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					Episode #: 606


LOST “Ricardos” #606 TEASER FADE IN FROM WHITE: 1 EXT. SUBMARINE DOCK – DAY An EYE opening, the classic LOST opening. But this isn't Jack's, or any other passenger from Flight 815. It belongs to BENJAMIN LINUS. And now we PAN OUT to see Ben lying in the water, an empty dock right next to him. Ben immediately panics, clearly unsure of where he is, and starts sinking, swimming to pull himself back up. Now, treading water, Ben looks around, realizing where he is: the dock for the Galaga, the Others' submarine. This was right where he left the Island before . . . BEN They changed things . . . Ben swims forward towards the beach. 2 EXT. SUBMARINE BEACH – A LITTLE LATER And we JUMP CUT TO: 2 1

Ben washes up on the beach, climbing to his feet as he looks around, completely clueless to his sudden presence back on the Island. After a moment, however, he shakes his head, resolved to walk forward into the jungle, desperate searching for answers. 3 EXT. THE ORCHID – GREENHOUSE ENTRANCE – SIMULTANEOUSLY 3

RICHARD ALPERT is marched straight towards the secret entrance to the Orchid, FLOCKE right behind him. (CONTINUED)

2. 3 CONTINUED: FLOCKE Where are the rest of your people, Richard? Back at the beach? RICHARD They won't be by the time you get there. Richard's eyes are constantly moving, trying to figure out an escape route while trying to come up with answers to Flocke's questions that will keep him and his team alive. FLOCKE Why did you come here? RICHARD You think I'm gonna tell you that? FLOCKE I know you've managed to avoid death for many years now. But I've got a gun right at your head, and I have no qualms about pulling the trigger. RICHARD I thought that was breaking the rules. FLOCKE Your friend Jacob already changed the rules. Anything's fair now. Flocke suddenly grabs Richard's arm, motioning for him to stop. Richard does so, standing just in front of the anthuriums that mark the entrance to the true Orchid station. Richard glances at them out of the corner of his eye, trying to formulate a plan to get to them. RICHARD So I guess it's fair now to let everyone on this Island die? (CONTINUED) 3

3. 3 CONTINUED: DESMOND HUME, ILANA, and their two COMPANIONS are now marched into the area, MILES STRAUME, HARPER STANHOPE, and several of FLOCKE'S OTHERS with guns at their heads. FLOCKE Now, how do you figure that? RICHARD What, no one in your camp's died yet? (Flocke says nothing, so:) It's what'll happen to everyone here if I don't turn the wheel. FLOCKE I'll take my chances. Flocke turns Richard around, his gun still pointed directly at Richard's head. RICHARD If you're gonna kill me, I ask that you do it now. FLOCKE You're far too valuable for me to kill you, Richard. (A beat, then:) You know, my offer is still on the table. RICHARD Never. FLOCKE Jacob is gone. You can join us, or you can die. Richard looks over to Ilana, Desmond, and the others, who have no way of overcoming their captors. He then looks back over at Flocke, shaking his head. (CONTINUED) 3

4. 3 CONTINUED: RICHARD I'd choose death. FLOCKE Then I'm sorry. Flocke turns off the safety, ready to fire, ready to kill Richard, when he is suddenly interrupted by A BRIGHT WHITE FLASH that obscures the entire scene for several moments before FADING to: The same scene as before. Everyone looks upward, trying to figure out where the flash came from. HARPER What was that? MILES It happened again. But one member of the group isn't looking towards the sky. DESMOND looks around at everyone else, entirely clueless and quickly freaking out. DESMOND How did I get back here . . . Ilana now looks over at Desmond curiously. After a moment, Miles follows her gaze as Desmond steps back a bit, looking around at the scene in fright. ILANA Desmond . . . DESMOND Who the hell are you? Flocke and Richard look back at Desmond as he starts to back up into Harper, who stares at him, completely befuddled. (CONTINUED) 3

5. 3 CONTINUED: DESMOND (CONT'D) How the hell did I get back here?! HARPER Shut up! Desmond looks around at Harper, completely confused. DESMOND Who are you people?! Flocke turns around slightly, taking his gaze off Richard for a split second. FLOCKE Harper, take care ofRichard seizes his opportunity, lunging forward and wrenching Flocke's gun from his hand and pointing it right at him instead. Flocke spins around at Richard in shock. RICHARD Now, let's talk about what we're going to do about that wheel. Flocke raises his hands slowly, realizing that he has no other choice but to acquiesce to Richard's demand. And off of Richard's determined stare, the flashback WHOOSH kicks in, taking us to: 4 INT. CHILD'S BEDROOM – DAY – FLASHBACK 4 3

A SMALL CHILD lies against a feather mattress, eyes shut, sweating profusely, in the throes of a deep fever. A WOMAN, dressed in modest clothes, enters the room, placing a damp rag on the boy's forehead. MOTHER Ricardos. The BOY opens his eyes, and now we understand – this is a young RICHARD ALPERT. (CONTINUED)

6. 4 CONTINUED: YOUNG RICARDOS (Subtitled) Mother. (A beat, then:) What is happening to me? MOTHER (Subtitled) You're very sick, Ricardos. I've brought someone here to help you. YOUNG RICARDOS (Subtitled) Who? MOTHER (Subtitled) He's very special. He can heal you. Ricardos' mother walks towards the door, opening it to reveal a PRIEST standing just outside the room, with a rosary dangling from his hands. Ricardos' mother ushers him into the room, shutting the door behind him. PRIEST (Subtitled) Hello, Ricardos. My name is Father Alpert. YOUNG RICARDOS (Subtitled) I don't need a priest. Ricardos' mother shushes him vigorously, but Father Alpert turns around, waving her away kindly. PRIEST (Subtitled) If you could give us a few minutes alone. Ricardos' mother nods, leaving the room quickly. (CONTINUED) 4

