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									Google AdWords PPC advertising success secret

In the online world there are several different ways to advertise and to direct traffic to your web site and
PPC or pay per click advertising is one of them. This is the kind of advertising a person can find among
other Google advertising options, such as Google contextual advertising, for instance, when you can
place your ads on the web sites, which content would be relevant to your ads‟ content. PPC advertising
campaigns can be accomplished with the aid of Google AdWords. This Google feature has been
extremely popular among the millions of online users and business people. However, many people also
got very frustrated about the results they have received from running PPC Google AdWords advertising
campaigns. Though, this does not mean that Google AdWords does not work. What it really means is that
when people follow the well trodden path and do the things everybody else is doing, they usually get the
results everybody else is getting. Even though, using Google AdWords seems a rather easy task, to
reach success one still has to know some things about it. Otherwise, it well might be that you will only get
disappointed and waste your advertising dollars. Thus, I will dedicate this article to giving you some
insights on how to make your Google AdWords advertising successful.

One thing you have to learn about Google AdWords advertising, before you actually engage in it, is
Google ranking rules. The ranking is what determines the position your ads will take on the Google
search list. The higher your rankings are, the better your position is going to be and the more chances
there are your ads will get clicked and your site will receive traffic from them. However, money is not the
only factor that can influence your Google rankings, when you resort to Google AdWords PPC
advertising. In Google, if you have high CT rates (which means your ads are getting a considerable
number of clicks ratio to the number of impressions), you will also have the high rankings and your ads
will appear high up in the Google search result list. This, of course, will make your Google AdWords PPC
advertising even more successful and it will help you to save much money on your PPC advertising. For,
even bidding less for your key words or phrases, you will still preserve high ranking position. Though, in
this respect there is one commonly made mistake. Many people, resorting to Google AdWords services,
go easy at first with it and try to invest as small amounts of money in it as possible. You may wonder what
is wrong with such a promotional strategy. Here it is. If you spend only small amounts of money on your
Google AdWords advertising at the very beginning, it will take you weeks or even months to get any CT
rates with your ads. For, they will have poor positions in the Google search results and there will be few
chances people would pay any attention to them. The statistics show, that the ads, which take the top ten
or twelve positions, are the ones, which have most chanced to be clicked and to produce high CTR. Thus,
when you just start your Google AdWords advertising camping you have to buy your way up. Though,
later on, when you get high CTR, you will be able to cut down your bids and save some money.

The Crying Indian advertising campaign

The Crying Indian is the advertising campaign of Keep America Beautiful Inc. This organization was
founded back in 1953 and since that time it has put all possible efforts towards promoting and installing
community beautification, environment improvement, pollution and littering prevention. Keep America
Beautiful has over 560 affiliates in different states, cities and towns of America. Over the last years this
nonprofit organization was able to improve the environment of over 15 thousands of American local
communities. Moreover, it leads not only beautification and clean up activities, but also puts efforts
towards educating people and helping them to realize the need of keeping their communities as well as
the surrounding environment clean and unpolluted. The goal of Keep America Beautiful Inc. is to teach
and inspire people to keep their neighborhoods clean and beautiful to look at, beautiful to live in, to work
in and to visit.

The first significant advertising campaign, conducted by the joint effort of Keep America Beautiful and Ad
Council, was “Suzy Spotless”. It was created and launched in 1961. The main slogan and idea of that
advertising campaign was that if people start the pollution, they can stop it. The Crying Indian advertising
campaign was created for Keep American Beautiful by Young & Rubicam's Marstellar Inc. agency in the
year of 1971. It was launched by Keep America Beautiful on the Earth Day of the same year. The main
character of this advertising campaign was the American actor Chief Iron Eyes Cody. It main slogan was:
"People Start Pollution. People can stop it. » The Crying Indian commercial showed the Chief wondering
through the land in a search of wonders of the Nature, but the only things he finds everywhere are trash
and pollution. Then the camera zooms in and people can see how single tear running down from the
Chief's eye. This powerful advertising message has greatly influenced the generation it was addressed to.
The Crying Indian commercial is named among one of the top and most brilliant 100 advertising
campaigns of the 20th Century. In fact, the Crying Indian has won two Clio awards and Chief Iron Eyes
Cody, who starred in that commercial, was honored with a star bearing his name on the Famous Walk of
Fame on Hollywood Boulevard.

After The Crying Indian advertising campaign was out, Keep America Beautiful started to receive over
2000 letters monthly from those people, who wanted to join this organization and become its local
volunteers. by the end of The Crying Indian advertising campaign Keep American Beautiful was able to
reduce litter by as much as 88 percents in some 300 communities, 38 states, and even in several
countries. With the time, this organization has established special Iron Eyes Cody Award, which honors
and awards outstanding male volunteers for their exceptional leadership in raising public awareness
about litter prevention, roadside and community beautification, solid waste issues and other
environmental and community beautification activities.

