    They may be manufactured for excessive /                 and how often.
    minimal cost or difficulty of extraction from the 2. Avoid One-A-Day supplements. Water soluble
    natural sources. Examples are vitamin C &                vitamins & antioxidants leave the body quickly
    Vitamin B’s.                                             and require more than one dose a day. Calcium
4. Synthetic: These nutrients are lab manufactured           can only be absorbed in small doses throughout
    and are very similar to the natural nutrient. It is      the day.
    more inexpensive method for nutrients that 3. Be aware of contents that you may be allergic to.
    would be too costly to copy exactly. Example:
    Vitamin E                                             4. Look at the number of pills, expiry date, strength
                                                             and dosage.
Vitamin Forms                                          5. Read carefully to know the real from the
1. Tablets: Often contain fillers, lubricants, binders    synthetic:
   and coatings in order to hold the supplement
                                                       a. Vitamin E: Natural=d-alpha tocopherol,
   together, prevent them from sticking during the
                                                          Synthetic=dl=alpha tocopherol
   pressure of processing, and to make them easier
                                                       b. Calcium Carbonate (not well absorbed),
   to swallow. These ingredients are harder to
                                                          Calcium citrate or lactate (best absorbed,
   digest, prevent absorption and promote
                                                          natural source)
   digestive problems.


c. Vitamin C: Ascorbic acid (very acidic, quickly
   eliminated through urine, mega doses can alter       Balance & Improve Your
   tooth enamel and cause intestinal discomfort),       Health in a Natural Way
   Calcium ascorbate (is buffered to reduce
   acidity). Added bioflavonoids improve
   absorption and provide enhanced antioxidant          Reiki                
   properties) Ester C.                                               
6. Use a high quality brand found at the health food    Lori Feith, HD (RHom.)
   store or a brand recommended by your                 613-246-2928
   Naturopath. Several quality brands include: Flora,   10 Hendry Side Road, Lyn, Ont.
   Natural Factors,Progressive, Sisu, Organika.
   Recommended Reading:
   1. Perscription for Nutritional Healing. Phyllis
   2. Encyclopedia of Healing. Alive Publishing

    Wendy Morris, Natural Health Practitioner
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                      Sea Fortune therapeutic facial and body skin
      870-A rue Notre Dame, Embrun ON                   Facial Scrub This is a unique cleanser rich in
                 613.443.9635                           proteins, removes impurities, dead skin cells and
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                                                        face and massage into skin, rinse with warm water
                                                        and towel dry.
                                                        Face Moisturizer A non-oily formula that increases
                                                        the skins moisture level, while it neutralizes and
                                                        enhances the skins elasticity. This can be used as
                                                        a day and night cream. This technique will leave your
                                                        face feeling energized, vibrant and soft. Imagine
                                                        what the rest of these products can do for your skin!!
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                     Bath & Spa
              Wendy Morris, NHP
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Featured Profile
                                                         Program is in the works that will be custom-fit tob
                                                         meet your business needs. Doreen has worked
                                                         extensively in the corporate sector. Doreen’s many
                           Angel Whispers Consulting years of work with First Nations People and
                           has a strong past, a solid Organizations has proven her credibility and earned
                           present and a future coming her respect. Listed below is a brief cross-section of
                           into clear focus.             seminars and workshops that are available in our
                                                         Corporate Services:
                           Angel Whispers Consulting
                           is an ancient concept made Team Building – that solidifies cohesion and
                           modern through blending optimizes effectiveness in the workplace. A process
                           mainstream knowledge and that involves and includes employees in the problem
                           holistic skills. We are solving model creating dedication and commitment
                           dedicated to healthy core to the outcomes identified.
                           life values that we infuse
                           into our services helpingyou Effective Communication – Verbal Communication
attain the best possible outcome in all aspects of life. is a key component to any successful relationship.
                                                         Through our effective communication workshops,
Angel Whispers Consulting has many decades of participants learn how to “say what they mean”, and
experience in First Nations. Doreen South is “mean what they say”.
Certified by First Nations Technical Institute in
Traditional Healing, and feels truly honoured to be a Effective Listening – Listening is one of the most
carrier of a sacred pipe and medicine bundle. Doreen important skills you can have in creating success.
is registered with Health Canada as an Elder/Healer. Effective listening has a substantial impact on job
                                                         effectiveness, and on the quality of relationships with
After more than four decades as an educator, healer, others. Learn to extract critical content, verify and
facilitator and disciplined medium, Doreen South, clarify.
the founder, is thrilled to introduce fresh new
concepts to this time honoured and credible Organizational Structure Analysis– A dynamic
business. We still offer all the amazing services that model that helps to transform your company by
you have grown to rely on. However, we have reducing duplication, streamlining processes and
focused our vision on new horizons and are redefining roles and responsibilities to ensure optimal
welcoming the opportunities presented to us.             performance and customer satisfaction.

This positive shift is allowing Angel Whispers Real Time Strategic Change (RTSC) – Through an
Consulting to open its wings and soar to new inclusive and well defined process, participants are
heights…                                             heard and understood. The process guides personnel
                                                     to identify real issues, prioritize and co-create
At Angel Whispers Consulting, client satisfaction is win/win solutions that produces doable outcomes.
top priority. We listen diligently to your needs. We
have heard you ask for ways to save money during Relationship         Facilitation     Mediation       and
this time of economic change. To help you, we now Conciliation: Supporting people to find common
offer the Angel Prosperity Program. This innovative ground, identify the real issues and to create win/win
membership plan includes savings to our clients for solutions.
mere pennies a day.
                                                     Employee Assistance Program (EAP)– Angel
Angel Whispers Consulting also has a wide selection Whispers Consulting also offers a wonderful
of services and events. A Corporate Prosperity       Employee Assistance Program. This approach treats


the whole person through body, mind, feelings and
spirit. Our approach is effective because the
employees are coached from the philosophy that they
do know themselves. The coaching supports each
                                                           A GUIDED VISUALIZATION FOR
person to see underlying causes to their behaviour
and choices. During the “The Unburdening” or
                                                         MANIFESTING YOUR HEART’S DESIRE
“Emotional Healing” process, the individuals             BASED ON THE LAW OF ATTRACTION
identify the source of original emotional pain,
rewrite the internal script, release the negative self
messages, reclaim the cherished self and integrate
the healing. This therapy embraces the ‘whole’
being’ to create a positive and lasting change.                                            $11.11
                                                                                            HST & Shipping