7. 4 CONTINUED: YOUNG RICARDOS (Subtitled) Why are you here? PRIEST (Subtitled) Your mother believes you are possessed by a demon. (Off Ricardos' look:) You are gravely ill. You have not been speaking to anyone. YOUNG RICARDOS (Subtitled) I don't want to speak with them. I don't like them. I don't like anyone. The priest mutters something to himself, clasping the rosary tight to himself and closing his eyes. Ricardos glares at him. YOUNG RICARDOS (CONT'D) (Subtitled) You don't have to pray for me. PRIEST (Subtitled) Otherwise you won't heal. 4

Yes, I do.

YOUNG RICARDOS (Subtitled) No one lives forever. PRIEST (Subtitled) I suppose you're right. But you are not supposed to die here. YOUNG RICARDOS (Subtitled) How do you know? (CONTINUED)

8. 4 CONTINUED: The priest reaches forward, taking the damp rag off of Ricardos' head and placing his hand on it instead. PRIEST (Subtitled) I have faith. I have faith that you have a greater purpose in this world. (Off Ricardos' look:) We all have a purpose, Ricardos. To serve the Lord. And I can feel that you have a important role to play in His service. Ricardos' eyes brighten up a bit; the idea of service to a deity deeply intrigues him. Father Alpert picks up on this, continuing. PRIEST (CONT'D) (Subtitled) So, will you heal? Will you stay alive? Will you allow me to pray for you? YOUNG RICARDOS (Subtitled) Yes. The priest nods, laying a hand over Ricardos' head, praying for his healing. And off of this scene, we: FADE TO BLACK: TITLE OVERLAY: SPAIN, 1561 CUT TO BLACK: END OF TEASER 4

9. ACT ONE 5 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAY – AFTERNOON Ben walks quickly through the jungle, looking around for anything that might provide a clue to when he is, or how he might have returned to the Island. 6 EXT. JUNGLE – CLEARING – CONTINUOUS Ben comes out into a clearing, stopping in the center when he hears a mysterious noise – clicking, rattling . . . THE MONSTER. Ben turns around slowly as the specter of CHRISTIAN SHEPHARD steps out from the jungle, facing Ben silently. CHRISTIAN Welcome back, Benjamin. BEN What the hell is going on here? CHRISTIAN What does it look like? Things have been fixed. You're back. BEN So they all came back. Yes. CHRISTIAN They're back. 6 5

Christian delivers his final words with a grimace, as if something did not go according to plan. 7 EXT. JUNGLE – SWAN IMPLOSION SITE – SIMULTANEOUSLY JACK SHEPHARD awakes, lying in the middle of the jungle, still dressed in his Dharma outfit. He looks around blearily, then down at himself, sighing in relief when he realizes the plan worked. (CONTINUED) 7

10. 7 CONTINUED: KATE (O.S.) Jack? Jack now sits up, turning around to find KATE AUSTEN, still in her clothes from “The Incident” as well, lying right next to an unconscious JAMES “SAWYER” FORD. JACK Kate. Jack and Kate slowly get up, walking to each other, smiling in joy as they embrace tightly. It worked. KATE We made it back. 7

Jack smiles, looking down below at the site of the hatch implosion, realizing that now the Hatch has been built once more, that Desmond brought 815 to the Island, then turned the key, destroying the Swan. JACK We fixed it. The Hatch was still built, and . . . KATE It's all back to the way it was. JACK So . . . what do we do now? Kate shrugs to herself, unsure of what their next move is. They are interrupted, however, by the sudden presence of HUGO “HURLEY” REYES and JIN KWON, both of whom burst out from the forest, dressed in Dharma gear, mystified by their sudden move to the Island. HURLEY You guys made it, too. JACK I think we all did. (CONTINUED)

11. 7 CONTINUED: HURLEY Hey, how come we're all in our Dharma gear now, but we weren't when we went back to 2004? JACK I'm sure someone will tell us soon. JIN Where's Sun? Everyone looks around, trying to figure out what could have happened to Sun. After a moment, however, Kate puts it together, turning back to Jin. KATE This is where we all were before we went back. So . . . Sun should be where she was. (A beat, then:) She said she was at a statue. JIN The one with four toes? HURLEY Probably. I mean, how many statues are on this Island? JIN So, let's go find her. Everyone nods, agreeing with Jin's plan. Kate now moves to wake up Sawyer, who still lies against the ground just overlooking the pit. She kneels beside him, gently trying to revive him. Sawyer. KATE Hey, Sawyer. 7

Sawyer opens his eyes, focusing on Kate, sighing to himself. (CONTINUED)

12. 7 CONTINUED: SAWYER Hey, Freckles. It worked. KATE We're back. 7

Kate helps Sawyer up; he looks around the scene in front of him. SAWYER Home, sweet home. Kate helps Sawyer over to the rest of the group, ready to set off to find Sun. As the pair reaches Jack, Kate notices something falling out of her pocket. She looks down, picking it up and noticing that it is a LOADED GUN. 8 EXT. JUNGLE – CLEARING – SIMULTANEOUSLY 8

Ben remains standing in front of Christian, still unsure of his sudden presence on the Island. CHRISTIAN You're wondering why you've come back. The submarine. Island . . . BEN I took it off the

CHRISTIAN That was when time was in flux. Since Oceanic 815 never crashed, John Locke never had a chance to destroy your submarine. (A beat, then:) But now . . . he did. So, it's impossible for you to have left on a submarine that didn't exist.


