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					Volume 41 Issue 09                                          September 2011

     Are You Plugged in at the DBYC?

                                                 om                                   Regular
                                       fo           e
                                          ra     jo do                               Scheduled
                                       Su lig in         w
                                           nd ht Do n a                               Events
                                             ay br m           nd
                                                m eak                                  Sunday
                                                      ni fas
                                                        ng t o                      Breakfast Service
                                                          s… n                      9:00 am -1:00 pm
                                                             ”                    Club open until 9:00pm

                                                                                      Game Night
                                                                                   5:00pm - 10:00pm

                                                                                     Taco Tuesday
                                                                                  Build your own Taco
                                                                                      Bar Open at
                                                                                   5:00pm - 10:00pm

                                                                                      Bar opens at
                                                                                   5:00pm - 10:00pm

                                                                                      Bar Open at
        Clu                                                                        5:00pm - 10:00pm
           bA    D
              ppr BYC                                                       SYC
                 eci                                                  u  t-             Friday
                     ati                                             O
                         on                                   u  ise              Bar Opens at 4:00pm
                              Da                            Cr                           Dinner
                                y                    zlin
                                                                                     5:30 - 9:00pm
                                                                                     Music 8:30pm -

                                                                                    3:00pm -10:00pm

 09/10 - Honoring Those Who Ser ve   09/11 - 09/16 Wine Cruise
 09/24 - Slow Boat Poker Run         09/18 - 09/24 1st Bay Cruise
                                     09/25 - 09/30 2nd Bay Cruise
                        Discovery Bay Yacht Club
                        5871 Marina Blvd                             Dining Reservations
                        Discovery Bay, CA 94505                                                                             Office Hours:
                        (925) 634-1210                                 634-1210 X14                        Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
                        (925) 634-1798 Fax                                                                             8:30am - 12:30pm
                                         Discovery Bay Yacht Club Officers & Appointees for Year 2010
  Governing Board                                                                  Voice mail           Phone
  Commodore                                  Karen Mann                                                 510-612-5122
  Vice Commodore                             Mike Guzzardo                                              864-5757
  Rear Commodore                             Barbara Simon                         516-9001
  Fleet Captain                              Dane McCoy                            513-1117             383-1965
  Port Captain                               Bev Seaman                                                 634-5911
  Director – House & Grounds                 Bob Wheaton                                                516-9933
  Director – Membership                      Fran Murphy                                                634-1450
  Director – Planning & Finance              Milt Baehr                            516-7111
  Treasurer                                  Chris Provencher                      634-5658
  Jr Staff Commodore                         Tracy Lape                            209-254-2205         209-597-9456
  Splashers Leader                           Pat Anderson                          634-1210             216-4411
  Selected Appointees
  Recording Secretary                         Marlo Purkey                         634-1210 x11
  Assistant Treasurer                         Joyce Friesen                        516-1577
  Assistant Treasurer                         Nanci Price
  Bar Supervisor                              Christi O’Farrell                    634-1210 x13         240-9255
  Officer of the Watch                        Jennelle Scheib                      785-5766
  Officer of the Watch                        Kelly Bradford
  Historian/Librarian                         Trudi DeLeon                         783-1095
  Parliamentarian                             David Rhoads                         634-3767
  PICYA Delegates                             Lynn Pierce                          516-0663
  Safety Officer                              Mark Anderson                        408-482-2884
  Sunshine Coordinator                        Justine Sampson                      997-3232
  Bylaws & Standing Rules
  Chairperson                                 Karen Mann                           510-612-5122
  Member                                      Tracy Lape                           209-254-2205         209-597-9456
  Member                                      Mike Guzzardo                        864-5757
  Member                                      Barbara Simon                        516-9001
  Information & News Liaison
  Newsletter Editor                           Diana Dobbie                         513-7241             321.7747
  Newsletter Advertisement                    Justine Sampson                      513-3406
  Decor Committee
  Chairpersons                                Margaret & Ron Puccinelli            634-6529
  Member                                      Mike Stanaland                       634-7177
  Member                                      Chet Loveland                        516-7286
  Member                                      Betty Silva                          634-5787
  Personnel Committee
  Chair                                       Roben Talia                          516.6285
  Ships Store
  Quartermaster                               Karen Lichtenberg                    634-4530
  Membership Badges                           Fran Murphy                          634-1450
  Small Boats
  Chairperson                                 Tess & Greg Knoblich                 808-385-0821
  Chairperson                                 Milt Baehr                           516-7111
  Member                                      Chuck Niessen                        634-4139
  Member                                      Ron Puccinelli                       634-6529
  Member                                      Mat Matthews                         634-4633
  Member                                      Bob Schwenke                         240-7390
  Member                                      Dave Travers                         519-8480
  Member                                      Peter Hills                          513-8104
  Chairperson                                 Peter Sustarich                      634-5021
  Member                                      Anita McCloud                        640.7264
  Member                                      Dick LaForge                         408.464.3392
  Member                                      Joe Philbrick                        634.5644
  Webmistress                                 Cheryl Anderson                      408.655.1299
  AV-Chair                                    Craig Chutka                         308-7576

