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					                                                                           Monarch                                                                          Reveal

               Attaché                                                           Monarch                        Mandalay                                             Reveal
                         Diplomat                   Silhouette                                                             Mandalay                                                      Equinox
                                           Ambassador                                              Inflection

                                                                                                                                      Mandalay                                                     Oblique


                        fInIShIng bORDERS (wAll bASE)

Vent Cove wall base                             72

Millwork wall finishing System                  94-97

Traditional wall base                           98

Perceptions Designer wall base                  98

Tightlock wall base                             99

wall Art Decorative wall base                   100-101

rePlACE Demountable wall base                   102-103

                                           Once you’ve decided on floors, walls and other major elements, how
                                           do you tie them all together to everyone’s satisfaction? You rely on an
                                           integrated system that provides real balanced choice. Much like the
                                           glue that binds different pieces, finishing borders (wall base) help pull
                                           all these elements together, working hard to make people feel
                                           comfortable and in control. And allowing you to achieve the ideal
                                           balance of aesthetics, function and lifetime return.

                                           Aesthetically, there are far more choices available today. More profiles,
                                           more colors and more finishes than ever before. Making it possible
                                           to create the look you’re after, whether it’s subtle or striking. Or
                                           somewhere in-between. Check out all of our finishing borders (wall
                                           base) solutions on the Design A Space Visualizer at
                                           Coordinate wall base profiles and colors with your space.

                                           Beyond aesthetics, finishing borders (wall base) are designed to
                                           perform well, too. For safety, we offer photoluminescent wall base to
                                           aid in egress routing. For modular designs, there’s rePLACE, a wall ®

                                           base that’s hung on a track so it’s easy to install, remove and reinstall in
                                           little time and with less disruption. To help keep projects on time and
                                           budget, patented TightLock® can be installed before the flooring.
                                           And Millwork® lets you bring in the rich look of wood without the
                                           high cost of installation or maintenance. So everyone’s happy. And
                                           the bottom line looks good.

                                           Flip through the next few pages. Whatever you ask of a finishing
                                           border (wall base), our system can deliver. And it’s just one part of a
                                           complete high-performance system, offering every element needed to
                                           complete your space right down to the very last critical detail.
Millwork® Wall Finishing System
The world’s most integrated flooring system also offers great balanced choices for finishing a space more easily and affordably. It’s the Millwork®
Wall Finishing System, balancing initial investment with lifetime return. Reflecting the look of real wood, the Millwork Wall Finishing System includes
everything you need to totally coordinate and complete a space, adding rich architectural detail without the high cost.

The Millwork Wall Finishing System includes contoured wall base, chair rail, corner guards and accessories such as quarter round and shoe moulding.
They all work together to put the finishing touches on any interior. They look good on the bottom line, too, with dramatically reduced initial costs and
ongoing maintenance savings versus their wood counterparts.

Available in a wide range of colors, patterns and profiles, Millwork offers something to make everyone happy. Best of all, it’s part of a larger
system of integrated solutions, including flooring, wall base, stairwell management and accessories to simplify the design process many times over.
Balanced Choice at work for you.

                                                                InSTAllATIon STepS: ReAl Wood vS. MIllWoRk

                        Wood                          prime              paint         nail to install   fill holes and gaps    paint          repair as needed

                                                      Ste p 1           Ste p 2           Ste p 3              Ste p 4          Ste p 5            Ste p 6

                  CoST CoMpARISon                       $                                                                                     $$$$$$$$$

                     MIllWoRk                     apply adhesive     adhere to wall

                                                      Ste p 1           Ste p 2

hIgheR peRFoRMAnCe. hAlF The TIMe And CoST.

Maybe you can’t justify finishing with real wood economically. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for less aesthetically.
Today, Millwork delivers that same rich look of finely milled wood – but at roughly half the installed cost. offering everything from the most intricate
detail to the cleanest contemporary lines, the Millwork Wall Finishing System is designed to work within virtually any design style.

Unlike painted wood, each element in the Millwork Wall Finishing System is easy to install, eliminating the need to sand, paint, nail and finally fill and
finish nail holes and gaps. Instead, Millwork installs easily in half the time with regular cove base adhesive, even around gentle curves and irregular
surfaces. It is compatible with modern construction techniques and materials – steel studs, gypsum wallboard and concrete masonry walls. Millwork is also
more durable and easier to maintain, requiring far fewer man-hours to keep it looking its best. Unlike real wood, Millwork won’t splinter, chip or absorb
moisture and humidity. It is resistant to scratches. And it won’t need to be repainted or touched up down the road like real wood. Best of all, the Millwork Wall
Finishing System is part of a larger system of integrated, high-performance solutions, that, combined with our Color Foundations™ System, add simplicity and
confidence to your selection process. That's everything you need from one trusted source.

