IntSec_Geography by pengtt


									                      GEOGRAPHY                                         Age 11–14

       A fresh approach to teaching
                            Horizons delivers fresh and exciting ideas in teachers and learning, offering an accessible
                            range of stimulating resources for exciting and motivating lessons, and includes detailed
                            planning support to customise for your needs.
                            For each year, the series comprises of:
                            G   a Pupil Book
      See inside front      G
      cover for details         photocopiable Teaching and Learning Resources with a free Planning CD-ROM
                            G   a unique Electronic Resources CD-ROM with the Just Click teaching solution

        WEB                 It features spiral progression of geographical skills and learning techniques.
       com/horizons         Pupils’ Books
                            The Horizons Pupils’ books use visually stimulating photographs and artwork to engage
                            pupils and make learning interesting and enjoyable.
                            G   Colourful, high-impact introductory spreads with objectives, photographs and activities
       Middle Years             to stimulate interest in each topic.
                            G   Activities incorporate a variety of learning styles to develop geographical and
                                thinking skills.
                            G   Includes an attractive foldout cover, which provides further resources and references
                                for each topic.
                            G   Electronic Resources CD-ROMs provide a range of multi-media resources linked to
                                each double-page spread.

                                                                                                                          Learning objectives
                                                                                                                          involve pupils in
                                                                                                                          their own learning
                                                                                                                          and aid assessment
                                                                                                                          for learning

                                                                                                                          Activities develop
                                                                                                                          geographical skill
                                                                                                                          and reinforce
                                                                                                                          knowledge and
                                                                                                                          understanding of
                                                                                                                          the topic.

                                                                                                                          Variety of features,
                                                                                                                          including ‘Keywords’
                                                                                                                          and ‘Fantastic Facts’
                                                                                                                          help to reinforce

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                                                                    GEOGRAPHY                                           Age 11–14

           Electronic Resources CD-ROMs
                            Using the Just Click teaching solution
                            The Horizons Electronic Resources CD-ROM gives you easy access to an exciting range
                            of additional multi-media resources, closely linked to every double-page spread of the
                            pupil book.
                            The Electronic Resources CD-ROM enhances teaching and learning through its unique blend
                            of print and ICT delivery. Teacher and pupil resources are provided in one place- all accessible
                            quickly and simply.

                                The benefits to you:
                                G    save time – all the resources you need at the click of a button;
    Windows 98, NT,
       2000, XP                 G    personalise learning – use the ready-made lessons or create your own, to use
                                     alongside Horizons;
                                G    motivate pupils – engage your pupils with fun activities, animations and videos;
                                G    raise standards – encourages your pupils to become active learners.

                                    Photos and images                                                            Video clips

                                    Animations                                               Ready-made classroom activities

                            Teaching and Learning Resources
                            G    Detailed Plans for each lesson containing learning objectives and outcomes,
                                 suggested starters and plenaries plus possible teaching strategies and help with
                                 questioning and answers.
                            G    Unit Plans to help you with medium-term planning, and providing a detailed
                                 overview of each unit including expectations, prior learning and key vocabulary.
                            G    Integral Assessment for Learning frameworks for every unit including customisable
                                 learning plans and attainments targets.
                            G    A range of photocopiable activity sheets for every unit.

                            The teaching and Learning Resources are accompanied by a FREE Planning CD-ROM
                            providing support for delivering engaging lessons and raising standards.

                      AUTHORS                                      Horizons                                        Year 9 Pupil Book 3
                      David Gardner, Roger Knill, John Smith       Year 7 Pupil Book 1                             978 0 7487 9051 7                      £9.99
                                                                   978 0 7487 9049 4                   £9.99       Teaching & Learning Resources 3
                                                                   Teaching & Learning Resources 1                 978 0 7487 9058 6                     £89.25
                                                                   978 0 7487 9052 4                  £89.25       Electronic Resources CD-ROM 3
                                                                   Electronic Resources CD-ROM 1                   978 0 7487 9063 0                    £315.00
                                                                   978 0 7487 9061 6                 £315.00       Plastic Jackets for Pupil Books Set C (x15)
                                                                   Year 8 Pupil Book 2                             978 0 7487 9121 7                      £6.25
                                                                   978 0 7487 9050 0                   £9.99
                                                                   Teaching & Learning Resources 2
                                                                   978 0 7487 9055 5                  £89.25
                                                                   Electronic Resources CD-ROM 2
                                                                   978 0 7487 9062 3                 £315.00