Beginning in January, Angel Whispers Consulting
is proud, and excited to announce that Doreen will be
writing a regular column in Natural Presence
Magazine. Her column, located on the last page, will
                                                         This powerful audio CD works by making your
be entitled “The first word at last”.
                                                         subconscious mind aware and alert to the law of
        For more information please visit:               attraction.
                                                           * Reprogram your mind to follow your desires
a                                            a           and learn how to use the law of attraction.
                                                             * Align your unconscious mind with your
                                                         specific wants from the law of attraction.
                                                            * Remove any mental barriers to your success
                                                         and keep negative energy / thoughts away.
                                                           * Reprogram your mind into a positive state.
                                                            * Focus your mind into a strong state of belief
                                                         that you will make the law of attraction work for
                                                         you and achieve your dreams.
                                                           * Subliminally charge yourself into an optimum
                                                         permanent state of motivation to achieve your
                                                         desires in line with the law of attraction.
                                                         If you have been trying to use the law of attraction
                                                         to bring your dreams into reality without any result
                                                         then this audio CD will help you. It will bring the
                                                         infinite power of your unconscious mind in
                                                         harmony with the Universal Storehouse and assist
                                                         you to achieve your intended results!
                                                         To order simply purchase at the bookstore at:

a                                            a             


    Curried Pumpkin and Lentil Bisque                                        Rosemary & Apple Bread
2   cups of pureed cooked pumpkin (squash can                    2 cups of Spelt flour
    be used)                                                     1 cup of Barley flour
2 Tbs coconut oil or olive oil                                   1 ¼ tsp sea salt
1 cup red or yellow split lentils                                1 tsp finely chopped fresh rosemary
1 tsp turmeric                                                   1 package quick-rise yeast(about 2 ¼ tsps)
1 tsp cumin seeds ground in mortal and pestle                    1 cup warm water (100 to 110 degrees)
1 medium onion chopped finely                                    1 cup finely chopped Apple
1 apple chopped finely                                           2 tsp melted butter for top of bread when cooked
3 cloves of garlic minced                                        Method:
1 inch piece of fresh ginger minced                              Add 2 ¾ cups of flour and all dry ingredient’s into a
1 tsp garam masala or curry powder                               large bowl, add chopped rosemary, and yeast stir with
3 cups of vegetable stock                                        a whisk to blend.
Salt and pepper to taste
1 TBS of cilantro optional                                       Add warm water, stirring until soft dough forms. Turn
                                                                 onto a floured surface. Knead in remaining flour 1
Method:                                                          TBS at a time (8 minutes); Cover and let raise for 10
In a medium saucepan, combine lentils, turmeric, and             minutes. Knead in apple. Shape dough into a loaf.
2 ½ cups water. Bring to boil, reduce heat, and                  Place dough in a greased loaf pan. 8 ½ x 4 ½ “ Turn
simmer covered for 10- 15 minutes, or until lentils              to coat top of loaf. Cover and let rise 30 minutes or
begin to breakdown. Drain the water from the lentils             until doubled in size.
if there is any remaining in pan.
                                                                 Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Add cooked pumpkin to the lentils and mash with a Bake for 40 to 45 minutes or until bread is lightly
fork or potato masher.                                browned and sounds hollow when tapped. Brush top
                                                      with butter. Cool in pan for 5 minutes. Remove from
In a large saucepan, heat 1 TBS of oil over medium pan; cool completely on a wire rack.
heat. Add cumin seeds and heat for 1 minute. Add
onion, garlic and ginger and cook until onion softens
and becomes translucent, about 5 minutes. Stir in
garam masala and cook for 1 minute. Add lentil
squash puree, salt, pepper, and 3 cups (750 ml) water
or vegetable stock. Bring to boil and simmer for 10 “In a class of it’s own”
minutes. Add more stock if until desired thickness.           fun and educational
If you prefer a very smooth soup, then you can run            holistic cooking workshops
                                                              in your kitchen or on location
this through the food processor. To serve top each            using fresh, natural & organic local ingredients
bowl with cilantro prior to serving.                   for information on workshops in your area or types of workshops available
                                                                  tel: 613 612 7940 or e:


                                                   The Third Agreement:

                                                         Ÿ Find the courage to ask questions and to
                               This book is for            express what you really want.
                               everyone. The Four        Ÿ Communicate with others as clearly as you
                               Agreements is a             can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and
                               complex, though             drama.
                               short read that           Ÿ With just this one agreement, you can
                               contains       much         completely transform your life.
                               wisdom of value in
                               it's pages. Author     Even when a situation seems so personal,
                               Don Miguel Ruiz
                               has constructed a
                                                       even if others insult you directly, it has
                               simple            but nothing to do with you. What they say, what
                               thoughtful plan for      they do, and the opinions they give are
                               daily living that will according to the agreements they have in
                               appeal to most                      their own minds.”
                               anyone with an
                              open mind and heart.