13. 8 CONTINUED: BEN So, why do I still remember leaving? Why do I remember everything that happened? CHRISTIAN It's course correction, Benjamin. not infallible. It's 8

BEN Oh, I see, yes, just the big things. But a person's memory is not important enough to change. CHRISTIAN Certainly not yours. BEN If I'm not important anymore, why don't you just kill me? CHRISTIAN Because you are needed here. BEN To do what? CHRISTIAN The war on this Island, a war that's been going on for centuries, maybe even millenia by now, is coming to an endgame. And for that to happen, a few more people need to be here. BEN How am I supposed to bring anyone to this Island? Not you. else. CHRISTIAN But you can help someone (CONTINUED)

14. 8 CONTINUED: 8

Ben is slightly intrigued by this offer – while he has been manipulated so many times now, he still cannot reject the possibility of having a mission, a purpose. So he nods slowly, agreeing to hear the Monster's offer. And off of Ben's decision, we CUT TO: 9 EXT. THE ORCHID – GREENHOUSE ENTRANCE – DAY Richard keeps his gun level at Flocke's head. FLOCKE I would think about what you're doing here, Richard. There are still guns pointed right at your people, and if you shoot meRICHARD Those aren't my people. Ilana looks over at Desmond, now slightly concerned about Richard's intentions. Desmond, however, is still in shock, trying to figure out how he came back to the Island. FLOCKE If you don't care about them, you should at least care about what will happen to you. RICHARD I took an oath to serve Jacob. what I care about. He's dead. FLOCKE Accept it. That's 9

Flocke's gaze drifts slightly above Richard's shoulder, into the jungle behind them. RICHARD I don't think destroying Jacob's as easy as giving Benjamin Linus a knife and letting him play. (CONTINUED)

15. 9 CONTINUED: FLOCKE You'd be surprised. Suddenly, Flocke nods, and the REST OF from the trees behind Richard, guns at spins around, firing a few shots back, opportunity to lunge forward, tackling fall, now in a wrestling match for the HIS PEOPLE burst out the ready. Richard giving Flocke the Richard. The two gun. 9

Behind them, Miles and Harper are distracted for a moment by the sudden arrival. Ilana spins around, wrenching her rifle from Harper's hand and firing a shot right into her leg. Harper screams in pain, falling down as other shots erupt, falling around Ilana. ILANA Run! Ilana grabs Desmond as Miles dives down to check on Harper. The two run into the jungle as the two Others in captivity try to wrestle guns from their captors. Just as they get the guns, however, they are shot down by the reinforcements from the trees. And now we CUT BACK TO Richard and Flocke, wrestling for control of the gun. The Others now look at them, some of them unwilling to shoot Richard, some of them unsure if they can get a good shot. For whatever reason, no one immediately fires on the pair, allowing Richard to wrench the gun from Flocke's hands and dart into the jungle before anyone can shoot him. Flocke immediately gets up, taking a gun from one of the Others and heading in after him. FLOCKE (To Others:) Don't follow us! I want him alive! Flocke heads into the jungle, leaving the Others alone. Miles kneels in front of Harper, who clutches the wound in her leg. (CONTINUED)

16. 9 CONTINUED: MILES Are you OK? HARPER I'll live. Miles nods, tearing off a piece of his jumpsuit and using it to staunch the bleeding. 10 EXT. JUNGLE – SMALL CLEARING – CONTINUOUS 10 9

Richard darts through the jungle, unsure of where he's going, constantly looking behind him to make sure he isn't being followed. He reaches a small clearing; he heads to the center, deciding for a second which way to go. But too late. Flocke emerges from the jungle, gun pointed at Richard's head. FLOCKE Drop the gun, Richard. (Richard does nothing, so:) Drop it. Richard still does not drop his gun, or even turn around to face Flocke, so Flocke fires a shot that grazes Richard's hand, forcing him to drop the gun as he falls back against a tree in pain. Flocke steps forward triumphantly over Richard, his gun level with his enemy's head. FLOCKE (CONT'D) Now, I'm going to ask you again. Will you accept my offer? Richard looks at Flocke, unsure of what to do. WHOOSH starts up again, and we're taken to: 11 EXT. SPANISH PORT – MORNING – FLASHBACK And now the 11

MERCHANTS sell various items along the cobbled pathway to the docks as SAILORS head into the port and leave for their ships. (CONTINUED)

17. 11 CONTINUED: TITLE OVERLAY: SPAIN, 1576 RICARDOS, now a grown man, walks along the docks, a YOUNG WOMAN next to him. RICARDOS (Subtitled) Maria, I'll only be gone for a year. MARIA (Subtitled) No one ever comes back, Ricardos. They stay in the colonies, or . . . RICARDOS (Subtitled) Nothing's going to happen to me. Maria takes Ricardos' hand lightly. MARIA (Subtitled) Why are you doing this? RICARDOS (Subtitled) Why does anyone do this? (Off Maria's look:) I want to do something. For myself. I want to have a purpose in this world. MARIA (Subtitled) You can't find that here? Ricardos shakes his head, so Maria nods, letting go of his hand, allowing him to leave her. 11


18. 11 CONTINUED: MARIA (CONT'D) (Subtitled) I will wait for you. 11

Then go.