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                      GEOGRAPHY                                         Age 11–14

       New Key Geography
                            Pupils’ Books
NEW                         G   Inspiring new topics – each Pupil Book has been completely revised, updated and
                                expanded to include new topics.
                            G   Improved visual appeal and usability – the refreshed design helps keeps pupils
                                engaged, whilst retaining the familiar page structure and layout of the Key
                                Geography series.
                            G   Demonstrates the relevance of each topic – each unit has a brand new introductory
                                spread with striking new photographs and visuals, to help engage pupils with the
                                topic and explain how it is relevant to their lives.
      See inside front
      cover for details     G   Encourages geographical and thinking skills – the new introductory pages serve as
                                ideal topic starters, stimulating discussion and encouraging pupils to explore the topic
                                more deeply.
        WEB                 G   Access to the latest data and statistics – ensure your pupils have the latest
     com/keygeography           information to refer to. Material has been thoroughly updated to include the latest
                                data and statistics, plus brand new photographs and artwork.

                            Teacher’s Resource and CD-ROM
                            The new Teacher’s Resource and integral CD-ROM provide complete teacher support for each
       Middle Years
                            topic in the Pupils’ Books. The range of teacher notes and resources save you time and aid
                            lesson planning, enabling you to deliver engaging lessons for each topic area.
                            G   Ready-made activities – brand new photocopiable activity sheets for each topic in the
                                Pupils’ Books, with an emphasis on integrating thinking skills.
                            G   Assessment for Learning – resources to aid implementation of Assessment for Learning
                                in your lessons, with integrated Assessment for Learning activities and pupils' self-
                                assessment for end-of-unit enquiries.
                            G   Integral CD-ROM – provides the Teacher’s Resources, fully editable activities and
                                planning resources which can be customised to meet your individual requirements.

 Foundations Pupil Book

                                                                                                                           New introductory
                                                                                                                           spreads for each unit
                                                                                                                           help engage pupils
                                                                                                                           with the topic.

                                                                                                                           Large, high-impact
                                                                                                                           photos for visual
                                                                                                                           appeal and

                                                                                                                           Questions help
                                                                                                                           pupils use thinking
                                                                                                                           skills to find
                                                                                                                           information from

      List of learning objectives tells pupils      Explains how the topic is important
      what they will learn in the unit.             and relevant to pupils’ lives.

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                                                        GEOGRAPHY                                            Age 11–14

      New Key Geography
                      Electronic Resources CD-ROMs
                      Nelson Thornes’ highly successful Just Click teaching solution is now available as part of the
                      Key Geography series. These brand new CD-ROMs follow a simple and easy-to-use format,
                      and are straightforward tools that will help with the delivery of your lessons and reduce your
                      planning time.
                      G   Accessible – all the resources you need are provided in one place – accessible quickly
                          and simply!
                      G   Customisable – all resources are searchable by unit and page number, and the ‘Lesson
                          Manager’ facility enables you to add your own resources and create your own lessons.
                      G   Grab their attention! – packed with varied and stimulating multimedia resources, such
                          as photographs, animations, interactive activities and videos, to engage and motivate
                          your pupils.
                      G   A unique blend – the electronic resources are linked to each double-page spread in
                          the Pupils’ Books, providing comprehensive support to the core text to enrich and
                          enhance your geography lessons.

    Interactions Electronic Resources CD-ROM

                                                                                                                                 Photos, animations,
                                                                                                                                 interactive activities
                                                                                                                                 and videos engage
                                                                                                                                 and motivate pupils.

                                                                                                                                 This interactive
                                                                                                                                 resource provides
                                                                                                                                 information about
                                                                                                                                 each place of
                                                                                                                                 interest as you
                                                                                                                                 activate each
                                                                                                                                 hotspot on the map.