In The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz presents The Fourth Agreement:
the idea that everything that a person believes - all
that makes up their paradigm, is the result of
agreements made knowingly or unknowingly with          Ÿ Your best is going to change from moment to
society. Here is a synopsis of the key elements behind   moment; it will be different when you are
the books graceful wisdom; four agreements that each     healthy as opposed to sick.
person may choose to make with themselves for a        Ÿ Under any circumstance, simply do your best,
happier, more peaceful life.                             and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse
                                                         and regret.
The First Agreement:
                                                    “If you try too hard to do more than your
                                                    best, you will spend more energy than is
    Ÿ Speak with integrity.                        needed and in the end your best will not be
    Ÿ Say only what you mean.                     enough. When you overdo, you deplete your
    Ÿ Avoid using the word to speak against body and go against yourself and it will take
       yourself or to gossip about others.         you longer to accomplish your goal. But if
    Ÿ Use the power of your word in the direction    you do less than your best, you subject
       of truth and love.                         yourself to frustrations, self-judgment, guilt,
                                                                   and regrets.”
  “The word is not just a sound or a written
symbol. The word is a force; it is the power           To purchase this book simply go to
 that you have to express and communicate,        
to think, and thereby to create the events in         And you will find it in the bookstore
                     your life.”


                                                                Breath control or Pranayama: The Ujjayi breath
                                                                technique begins with the relaxation of the throat and
                                                                sternum. Try to concentrate on the inhalation and
                                                                exhalation of breath, through rhythmic slow breathing.
                                                                Ensure that the time for inhalation and exhalation is
                                                                about the same. A cycle is one inhalation, followed by
                                                                one exhalation. After 20 cycles of stage one, you are ready
                                                                for the next stage of the Kriya.

                                                                The second stage begins with normal inhalation
                                                                followed by deep exhalation. Here, exhalation lasts for
                                                                a longer time than inhalation. Be aware that the sternum
                                                                and the rest of the body including the back have to remain
                                                                as relaxed as possible. Complete 20 cycles of stage two,
                                                                slowly and rhythmically.

                                                          As you move into the third stage, deep inhalation is
                                                          followed by normal exhalation. Inhalation takes a
                                                          longer time than exhalation, within a cycle. The same
Sudarshana Kriya                                          cautions as second stage apply. Complete 20 cycles of
Do not be intimidated by the terms, Sudarshana Kriya is stage three, slowly and rhythmically.
simply a very specific ancient yogic breathing technique
that is combined with a specific yogic posture.           Go into the last stage with deep inhalation followed by
                                                          deep exhalation. The time for inhalation and exhalation
This breathing technique is called Ujjayi type of is about the same. This is done for 20 cycles also.
Pranayama (or breath control) and the specific yogic
posture is called the Vajrasana (Thunderbold posture). Cautions
This pranayama combined with the Thunderbolt position
rejuvenates the body and mind through 'cleansing' or If there is shortness of breath or discomfort, please
'oxygenation', ultimately leading to the awakening of the abandon the technique and go back to comfortable
Kundalini.                                                breathing. If you suffer from hypertension or other chronic
                                                          illnesses, it is very important to consult your physician
Even if you are not spiritually inclined, practicing this before attempting this Kriya.
technique has mind-body benefits.
                                                          Tips for Mastery
Posture: Take your time in mastering the posture as Do not be discouraged if you find it daunting initially.
illustrated. Slowly kneel onto a mat or blanket with the       Very commonly, you will find it difficult to keep pace with
knees, ankles and toes touching the ground. Rest buttocks      the length of time or the rhythmic breathing. In such cases,
onto the soles of the feet. Allow the heels to separate until  you may choose to master one stage over a few months
they touch the sides of the hips. Place palms down by          before moving to the next. This Kriya takes time and
draping them onto the knees.                                   patience to master. At each stage, you may choose to use
                                                               a mental count of inhalation and exhalation, and adjust the
Sit erect with stillness and relax your eyes and mind. As number of counts for comfort. This helps you to progress
long as the knees and ankles feel comfortable, stay in the without breathing discomfort.
posture and breathe slowly and normally. It takes some
effort and may be difficult initially, but do not be Set aside a quiet, calm and softly lit area in your home.
discouraged. It is best to close your eyes to cut off external Couple the Kriya with light physical exercises, and notice
stimuli and turn the attention inward. This posture makes the benefits multiply. It maybe worthwhile to practice
the movement of attention between the brain and spinal rhythmic breathing consciously at all times of the day
cord hindrance free. It engages the muscles in the neck during your daily activities. This effort will payoff in
and the shoulders naturally, relieving stress related increased concentration during the Kriya technique and
pressure and helps in breathing freely.                        allows your breathing to adapt to the intense stages.


                                                         This circle takes 25,800 years to come back to its
 So....                                                  point of origin. So for the past 12,900 years the axis
                                                         has been moving away from the star Vega and is now
 what’s all this stuff about 2012?                       pointing at Polaris. Beginning December 21st, 2012
                                                         with the earth’s axis on the edge of the constellation
                                                         of Aquarius, the path of this axis begins its journey
                                                         back towards Vega near the centre of our galaxy,
                                                         called the Milky way. Scientists today call this
                                                         wobble the “Precession of the Eqinox.”
                                                           14,000 A.D.                              2,010 A.D.
                                                                 Towards                          Towards
                                                                  Vega      Precession wobble      Polaris

                                                                                               Earth’s daily
                                                                                              rotational axis
An Overview by Paul Beshara

