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612-812-0958                                                                                          Minnetonka, MN 55305

Key Areas of Expertise
 15+ years sales management,                 Developed global business and market strategies
    upstream and downstream                   Designed budgets and marketing plans
    marketing                                 New product launch branding, planning and
 Cross disciplinary leadership                   execution
 5 Year / 10 Year Plan development           Developed KOL relationships
 Managed complete product lifecycle          Managed 3-7 product and senior product marketing
 Class I, II, III Medical devices                managers and support staff
 Business and market analysis and            Managed 25-75 distributor sales people
Therapeutic markets: Pediatrics, pulmonology, cardiology, urology, gynecology
Technologies/medical specialties: cardiac monitors, ventilators, urology and cardiac catheters, urologic
stents, pacing leads/pacemakers, wound care, infection control, urologic implants, office diagnostics,
surgery, endoscopy.

Professional Experience

iFusion Strategies, LLC Minnetonka, MN                                                                            2009-Present
Privately held company developing methods of delivering critical information to medical professionals .

Principal/Product Development
        A partnership developing an IT-driven surgical instrument training program for medical device
        company sales teams and their surgeon-customers. It provides solutions for critical downstream
        training and compliance challenges for companies seeking best practices.

Magellan Medical Technology Consultants, Minneapolis, MN                                                            2008-2009
Full service consulting company providing programs and strategies to the Life Sciences industry

Business Development Director
Project examples: Incidence/Prevalence Studies-infection Control/ Clinical Support/ Reimbursement Project Design/ Market
Assessment/Product Assessment/Customer Satisfaction/ Clinical Research Account Management/Surgical Procedure Training
Program Development
         Initiated new client database, including dashboard proposal tracking system and needs
          assessments, product pipeline, statements of work and project contracts.
         Edited branding initiatives including website, positioning statements, trade show initiatives and
          corporate brochure; created the corporate trademarked tagline.
         Identified, negotiated and planned projects worth $5.3M in less than 18 months.
         Provided account management for 3 existing clinical projects valued at $5M ensuring objectives
          were met resulting in project extensions valued at $400K.
JJE Enterprises, LLC, Minnetonka, MN                                                                                1998-2008
Privately held project management and business consulting to B2C companies

Principal Consultant
        Ice Sculpture Designs: Operations, promotional planning and execution, advertising, budget and cost analysis,
        bookkeeping, billing, product tracking, delivery analysis, customer feedback, trade show support. ‟06-‟08 contract
        Ideal Health/Synergy Worldwide: Distributor Nutritional Product Sales; Regional Training and Coaching Center;
        Promotional Programs: ex: TV infomercial advertising development, sales script development, tradeshow promotion,
        database development. ‟98-‟07 contract & commission
        Gallagher, Gosseen, Faller & Crowley Ltd: Medical Records Research-trial preparation ‟06-‟07 contract
        Presenting It Marketing Services: Business development, business plan development, financial planning, market analysis,
        profit and pricing analysis ‟06-„07 contract                                                                                                       Page 1
          Alliance ISP Solutions: contract development and franchisee support; new ISP partner training technical support and set-
          up ‟05 contract
          ZNet Internet Service Provider: Business/strategy development, sales, promotions, planning. ‟98-‟00 contract

     Created and implemented 5 year business plans for 3 start-up companies positioning them to achieve
     profitability. Z Net, Presenting It, Ice Sculpture Designs
          Plans included profitability/pricing models, staff and sales growth projections, budget
              development, profit projections and market and competitive analyses.
          Increased sales by 18% through development of marketing promotional plans and integrating
              a customer satisfaction feedback process.
          Reduced costs by 5% by driving manufacturing, brand development, promotion and delivery
              efficiencies through inventory tracking systems, promotional program analysis, budget
              tracking and a streamlined billing processes.
     Consulted to new and existing web hosting and internet service franchisees; developed contract
     agreements, provided new business development support and business start-up technical support.
     Alliance ISP Solutions
     Provided document research services for defense trial preparation of 2 multi-million dollar corporate
     liability suits. Gallagher, Gosseen, Faller & Crowley Ltd.

Med Amicus, Inc., Plymouth, MN                                                                                       1996-1998
Publicly held $7.2MM cardiology catheter, lead and gynecology diagnostics manufacturing company

Officer/VP Sales and Marketing
      Drove company profitability/ROI increases in less than 2 years by refocusing organization
         strategy, eliminating underperforming business line and redirecting human capitol.
      Increased sales by 10% by expanding customer base using total quality processes and
         establishing VOC metrics.
      Increased market share by 14%, sales by 42% and average selling price by 12% through
         independent distributors by developing and driving brand identity and new product launch
      Led strategic planning, creation, P&L development and implementation of 5 Year Plan.
Medtronic, Inc., Fridley, MN                                                                                         1993-1996
$150M division of a $1.2Bil Cardiology/Neurology company providing implantable pacing technologies for cardiac management

Marketing Director
    Contributed key business strategies to the 10 year global strategic plan. Corporation became the
        industry leader with 60% market share.
    Managed 5 product marketing managers and support staff responsible for bringing 7 new
        products through development to launch improving company trending to 11% CAGR.
    Integrated lean total quality methods and VOC metrics into upstream marketing and cross-
        disciplinary product development teams.
    Identified new product concepts through global key opinion leaders' (KOLs) collaboration,
        integrating unique country policies and regulations, quality requirements and technology needs.
    Created and published a tool for product marketing staff development called the “Marketing
        Competencies Guide” through an HR and training department collaboration.
Pfizer/American Medical Systems, Inc., Minnetonka, MN                                                                1989-1993
$80M Urology division of Pfizer specializing in treatments for impotence/ incontinence/ urologic diseases

Product Manager/Marketing Director
    Produced a new revenue stream by directing a matrix team that established a new division and
        its technology. Established brand identity and delivered products to market leading a team of 3
        product marketing managers and support staff.
        Identified and conducted due diligence on 21 potential acquisitions.
    Created pipeline expansion revenue within 3 years by identifying, negotiating and closing
        technology licensing contracts for 3 acquisitions.                                                                                                         Page 2
      Expanded operations integrating a Class II manufacturing business with an existing Class III
       facility in less than 18 months.
      Pfizer Corporate project team member for late stage plan development, positioning and marketing
       of Viagra to Urologists and patients.

Education and Training

University St. Thomas                                                                Minneapolis, MN
University of Minnesota                                                              Minneapolis, MN
       Global Business Management/Principles of Marketing Coursework
University of Chicago- Kellogg School of Management                                       Chicago, IL
        Global Business Management/Marketing Coursework
University of Michigan                                                                  Ann Arbor, MI
        Strategic Market Planning
Minnesota State University                                                             Moorhead, MN
       BS Education

Related Professional Development
       Statistical Process Control – Medtronic, Inc.
       Quality Function Deployment Training - Medtronic, Inc.
       Sales/Marketing Executives International (SMEI) & Market Smart Academy:
            Social Media Strategy/Planning/ Brand Playbook Development
       The Strategic Planning / Sales Planning
       Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers
       Medical Coding Updates
       Professional Selling Skills III/ Fortune Group Sales Management
       Developing a Marketing Plan
       TQI Program Facilitator Training

       “BPH Diagnostic and Treatment Guidelines”
       AHCPR (AHRQ) Panel Member
       US Department of Health and Human Services                                                                              Page 3

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