                                                                                                                                 Our Just Click
                                                                                                                                 software interface
                                                                                                                                 offers an easy-to-use
                                                                                                                                 menu system to
                                                                                                                                 navigate your way
                                                                                                                                 through the on-
                                                                                                                                 screen resources.

                           AUTHORS                     New Key Geography                               Interactions Teacher Resource
                           David Waugh, Tony Bushell   Foundations Pupil Book                          978 0 7487 9710 3                       £78.75
                                                       978 0 7487 9701 1                 £10.50        Available February 2007
                                                       Connections Pupil Book                          Foundations Electronic Resources CD-ROM
                                                       978 0 7487 9702 8                 £10.50        978 0 7487 9713 4                  £315.00
                                                       Interactions Pupil Book                         Connections Electronic Resources CD-ROM
                                                       978 0 7487 9703 5                 £10.50        978 0 7487 9714 1                  £315.00
                                                       Foundations Teacher Resource                    Interactions Electronic Resources CD-ROM
                                                       978 0 7487 9704 2                 £76.00        978 0 7487 9715 8                  £315.00
                                                       Connections Teacher Resource                    Available June 2007
                                                       978 0 7487 9707 3                 £78.75

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                      GEOGRAPHY                                            Age 11–16

       Basic Mapwork Skills
                            G   Basic Mapwork Skills has been specifically written to support the teaching of
                                geographical skills for ages 11–14.
        Suggested           G   The introductory section provides instruction and guidance in the development, use
                                and application of key geographical skills.
                            G   Topics include human and physical geography, hazards and global themes such as
                                water supply, resource exploitation, climate change, trade and aid.
                            G   The attractive, clear design and presentation includes large map extracts and
       Middle Years
       Programme                photographs, including a variety of types and scales of mapping, with ground, aerial
                                and satellite photography.
                            G   Each unit includes differentiated activities that are accessible, yet offer opportunities
                                to challenge pupils at the higher levels.

                            Sample page from Basic Mapwork Skills

                                                                                                                                       Large, clear maps
                                                                                                                                       and photographs.

                                                                                                                                       Ringbound for
                                                                                                                                       durability and ease
                                                                                                                                       of use.

                                                                                                AUTHOR          Basic Mapwork Skills
                                                                                                Simon Ross      978 0 7487 7409 8                   £11.25

       New Key Geography for GCSE
       Second Edition
                            G   Flexible and accessible to students of all abilities at ages 14–16.
NEW                         G   Contains extensive case study material, integrated throughout the chapters, to set
                                theory into context and reinforce learning.
                            G   Provides a section on map, graph and photo skills to support and develop your
        WEB                     students’ geographical skills.
        Specification       G   The Just Click CD-ROM will provide electronic resources for every chapter, including
       matching grids
         available at           video clips linked to case study examples, photos and artwork from the pupils’ book,
     www.nelsonthornes.         interactives, animations and weblinks.
         geography          G   A dedicated website accompanies the book, providing direct links to further
                                information for all chapters at

                             AUTHORS                          New Key Geography for GCSE – Second Edition       New Key Geography for GCSE Student Book
                             David Waugh, Tony Bushell,       Pupils’ Book                                      978 0 7487 6581 2                £18.25
                             David Gardner, John Smith        978 0 7487 8133 1                 £19.25          Teacher’s Resource Guide
                                                              Available July 2007
                                                                                                                978 0 7487 6746 5                £82.75
                                                              Teachers Resource CD-ROM – Second Edition
                                                                                                                Plastic Jackets C (x15)
                                                              978 0 7487 8134 8               £263.00
                                                              Available July 2007                               978 0 7487 9121 7            £6.25+VAT

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                                                     GEOGRAPHY                                          Age 14 –16+

    Essential Mapwork Skills
                   G   A unique collection of stimulated activity-based case studies from Foundation level
                       through to Higher tier GCSE and advanced GCE Geography.
                   G   Develops students’ practical mapwork and photograph interpretation skills in context.
    Middle Years
    Programme      G   Contains over 30 case studies from around the world, using a variety of thematic,
                       topographical and topological maps at a range of scales, including soil and tectonic
                       maps and synoptic weather charts.
                   G   Features satellite, aerial and ground photographs to help develop students’ photograph
                       interpretation skills.

