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01 Marang seeds as alternative


									                          Marang Seeds as alternative
                          Source for Commercial Flour


       This research study, Marang seeds as alternative source for commercial
flour, aims to make use of the seeds from the fruit named marang. Today,
commercial flour from cassava seem increasing, so the researcher decided to
conduct an investigatory project which can lead into another source of flour which
is inexpensive.

       The study involved the gathering of seeds from marang, if possibly they
must be fresh. After gathering the seeds, they were soaked in water for at least 2
minute, then boil for about 20-30 minute.

       The outcome of this study is comparable to commercial flour with good
quality. This also requires less effort, money and time in making out of the
product. This can be even done at home without the use of high equipped
machine because you will just boil in on a stove. And the most exciting feature of
the study is you can gather the seed after you had the marang, then convert the
seed into flour by the following methodology to be mentioned later. But, since it is
no longer a season for marang, the researcher had just preserve seeds in jars
and placed in a refrigerator.

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