RICARDOS (Subtitled) You don't have to. MARIA (Subtitled) I want to. Ricardos smiles, slinging his single bag over his shoulder and heading for the boats, leaving Maria behind. She smiles faintly as he goes, then looks towards the boats, and the ocean beyond them. Ricardos turns around after a few steps, smiling to Maria as he holds up a single finger. RICARDOS (Subtitled) One year. MARIA (Subtitled) One year. And although Maria somehow knows that Ricardos will never return, that she will never see him again, she holds up one finger as well, smiling back at him as he steps onto the dock. END OF ACT ONE


Rain pounds the wooden deck of an old Spanish ship, sending most of the CREW tumbling to the sides, unable to stand for more than two seconds. Ricardos is one of them, clinging onto the side of the ship to stay aboard. Next to him, another DECKHAND spits out a mouthful of seawater before looking up. DECKHAND (Subtitled) We won't be able to last much longer out here! RICARDOS (Subtitled) We have to trust the captain! Ricardos and the deckhand now look up at their CAPTAIN, who stands at the top of the ship, consulting with several OFFICERS as they try desperately to stay aboard this ship. DECKHAND (Subtitled) He doesn't know anything! one who got us here!

He's the

RICARDOS (Subtitled) The storm came out of nowhere! can't blame him!


The deckhand pulls out a small knife, showing it to Ricardos before pointing it subtly towards the captain. DECKHAND (Subtitled) I can blame whoever I want! Suddenly, the rain starts to subside a bit. (CONTINUED)

20. 12 CONTINUED: RICARDOS (Subtitled) It's stopping! It's . . . Suddenly, Ricardos is interrupted by a BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT that engulfs the entire screen. And now we FADE TO: 13 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – DAY – FLASHBACK From “The Incident”, JACOB and JONAH sit on the beach, discussing a ship ahead. JACOB I take it you're here 'cause of the ship. I am. JONAH How did they find the Island? 13 12

JACOB You'll have to ask them when they get here. JONAH I don't have to ask. (A beat, then:) You brought them here. Jacob looks out towards the ocean. 14 EXT. SHIP DECK – SIMULTANEOUSLY – FLASHBACK 14

Ricardos slowly rises, looking over the edge of the ship in disbelief, noticing the Statue of Tawaret dead ahead. Around him, the rest of the crew rises, looking out at the Island ahead, up at the sky, which has suddenly cleared and turned to daytime. DECKHAND (Subtitled) What just happened? Why is . . . (CONTINUED)

21. 14 CONTINUED: The deckhand is speaking to Ricardos, but he seems distracted, amazed at the Island and the statue. DECKHAND (CONT'D) Ricardos! Ricardos turns slowly to the deckhand. RICARDOS (Subtitled) We're safe. (He smiles, then:) Thank God, we're safe. The deckhand looks around at the ship in disbelief, then over at the captain, who points the officers towards the Island. Behind him, Ricardos looks down at his hand, pulling out a small splinter from it and pressing his bleeding finger to his shirt. 15 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – DAY – FLASHBACK The ship has now docked on the uninhabited beach, and the crew unloads supplies from the hold. Crates containing unknown spices and other objects are placed on the sand, under the captain's orders. A ways away, Ricardos sits against the sand, looking at his finger, which has completely healed. DECKHAND (O.S.) (Subtitled) Ricardos! We could use some help! Ricardos looks up to see the deckhand heading towards him angrily. DECKHAND (CONT'D) (Subtitled) They'll notice you sitting here pretty soon. (CONTINUED) 15 14

22. 15 CONTINUED: RICARDOS (Subtitled) I don't care. (Off the deckhand's look:) Can't you feel it? Something about this place . . . it's special. DECKHAND (Subtitled) That's the devil talking. We need to get out of here and back on our way. Now, come on and . . . The deckhand turns around, ready to bring Ricardos back into the camp, when he sees the captain pulling something out from one of the crates. Something that looks suspiciously like . . . RICARDOS (Subtitled) Is that dynamite? The deckhand nods, then sets off towards the captain. Seizing his opportunity, Ricardos gets up, heading into the jungle. As he turns back, he sees a confrontation between the deckhand and the captain. DECKHAND (Subtitled) What's that for? CAPTAIN (Subtitled) A mining colony. Now, get back. DECKHAND (Subtitled) You didn't tell any of us aboutCAPTAIN (Subtitled) I said get back! (CONTINUED) 15

23. 15 CONTINUED: The captain shoves the deckhand away angrily as Ricardos disappears into the jungle. 16 EXT. JUNGLE – CLEARING – A WHILE LATER – FLASHBACK Ricardos is walking slowly when he is startled by JACOB (O.S.) Hello. Ricardos spins around to find himself facing Jacob. RICARDOS (Subtitled) Who are you? JACOB (Subtitled) My name is Jacob. I live on this Island. Who are you? RICARDOS (Subtitled) Ricardos. Jacob smiles, extending his hand. hesitation, Ricardos takes it. After a moment's 16 15

JACOB (Subtitled) You came with the ship? (Ricardos nods, so:) Then why aren't you with the rest of your people? RICARDOS (Subtitled) I don't trust them. JACOB (Subtitled) Why not? (CONTINUED)

24. 16 CONTINUED: RICARDOS (Subtitled) Because they're not good people. And because they don't trust each other. JACOB (Subtitled) You might be right. I like to see the best in people, but then, I don't know the ones on the beach like you do. (A beat, then:) Will you walk with me? Ricardos nods, eager to learn more about Jacob. smiles, leading Ricardos back the way he came. 17 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAY – CONTINUOUS – FLASHBACK Jacob leads Ricardos through the dense jungle. RICARDOS (Subtitled) Why did you come to me? JACOB (Subtitled) I came to you, Ricardos, because I have a job for you. RICARDOS (Subtitled) A job? JACOB (Subtitled) I have a bad feeling that you were right about the people on this ship. And, if that is true, I need you to bring more people here. (CONTINUED) Jacob 17 16