                                                                                      AUTHOR           Essential Mapwork Skills
                                                                                      Simon Ross       978 0 7487 6461 7          £11.25

    Essential Mapwork Skills 2
                   All new content, providing approximately 30 new case-study units on a wide range of

NEW                physical, human and global issues-based topics, with global coverage.
                   G   Large, high-quality, high-impact photo, maps and other resources.
                   G   A range of interesting and informative mapping resources at different scales.
                   G   Updated and improved design and presentation, but with the familiar layout and
                       structure of the current edition, and an extended skills section to include key ICT skills.
                   G   Extended section of written and internet-based references for further research
                       and study, as well as additional extended ‘essay’ questions aimed at A-level students
                       and to provide challenge at GCSE.
                                                                                  Sample page from Essential Mapwork Skills 2
                   Electronic resources CD will provide:
                   G   Electronic resources for each and every case-study
                       unit includes photos and maps from the textbook,
                       video clips, interactives, animations and weblinks.
                   G   A valuable range of multi-media resources for use
                       with a projector or whiteboard.
                   G   Additional ICT-based activities and worksheets,
                       based on the resources in the textbook.
                   G   Just Click functionality – the facility to search for
                       resources by unit or resource type; facility to upload
                       own resources; facility to create and run your own
                       lessons using your own selected resources.

                   AUTHOR          Essential Mapwork 2 Pupils’ Book
                   Simon Ross      978 0 7487 8436 3                   £11.75
                                   Available July 2007
                                   Essential Mapwork CD-ROM
                                   978 0 7487 8131 7                  £175.00
                                   Available July 2007

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                       GEOGRAPHY                                          Age 14 –16

       The New Wider World
       Second Edition
                            Student Books
                            G   This new edition has been updated and covers recent developments and events in
                            G   Includes increased emphasis on issues of change and management in topics such as
                                settlement growth, urban change and managing resources.
      See inside front
      cover for details     G   In-depth case studies at the end of each chapter focus on specific issues, including
                                comparisons between LEDCs and MEDCs, and reinforce understanding in context.
                            G   Examination-style questions and chapter checklists support all students preparing for
        WEB                     exams.
       matching grids
         available at       Teacher’s Resource Book
      com/secondary/        G   The accompanying Teacher’s Resource Book has been completely rewritten to provide
                                new activities, extensive new case study material and extra examination support for
                                teachers and students using the core text.
                            G   The new Thinking Skills pack provides activities linked to each chapter to improve
                                students’ thinking skills and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the topic.

                            Foundation Edition                           Second Edition
        Middle Years
        Programme/          Student Book
        Programme           G   This core text has been revised, expanded and updated to be used alongside the
                                Second Edition of The New Wider World in a mixed ability classroom.
                            G   Clear illustrations and reduced text allow students easy access to the fundamental
                                concepts of Geography.
                            G   Foundation level questions allow for topic reinforcement and effective exam

                            Teacher Resource CD-ROM
                            G   This resource provides, in convenient PDF format, revised and updated photocopiable
                                worksheets from the first edition of The New Wider World Foundation Edition Teacher
                                Resource Book.
                            G   New worksheets have been incorporated to follow the revised content of the
                                Foundation Edition textbook.
                            G   As well as being used on their own, the resources can also be downloaded into
                                The New Wider World Electronic Resources CD-ROM.

