2.0.1 MMB and MH_I by zhangyun


									       MICE WBS rebuild/extract:
• Top level:                                           S/w to be included in tasks as
                                                       Appropriate (c.f, tracker group)

  – http://mice.iit.edu/tb/MICE-Schedule/            S/w infrastructure (fibre to ATLAS
                                                    centre for expample) in infrastructure

  – PM: (Long acting)
• Level 2:
  – MICE Muon Beam, MICE Hall and infrastructure
     • MMB, MH&I: Nichols
     • S/w, cntrls, instrumentation: Apsimon
  – MICE Instrumentation:
     • Bross                               To be expanded to next levels
  – MICE Cooling Channel                              asap.

     • Zisman
    2.0 MICE Muon Beam, MICE Hall,
• MICE Muon Beam, MICE Hall, infrastructure:
   – Nichols
• Software, controls, instrumentation:
   – Apsimon
                2.0.1 MICE Muon Beam:              Long

2.0 MMB, MH&I
                2.0.2 MICE Hall and infrastructure: Nelson

                2.0.3 Christmas 2007 shutdown:     Hayler
         2.0.1 MICE Muon Beam
• Long
    • Booth

•   Removal of old target:                                              •   37: Installation of the PSU:
      • Discussion with RPA:                                                  • Location defined, working with A.Nobbs
             •     Require revised method statement quantifying         •   40: Installation of target controls:
                   doses, isotopes etc.
                                                                              • Location defined, working DL on controls, S.Britnell on
                      • Suggestion using MMPX to evaluate                          cabling in Hall and MLCR
                                                                        •   Revision of schedule promised for 13Sep07
             •     Revision goal: 13Sep07
•   18: Jacking motor controls:
      • Working with G.Charnley, to be updated, goal 13Sep07.
•   23: Cable installation: working with A.Nobbs, to be updated, goal
•   33: Development of bearings: working S.Payne
      • Require to prepare document for CM19. Document to:
             •     Propose operation scheme to be presented to ISIS
                   (Findlay) for running from January ’08;
             •     Propose development plan for final target bearing
           Q35 refurbishment
    • Long

•   Refurbishment scheme needs to be reviewed in light of
      •   Review to be carried out as soon as E.Cappozi and
          C.Locket are both avaulable.
•   Testing scheme to be developed in consultation with M.Hughes
    and K.Tilley Linde refridgerator
• Courthold

    •   Noted pressure on schedule:
          •   First priority: must not be allowed to slip:
                 •    Implies potential call on additional resources
    •   Require to ensure adequate number of people trained for working at height:
          •   MC has organisation of training course in hand
                 •    ~8 places available.
                 •    Agreed: first call on places for:
                         •   Spensley (if not already trained), Jamdagni (+second Hall Foreman), Capozzi,
                             Lockett, Courthold, Nelson, Jones
        PSI solenoid
• Courthold

     •   To be reviewed for next week (13Sep07)
     •   Noted from discussion:
           •   Require to add electrical testing schedule
           •   Swagelock adaptor, which is on order, is required before vac test can begin.
                  •    Question added ‘in proof’:
                         •   Does this need to be chased with Swagelock? Q4—9 installation
• Nelson

    •   To be reviewed for next week (13Sep07)
    •   Noted from discussion:
          •   Presently only delivery schedule
          •   Installation schedule needs to be developed
                             2.0.2 MICE Hall
• Nelson
    •   Tasks identified (with person responsible) below. [Caution, may not be complete list:]
          •   Magnetic shield walls                           Nelson
          •   MICE Hall Floor:                                Nelson
                 •    Plinth (concrete infill in ‘pit’)
                 •    False floor (levelling sloping floor)
          •   Rolling platforms                               Nelson
          •   Water                                           Govens
          •   Air conditioning                                Govens
          •   Power                                           Griffiths
          •   Liquid-hydrogen system                          Ivanyushenkov
          •   MLCR                                            Kyberd
          •   Networking                                      Brandwood
          •   Cabling:                                        Griffiths
                 •    Linde
                         •    Test positions                  Courthold
                         •    Final positions                 Courthold
                 •    Cable trays/cable layout etc. MICE Local Control Room
• Kyberd

   •   P.Kyberd not at meeting so noted:
         •   Revision requested for 13Sep07
         •   Personnel responsible for sub-systems:
                •    Civil work:                      Houseman in absence of Pyke
                •    PPS                              Alexander
                •    Networking                       Brandwood
                •    Racks                            ‘DL’
                •    Rack installation                PK
                •    Cabling                          Britnell
             2.0.3 XMas2007-shutdown
• Hayler

 •   Discussion of resources (availability, etc.) starts 06Sep07
       •   Priority 1:
              •     Implies planning of tasks Sep—Dec done to preserve/advance Christmas schedule

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