No matter where you turn these days you see some
kind of reference to 2012 as being a turning point in        Plane of
the history of this planet... Some speak about a great         orbit
calamity about to befall humanity and bring about the
end of the world as we know it... Some others feel
that we will be invaded from outer space and still
others think its all just mumbo jumbo... So what is it
                                                          Well, you say, how does this “Precession” affect
                                                          the human race and our evolution or cosmic
It all began, of course, with the Long Count Mayan
                                                          awareness? I am not going to pretend I know all that
Calendar. This calendar was incredibly accurate as
                                                          is going on but this I do know...
the Mayans were expert Astrologists. They predicted,
by studying the heavens that a 20 year period, that Over the course of 25,800 years the earth’s core
beginning in 1992 the people of the earth and earth energy which is really a living spiritual energy called
itself would make a transition. In 755 A.D. A Mayan Kundalini only moves twice from its base core to a
monk predicted that humanity would, during this new location on the earth’s surface. Once, as the
time, enter a period of “Cosmic awareness” and that earth’s axis moves towards the centre of our galaxy
the earth would begin a purification and regeneration and begins to move towards the star Vega and the
process.                                                  second time when it moves towards Polaris and away
                                                          from the centre of our galaxy.
The end of this period is December 21st, 2012. What
makes this particular winter solstice so different from For the past 12,900 years the earth’s Kundalini has
all the other winter solstice’s of the past? Well, it is been centred in Tibet. With the earth’s axis now in
the first time in 12,920 years that the earth’s axis will the process of making that transition the earth’s
start moving towards the centre of our galaxy instead Kundalini is shifting from Tibet to Peru. It actually
of away from it.                                          signaled this change with the invasion of Tibet by
                                                          China and with the Spiritual leader of Tibet fleeing
The ancient Mayan (and Sumerian) astrologers had that country in 1959. The energy began its journey
discovered through 2,169 years of continuous star by moving into India and that was reflected by the
watching that the earth’s axis has a wobble. This popularity of Indian spirituality hitting the western
wobble we know to be caused by the gravitational world during the 60’s as the energy transversed the


globe to North America and heads for its new home them closer to the truth about who they are. During
in South America.                                        an orgasm as the energy moves up your spine... All
                                                         thoughts of separateness disappear... No one is
This incredible shift is causing conditions on the thinking about bills, laundry or the pile of work on
planet to reflect this change. Besides the physical one’s desk. Well, if you are I wouldn’t tell anyone...
demonstrations of this transition that we have seen as
Tsunami’s, flooding, volcanic eruptions, etc., there But this awareness during a sexual experience is short
is also a change in the energetic field around human lived and we soon go back to thinking and back to the
beings that is evolving their consciousness.             same old grind. This is why a sexual revolution took
                                                         place as the earth’s Kundalini moved across Canada
For the past 12,900 years we have been in left brain and the United States through California and into
mode... Linear thinking has dominated our world. The Mexico. The free love generation wanted to stop
native peoples of the world that had their connection thinking. They wanted the freedom that comes with
with mother earth and her cycles were persecuted and sexual release. This, however, is simply an effect not
assimilated. It was a Patriarchal system with a the solution to humanities woes.
Patriarchal God. It was a masculine principle which
set the standards... The belief was in separation, The truth is that this powerful energy can also be
domination, ownership and control.                       utilized for spiritual growth. When this Kundalini
                                                         moves it determines the way we see the world. The
It is not simply coincidental that beginning in the 60’s old way we saw the world was from a masculine
that the yin energy on the planet and in human viewpoint. Thinking is masculine. Perceiving is
behaviour began to rise... and the male dominated feminine. Masculine is from the head. Feminine is
consciousness that has ruled this planet for the past from the heart.
12,900 years began to wane... Males began to get in
touch with their feminine side, grow their hair long, Since 1992, during the twenty years of the earth’s
start expressing themselves in colour, and nurture Kundalini’s journey, think about the massive changes
their mates and their children. Women began to speak we have seen take place. The fall of Berlin, the USSR,
of their rights and claim their power. People began to the opening of China, the global connection of all
care for the planet in ways they had forgotten.          people on the planet through social networks. The
                                                         acceptance of gender preferences, multicultural
As the earth’s Kundalini shifts... So does ours for we societies, the breakdown of traditional families and
are her offspring. As earth begins her restorative and the forming of relationships based on choice. Even in
cleansing process her female energy cannot be denied. business, gender parity, handicap sensitivity,
                                                         partnerships between leading edge companies that
The rise of the feminine aspect will continue as the
                                                         flourish while die hard corporate management
people’s of the earth awaken to a new balance of
                                                         systems flounder. Yin energy flows and things happen
energies that promote the evolution of their
                                                         without Yang force.
consciousness to both equality and unity. Where the
old order was about separation and fear, dominance As the Kundalini finally reaches its destination on
and control, greed and possession, we are now December 21st, 2012 in Peru... The changes that have
entering a new paradigm about integration and been taking place will not stop but will begin to
acceptance, freedom and support, awareness of escalate. This is just the beginning of a new age. The
abundance and supply for all.                            age of Aquarius has finally arrived. An age of
                                                         integration, not separation; of perception as opposed
So how will all this affect you? It probably already
                                                         to simply thinking; of honesty, not secrecy; of
has. Human relationships are the best indicator of a
                                                         relationships of choice rather than those of fear and
shift in your Kundalini energy. Kundalini energy is
                                                         ownership; of self-sufficiency instead of dependency;
first experienced as human sexual energy. It is the
                                                         and personal responsibility rather than victimhood.
energy that one feels during an orgasm. It is why
sexual experience is so important to humans. It brings Yes... It seems strange... But take a look around.