                                AUTHORS                       The New Wider World – Second Edition                 The New Wider World – Foundation
                                Tony Bushell, Neil Punnett,   978 0 7487 7376 3                  £16.99            Second Edition
                                Alison Rae, Grant Westoby     Teacher Resource Book – Second Edition               978 0 7487 9460 7                  £17.25
                                                              978 0 7487 7377 0                  £59.50            Foundation Second Edition Teacher Resource
                                                              Licensed for photocopying                            CD-ROM
                                                              Plastic Jackets C (x15)                              978 0 7487 9461 4                  £54.00
                                                              978 0 7487 9121 7                     £6.25+VAT
                                                              (Please note that the Student Book contains a rear
                                                              cover flap)

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                                                         GEOGRAPHY                                             Age 14 –16

    The New Wider World
                      Thinking Skills
     Suggested        This photocopiable resource book provides Thinking Skills activities for each chapter of
                      The New Wider World (Second Edition). The activities are designed to integrate easily into your
                      GCSE Geography course to motivate students and improve their level of performance.

                      The Thinking Skills activities:
    Middle Years      G
                           employ a range of thinking skills to reinforce learning of key concepts in each
      Diploma              chapter
                      G    reinforce existing knowledge and deepen understanding of each topic
                      G    provide opportunities for discussion, debate and reasoning, covering each chapter
                           of the New Wider World (Second Edition)
                      G    encourage students to explore ideas and think creatively
                      G    challenge students to improve their learning and fulfil their potential
                      G    teacher notes provide support with implementing activities.

                                                                                      AUTHOR               Thinking Skills
                                                                                      David Cookson        978 0 7487 8517 9               £54.00

                      Electronic Resources CD-ROM
                      The New Wider World Electronic Resources CD-ROM gives you easy access to a huge
                      range of multi-media resources for every chapter in the Student Book. Just click to
                      launch interactive activities, artworks, animations, videos and other resources from
                      the New Wider World (Second Edition). Designed to enhance and extend the use of the
    Windows 98, NT,   Student Book, the resources can be used on interactive whiteboards, digital projectors
       2000, XP       or PCs for individual or group work.

                          The benefits to you:
                          G   the Just Click teaching solution is a straight forward tool that will simplify delivery
                              of your lessons and reduce your planning time
                          G   stimulate students with an exciting variety of visual materials and interactive
                          G   improve students’ knowledge and understanding of Geography through ICT
                          G   create personalised lessons through a wide range of customisable materials
                          G   encourage and motivate students of all levels of ability to improve their
                              performance at GCSE.

                                                                                      AUTHOR               Electronic Resources CD-ROM
                                                                                      David Cookson        978 0 7487 7378 7           £420.00+VAT

                                                                                                                               New Wider
                                                                                                                               World continues
                                                                                                                               overleaf >>

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                     GEOGRAPHY                                     Age 14 –16

     The New Wider World
                        Coursemates for The New Wider World
     Endorsed text      These new study guides are intended for students to use alongside The New Wider
                        World (Second Edition) text. They are handy companions individually developed to support
                        and guide students throughout their course to success in their final exams, using the content
                        of The New Wider World (Second Edition).

     Middle Years       The Coursemates:
       Diploma          G   provide summaries of key content and key ideas for students as they progress
                            through their Geography course and prepare for their examinations.
                        G   highlight the knowledge and skills that students require to succeed for each
     WEB                    specification.
 www.nelsonthornes.     G   identify relevant content in The New Wider World, Second Edition for more in-depth
  geography/new_            study and learning.
                        G   aid students with their exam preparation by providing practice questions to support
                            revision and increase confidence.
                        G   the Coursemate for IGCSE has been endorsed by University of Cambridge International
                            Examinations for use with the IGCSE Geography syllabus (0460).

                        Sample pages from New Wider World Coursemate

                                     AUTHOR             The New Wider World                                Coursemate for OCR C GCSE Geography
                                     Paul Guinness      Coursemate for IGCSE                               978 0 7487 9078 4                  £6.25
                                                        978 0 7487 9420 1                 £6.25            Coursemate for Edexcel A GCSE Geography
                                                        Coursemate for AQA A GCSE Geography                978 0 7487 9079 1                  £6.25
                                                        978 0 7487 9073 9                 £6.25            Coursemate for Edexcel B GCSE Geography
                                                        Coursemate for AQA B GCSE Geography                978 0 7487 9064 7                  £6.25
                                                        978 0 7487 9074 6                 £6.25            Coursemate for WJEC A GCSE Geography
                                                        Coursemate for AQA C GCSE Geography                978 0 7487 9080 7                  £6.25
                                                        978 0 7487 9075 3                 £6.25            Coursemate for CCEA GCSE Geography
                                                        Coursemate for OCR A GCSE Geography                978 0 7487 9081 4                  £6.25
                                                        978 0 7487 9076 0                 £6.25            Coursemate for Standard Grade Geography
                                                        Coursemate for OCR/WJEC B (Avery Hill)             978 0 7487 9082 1                  £6.25
                                                        GCSE Geography
                                                        978 0 7487 9077 7                 £6.25