                                                                                                                     Green building design and
                                                                                                                environmentally friendly workspaces
                                                                                                            increased productivity up to 15 percent and
                                                                                                              decreased absenteeism up to 25 percent.


        MIllWoRk ChAIR RAIlS

       MIllWoRk CoRneR gUARd

    MIllWoRk ConToURed WAll BASe


                     SeCTIon no. 8 : FInIShIng BoRdeRS (WAll BASe)

                                                                                                                     hIgh peRFoRMAnCe CoMeS In MAny SIzeS And ShApeS.

                               people are happiest when all the dots are connected. That’s why the Millwork Wall Finishing System includes more than 23 elements in all:
                                                                              20 contoured wall base profiles, 3 chair rail profiles, a corner guard, self-stick quarter round and shoe moulding.
                               It’s a system that can eliminate concerns of mismatched wood or variations in color. johnsonite carefully coordinates profile designs and
                                                                                                                               guarantees color consistency from one batch to another, from one year to the next.

                                                                                                 Monarch                                                                                                            Reveal
                                                                                                MW-xx-M8                                                                                                           MW-xx-F8

           Attaché                                                                                           Monarch                                      Mandalay                                                               Reveal
           MW-xx-e                                                                                           MW-xx-M                                      MW-xx-h6                                                              MW-xx-F6
                                                                                                                           MW-xx-l        Inflection
                                                                                                                                           MW-xx-g                                                                                                             0.020"
                       diplomat       emissary                                                                                                                          Mandalay                                                                                 equinox
                       MW-xx-A        MW-xx-p                                                                                                                           MW-xx-h                                                                  Reveal          MW-xx-R
                                                 Ambassador Silhouette                                                                                                                                                                          MW-xx-F

                                                                                                                                                                                      Mandalay                                                                                 oblique
                                                                                                                                                                                      MW-xx-h3                                                                                 MW-xx-n

    7.5"          6"           4.5"           4.5"              4"             4"        3.5"           8"           6"            5.5"           5.25"           6"           4.5"               3"        2.5"           8"              6"           4.25"           4.5"              3"

.25"       .25"        .375"          .585"            .375"          .50"           .313"       .19"         .19"          .75"          .375"           .375"         .375"             .375"         .375"       .25"         .25"                .25"        .375"         .375"

MIllWoRk ChAIR RAIl                                                                                                       All Millwork profiles in wall base, chair rails and corner guard are available in standard 8' lengths.

                                                                                                                                                            0.106"                                                                                            0.201"

                                                                                                                                                                               4"                                                                                                4"


                                                                                                                                                                       .227"                                                                                             .375"


 fortis                                                                                      bastion                                                                                        r a m pa r t
 ChR-xx                                                                                      ChR-xx-B                                                                                       ChR-xx-C

◆                                                                                            ◆                                                                                              ◆

MIllWoRk CoRneR gUARd                                                                                                      MIllWoRk ACCeSSoRIeS

                                                                                                                              quarter round                                         .5"                    shoe moulding
                                                                                                                              QTR-xx-A                                    .5"                              ShU-xx-A                                           1.5"
millwork corner guard                                         .25"                                                            QTR-xx-d                                                                     A W + 00, 08,
                                                                                    1.250"                                                                                            .75"
vBg-xx-C                                                                                                                       A W + 00, 08,                                                              14, 15, 50, 60, 68,
◆      A    + 14, 15, 60, 132
                                                                                                                              14, 15, 50, 60, 68,
                                                                                                                              129, 132, 150, 167
                                                                                                                                                                           .75"                           129, 132, 150, 167                           .25"
MIllWoRk WAll BASe

 o V e r l o o k®                   attachÉ                          d i p l o m a t®       ambassador
 MW-xx-C                            MW-xx-e                          MW-xx-A                MW-xx-k

◆                                   ◆                                 A   B    C   d        ◆

 emissarY                           s i l h o u e t t e®             o u t l i n e®         oblique
 MW-xx-p                            MW-xx-j                          MW-xx-d                MW-xx-n
◆                                   ◆W                                A   B    C   d    W   ◆W