                                                          If we are to look at ourselves as true energetic beings,
The Energetics of Energy Medicine                         we will begin to understand that it is our spirit that
                                                          first exists, which then creates the mind which then
           By Rev. Dr. Wendy Hudson                       creates the body. Therefore, everything that gets onto
                                                          the physical body must first begin as a thought, and
In my line of work, I am asked quite often what this includes all disease and illness.
exactly it is I do. Since I do not have a traditional
occupation, this explanation often ends up with me If you know anything at all about how we are made
replying that I am a holistic healer who practices a up energetically, you will know that there are several
different sort of healing than most people are used to, parts to this which include our chakra system, our
but one that can have very effective long term results. aura, the meridians and if you are into yoga, the nadis.
                                                          What most of us don’t understand is how powerful
By now, most people are very curious and usually we are in actually creating things in our lives both
want me to delve into this further, prompting a positive and negative by simply having a thought or
conversation that may be cut short depending on the a belief about it. Sounds too easy, doesn’t it? If you
words that I use. When I state that I am an Energy are familiar with the Law of Attraction, which has
Healer, one of two things will happen: they will either been written about extensively by Esther Hicks and
run the other way thinking that I’m going to expose Abraham, you will understand what I’m talking about.
them to some sort of evil sounding, ritualistic type of A positive thought produces a positive outcome just
healing where I will be able to take their personal as a negative thought will produce a negative result.
power away from them and they will end up worse Disease, illness, emotional and mental disharmonies
off than where they started, or, the other reaction are usually the result of years of negative thinking
which I highly prefer, is one of great interest and that will actually “clog” up the energetic systems.
acceptance where they will proceed to tell me of all Pain equals stuck energy, and although most people
the “weird, cool and often unexplained” experiences would look at the manifestation of disease or illness
they may have had in their lives. Then there are those as a bad thing, it can actually be a helpful map to
who come to me because they have simply tried all follow in unravelling the mysteries of why you are
the traditional, mostly Western type healings that sick or can’t get on with your life in some way.
have failed, and they are now willing to do “anything”
to get better, whether it’s healing from an illness, Energy Medicine treats the whole person, body, mind
disease, emotional or mental distress. Often, Energy and spirit and seeks to rebalance these energies to
Healing is the last type of healing on the list of things allow the free flow of emotions, thought forms, belief
to try, when actually, it would help so many people systems and positive energy to flow back into the
if it were the first on the list. They could avoid physical body. Remember, everything is created from
months and years of illness, suffering and the outside in, so yes, if you created it, you can also
disharmonies in their lives.                              un-create it. You are that powerful.

So, exactly what is Energy Medicine? It is based on        The type of Energy Healing that my husband and I
the principle that everything that has ever been           teach in our school has had wonderful results. These
created in the physical world (and that includes           include many forms of hands on healing, protection
humans by the way) first began as energy. This             and cleansing techniques, understanding and healing
energy that makes up everything physical comes from        sub-personalities, inner child therapy, sound healing,
a very high vibrational Source which is vibrating so       along with the opportunity to clear out each chakra
high, that it can not be detected with our five physical   and all the issues associated with that chakra. Most
senses. The principle continues with the knowing           of our students and clients have found what they need
that everything is body, mind and spirit. Most people      to heal the many aspects of their lives, and several
believe that the body creates the mind which then          have totally transformed themselves. Wouldn’t it be
creates the spirit. However, just the opposite is true.    great to always feel in control of what comes your


way so you can create joy, love, happiness and          Rev. Dr. Wendy Hudson, D.Div., C.S.H., C.D.W. was born
abundance in all its forms instead of feeling sad,     and raised in Cornwall, Ontario where she currently
victimized, lonely, or unworthy to live the life you   resides with her husband Steve. Together, they teach
deserve? That is what we all strive for in our lives   workshops on a wide variety of energetic and spiritual
                                                       topics and operate their healing school called :
and for us, Energy Medicine has been a wonderful
                                                       The Awakening Angels School For Healing and
tool that has been used over and over again in its     Enlightenment, where students can learn how to heal
many and various forms. We would encourage             allaspects of their lives while at the same time become a
anyone who has questions about this very powerful      Certified Energy Healer. If you would like to learn more
healing process to contact us. In the coming months,   about what they do and teach or for upcoming events,
I will be writing about several different aspects of   please visit their website at
this healing work, and next month, we will be
covering the importance of being grounded and what
that all means. Now, I can only hope I have piqued
your interest in this subject and that you are not
running the other way.

                                                             Workshops, Energy Medicine School,
                                                                Healing Body, Mind & Spirit

                                                               Introducing a Brand New E-Book
                                                         The Evolution and Meaning of Disease
                                                              Written by Doctor of Holistic Healing
                                                          Dr. Steve Hudson, D.MT., P.Eng., D.Ac.
                                                         Take a fascinating journey into our energetic
                                                         anatomy and look at disease and illness from a
                                                         brand new perspective, including why we get
                                                         sick, what we can do to heal ourselves and how
                                                         to restore harmony in body, mind and spirit.
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    691 Brookdale, Cornwall, Ontario K6J 5C6


                                                              The woman pulled the sausages, but they stayed in stuck
                                                              in their place. 'They will remain there for the rest of my
                                                              life,' she cried.

                                                          'Let me try,' said the lumberjack who began to feel sorry
                                                          for his wife and wondered how he could endure living with
A children’s story                                        a woman with such a strange nose. He held the sausages
on the power of words)                                    tight and pulled with all his might. But he only managed
                                                          to pull his wife on top of him. The couple sat on the floor
Once upon a time there was a lumberjack who lived very
                                                          and looked with sadness at each other.
happily with his wife in a log-cabin in the forest. Every
morning he went to his work, singing, and in the evening,
when he came home, a hot bowl of soup awaited him.

One day he saw a tree that looked quite different from the
others and just as he was about to chop the tree, a fairy's
head appeared. 'I hope you are not going to cut down this
tree, are you? This is my home!' the fairy said.