25. 17 CONTINUED: Ricardos stops, staring at Jacob, shocked. around, nonplussed at his reaction. RICARDOS (Subtitled) You want me to stay here? JACOB (Subtitled) I don't think you'll want to leave when you see what I'm going to show you. RICARDOS And what's that? JACOB (Subtitled) Let's keep walking. Jacob and Ricardos keep heading into the jungle. 18 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – JUNGLE ENTRANCE – NIGHT – FLASHBACK 18 Jacob leads Richard out to a small area overlooking the beach. The ship remains there, although there seems to be some conflict brewing in front of it. RICARDOS (Subtitled) This is where I cam from. JACOB (Subtitled) Wait and see. Jacob and Ricardos step forward a bit, now falling within earshot of the group on the beach. And as Ricardos creeps forward, crouching behind the bushes, we JUMP CUT TO: (CONTINUED) Jacob turns 17

26. 19 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – NIGHT – FLASHBACK 19 The deckhand leads a crowd against the captain and the officers. DECKHAND (Subtitled) What are you hiding?! Why were we carrying dynamite?! The captain raises a pistol at the deckhand, keeping his eyes level even as he steps back in fear. CAPTAIN (Subtitled) We're mining in the New World! That's all you need to know! DECKHAND (Subtitled) We want control of the ship! The rest of the crew cheers, starting to push forward against their opponents. DECKHAND (CONT'D) (Subtitled) Let us look at our orders! We want to know what we're really doing! CAPTAIN (Subtitled) No! DECKHAND (Subtitled) Give them to me! The deckhand lunges forward, trying to reach the papers in the captain's pocket, when the captain shoots the deckhand straight through the chest, killing him instantly. (CONTINUED)

27. 19 CONTINUED: CREW MEMBER (Subtitled) Kill them! Another CREW MEMBER leads the mob forward, attacking the captain and the officers. The captain is mowed down immediately, but ONE OF THE OFFICERS grabs a box of the dynamite, scrambling backward towards the statue. 20 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – JUNGLE ENTRANCE – NIGHT – FLASHBACK 20 Ricardos steps forward, trying to help, but Jacob lays a hand on his arm, pulling him back. JACOB (Subtitled) Don't. There's nothing that can be done for them anymore. Ricardos is left to look on glumly as his camp destroys itself. Jacob shares his gaze, staring forward as the officer with the dynamite climbs up onto the pedestal of the statue. 21 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – NIGHT – FLASHBACK 21 The officer stands over the crowd, holding up a stick of dynamite. OFFICER (Subtitled) Stop! Some of the crew stops, looking up at the officer in fear. OFFICER (CONT'D) (Subtitled) I can blow you all up in an instant! The entire crowd now stops, terrified of the officer as he raises the crate proudly in front of him. (CONTINUED) 19

28. 21 CONTINUED: One of the mob, however, brazenly charges forward, guns blazing. CREW MEMBER (Subtitled) No! He fires a shot right at the officer's head, missing and hitting the crate of dynamite instead. And now an explosion rocks the Island unlike one that has rocked it in a long time. An entire crate of dynamite explodes, killing the entire mob surrounding the statue, destroying the foot that the officer stands in front of, and shattering the other leg just above the foot. 22 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – JUNGLE ENTRANCE – NIGHT – FLASHBACK 22 Now Jacob and Ricardos both stare in shock as the statue tumbles backward, collapsing onto the ground and shattering into countless pieces, leaving only the foot behind. JACOB Dear God . . . Ricardos is left speechless, staring at the grave of his entire ship. After a moment, Jacob looks over at him. JACOB (CONT'D) (Subtitled) Do you believe me now, Ricardos? Do you want to remain on this Island? Ricardos looks over at Jacob, nodding slowly. JACOB (CONT'D) Then follow me. Ricardos follows Jacob off into the jungle. END OF ACT TWO 21

29. ACT THREE 23 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – NIGHT – FLASHBACK Jacob and Ricardos march through the jungle, Jacob at the lead. RICARDOS (Subtitled) So . . . you want me to bring more people here? How long will it take? JACOB (Subtitled) Quite a while. (Off Ricardos' look:) There may be several groups of people that you need to bring. RICARDOS (Subtitled) How many? JACOB (Subtitled) As many as it takes. RICARDOS (Subtitled) How am I going to live long enough to do that? JACOB (Subtitled) That's why we're headed to the Temple. (Off Ricardos' look:) I believe you're special, Ricardos. And we're going to a place for people who are special. It's a temple deep in the jungle. Ricardos grabs Jacob's arm, spinning him around. (CONTINUED) 23

30. 23 CONTINUED: RICARDOS (Subtitled) For whom? JACOB (Subtitled) For me. RICARDOS (Subtitled) And what are you? The Lord? JACOB (Subtitled) No, I'm not the Lord. (Off Ricardos' look:) The Temple is where I work. RICARDOS (Subtitled) You work there? And what do you do? JACOB (Subtitled) A lot of things. I do what I think is best for this Island. RICARDOS (Subtitled) So, why are we going there? JACOB (Subtitled) I'm making you my advisor. And, for that to happen, you have to undergo an initiation. Ricardos seems unsure of Jacob's intentions, looking around, looking for a trap. Jacob walks towards Richard, placing his hands on Ricardos' shoulders, smiling softly. (CONTINUED) 23

A temple?