                                                                                            color palette
                                                                                            aVailabilit Y

                                                                                             A    = Color palette A

                                                                                             B    = Color palette B

                                                                                             C    = Color palette C

                                                                                             d    = Color palette d

                                                                                             W    = Available in Wall Art palette

                                                                                            ◆=        Available in Selects
                                                                                                      Color palette:
                                                                                                      01 Snow White W
                                                                                                      08 Icicle W
                                                                                                      09 Clay WB
 enVoY                              inflection                       equinox                          11 Canvas WB
 MW-xx-l                            MW-xx-g                          MW-xx-R                          20 Charcoal WG
                                                                                                      22 pearl CB
◆                                    A   B    C   d                  ◆                                27 Mist WG
                                                                                                      34 Almond W
                                                                                                      40 Black B
                                                                                                      45 Sandalwood WB
                                                                                                      47 Brown
                                                                                                      49 Beige WB
                                                                                                      50 White W
                                                                                                      63 Burnt Umber B
                                                                                                      66 either ore
                                                                                                      68 White Sand W
                                                                                                      69 Sterling Silver CG
                                                                                                      76 Cinnamon
                                                                                                      79 Bone White W
                                                                                                      80 Fawn CB
                                                                                                      129 Silk WB
                                                                                                      130 Sisal
                                                                                                      150 Wetlands
                                                                                                      167 Fudge
                                                                                                      194 Antique White W
                                                                                                      00 (unfinished and
 mandalaY                           r e V e a l®                     monarch
                                                                                                          ready to paint)
 4.5" MW-xx-h                       4.25" MW-xx-F                    6" MW-xx-M
 2.5" MW-xx-h25                                                      8" MW-xx-M8            Colors other than standard available by special
                                     A B C d W                                              request. Unfold color guide on last page.
 3" MW-xx-h3
 6" MW-xx-h6                        6" MW-xx-F6                      ◆
                                    8" MW-xx-F8                      Also available in 8"   A d h e S I v e S p g . 114
◆                                   6" and 8" available in Selects                          S p e C I F I C AT I o n S p g . 12 0
 Also available in 2.5, 3" and 6"   palette only.
WAll BASe                                                                            TRAdITIonAl

Coordination is essential to achieving balance.
johnsonite offers Traditional base in multiple heights and
colors plus 3 dramatic profiles in the perceptions™ Collection
to meet the unique dynamic of any space design.



  T hR e e S TA n dA R d h e Ig h T S :                              .450"
  2 .5 " ( 6 . 4 c m ) , 4 " ( 10 . 2 c m) o R 6"(15.3 c m)
  AvAIl A B l e I n RUB B e R 1 /8" (3.2 mm) And
  vIny l . 0 8 0 " ( 2 m m) o R 1/8" (3.2 mm)                                        peRCepTIonS   |   ReCeSS       TM

  S TAn dA R d h e I g h T S AvA I l A B le I n To e o R To eleS S
  4 ' Se CT I o n S A n d 10 0 ' o R 120' Co I l S AvA I l A B le
  M A n UFAC T U R e d In S Id e And oUT SI de
  CoRne R S AvA I l A B l e
  4 . 5 " , 8 " , 9 " A n d 10 " h eI ghT S ARe Spe CIA l oRde R;
  C A ll F o R d e TA I l S

  A d h e S I v e S p g . 114                                                4.25"

  S p e C I F I C AT I o n S p g . 12 0 - 121


                                                                                     peRCepTIonS   |   SpIRe   TM


  U nIQU e v I S UA l S W I T h A S TA ndA Rd B Ud g eT
  4 . 2 5 " h eI g hT h e l p S h I de old Adhe SI ve A nd
  pA InT l I n e S                                                           4.25"

  InS TA l l S l I ke T R A d I T I o nA l WA ll BA S e
  M A n UFAC T U R e d In S Id e And oUT SI de
  CoRne R S AvA I l A B l e
  Re C e S S I S AvA I l A B l e I n : 4.25" To e BA S e
  (S TA n dA R d ) A n d 4 . 2 5 " Toele SS BAS e
  (Spe CI A l o R d e R )
  12 0 ' Co I l S
  4 ' Se CT I o n S B y S p e C I A l o Rd eR                                        peRCepTIonS   |   QUAd   TM

  A d h e S I v e S p g . 114
  S p e C I F I C AT I o n S p g . 12 0


            For available colors on
            Traditional and Perceptions wall base,
  a + b + c reference color palettes
            A, B and C on last page.