The lumberjack was so astonished he dropped his axe.
'Well, goodness me,' he stammered.
                                                            'What can we do now?' they said, but both thought the
'There are many trees in the forest, you do not have to cut same thing. 'There is only one solution' the lumberjack's
down this one,' the fairy said with an stern voice.         wife said timidly.
Even though he was surprised and also a little afraid, the
                                                               'Yes, I agree', her husband sighed, thinking of their dreams
lumberjack said bravely: 'I will chop any tree I want to ….'
                                                               and very bravely he declared 'I wish the sausages fell off
'Right,' the fairy interrupted him. 'Let’s make a deal. If you the nose of my wife'.
do not cut down this tree, you get three wishes. Okay?'
                                                            And so it was done. The man and the woman immediately
The lumberjack scratched his head. 'Okay... deal' and he hugged each other and cried. 'If only we had known how
began to look for another tree. 'I wonder what my wife to guard our words', they said.
will think of this' he mumbled.
                                                            The fairies had been watching and thought it all very
The lumberjack's wife was busy cleaning a pot outside funny. For they knew something humans apparently don't.
when her husband came home. He dance around and They could not fulfill any wish at all.
chuckled. 'Hurray, hurray! We are so lucky!' and the
lumberjack told his wife about the fairy. And grabbed a All the time humans fulfil their wishes by themselves.
jug of wine.                                                Everything they believe always manifests. All their
                                                            thoughts and words have power, because they express
She immediately began to think of all the wonderful things what they believe. And if they don't believe in something,
they could wish for. His wife took a sip from her husband's that will not manifest.
jug. She smacked and remarked 'I wish I also had a string
of sausages …. 'Oh No!' she cried, but it was too late. A The lumberjack and his wife believed that fairies have
string of sausages suddenly appeared.                       power to do magic and their faith made their words very
                                                            powerful. They were just another example of all those
'Sausages,' the lumberjack shouted. ' What a waste. I wish
                                                            people who wish for the strangest things all the time and
those sausages were stuck to your nose'. He had hardly
                                                            don't even know they do it themselves.
said this when the sausages jumped up and were stuck to
the woman's nose.
                                                            Even though the fairies don't understand humans and their
'You’re not too smart! Look what you've done.' The funny wishes, they have great fun with them! After all,
woman cried. 'Think of all the things we could have asked isn't it very odd that people just don't see that everything
for!'                                                       they believe always happens!


                                                            Enjoy Yanumoja Yoga or Thai Yoga Massage
  The Benefits of                                                      with Christine Kelly

   Thai Massage                                                          Yoga Thai Bliss
Thai yoga massage is a dynamic form of bodywork                                  Classes and private sessions in:
                                                                                    Kemptville at The Bodhi Tree
that developed in Thailand about 2000 years ago.                                       Osgoode in her home site
Influences from a variety of Eastern modalities                                              Ottawa at Nutriland
                                                             For info call 613 826 1969
including those from India, China and Thailand are           or
inherent in this approach.

Watching a Thai massage being offered is like seeing       and communities. Whenever we practice it we become
an art form or dance between recipient and                 blessed and a blessing, offering positive energy to a
practitioner and is quite beautiful to observe. The        world that could really use it. It is an incredible treat
process involves yoga like stretching and acupressure      to receive and once tried, it is hard to go back to other
point work along meridian lines. Some have                 types.
suggested that this massage is like “having yoga done
to you” and, in Thailand some describe it as a lazy        Due to its tailor made form, just about anyone at any
man’s yoga class!                                          age can enjoy it. The massage can be adapted to suit
                                                           a wide range of physical needs and can increase range
Practitioners use their hands, fingers, elbows, and feet   of motion and muscle strength. Since it incorporates,
to administer the massage. The recipient rests upon        in essence, yoga therapy including breathwork and
a cushioned surface (often a shiatsu mat) on the floor     acupressure, it can alleviate symptoms of a variety of
and attends the session ready for passive movement         ailments including fibromyalgia, asthma, irritable
in stretchy clothing.                                      bowel syndrome and cystic fibrosis to name a few.
                                                           It reduces stress and is the perfect complement to any
Thai massage, like other Eastern medicines, is based       exercise routine.
on the recognition that there is no separation between
mind, body, emotions or spirit. Each aspect of a So why Thai? Why not? Blessings are sure to come
person’s being is understood in the context of their your way.
own energetic system as well as within the universal
body, mind, emotions and spirit.                       Christine Kelly, MSW is a Thai massage practitioner
                                                       and yoga teacher who works in Osgoode, Kemptville
Thai massage integrates Ayurvedic medicine - an and Metcalfe. She lives in Osgoode with her husband
ancient system which explores each person’s unique and their two beautiful daughters. Contact her at
needs and speaks to how a person can be supported or check out her
through yoga (yogatherapy), touch, diet and website at
environment. Healing occurs when we look into the
roots of the problem and recognize that everything is
interconnected- that energy can be accessed by giver
and receiver alike through touch, breath, movement,
intent and deep relatedness.

Thai massage is a unique form which offers the
opportunity for healing and spiritual renewal. Like
yoga, it offers peace to both giver and receiver and
these energies are then offered back to our families


                                                                 a corner lot. My gardens are flourishing and the
By: Dr. Sarah Jane Meharg                                        magnificent maples provide ample shade to cool our home
                                                                 in the hot months of the summer.
Sure we don’t have a Walmart or a Tim Horton’s. But,
that’s the appeal, isn’t it?                                   A lovely Craftsman-style home is now for sale – perfect
                                                               for a family, or a spiritual practitioner to live and work.
If you are like us, it is great to have access to the benefits
                                                               This beautifully renovated 4-bedroom home has a fifth
of a city while living in a country village setting. Walking
                                                               room with a separate entrance, is ideal for separating a
trails, a new waterfront park, organic foods, community
                                                               health/spiritual business from the home. It is a classic
events, impromptu street parties – that’s life south of the
                                                               example of Arts and Crafts design and modern
                                                               sensibilities. It has 2 full bathrooms, hardwood floors
“Welcome to Chesterville,” said our new neighbours while throughout, lots of parking, all modern amenities, and a
we unloaded the moving van four years ago. They new kitchen and appliances. I just love the original
proceeded to invite us for dinners, drop off baked goods, woodwork, built in cabinets and large verandahs and
and share stories about life in Chesterville ever since. sunroom. Check out the video to see what it would be
Some were born in the town, while many others have like living and working in Chesterville
found their way to Chesterville, including us, to live in a
community that they can help shape into a vibrant place
                                                               Building a spiritual and healthy community begins by
for smart, active, green citizens.
                                                               attracting one person and business at a time.
Although some communities are not receptive to change,
                                                               The layout of Chesterville focuses on the Nation River,
Chesterville is experiencing a renaissance.
                                                               which runs through the centre. There are two bridges, so
With new faces come new ideas about what makes a there is a circuit loop for walking and jogging. A long-
community more livable. The people that are moving to awaited waterfront park now links the waterway with the
Chesterville believe in increasing the quality of life in the town. Outdoor enthusiasts now launch their kayaks, canoes
town – and are actively promoting green, healthy and boats from the town centre. There are now frequent
community-based lifestyles.                                    sightings of canoes being portaged down Main Street!
My husband and I have some experience with this. Our             The docks are a perfect place to sit and watch the sunset,
company works in international development, assisting            offering a quiet meditation space. They also serve as a
war-torn communities with cultural and economic                  protected area to practice spiritual activities, like yoga and
reconstruction. We help communities transition – based           Tai chi. I am just thrilled to have a place to sit and watch
on their needs and future vision. In the past 12 years, we
have moved from Kingston to Nova Scotia, and back
again. We’ve lived in 10 communities and have
experienced a range of local reactions to people like us.
When we arrived in Chesterville, we were struck by this
community’s interest in re-inventing itself from the former
Nestle Factory town into an active lifestyle village.
Chesterville has a European feel. At any given time, I can
look out my window to see walkers, joggers, and cyclists,
mom’s pushing strollers, and kids being pulled in wagons.
The quiet, tree-shaded residential streets are a boon for all.
Chesterville, incidentally, is off the main highway, so we
do not have a busy traffic running through the centre of
town in the same way as Winchester, Vernon and
Kemptville. If people want to come to Chesterville, they
have to get off the main drag, and this keeps our roads
Chesterville boasts beautiful homes. We were lucky to
purchase our dream home as our first home. It is an
Edwardian brick house with a wrap-around verandah on