31. 23 CONTINUED: JACOB (CONT'D) (Subtitled) Ricardos, what have you wanted in your life, more than anything else? RICARDOS (Subtitled) Purpose. A job for me to do that's unlike anything anyone else does. JACOB (Subtitled) What if I told you that you could do that forever? RICARDOS (Subtitled) No one lives forever. JACOB (Subtitled) You can. Ricardos' eyes widen at Jacob's offer. JACOB (CONT'D) (Subtitled) I can do the things I do, Ricardos, because I have lived for hundreds of years. I can give you the same gift. You can serve a higher calling for as long as you choose to. You can be I control. Richard nods at Jacob's offer unquestioningly, having just heard everything that he wants out of life, ready to accept anything from Jacob. RICARDOS (Subtitled) Then let's go to the Temple. (CONTINUED) 23

32. 24 INT. THE TEMPLE – INNER CHAMBER – LATER – FLASHBACK Jacob leads Ricardos into the tall, ancient, and empty chamber, stopping in the center. JACOB (Subtitled) Stand here. Right in front of me, right here. Ricardos stands in front of Jacob, allowing Jacob to place his hands on his face and bring their two foreheads together. JACOB (CONT'D) (Subtitled) Just stand still. It'll all be over in a minute. Ricardos nods imperceptibly, closing his eyes. Jacob begins whispering under his breath in an unknown language, concentrating very hard. After a moment, Ricardos starts to go weak, collapsing on the ground. And now we FADE OUT to: TITLE OVERLAY: ONE YEAR LATER 25 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – DAY – FLASHBACK 25 24

Ricardos carries a piece of statue out to the surf, tossing it in and allowing the current to take it out. He turns around, smiling in approval at the cleared statue behind him. He then turns to see Jacob walking up the beach. JACOB Looks great, Richard. RICHARD Thank you. Jacob reaches Richard, patting him on the shoulder. JACOB Your accent is getting better, too. (CONTINUED)

33. 25 CONTINUED: RICHARD You've taught me well. And now we get it – Ricardos is no more. Now the Richard Alpert we know today stands in front of Jacob. JACOB Thank you. And now I think you're ready to leave the Island. RICHARD You have the boats prepared? JACOB They'll do you just fine. RICHARD So, who am I bringing? JACOB I actually have another favor to ask of you. Richard nods, taking a seat on the beach with Jacob. JACOB (CONT'D) I want you to start collecting names for some helpers of your own. (Off Richard's look:) If I'm going to be bringing entire societies here, I need to have people on the Island to . . . police things. RICHARD And what does that entail? JACOB Protect the Island. Monitor what's going on. And, if action needs to be taken, eliminate problems that arise. (CONTINUED) 25

34. 25 CONTINUED: RICHARD These people . . . they'll stay here permanently? JACOB With you. You'll be in charge of appointing a leader, bringing in new people as needed. You'll change clothes, homes, whatever needs to be done. Richard nods, accepting his new responsibility, again without question. RICHARD I have someone who would be good. (Off Jacob's look:) Her name is Maria. I grew up with her, she'd do well here. JACOB Do you love her? RICHARD What? (Off Jacob's look:) Well . . . yes. JACOB I thought you didn't have faith in people. RICHARD I know how much you hate that. (A beat, then:) She's . . . she's different. JACOB I'm sure. Well, Richard, I don't think you'd want to bring her here. (CONTINUED) 25

35. 25 CONTINUED: RICHARD And why is that? JACOB There are negatives to not aging, you know? (Off Richard's look:) If you bring her here, she'll die long before you will. Do you really want that? Richard looks out at the ocean, starting to realize the responsibilities attached to his power, to his mission in life. After a moment, however, he nods, moving past that truth quickly. Possibly too quickly. RICHARD Then I won't bring her. Jacob nods, gesturing behind himself, down the beach. JACOB The boats are about a mile down that way. When you get back, look for a column of black smoke for further instructions. Richard nods, heading down the beach towards the boats, leaving Jacob sitting alone. And now we CUT TO BLACK: TITLE OVERLAY: FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY THREE YEARS LATER 26 EXT. JUNGLE - HILLTOP – AFTERNOON – FLASHBACK 26 25

Richard sits atop a hill, staring out over the growing camp of OTHERS, living in the Dharmaville cottages. After a moment, he is joined by JONAH, who sits down next to him. Richard looks at him, put on edge by his presence. RICHARD You're Jonah, right? (CONTINUED)

36. 26 CONTINUED: JONAH In the flesh. RICHARD Why are you here? JONAH I wanted to know if you were happy with Jacob. RICHARD Of course. Jonah nods, looking out towards the village before continuing. JONAH Must be lonely. Seeing people come in and out, never being able to find someone like you. RICHARD I don't like most people. JONAH Neither do I. That's why I want you to come with me. (Off Richard's look:) Jacob and I are in a war over those people down below. Over all people. See, he believes the best in them. He thinks they can be entrusted with anything. Power. Responsibility. I don't think that's true. RICHARD Then why do you want me? JONAH Because you're not like them. like me. You're (CONTINUED) 26

37. 26 CONTINUED: Richard shakes his head, getting up and heading back down into Dharmaville. RICHARD No. Jonah gets up, standing at the top of the hill and calling out to Richard: JONAH What do you have here, Richard? (Richard keeps walking, so:) What happened to her? Richard stops, turning around to face Jonah. He walks back up the hill and stands right in front of Jonah. RICHARD How did you know? JONAH You're not supposed to be here. Richard shakes his head once more, still unwilling to listen to Jonah's proposal. After a moment, he looks over Jonah's head to see Jacob emerging from the jungle. Jonah turns around, glaring at Jacob as he approaches. JACOB 'Afternoon, Jonah. Jonah turns back around to see Richard holding a PISTOL up at him, keeping it level at his head. RICHARD Walk. And off of Jonah's shocked face: END OF ACT THREE 26

