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									Lost Season 6 Episode 4 “Past Choices, Present Consequences”

Scene 1 Narrator says previously on Lost. Walt is talking to Hurley while in Santa Rosa and talks to him about why no one came to see him. We then see the scene were Walt is talking to John on the street after Walt gets out of school. We next see the scene where Ben and Charles are talking in Charles room. Charles tells Ben that the island is his and always has been. We next see the phone call from Ben to Charles were Ben claims he is going back to the island and that he is going to kill Charles daughter. Next we see Christian talking to his son telling him about his date with destiny. Jack tells his father for once in his life just shoot straight with him. Christian tells Jack that he is going to have to kill Charles Widmore. Scene cut sound is heard and the screen goes to black. We then see a close up of and eye. The pupil again goes from large to small as the eye opens up. The eye moves around a little bit and the camera moves out to show us Jack Shephard still in his Dharma jumpsuit lying on the ground in the desert. The same place John and Ben were when they moved the island. Jack gathers himself and then quickly gets on his knees and leans over as he throws up. Just as soon as he does that he notices a camera watching him. We then hear the swooshing sound as the scene changes back to Jack and his father. Jack is grabbing the wheel. Christian: There is one thing you should know Jack. The only way you can get back to the island is to find Eloise Hawking again and she will help you get back. Jack: Dad, I’m… Christian: You will have plenty of time to apologize to me later son. You need to go.

Jack begins to push the wheel and we see the familiar white light that we saw when Ben and John moved the island. Jack moves the wheel and the light consumes him. The scene goes back to Jack in the desert at night now as he is walking trying to find anyone who can help him. We see lights off in the distance coming towards him. Jack cautiously grabs a gun out of him pocket and makes sure that it is loaded and ready to go just in case. As the car moves closer, we see that it is a small pick-up truck with four men in the back. The truck stops. The men including the driver get out and point their rifles at Jack. The Driver: (heavy accent) Who are you? Jack: My name is Jack Shephard. The Driver: Well, Jack Shephard, there is someone who is waiting for you. (The man walks up to Jack and hits him square in forehead with his rifle. Jack collapses and falls to the earth) Grab him and tie him up. We need to hurry back. Widmore is waiting for us. The men tie Jack up and throw him in the back of the pick-up. The driver starts the truck and begins to drive off in the direction they came. We hear the infamous horn music as this is happening and then the cut scene sound and the screen goes black. We then see LOST scroll across the screen until blank.

Scene 2 We now see a large room with a bed and a man sitting in a chair looking at the man in the bed. Charles Widmore is waiting for Jack to wake up. He nervously looks at Jack in wonder of why he is back from the island and who sent him back. Charles: Jack, wake up. (he pauses as we see Jack starting to move and come out of his sleep) Jack, I need you to wake up. Jack: (opens his eyes to see a strange man sitting by his bed and looking at him) Where am I? Charles: You’re safe for now, but I can’t promise you that will last. Jack: How do you know my name? Charles: I know your name because you and everyone that returned from the island have been lying to everyone. I know because I met you on the island once before. Jack: (confused and a little intrigued at what Charles is saying) Met me, how could you have met me when I have never seen you before in my life? Charles: Because you were the one that banished me from the island forever. Jack looks at the man in amazement at what was just said to him and we hear the whooshing sound. The scene changes to Charles Widmore being taken by Richard Alpert into the entrance of the temple. Charles is tied up and gagged. We see Richard escort Charles to the same room we saw him bring Sayid and Jin. Richard: You stay here. (He walks over to the alter) Jacob, were here.