Tightlock®              U.S. patent no. 5,212,923

The patented Tightlock® Wall Base System for carpet is designed to be installed before the flooring, for a tighter finished appearance.
And happier customers. For resilient flooring, Tightlock offers a sealed cove base look with a more subtle radius.

Tightlock is also a highly sustainable solution, allowing for carpet removal while retaining the base installation, reducing gypsum wallboard repair
and demolition waste in landfills.

                                         TIghTloCk CARpeT

                                                                                                                      4' SeCTIon S oR 75' CoIl S
                                                                                             4.25"             4.5"
                                                                                                                      MAnUFACTUR ed InSIde And oUT SIde
                                                                                                                      CoR n eR S AvAIl ABle
                                                                                                                      CleAn, ToeleSS look
                                                                                                                      M oR e ThAn 140 ColoR S An d
                                                                                                                      SpeCIAlT y FIn ISheS
                                                                                                                      M oRe R eSIS TAnT To dAMAge And d IS ToR T Io n
                                                                                                                      FRoM M AIn Ten AnCe eQUIpMen T An d ChAIRS
                                    *Available without spacer tab. (special order)
                                                                                                                      loW lIFe-CyCle CoS T
                                                                                     .25"*              .25"
                                   TIghTloCk ReSIlIenT                                                                TIghTloCk        F oR C AR peT
                                                                                                                      3.25" ( 8.3      cm ) , 3" ( 7.6 cm ) FACe
                                                                                                                      4.5" ( 11.4      cm ) , 4.25" ( 10.8 cm) FACe
                                                                                                                      6.5" ( 16.2      cm ) , 6.25" ( 15.9 cm) FACe
                                                                                                                      TIghTloCk F oR R eSIlIen T FlooR Ing
                                                                                                                      3.125" ( 7.9 cm ) , 3" ( 7.6 cm) FACe
                                                                                                                      4.375" ( 11.1 cm ) , 4.25" ( 10.8 cm) FAC e
                                                                                                                      6.375" ( 16.2 cm ) , 6.25" ( 15.9 cm) FACe

                                                                                               4.375"                 A d h e S I v e S p g . 114
                                                                                                                      S p e C I F I C AT I o n S p g . 12 0


             TightLock Carpet                        TightLock Resilient

                                                                                                                             For available colors on TightLock,
                                                                                                               a + b + c + d reference color palettes
                                                                                                                             A, B, C and D on last page.
                                                                                                                               Wall Art™ decorative Wall Base
                                                            Balance your desire for the luxurious look of metal, stone or wood with the reality of its long-term investment.
                                                       Wall Art™ gives you the look you love without the high costs or the typical installation and maintenance nightmares.

                                                                                                                                              eAS y To MAInTAIn
                                                                                                                                              SCUFF, SCR ATCh, n ICk An d den T
                                                                                                                                Quarter       R eSIS TAnT
                                                        Tightlock                                             Quarter           Round
                                                                        Tightlock                             Round
                                                                                                                               QTR-xx-d       WIll noT peel oR CR ACk
 Reveal                                                  TWA-xx                           Traditional Cove   QTR-xx-A
MW-xx-F         Silhouette                                                                      Base                                          peRMA nenTly IMpRegn ATed
                 MW-xx-j                                                                       WA-xx                    .5"            .75"
                                                                                                                                              pATTeR n, noT A l AMInATe
                             MW-xx-d                                                                            .5"             .75"
                                                                                                                                              MAn UFACTUR ed Co R neRS
                                          oblique                                                                                             AvAIl ABle F oR TIghTloCk An d
                                          MW-xx-n                                                                                             TRA dITIon Al BASe
                                                                                                             Moulding                         deSIgn ed To CooR dIn ATe
        4.25"           4"       3.5"             3"             4.5"            4.375"              4"      ShU-xx-A                         WITh I. d. pR eMI eR , ACC zen T And
                                                                                                                                              SpACe ColleCTIon S
                                                                                                                                              S TAn dAR d pRoFIleS ShoWn BeloW