                                    Reiki Level 2:

the river roll down stream. I spotted
two blue cranes this week fishing inSaturday, November 13, 9 -5
                                    Expand your knowledge to learn sacred
the new aquatic habitat created by the
park engineers.                     symbols to empower your reiki skills                   Add your name to our directory
                                    and to transcend time and distance. $250                for just $10 per line per year
Forget about the 100 mile diet. Our 613 443 9635
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enable us to have a 1 mile diet! Like       Crystal Healing
you, I get a lot of satisfaction knowing    Sunday November 14, 1-3 pm $60.             Your health deserves the best. Elizabeth
                                            This amazing workshop will show you         Wiggins offers Nutritional Counselling,
that I am contributing to a greener,
                                            how to cleanse & program crystals for       Homeopathy, Reiki, Lifeline Technique.
healthier community by eating local         the use in healing. 613 443 9635
produce and walking to the store. I can                                                        613-222-6922
also visit the hardware store, the co-
                                    Free lecture: Cold & Flu
op, the café, and community centre –Saturday November 20th, 9 am.
all by foot. Our main street is still
                                    Guest speaker Donna Conway from                                     Groups
alive, and looking for new store    Heel Canada will inform us of Cold &
owners and initiatives to make our  Flu treatments as they relate to our
                                    over all health & wellness. This
                                                                                        The Awakening Angels Circle is
town even more attractive to                                                            a forum for sharing, healing and
spiritually-focused, smart, green   fabulous presentation will educate
                                                                                        enlightenment that meets on the 2nd
                                    you to live a healthy winter with a
citizens.                                                                               Thursday of each month at Serenity
                                    strong immune system. RSVP Req.
                                                                                        Studio, 150 4th St. W. Cornwall from
I had my first baby last year. Just Limited space. Refreshments will be                 7pm to 9pm. Topics such as angels,
knowing that she will be growing up provided. call 613 443 9635                         ghosts, spirituality, disease and illness,
in a village with a slower pace of                                                      beliefs, etc. Donations appreciated. Info:
                                            Herbal First Aid
living, but with a higher quality of life                                               Wendy or Steve at 613-933-6718.
                                            Saturday November 27, 1:30-4
makes me feel good about being a            Using organic herbs and essential oils we
parent. I know who our neighbours are                                                   Group Meditation Earthly Essentials
                                            will make salves & disinfectants as well    Embrun Nov 13, Dec 4. 8-9 am.
and can voice any issues with my local      as identify healing essential oils &        Join us one Saturday morning a month
township councillors. It’s nice             homeopathic remedies ideal for any first    from September to May for Group
knowing that the national box store         aid kit. Includes class supplies &          Meditation. No experience required.
and coffee shop chains are close by,        products, essential oils. $120              Themes include breathing techniques,
but I am sure happy they aren’t in our       613 443 9635                               guided meditations, visualization,
village. Because of this, our café and                                                  healing energy and more. Bring a pillow
shops flourish. Now we need more of   Bath & Spa                                        & blanket. $5 drop in fee. RSVP
                                      Dec. 4, 1:30-3:30                                 required. 613 443 9635
                                      Learn the art of aromatic hydrotherapy
Chesterville is experiencing a using salts, clays, and fizzing potions to               Reiki Share Earthly Essentials
                                                                                        Embrun Nov. 28, Dec. 19. 1-2:30 pm
renaissance that I am a part of. Come create your own scrubs, healing salts,
                                      bath bombs. $65.                                  Join us one Sunday a month to share
and be a part of it with us.                                                            Reiki. All practitioners welcome. No
                             613 443 9635
                                                                                        fee, RSVP required. 613 443 9635

                                                      Couples Massage
                                                   Winter 2011 ~ Dates TBA

                                               For couples to learn basic massage
          Calendar of events                 techniques for back, neck, shoulders to
        Listings are $1 per line                 relax & unwind. $150 /couple.
                                                       Info: 613 443 9635                Classified ads are $10 for three lines.
                                                Visit:               $1 for each additional line.
Facial Beauty:
Saturday November 6, 8:30-10:30
Using genuinely natural & organic           Reiki Level 1:
                                            Saturday December 4, 9:30-5 pm                64 Piece Boxed Hot Stone Set with
ingredients, we will make products to
                                            Learn the Japanese art of hands on                     18 Quart heater
cleanse & moisturize your face. Facial
                                            healing using universal energy. We will     Brand new set in wooden case with 18 qt
exfoliants, toners, anti-aging formulas,
                                            practice healing hands for the self and      stone heater ~ never used. Value $250
acne formulas, deodorants, hair
                                            for others. $150. Hst applies.               $150 Firm. May deliver. 613 774 6846
pomades. $95 call 613 443 9635