Jacob: (coming out of the same door that he came out of in the scene with Sayid and Jin) Hello Charles. (He smiles at Charles as he walks over to Richard) You can remove the gag. I want to have a private talk with Charles, Richard. I will come and find you when I am done. Richard walks out of the main room and leaves Jacob and Charles to talk. Charles has extreme hate in his eyes as he looks on at Jacob. Charles: Well, it looks like you will finally get you wish, Jacob. You won’t have to put up with me much longer. Jacob: (smiles) You tried to use the only force that can destroy everything we are trying to accomplish here against us. Why wouldn’t we send you away? Charles: This is your doing and making that insulate man Benjamin become the new leader… Jacob: I did not make him leader Charles. You know that I don’t have that authority. Charles: Just make me like Richard. I don’t want to leave this island. Jacob: Richard is what he is because that was his destiny. Your destiny…well you compromised your destiny. You made your choice and joined up with the wrong team. Charles: So, what is my punishment? Older Jack: Banishment. You can never return to this island ever again. (Charles looks over to see a man in a white robe looking at him. Older Jack removes his hood.) If you do, you will die. That is your punishment. Charles: Who are you?

Older Jack: I am the one who will keep you from ever returning to this island again. Charles looks on at older Jack and you can see the hatred in his eyes. We hear the whooshing sound as the scene changes back to Widmore talking with Jack in the present. Charles: I know this is all hard to swallow Jack, but you are the reason I am here and not there on that island. (he pauses looks down and then looks up again at Jack with cool killer eyes) But now things have changed. (He gets up and grabs a folder and hands it to Jack) Open it. (Jack opens the folder. We don’t see what is in the folder only that it makes Jack furious. He looks up at Charles with extreme hate in his eyes) If you don’t cooperate with me, I will kill her. We hear the cut sound and the screen turn black.

Scene 3 We see Jack lying in the same bed where Charles just had a conversation with him. He is awakened to a familiar voice. Jacob: Jack, wake up. Jack: Who’s….Who is it? What… Jacob: It’s me Jack. You need to get up now. Jack: Why, what’s going on? Jacob: He’s going to kill her Jack. You have to get up now and save her. Jack: Where is she? Jacob: You’ll find her, Jack. Just do as Charles asks of you and when the time comes, you can save her and then find Eloise. She will help you get back to the island. Wake up Jack. Jack: What? I am… Jacob is no longer there. He has been replaced by John Locke. John Locke: (He has the same black and white eyes again) Wake up Jack!! Jack wakes up and sees that he is no longer in his bed but rather in the back of a SUV. He is tied up at the hands and legs. The back door opens and Charles is standing outside of the door. Charles: Come and grab him.

We see a man who looks to be in his mid-30’s dressed in a dark shirt and light color khakis grab Jack and cut of the rope to his legs. He then helps Jack to his feet. Mystery man: You try anything and I swear Mr. Widmore will kill her. Jack: (looking angry) Where is she? Mystery Man: She’s safe for now. Charles: Jack, we need to talk. (motioning to the mystery man) Come with me. We can see that Widmore has brought Jack to some secluded ranch of some sort. They enter through the main entrance. They enter into a main living room and Charles motions to place Jack on a couch. Charles: This is your new home for the time being Jack. I hope you will like it. (motioning to Jack’s wrists) Hold them out and I will cut the rope. (Jack lifts up his hands and Charles cuts the rope off) Now, I know you won’t do anything foolish because I will kill her if you do. (He hands the knife to his associate) So Jack, here is the deal. You take me back to the island and I will spare her life. It is that simple. Jack: (he looks to the ground) Is it? (he laughs a little) And you of all people I should just believe your word? Charles: (agitated) Don’t disrespect me boy. I won’t hesitate a minute at killing her. Jack: (looking straight into his eyes) You do that and I swear to you it will be the last thing you ever do.

Charles: (scoffs) I admire your passion Jack. But I spit at your arrogance in that you really think you can beat me boy. (He grabs Jack by his hair) I will kill her, and then I will not hesitate a moment to kill you. (He lets go of his hair) You will give me the respect I deserve. We see Jack looking up at Charles with much resentment as we hear the whooshing sound and the scene changes. We are now back to the scene were Jacob is taking Charles back to Richard. Richard is waiting in the hall just before the entrance. Jacob: Take him and place him on the sub tomorrow afternoon. Richard: What do I tell Ben? Jacob: Tell him he is now in charge. Richard: Do you want to see him? Jacob: He is never to be allowed to see me. (looking at Charles) Not after what has happened. We hear the infamous cut scene sound and the screen goes black.