38. ACT FOUR 27 INT. CABIN – MAIN ROOM – LATE AFTERNOON – FLASHBACK Richard leads Jonah into the room at gunpoint. JONAH You're making a mistake, Richard. RICHARD No, I'm not. Richard immediately backs out of the room, shutting the door behind him. 28 EXT. CABIN – FRONT ENTRANCE – CONTINUOUS – FLASHBACK Richard walks out of the cabin to find Jacob sprinkling a ring of volcanic ash it. RICHARD Nice prison you've got here. JACOB You can thank one Horace Goodspeed for building a weekend getaway. Richard steps forward, looking down at the ash. RICHARD Why the ash? Ashes. JACOB Human remains. RICHARD The dead? JACOB Jonah has a problem with the dead. RICHARD Of course he does. (CONTINUED) 28 27

39. 28 CONTINUED: 28

Richard steps out from the ring as Jacob finishes sprinkling the dust, completing a perfect circle. RICHARD (CONT'D) Ben's been asking about you again. Ben. JACOB I don't trust him.

RICHARD Well, what do I tell him? JACOB Tell him I live here. him busy for a while. That'll keep

Richard nods, following Jacob into the jungle. 29 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – A LITTLE LATER – FLASHBACK Jacob and Richard trudge through the jungle on their way back to Dharmaville. JACOB Can I ask you something? (Richard nods, so:) Why have you stayed on this long? Richard pauses, choosing his words carefully as he thinks about all that Jonah told him. After a moment, however, he turns back to Jacob. RICHARD You gave me everything I wanted. What more could I ask for? Jacob nods to himself as he and Richard reach the outskirts of Dharmaville. JACOB I'll be giving you my orders at the Hydra for a while. (CONTINUED) 29

40. 29 CONTINUED: JACOB (CONT'D) Main office, third drawer from the bottom. They're in hieroglyphs. It's locked. (He hands Richard a key, then:) Here's the key. Richard takes the key, heading back into Dharmaville. After a moment, Jacob heads into the jungle, back to the statue. 30 INT. RICHARD'S HOME – LIVING ROOM – LATER – FLASHBACK Richard walks into his home to find ETHAN ROM waiting for him. Ethan. RICHARD What is it? 30 29

ETHAN We found someone. Richard nods, heading with Ethan out of the home. 31 INT. DHARMAVILLE BRIG – STAIRWELL – LATER – FLASHBACK Ethan leads Richard down the stairwell, going over information with him quickly. ETHAN Name's Henry Gale, he says he came here from Minnesota in a hot air balloon. RICHARD Does Ben know yet? ETHAN No. RICHARD Good. (CONTINUED) 31

41. 31 CONTINUED: 31

Richard reaches the front door of the holding cell, nodding in farewell to Ethan and letting himself in. 32 INT. DHARMAVILLE BRIG – CELL – CONTINUOUS – FLASHBACK 32

Richard enters the room to find HENRY GALE, the real Henry Gale, tied up and on the floor, looking up at him, terrified. HENRY Are you going to kill me? RICHARD Let's see what you have to say. JUMP CUT TO: 33 INT. DHARMAVILLE BRIG – CELL – LATER – FLASHBACK Richard sits in front of Henry, deep in interrogation. RICHARD So, you came here a few weeks ago, stayed in the jungle before heading to the beach. And that's where we found you. HENRY Please. Please let me go. I just want to get back to my wife. Henry's plea stirs a deep memory within Richard, one he hasn't had to recall in many years. RICHARD You love her, don't you? (Henry nods, so:) You know how long I've been on this Island? 424 years. And in that time, I've learned to lose touch with what people want. How they feel. (CONTINUED) 33

42. 33 CONTINUED: Henry stares at Richard in shock, but Richard presses forward, revealing a secret to Henry that he has kept for centuries. RICHARD (CONT'D) But I did love someone. When I first came here, I was in love with a woman. But I chose something greater. I chose to serve this Island. (A beat, then:) But when I first left . . . I felt like I had to see her. And then, when I got there . . . she had died. A year, and she was gone. And I thought to myself, that I should feel so bad for what happened. But even then, I knew that one day, I wouldn't care. People, maybe, I would care about. But one person? It didn't matter anymore. (He looks up at Henry, then:) So don't tell me about your wife expecting any sympathy from me. Henry stares in shock at Richard. loosen the ropes tying him down. HENRY Please . . . have mercy. go. RICHARD I'm sorry. Richard gets up, heading out of the room, but Henry jumps up, desperately trying to get out by bringing down Richard. But Richard is too quick for him, spinning around and firing two shots right into Henry with the pistol he used on Jonah. Henry falls back against the ground, dead as Richard leaves the room. And now the WHOOSH starts, taking us to: (CONTINUED) Behind him, he starts to 33

Let me


Flocke stands over Richard, gun still pointed at his head. FLOCKE You really believe what you're doing is the right thing? RICHARD Maybe not. But I have faith that Jacob was right. Flocke frowns, ready to shoot Richard down, when he is interrupted by: KATE (O.S.) Locke? Flocke spins around, raising his gun at Kate, who has appeared from the jungle, Jin and Hurley at her heels. Flocke stares in shock at Kate, unable to even fire. FLOCKE You're all back . . . Kate immediately raises her gun to meet Flocke's. A moment later, however, gunshots are heard from the Orchid. Jonah! MILES (O.S.) Help!