                                                          also crop up as ‘I can’t reach my goal because
                                                          someone else isn’t pulling their weight’. Because
                                                          really, this is just another mirror to show you that

                                                          there’s something here you need to heal. The bad
                                                          news is that if you don’t do something about it,
                                                          situations like this will keep recurring. Names and
                                                          story lines will change, but the scenario will
Dear Destiny,                                             essentially stay the same. The good news is every time
                                                          you succeed in forgiving the people involved you
I sing with a group in a local town. We have a good       weaken the pattern. Over time as you recognize this
director who is motivated and capable of bringing out     pattern and forgive each time it happens, it will bother
the best in us. We decided a few years ago that we        you less and less and it will be easier to forgive. If
wanted to sing to our potential. I’m quite                you were able to remember the early events that
conscientious about trying to improve but find my         forged this pattern and forgive those involved, you
motivation is waning. The problem is half the group       would collapse the whole thing in one fell swoop and
really only want a social evening out singing with        it simply wouldn’t bother you anymore.
friends. If I practice at home, then I’m bored at choir
practice waiting for others to catch up. I really like There are also your beliefs supporting this pattern;
this group and love to sing, but find myself wanting beliefs about how things ought to be. Examine those
to quit. I’m conflicted about how to “be” in this group. as objectively as only you can to determine if they are
                                                         really true. If they are true , then they will help you
What do I do?                                            decide whether this group is right for you. If they are
Singin’ the blues                                        not true, then let them go. Finally, recognize that these
                                                         people care enough about you to play a role that will
Dear Singin’,                                            lead you to greater harmony.

First of all you are conflicted on a few levels. Do you
                                                      Here’s my advice to you: Look over the ideas above
stay or quit? Do you do your best only to ‘hurry up   and underline those which sound the most true for
and wait’ for others to catch up? Your group has set  you. Next, think about what this scenario most
a goal; are you going for it or not?                  reminds you of, probably from your past. Determine
                                                      which of your beliefs support this pattern. Are they
You mentioned you are conflicted about how to “be” true? Find a way to forgive the players, and let go of
in this group. No wonder. If you speak up you run the those beliefs that are no longer true.
risk of being exiled from the socialites, however, if
you don’t then you get to put up with waning Wishing you the very best,
motivation.                                           Destiny

Hmm… to be or not to be…sound like a reoccurring
theme? Perhaps something like ‘I thought we agreed
on this…’, ‘I want (must?) do this well…’, ‘I like
these people BUT…’, ‘Give me a clear message or                   Please send your questions to
direction’, ‘Work, work, work and never getting

First of all, this very likely is a recurring theme in     Destiny is a pseudonym for Patricia Cyr who is a
your life. Think about work, family or social              well respected metaphysical teacher, healer and
situations where people have made agreements with              lifestyle coach from Brockville, Ontario.
you and then haven’t followed through. This could


Located 10 min East of Kemptville on Hwy 43 613-989-3300
        Hours of Operation: Tues to Fri 11am to 7pm and Sat 9am to 2pm
                         Following her heart with gratitude, Ruth McLaren had put it out there when she
                         was a little girl, walking her mile long driveway, that if there was something she
                         could do to help people, to let her know and she would. Different events happened
                         on her journey to bring her to where she is today with two wonderful studies in the
                         healing arts.

                         Ruth has been working out of her farmhouse in Mountain Ontario for the past 20
                         years in Quantum Vibrational Kinesiology, which is the new location for all
                         upcoming workshops. Feeling it was time to share her knowledge that she was
                         gifted with and to help people anyway she could. After planning for many years,
                         Ruth opened the Circle of Life Alter Native Healing Centre in Hallville Ontario.

                          Book yourself in for the next workshop in Q.V.K.
Ruth feels that if she can help one person turn their medicine wheel of life, she is fulfilled. “Our intent at
the Circle of Life is to open space for you to come and heal yourself inside and out”. If you are always giving
of yourself, please remember to take time for you in order to bring balance.

Start by stopping in and taking 15 minutes in our Aqua Massage Bed
Quantum Vibrational Kinesiology:
Accessing information from your body’s protein based computer and to bring balance. Our body knows
everything about us and we can access this information in a gentle and loving way.

Fortune Skin Care Products are for sale at the centre. Book a facial, or a relaxing mud wrap to enjoy
the healing properties of this product from the Dead Sea. We have many satisfied customers who keep coming
back for more.

Stop in and meet Ruth and her wonderful helpers.
          See what we have to offer you.

        We are looking forward
            to your visit.

               Treat yourself today - you deserve it!!
Check out our website for more information at

                                                                            Water has intelligence. It is a
                   Tel: 613.930.9914              source of Life. Water takes on the energy of what it            witnesses. Learn how to program the water you drink and
                                               the water in your body. We will work with the chakras and
                                                                                    You are invited to
                                                       experience a new dimension of wellness.
             Shopping, friends, family and                            at 1612 Second St. West. Cornwall
    snow! Slow down and join us for a         Members: $15.00/person Non-members: $20.00/per person
                  Sweet desserts and a
  selection of fine tea. Enjoy the elegant                            Come and enjoy mini Reiki sessons,
  decor of the                                readings, sound healing and sexual healing. After all, harmony
Afterward a brief tea leaf reading or card     is achieved through the balance of 'healthy' choices for the
 reading may give you an answer that you      mind, feelings, spirit and body. Purchase tickets at the door.
have been seeking. There will be morning,     $20.00 for 5 tickets. Each ticket is good for 5 minutes. Come
afternoon and evening sittings. $20.00 per         and join us at 1612 Second Street West. Cornwall.
           person RSVP early.



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