Scene 4 We are now back to an early time on the island where Richard is talking to Ben. They are walking on a path in Dharmaville. They are discussing Charles and what has happened. Richard: Jacob has banned Charles from the island. He says it’s because he had a relationship with someone off the island. He has been coming and going as he pleases. Ben: Charles has been seeing someone outside of the island? Richard: Yes, Jacob also says that you are to be our new leader. Ben: (looking at Richard in shock) Me?!! I can’t lead… Richard: This is what Jacob wants Ben. (Seeing the hesitation in Ben) Are you going to be okay with this? Ben: Do I have a choice? Richard: There is always a choice Benjamin. I can’t force you to do anything you don’t want to. (Richard grabs Ben by the shoulders) Will you lead us Benjamin? Ben: (Looking away from Richard) If this is Jacob’s wishes…(he looks back at Richard) …then that is what will be done. Ben starts to walk away from Richard when Richard asks him a question. Richard: Why are you so reluctant to lead us Ben.

Ben: (stopping dead in his tracks and turning around slowly) Why?!! (He now has turned around fully and move back toward Richard) Why, Richard. I’ll tell you why, because every time I ask to see him, to see Jacob, all you can say is ‘be patient’. So you tell me. How am I supposed to be excited about leading a group of people when I can’t even talk to the one who gives the orders? Richard: I now that you are frustrated, Ben. And I understand why you feel the way you feel. Ben: (looking at Richard with his eyes squinting a bit) Do you? Ben walks away from Richard and we see a far away shot of Ben walking down a sidewalk as Ben continues to walk to the houses. We hear the whooshing sound as the scene changes. We are now back to Jack and Charles in the ranch house. They are sitting at a table full of food. Charles is eating and Jack is just staring at him. Charles: The food is delicious Jack. You should eat some. Jack: No thanks, I don’t have much of an appetite. Charles: (laughs a bit) Too bad. This beef wellington is simple spectacular. Jack: Why did you drag her into this mess? Charles: (places his fork down after taking a bite of his beef wellington and wipes his mouth with a napkin) You started this yourself. I am only taking the necessary steps to get back what is rightfully mine. Jack: (he laughs) You act as if I destroyed your life, when I have never met you before.

Charles: You did destroy my life up to this point in time. But that will change. Because you are going to take me back. Jack: And why would I allow you to return to the island? Eloise Hawking: Because in order for you to go back Jack, you must return with someone who has already been on the island before. Jack is shocked to see that Eloise is here with Charles. In amazement he looks back at Charles and begins to shake his head. Jack: There is no way in hell I will ever take you back to that island. Charles: Eloise, would you mind giving me and Jack a moment alone. Eloise: But I just got here Charles. Charles: Please. Eloise: I’ll return when you’re finished (She leaves the room) Charles: I want to show you something Jack, something that is going to make you a believer. Eric? The man who helped Widmore take Jack out of the car comes into the kitchen. Charles: Bring her in here. Eric: Yes sir. He leaves the room and Charles looks at Jack coldly.

Charles: If this does not change your mind about how serious I am about respect Jack. Maybe killing your ex-wife will change your mind. Eric returns with a woman who has a cover over her head. Eric takes the cover off. We can see that the woman is Jack’s mother. Without hesitation you see Charles point the gun at her head and pull the trigger. As the shot is heard we see Jack shutter in disbelieve at what he has just seen. She falls to the floor and lay there lifelessly. Jack looks on in horror. Charles: You ex-wife will be next. So what will it be, Jack. Charles looks at Jack with much hatred. We see Jack crying at the loss of his mother and we hear the scene ending sound and the screen goes black.