American Express advertising campaigns

American Express is one of the US brands with rich history behind it, which has gone Global and became
the brand, well known and acknowledged around the world. This company was founded back in 1850.
Since that time, it has not only had a rich history of economical and business development, but also rich
history of running successful advertising campaigns. A lot of American Express advertising is closely
related with famous people. For, a number of famous American Express advertising campaigns has
engaged famous actors, sports men, coaches and other famous and public people into them. In the year
of 1975, for instance, Ogilvy&Mather advertising agency has created and launched “Don‟t Leave Home
Without It” American express advertising campaign. During this American Express advertising campaign
people were shown different celebrities. Though, their name was never mentioned, except on their
American Express card. The celebrity person asked people the question: “Do you know me?” and gave
them some hints to answer that. This American Express advertising campaign was so successful, that it
was up and running for over a decade and has ended only by the 90s of the last century. Though, its
slogan “Don‟t Leave Home Without It” is considered to be very successful and one of the best in
American Express advertising. Thus, it was brought back by the company in 2005 in their Traveler
Cheque Card American Express advertising campaign.

Another outstanding American Express advertising campaign was “My life. My card”, created by the same
Ogilvy&Mather advertising agency and launched by American Express Company in 2004. During the
course of this American Express advertising campaign, its famous cardmembers such, as actor Robert
De Niro or tennis pro Andy Roddick, were sharing with people about their lives.

Another one of the American Express advertising campaign that this company has been running already
for some while, is advertising with NBA and WNBA. According to the researches, conducted in 2001,
NBA players were acknowledged by Americans to be the best celebrity athletes to advertise and promote
products and services. Thus, American Express Company has been the partner of NBA since the 1995
and of WNBA since the 1997. Moreover, among the cardmembers of American Express there are a lot of
NBA and WNBA fans. In the 2002-2003, after renewing its partnership with NBA, American Express has
created new Make Life Rewarding advertising campaign. This company will continue to engage famous
NBA players, coaches, legends and fans in its advertising and promotions. For, this allows American
Express to uphold its brand image and reputation and to reach its consumers in more entertainment and
fun ways. The company will also run its ad messages through the leagues‟ media sources, including and, NBA TV, international broadcasts and print publications.

That was some information on American Express advertising and its promotional campaigns.

Customer knowledge management concept

Probably, there is no such sphere of business management that would be counted as unimportant for
companies‟ successful operations on the market. In this article I would like to introduce to your attention
some information on the sphere of knowledge management. For, customer knowledge management is
one of the essentials ingredients needed for attaining success in business. Moreover, it can constitute for
companies a significant competitive advantage.

Customer knowledge management is a technique used for collecting, transferring, securing, interpreting
and managing information within various companies and organizations. Customer knowledge
management helps marketers, mangers and other decision makers to find the best uses and application
for the information they possess. Customer knowledge management includes both spheres of technical
software solutions and expert consultancy in the area of competitive intelligence. For, various mangers
need not only to be able to collect and process data and information, but also apply it in the best possible
way and come up with well grounded business solution. However, this requires much more than good
informational system software. For, in some situations the solution can be found only with the application
of personal knowledge gained from the years of business and management experience. Therefore,
customer knowledge management technologies and consultancies are used for identifying, collecting and
organizing existing knowledge; obtaining new knowledge and initiating innovation through reuse and
leveraging the overall level of employees‟ expertise across organizations to produce the enhanced
business performances.

However, in order to apply customer knowledge management and to select the most perfectly fitting his or
her business needs KM system; an entrepreneur has to gain an understanding of how knowledge
management works. If you have good data management system it does not mean yet that you have all
you need for customer knowledge management. For, raw data cannot provide you with the proper
information, insights and context for gaining knowledge to base your decisions upon. In order to become
meaningful, data has to be „in context‟ and only then it can make sense and be of any use to you. Context
attributes meaning to data and turns it into information. Thus, for example, you may have a data on the
amount of adult population of your city, but unless you view it in the context of more demographics, of
purchasing capacity, of other market conditions and of your business proposition, this data would have no
meaning for you and will not make valid information. For, the concept of information embodies the
understanding of context and relations between different pieces of data. Only such pattern relations of
data and its context can make it information adapted into knowledge. For, knowledge is the ability to
realize and understand the data patterns and their implications. That is what knowledge management
helps companies‟ management to deal with.

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