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									                     How to Claim Your Blog on Technorati
Objective: Claim your blog on technorati to be included in Technorati updates.

NOTE: You must already be registered at Technorati to begin.

       STEP 1: Log in to your account at
       STEP 2: Enter Your URL
       o Click on Manage My Blogs

This page will have all your claimed blogs listed.

       o Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Claim a Blog box and enter your new
         blog’s URL.
       o Click Begin Claim
o You now have THREE choices for claiming your blog.
   Open ID Claim - Clicking this link will take you to your blog where it will
     ask you for permission to allow this OpenID blog claim. Agree to claim it.
   Quick Claim - Enter the username and password for your blog. This
     information will only be used to verify that you own the blog, it won't be
     shared or stored.
   Post Claim - Just write a new post in your blog that includes a special link
     to your Technorati Profile to get the ball rolling. You can always delete the
     post later.
    For this example we’ll do a post claim.
    o Click on Use Post Claim.
    o Open your blog in another window or tab in your browser.
           Login to the blog.
           Create a new post.
           Copy and paste code from Technorati to your new blog post.
           Publish blog post.
           Click Release the Spiders

    STEP 3: Customize Your Information in Technorati
    o The final page of the claim allows you to add tags and custom information for
      your blog on Technorati.
    o Fill in the description and tags.
o Copy and paste the “Favorite this blog” button into a widget of your sidebar if
  you wish. This is optional, but good to use if you are going to use Technorati to
  push traffic to your blog.
o Click Save Blog Info
     You can go back and delete the post you made now if you want.

               You have successfully claimed your blog in Technorati.
              If you have blogs to claim simply repeat the above steps.

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