Scene 5 We hear the song “Walking After Midnight” by Patsy Kline playing in the background. There is a radio playing the music softly on a table just outside the backyard. It is early morning. You can hear a cow mooing in the background also. The camera moves into the house towards a man sleeping on the couch. He awakens to a high pitched squeal from a piglet. The man sleeping is Jack. He gathers himself and looks up at a man holding a piglet in his hands. It is too dark to see who is holding the piglet but Jack seems to know who it is. He scoffs. Jack: It’s too late for this. I told you I won’t eat anything you bring me. Let it go. Mystery Man: Why, Jack? It could be breakfast. Jack: Just let the poor thing go, before I come over there and strangle you. I am tired and need more rest. Mystery Man: I would be surprised to see you come close to even strangling me after what happened last night. (He looks at Jack who turns over on the couch as if to fall asleep again) Fine, starve to death for all I care. Know this Jack. Until you make your choice, we will both be left with nothing to eat. He lets the piglet go and it squeals as it runs away out the back door through the kitchen. The man has his back turned to Jack as he lets the piglet go so we cannot see him. He gets up and looks at Jack again.

Mystery Man: (The man pours himself a drink from a bar not far from the couch) Well, at least we will have some of the finer things of life still. (Jack does not move. The man moves into the light so we can see him for the first time. It is Charles.) Charles: Wake up, Jack. Jack: (turning over) I will get up when I am ready to get up. Charles: I swear I will starve us to death if you do not take us back. You’ve seen that there is nowhere to run Jack. This ranch is very secluded. There is no one for miles around. Jack: I will make my decision as soon as I see that my ex-wife is safe. Charles: You will soon. Jack: (immediately turning over) Yeah, and I am just supposed to believe you after last night. Charles: I am a man of my word Jack, unlike you. You just do whatever you see fit to do. (Charles takes another drink) So, what’s your choice Jack? Jack: You killed my mother you son of a bitch right in front of me. (showing his infamous pissed off look) I AM NOT TAKING YOU BACK TO THE ISLAND!! Charles: Then perhaps I had better up the stakes then Jack. Eric? Eric enters the room and has Eloise Hawking tied up. She looks at Jack and acts like she wants to say something to him but Charles stops her by slapping her mouth.

Charles: Don’t say a word to him. (looking back at Jack who is now sitting on the couch) It is as simple as this Jack. You take me back or I kill her and then starve us to death. I have nothing left to live for. We will die and I will not hesitate to do it Jack: (getting up from the couch) We are not going to starve, okay. (he shakes his head) I know what the future holds for us both Charles. Charles: And how do you know that. Jack: Because I will take you back to the island. Your destiny was always on that island Charles. Charles: And what do you know about destiny Jack? Jack: I know enough about it that I have to do this. (Pulls out a knife from his Dharma Jumpsuit he is wearing and stabs the Charles in the heart.) Because your destiny is to die (He immediately switches the knife to his left hand and takes a gun from Charles waist holder and fires at Eric. He is also hit square in the heart. Both men fall to the floor. We see Jack standing over Charles.) I don’t know why you hate me so much, or how I somehow ruined your life. I do know this, you lied to me. You said that if I took you back no one would get hurt. Jacob came to me Charles. He told me that you already killed my ex-wife and you were going to kill me the instant that we got back to the island. And now because you did these things to hurt me and people who I know and care for, it will cost you your life. The camera moves back to the Charles lying on the ground gasping for air and eventually dying. We see Jack standing over the body of Charles, knife still in hand. He sighs and slowly loses his grip of the knife and drops it to the floor. We hear a familiar voice.

Eloise Hawking: Well done, Jack. I always knew you had it in you. Jack: (He turns around to look at Eloise) I had no choice. I had to kill him but you know that this only complicates things. Eloise Hawking: Things are never simple to resolve Jack. You of all people should now that by now. Jack: You said that I need to go back with someone who has been on the island before. The only ones left are Aaron and yourself. Eloise Hawking: I cannot go back Jack. My destiny lies here. And Aaron is already gone back. Jack: (looking at her puzzled) What? How? Eloise Hawking: That is not important right now Jack. The important thing is to get you back to the island. Jack: How are we going to get back now? Eloise Hawking: (Smiles at Jack) You know how. There is one more hope for you Jack and only one. Jack: (looking in to space and then looking at Eloise when he knows) Walt! Eloise smiles at him and we hear the infamous scene changing sound as the screen goes black. We see LOST on the screen and then nothing.

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