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					                                                                                                                               Frontview Interactive
                                                                                                                                ABN: 91 097 826 321
                                                                                                                                St Kilda Road Towers
                                                                                                                              Level 3, 1 Queens Road
e                                                                                                     Melbourne Vic 3004
w                                                                                                               t 1300 78 99 66
                                                                                                                                     f 03 9863 9670

FrontView Interactive – Web Hosting Plan Agreement
FrontView Professional Business Site Hosting
The Business Site accommodates businesses of all sizes that require advanced web features such
as databases and running custom ASP/CGI scripts. The Prices listed here exclude domain
name charges.
Establishment & Mail Setup                                                         $93 once only
Minimum Hosting Requirement:                                                       $660 pa or $60 per month
* GST is excluded in the above pricing                                             * If Payments made Yearly, the 12th month is FREE

            50 email boxes with email aliases, auto responders, auto forwarders
            150Mb of Allocated Storage
            5 tokens (extra passwords) allowed
            Support for Microsoft FrontPage Extensions
            Includes SSL Security to capture data securely
            Ability to run your own CGI-scripts
            Support for Active Server Pages (.asp files), Microsoft Access Database (via ASP)
            5 FrontPage sub webs allowed
            Private FTP for uploading site
            Detailed statistics
            Domain name ( ie
            750Mb of Data Transfer from the Site each month*
            *If data transfer exceeds your allocation, each additional megabyte will be charged at 20 cents per megabyte.

Application Details
           Name of Applicant:
   Legal Name of Organisation:
               Domain Name:
         Domain Registry Key:
              Phone Number:
                 Fax Number:
             Mobile Number:
Payment Details
I would like to make payment by:
[ ] Cheque or Money Order made payable Frontview Interactive
[ ] Please charge my credit card: [ ] VISA [ ] MASTERCARD [ ] BANKCARD
                                   [ ] DINERS [ ] AMERICAN EXPRESS

Card Number: |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
Amount to be paid: ________________________           Expiry Date: ________________________
Please forward payment to: Frontview Interactive
                           Suite 302, Leve1 3, 1 Queens Road
                                     Melbourne Vic 3004

    I hereby understand and agree to the following: the FrontView Interactive Web Domain & Hosting Application Agreement Terms &
    Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy as stated in the FrontView Interactive Web Site. This agreement is for a 12 month plan.

                            Date:                                                    Customer Signature:

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