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					Practice 1
Finding topics and identifying subtopics.

Sentence 1:
Title: Respectful Filipino children
  I.        Forms in demonstrating respect
               A. By using „po‟ and „opo‟ while talking to the elders
               B. By addressing „kuya‟ or „ate‟ to elders regardless of whether or not they are truly
               C. By kissing elders and the „mano po‟ culture.
Opinion: Filipino children are very respectful to elders especially to their parents. They take their
hand and hit it gently in their foreheads. They do this every time they meet an elder. Children do
this because it is their way of showing love to each other and it is a sign of respecting them.

Sentence 2:
Title: The Filipino Heritage
       I.      Different heritage of Filipinos
                   A. Diverse ethnic
                   B. Diverse cultural background
                   C. Value our family
                   D. Rich natural resources
                   E. Nonviolent freedom fighters
                          1. Dr. Jose Rizal
                          2. Mrs. Corazon Aquino
Opinion: What we are today as a people and what our nation has now become is made up of
these entire rich legacy from the past. We hope we in the present generation can manage to leave
behind more treasures of events and beginnings that our children and grandchildren can also be
proud of one day.
Facts: There are new developments and achievements in the Philippines particularly in the areas
of people, culture, the arts and crafts, religion, lifestyles, travel and fashion.
Natural resources
Air, plants and animals, Coal, fossil fuels, rock and mineral resources, forestry, soils, water,
oceans, lakes, groundwater and rivers.

Metallic and non-metallic minerals
Pyrite, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Hematite, Graphite, Halite, and Opal.
Sentence 3:
Title: Expensive expression of loyalty to our country

  I.   Kinds of expressing love to our country
           A. Loss of lives
                  1. Heroes risking their lives
           B. Loss of comfort
                  1. Losing a family member
           C. Loss of Property
                  1. Places affected by the war
Opinion: We think that loyalty between families still exists, and hopefully it always will.
Friends & intimate relationships and in our country, however is decreasing by each generation.

Facts: Not everyone is capable of keeping loyalty. Especially us Filipinos, we work abroad and
leave our country without thinking that our country needs us. Due to our big dreams, we forget
how to become loyal to our own nation.

Sentence 4:
Title: Streets of Malaybalay City
  I.   Changes in the street of Malaybalay City
          A. Had increased in crime rate
          B. Had been dangerous
Opinion: In this new generation, there are things that are uncontrolled. There‟s no such place
where you called safe. Danger is everywhere. It depends on the person if he/she will get rid of
this danger zone but wherever and whatever you do, if God is with you, you will always be safe.
Facts: Change is constant. Places are changing. Danger is everywhere.
Sentence 5:
Title: Philippines is potential to progress
  I.   Philippines resources to become progressive
           A. Varied Flora and Fauna
           B. Arable lands
           C. Minerals
Opinion: Philippines have many potential ways in progressing. Only that, we are lack of
machines that will be used in making an item. We also fail to appreciate our materials and we
choose other items over our own. We don‟t know that we can produce such items that we
idolized and sometimes even better that it.
Facts: Although the Philippines is rich in agricultural potential, inadequate infrastructure, lack of
financing, and government policies have limited productivity gains. Philippine farms produce
food crops for domestic consumption and cash crops for export.

Sentence 6:
Title: World known multitalented Filipinos
  I.   Different fields excelled by Filipinos
           A. Music
                   1. Lea Salonga
                          i.   perform world wide
                         ii.   play the lead role in the musical Les Miserables
                        iii.   singing voice of Princess Jasmine in Disney
                   2. Charice Pempengco
                          i.   Filipino international singing sensation
                         ii.   part of the second season of Glee
           B. Boxing
                   1. Manny Pacquiao
                          i.   WBC world flyweight champion
                         ii.   IBF world super bantamweight champion
                        iii.   WBC world super featherweight champion
           C. Fashion design
                   1. Paul Herrera
                          i.   Grand Prize winner of the Philippine Young Designer's
                               Competition 2007
                         ii.   Metro Magazine's Best Design for Accessories in 2007
           D. Science
                   1. Agapito Flores
                          i.   inventor of the fluorescent lamp
               Opinion: Filipinos are multi-potentiality gifted. We are good especially in terms
               of developing strategies for lifetime fulfillment.

               Facts: Our culture does not encourage the gifted to lead lives that are congruent
               with their inner creativity. Instead, they are expected to focus on making a living
               and be “gifted on their own time.”

Sentence 7:
Title: Filipinos are admirable
  I.   Filipinos admirable traits
           A. Hospitality
                   1. friendly and welcoming
           B. Unique tradition of showing respect
                   1. Reverence and value

Opinion: For us Filipinos, serving other people the best of what we have leave us an honor and a
promise of true friendship.
Facts: Traveling in this country means more of building relationship with its people and
understanding their customs. Filipinos love entertaining foreign visitors as to help, or for
whatever reasons, interacting with them is unavoidable. Hence, aside from the country‟s
stunning natural assets, meeting us Filipinos gives a promise of a true friendship and memories
to keep.

Description: My assignment in our English class. We were given sentences in where we need to identify the topic and subtopics of each of the given sentences. We were also tasked to give our opinion about the certain topic as well as identify the facts that are given in each of the sentences.