Flocke takes off towards the Orchid, leaving Kate, Hurley, and Jin to step towards Richard. RICHARD How are you here? HURLEY Long story. RICHARD Where are the others? (CONTINUED)

44. 34 CONTINUED: KATE Jack and Sawyer got separated from us. And now everyone realizes what's just happened, what Flocke was running to. RICHARD He's got a whole group at the Orchid waiting for them. The four take off towards the Orchid. 35 EXT. THE ORCHID – GREENHOUSE ENTRANCE – CONTINUOUS 35 34

Richard, Kate, Hurley, and Jin emerge at the Orchid, but it is now entirely deserted, save for the bodies of the two Others. Kate looks around in shock, then heads right for the treeline. Jack! Sawyer! KATE Jack!

Richard steps forward, stopping her just as she's heading into the jungle. Kate. RICHARD It's not worth it.

Kate spins around angrily at Richard. They have them. abandonKATE We can't just

RICHARD You can't help them now. Kate stares in shock at Richard. And off of her realization that Jack and Sawyer may be gone END OF ACT FOUR


Two of Flocke's Others keep their guns trained on Jack and Sawyer, who kneel in the dirt, their hands tied. Flocke stands in front of them,kneeling down as he begins to interrogate them. FLOCKE How many of them are you? SAWYER You're not Locke. Why should we talk to you? FLOCKE Answer my questions and you stay alive. JACK It's us, Kate, Hurley, Jin, and Sun. Sayid would've, but . . . he didn't make it. FLOCKE What about Juliet? (Off Jack's look:) She's supposed to be here. Where's Juliet? SAWYER She's dead, jackass. Flocke looks at Sawyer, thinking for a moment before rising slowly. FLOCKE She shouldn't be. This isn't supposed to happen. Flocke walks away from Jack and Sawyer as Miles kneels in front of Harper, doing his best to bandage her up. (CONTINUED)

46. 36 CONTINUED: MILES Any pain? HARPER Feels kind of numb, actually. Miles looks at Harper's leg, worried as Flocke walks over to him. FLOCKE She looks bad. I'll be fine. HARPER I just need36

FLOCKE Can you make it across a day's walk? HARPER Well, no, butFlocke pulls out a gun, pointing it at Harper's head. FLOCKE Then I'm sorry. Miles stands up in shock, trying to wave Flocke's arm away. MILES Whoa. She'll be fine, just give her some time. FLOCKE She's not valuable anymore. has to be done. This

Harper stares up at Flocke, terrified as she feebly tries to crawl away as Miles tries desperately to stop Flocke. MILES No, wait(CONTINUED)

47. 36 CONTINUED: 36

Boom. Harper falls back against the ground, a bullet through her chest, dead. Jack, Sawyer, Miles, and the rest of the camp stare in shock at Flocke as he steps away, pocketing his gun. And off of Miles' realization that he may have made the wrong choice in joining Flocke, we CUT TO: 37 EXT. JUNGLE – SMALL CLEARING – SIMULTANEOUSLY 37

Richard bandages his hand as he and Kate walk back through the jungle, Hurley and Jin at their heels. KATE So, you're in a war? RICHARD Seems that way, yes. I assume we can count on you. KATE Not until you tell me why you let them go. RICHARD I let them go because this Island is more important than any one person. KATE What good is the Island if there's no one there to live on it? RICHARD I believe that the Island chooses who deserves to live on it and who doesn't. KATE I don't care about the Island. Tomorrow, I'm going after them. (Off Richard's look:) You know why Jack and Sawyer were captured? We were walking through (CONTINUED)

48. 37 CONTINUED: KATE (CONT'D) the jungle when we heard gunshots. They took off, trying to help. (A beat, then:) You've got to have a little faith in people sometimes. Richard nods to himself, heading towards a clearing. Suddenly, Ilana appears from the jungle, Desmond at her side. She smiles upon seeing Richard. ILANA You're alive. (Re: Kate, Hurley, and Jin) Who are they? RICHARD They're friends. Desmond steps forward, staring in confusion at the others. DESMOND (To Hurley:) You all are back, too? Yeah. HURLEY How are you here? 37

DESMOND I don't know. One minute I'm in a hospital room, next I'm back on this bloody Island. HURLEY Dude, that's messed up. Desmond now turns to Richard, clearly looking for answers. RICHARD What makes you think I know what's going on? (CONTINUED)

49. 37 CONTINUED: HURLEY 'Cause you've been here for, like, ever. RICHARD Age doesn't equal wisdom. Ilana looks at Richard curiously, but then steps forward, interrupting the conversation. ILANA We should get back to camp. JIN Is Sun there? RICHARD If you're back, who knows? Jin nods eagerly, following Richard and Ilana as they return to their camp. After a moment's hesitation, Kate, Hurley, and Desmond follow. 38 EXT. JUNGLE – FLOCKE'S CAMP – A LITTLE LATER Jack and Sawyer converse quietly, still tied up. SAWYER You think this is our destiny, doc? JACK Shut up, Sawyer. SAWYER You got any bright ideas for how to get out of here? JACK I'm thinking. Elsewhere, Flocke sits on the ground, examining his knife. (CONTINUED) 38 37

50. 38 CONTINUED: All around him, the Others stare at him nervously, as off to the side, Miles finishes filling a shallow grave. He is interrupted by a rustling in the bushes ahead. MILES What the hell . . . Flocke looks over at Miles, then at the bushes, getting up and bringing his knife out in front of him. FLOCKE Get back, Miles. Miles quickly moves backward, allowing Flocke to walk forward, trying to see what is in the bushes. Suddenly, a figure steps out from the bushes, looking around in terror. And as she lays eyes on Flocke, she steps back in shock. Flocke's look matches hers, however, as he breathes out a greeting: FLOCKE (CONT'D) Claire? CUT TO BLACK: END OF EPISODE 38

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