70               @                           w
                                                          GEOGRAPHY                                                Age 14 –16+

      GeoActive Online
                         G   Each series of this popular and trusted resource for 14–16 year olds provides 21
       WEB                   topical units of work over 3 issues in an easily downloadable format.   G   Units of work are written to satisfy specification requirements and include
                             exam-style questions. Each series includes case studies, decision-making exercises
                             and ICT activities. Teacher’s support notes are also provided.
                         G   Archive CD-ROMs of selected units from earlier issues of GeoActive that were
      Online Samples
    www.nelsonthornes        previously unavailable have now been produced in electronic format.
        geography        G   Each archive CD-ROM contains over 30 units of work on a different key theme
                             in the curriculum.

                              SERIES EDITORS                 Series 16 2004/2005                                   Series 18 2006/2007
                              Simon Ross, Chris Ingate       978 0 7487 9103 3                    £62.25+VAT       978 0 7487 9770 7          £65.50+VAT
                                                             Series 17 2005/2006                                   Series 19 2007/2008
                                                             978 0 7487 9471 3                    £62.25+VAT       978 0 7487 8135 5          £68.25+VAT
                                                                                                                   Available July 2007
                                                            Three issues per year: September, January and April.
                                                            Licensed for photocopying and networking.

      Geofile Online
                         G   Each series of this popular topical resource offers 24 units of work based on
       WEB                   up-to-date research, over 3 issues, in a convenient downloadable format.   G   Exam-style questions at the end of each unit enable students to develop the
                             study skills necessary at 16+.
     EVALUATE            G   Each series includes decision-making exercises, ICT activities, fieldwork
                             and skills.
      Online Samples
    www.nelsonthornes    G   Archive CD-ROMs of selected units from earlier issues of Geofile that were
        geography            previously unavailable have now been produced in electronic format.
                         G   Each archive CD-ROM contains over 30 units of work on a different key theme
                             in the curriculum.


                                      SERIES EDITOR          Series 23 2004/2005                                   Series 25 2006/2007
                                      Alison Rae             978 0 7487 9102 6                    £62.25+VAT       978 0 7487 9771 4          £65.50+VAT
                                                             Series 24 2005/2006                                   Series 26 2007/2008
                                                             978 0 7487 9472 0                    £62.25+VAT       978 0 7487 8136 2          £68.25+VAT
                                                                                                                   Available September 2007
                                                            Three issues per year: September, January and April.
                                                            Licensed for photocopying and networking.

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                     GEOGRAPHY                                           Age 16+

                            Bringing a fresh approach to topics of current interest, EPICS is written by
        WEB                 experienced authors using a variety of approaches, which will gain students’
        Specification       interest and motivation.
       matching grids
         available at       G   Suitable for all 16+ specifications, these topic books are ideal for individual
     www.nelsonthornes.         usage as the content is detailed and concise, helping students to acquire
         geography              up-to-date and in-depth understanding of geographical issues.
                            G   Putting theory into context, EPICS provides valuable study tools for
                                students, including exam practice and practice with decision-making and
                                enquiry approaches.
                            G   Question banks focus on the development of core skills and will help
                                students construct high-quality extended essays.
                            G   Valuable study for students with exam practice, as well as practice with the
                                decision-making/enquiry approaches in the context of real places.
                            G   The topic books are ideal for individual usage as the content is detailed
                                and concise.