Page 2                                                                                                   Anchor Line - September 2011
                                                                                                                          By: Karen Mann

 Ahoy & Greetings DBYC!                                                   a forlorn swamp with falling down levees, and dilapidated
 The Days and the Months are just whizzing by, I just cannot              waterways. He was SHOCKED and kept commenting on the fact
 believe that it’s September already! Your board has been busy            that the levees looked so good – everywhere we went! He was
 with Cruise In’s, Cruise Outs, on site Socials, normal dining &          totally amazed with Discovery Bay, homes on the water. He was
 dancing – not to mention to try to have a personal life too! We’ve       not accustomed to seeing kids outside doing things (swimming,
 been planning New Years, Change of Watch and lots lots more!!            skiing, etc) versus hooked up indoors to the X-Box. We took him
 Don’t forget to try fishing in the upcoming Fishing Derby.               to each of the proposed gate locations and explained the impact to
                                                                          boaters, to the economy (local and State), to small businesses,
 At our August General Meeting, your 2012 Slate of Officers was
                                                                          and communities in the area which would be adversely affected.
 announced, and I am personally very pleased with the slate.
                                                                          We were able to introduce him to one of the owners of Korths
 However, according to Article IX of the By-Laws additional
                                                                          marinas for another view point as well.
 nominations may be made by any Regular member (with the
 consent of the nominee and with the concurrence of at least four         Our WSJ guest nearly sunk VC Mike Guzzardos boat by leaving
 other regular members) either on or before September 15th. This          on the “head” water pump. I stepped into their lower cabin (which
 nomination must be delivered to either myself, Tracy Lape or             was up to my ankles in water) and yelled out the words EVERY
 Marlo (DBYC Administrative staff) before the end of September            skipper does not want to hear – “We are taking on water!” Mike
 15th. The club will mail ballots to each member of DBYC so that          and Jules, and I or WE determined the cause and limped to
 they can vote for the nominee of their choice. The ballots must be       Korths Pirate Cove to pump out the rest of the water in the cabin
 returned so they can be counted on October 13th, the October             as the poor bilge pumps could not keep up. Thankfully, no one
 General Meeting and the winning nominee will be announced at             had to abandon ship. The Akvavit was AOK. Skipper took a little
 that time. No additional nominations will be accepted after              while, but regained his composure during lunch – he did a GREAT
 September 15th.                                                          job a true skipper indeed.
 On Monday August 22rd, Vice Commodore Mike Guzzardo was                  The WSJ article is slated to be a front page article in the Wall
 requested by Gene Beley (A Delta author and writer for Delta             Street Journal – so be aware. It was an incredible day – and by
 publications) to give a Wall Street Journal writer (Jim) a tour of the   the end of the day Mike, Jules and I were exhausted in our efforts
 Delta waterways by boat. The purpose was to provide the WSJ              to make sure this writer really understood the complexities and the
 the opportunity to see the Delta (for the first time) and to             truth behind the Delta water conveyances which are planned. We
 understand that we who live, work and play here in the Delta area        endeavored to represent each and every one of the DBYC
 are so passionate about our rights to keep our waterways. As I           members and users of the Delta overall. Hope he gets it….Huge
 emailed you a couple of weeks ago, the State of California and           thank you to VC Mike Guzzardo and Jules Guzzardo for taking
 others are moving forward with plans to install dams on the False        us out and making sure the Delta interests are reported. This was
 River and 3 Mile Slough. Mike & Jules Guzzardo were the                  a day that you gave up your day job and a day of burning gas for
 perfect hosts, and I was invited along to provide additional             the good of the cause. I personally appreciate the time and
 information specifically about the location and the impact of the        energy that went into this particular day. However, I have a
 dams in both False River and 3 Mile Slough while Skipper                 feeling that this will not be the last time Akavit takes on a task like
 Guzzardo was operating his boat and explaining the effects of            this.
 other projects on the Delta as a whole to those of use who actually      Remember: If you are going to talk the talk…then you must walk
 use or live in the Delta. Our WSJ guest was amazed and                   the walk.
 captivated by the beauty, serenity and the well maintenance of the       I look forward to seeing YOU at the club or on the water!!!
 nature in this area. A guest seal made an appropriate appearance
                                                                          Karen Mann
 at the right time, so did flocks of birds and other wildlife. This
 writer lives in San Francisco, and had never been here. His              DBYC 2011 Commodore
 impression based on what he had read was that the Delta was like
Anchor Line - September 2011                                                                                                               Page 3
         ri ng       ve
  H o no        S er
          W  ho
    ho se
  T                                                                             $20
                                                                             per person
                                                                          Servicepeople in
                                                                          uniform and kids
                                                                           under 16 $10