                                                                                                                                              A d h e S I v e S p g . 114
                                                                                                                                              S p e C I F I C AT I o n S p g . 121
 .25"            .50"        .313"        .375"           .25"            .25"               .125"             .25"

SIlhoUeTTe                              ReveAl                                    oUTlIne                                     QUARTeR RoUnd                     Shoe MoUldIng

                    WG                                                                                           WB

pfl Armor                gsm Bullion

                    B                                                                                            WB

ggt Ironware             msa Baroque

                    CG                                                                                           B

slf Silversmith          apt Medallion


nmp natural Maple        bwg Balsa*


lbe light Beech          mbe Medium Beech


dbe dark Beech           lok light oak

wok Willow oak           mok Medium oak

dok dark oak             pok pin oak

ach Amber Cherry         crw Mission

wal Walnut               cwg Shaker*

                           We’ve identified Color Foundations™ neutrals in the following way: WB (warm beige),
                           CB (cool beige), WG (warm grey), CG (cool grey), B (black), W (white).

                           *not available for Millwork Silhouette, Reveal, oblique and outline
                           profiles, as well as Quarter Round and Shoe Moulding.
wen Wenge Wood
replACe®                U.S. patent no. 6,122,872

To keep pace with today’s world, organizations must be more productive and flexible than ever. They have to adapt quickly. And so do their interior spaces.
replACe® makes it easier to change out space. This innovative wall base system balances flexibility with initial cost and measurable lifetime return.
Because replACe is hung on a track without adhesives, it can be installed in less time with less mess, less cost and less loss of productivity. Choose from
39 colors and 3 unique profiles.

                                                                                          pRoMInenT™       RB-xx-A
  ChA ng e Ro o M S FA S T e R ; RepA I R h I g h - A B US e
  A Re A S Q UI Ckly
  Re dU Ce d oW n T I M e
  pRoT e C T T h e e n v I Ro n M enT
  InC ReA S e R e T UR n o n I n v eS T MenT
  A ll rep l AC e p Ro F I l e S A nd T RACk
  AvAIl A B l e I n S TA n dA R d 4' leng T h S                                  4.375"
  I d eAl F o R T e nA n T I Mp Rove MenT p Roje CT S
  WIT h T I g h T B Ud g e T S A n d T I MeTA B leS
  R eM ovA B I l I T y p e R M I T S Re USe oF pRod UCT
  A F T e R R e M o d e l I ng
  dA M Ag e d S e C T I o n S C A n B e eA S I ly Rep l ACed
  T RACk A n d BA S e C A n B e ReMov ed A nd ReUS ed
  I nS Ide A n d o U T S I d e Co Rne RS A nd end S Top S
  AvAIl A B l e
  T RAdI T I o n A l A n d Co n T e Mp o RA R y p Ro FI leS
                                                                                          TeMpo™   RB-xx-F
  Re T U R n rep l AC e o nC e yoU AR e FI nIS hed WIT h IT;
  A S pA R T o F R e S TA R T, oU R ReCl AMATI on p Rog RAM,
  We ’ ll R e C y C l e I T A n d keep I T o UT o F l A nd FI ll S

  S p e C I F I C AT I o n S p g . 116


 replace wall base and track

 profile               product code                  height

 prominent™               RB-xx-A              4-3/8" (11.11 cm)

 Tempo™                   RB-xx-F              4-3/8" (11.11 cm)
 gepetto™                 RB-xx-g              4-1/2" (11.43 cm)

 replACe Track             RBT-00            for use with all profiles

 replace corners and end stops                                                            gepeTTo™    RB-xx-g
 (for use with all profiles)

 profile               product code                  height

 Inside Corner            RBIC-xx              4-5/8" (11.75 cm)

 outside Corner           RBoC-xx              4-5/8" (11.75 cm)

 Right end Stop           RBRS-xx              4-5/8" (11.75 cm)
 left end Stop            RBlS-xx              4-5/8" (11.75 cm)


outside corner                           inside corner
RBoC-xx                                  RBIC-xx


    InSTAll TRACk.
(no AdheSIve ReQUIRed)

                                     ATTACh CoRneRS.

                                                                   SlIde on replACe.

           For available colors, reference color palette A.
           Also available in 08 Icicle, 50 White, 66 Either Ore,
         a 68 White Sand, 79 Bone White, 129 Silk and
           150 Wetlands. Unfold color guide on last page.
           Custom colors available.

                                                                                   IT’S ABoUT TIMe

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