                             SERIES EDITOR                 Climate Change and Society                             States of Health and Welfare
                             Michael Witherick             978 0 7487 5823 4                     £9.75            978 0 7487 6731 1                    £9.75
                                                           Development, Globalisation and Sustainability          Study Advice for Geography A-Level
                                                           978 0 7487 5822 7                     £9.75            978 0 7487 3184 8                    £9.75
                                                           The Geography of Sport and Leisure                     Tropical Environments: Contrasting Regimes
                                                           978 0 7487 7408 1                     £9.75            and Challenges
                                                           Natural Resources                                      978 0 7487 5820 3                    £9.75
                                                           978 0 7487 3187 9                     £9.75            The Urban World
                                                           Skills and Techniques for Geography A-Level            978 0 7487 4419 0                    £9.75
                                                           978 0 7487 3188 6                     £9.75

       Essential AS Geography
                            Essential AS Geography is designed to ease the transition between GCSE and A-level
        WEB                 standard and has been developed by experienced authors to help students study for
     www.nelsonthornes.     their AS Level exams and is suitable for all AS level specifications.
        geography           G   Two unique sections ‘What you Need to Succeed’ and ‘In the Field’ ensure
                                students will gain study and exam skills quickly. Key Skills opportunities are
                                highlighted within exercises which have been based on AS-Level examination
                            G   Contains differentiated activities throughout the text, providing opportunities
                                for all abilities.
                            G   Comprehensive coverage of all the AS Level specifications ensures thorough
                                learning for all students.
                            G   Detailed study skills and fieldwork chapters instill confidence and lead
                                to success.
                            G   Monthly updates on world geography news and developments, as well as
                                further case studies and links, can be found on the Essential AS Geography
                                dedicated website at

                                                                    AUTHORS                                       Essential AS Geography
                                                                    Simon Ross, John Morgan, Richard Heelas       978 0 7487 5175 4                 £26.50

72                @                               w
GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY                                                                                       Age 14 –16+

       Geography: An Integrated Approach
      Third Edition
                         This best-selling text encourages development of geographical knowledge with clear, in-depth
       WEB               material making key concepts more accessible, and is suitable for all 16+ specifications.
    www.nelsonthornes.   G
     com/secondary/          Focuses on integrated physical, human, economic and environmental issues with
       geography             major case studies at the end of each chapter and place studies from around
                             the world.
                         G   Inspires confidence with specially written questions by examiners for thorough
                             examination practice, with marking schemes available online.
        Diploma          G   Independent study is encouraged through the accompanying website that provides
       Programme             links to further sources of information.
                         G   Over 100 place studies linking theory to real places and peoples throughout
                             the world.
                         G   Numerous frameworks to examine theoretical concepts and illustrate geographical

                         Third Edition Supplement
                         Used alongside the third edition of Geography: An Integrated Approach, this supplementary
                         resource will give you the facts and figures you need to keep up to date with the latest
                         events, theories, concepts and terminology for your Geography course.
                         G   Updated statistics and information for the Third Edition of Geography:
                             An Integrated Approach.
                         G   Case study updates and key information on recent developments.
                         G   Additional internet references and sources of further study.
                         G   Place studies and examples from around the world illustrate key points of theory.
                         G   Up-to-date statistics and examples underpin the latest theories, concepts
                             and terminology.

                                                                                        AUTHOR              Geography: An Integrate Approach
                                                                                        David Waugh         978 0 17 444706 1                £29.99
                                                                                                            Third Edition Supplement
                                                                                                            978 0 7487 9462 1                 £5.25

       Essential Modern World History
                         This resource provides all the required content for Modern World studies, as well as detailed
       WEB               coverage of the most popular depth study options. All in one single book, it will ensure good
      www.essential      coverage of your chosen topics.
                         G   It provides a clear open page design with carefully controlled language levels to allow
                             easy access and success to all students across the ability range.
                         G   Integrated ICT activities are available FREE to users on
                             The site offers exercises that uniquely employ ICT and history skills, which are easily
        Diploma              searchable and are cross-referenced to the relevant topics in the book.

         Suitable                                                          AUTHORS                          Essential Modern World History
                                                                           Steven Waugh, Aaron Wilkes       978 0 7487 6006 0                £18.99

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