            September 10th at 6:00 pm
  A Celebration of the American Way of Life, the people we love, and those who serve and protect us.

 • Tri-Tip Dinner & Dessert                         • Auction and/or raffle with proceeds going to
 • Live Band “Woodeye”! Dancing!                      those who serve and protect us and their
 • Fun for everyone                                   families
 • Show your American Pride wear red white &        • Including a short presentation and moment of
   blue                                               tribute!

                                     SIGN UP FORM
   Number of people in party:________Check for # of people x $20 for a total of $______________
   Number of people in party:________Check for # of people x $10 for a total of $______________
                                     Total $ Amount Submitted:              $_______________
                                  Make your check out to DBYC
                                      Mail to Annette Beyer
                                          5340 River Pt
                                     Discovery Bay CA 94505
                                  Questions? Call 925-634-1478

Page 4                                                                       Anchor Line - September 2011
                                                                                    Vice Commodore’s
                                                                                                      By: Mike Guzzardo
                                                                                                      Cell: 925.864.5757

 Greetings from Ft Bragg. Jules and I are taking a quick        working Commodore I've known.
 break up the coast for her Cousin's wedding which is just
                                                                I hope Karen doesn't forget to include the side story about
 the perfect time to crank out another column for the Anchor
                                                                how the reporter almost sunk Akvavit in her Anchor Line
 Line on my iPhone. We are tucked away from the ringing
                                                                article. Wow what a day that was!
 telephones and meetings that consume us in Discovery
 Bay and looking out at the ocean. It sure is peaceful up       August was a sad month for us with the passing of a dear
 here...but I digress.                                          friend and yacht club member Sandy Price. Sandy was
                                                                always smiling and full of good energy and most of all her
 Your Commodore tells me she's writing about the day trip I
                                                                love for Ron. Jules and I want to send our best wishes out
 took her, a few reporters and Jules on to talk about the
                                                                to Ron and all of their family and friends.
 Water Wars. I'm guessing she'll steal most of my thunder
 but in a nutshell I was contacted by a Stockton reporter       Back at the club, August saw the return of Christi to the
 who had covered me talking about the delta gates. He met       helm of the bar which I couldn't be happier about. It's great
 a Wall Street Journal Reporter who is doing a front page       to see her smiling face back and she looks fantastic. The
 story on the delta in a week or so. They wanted me to give     bar team has been working hard to step up service and I
 the Northern California view on the water wars.                think you'll see even more improvements in September.
                                                                Al's Friday nights have been great since the reservation
 I was a bit nervous wishing I had more local knowledge
                                                                system went in place. Thank you all for embracing that
 with me and it was great that Karen was able to break
 away from work with only 12 hours notice to help paint the
 picture for our reporter friends. She's been following the     That's it for this month.
 water situation and the dreaded gates more than I have         See you at the club.
 lately and was awesome with great info. I think she'd be a
 great Delta tour guide :-). No doubt she's the hardest         M.

                     Celebrate Labor Day - Monday September 5th
  Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894, when, following the deaths of a number of workers at the
  hands of the U.S. military and U.S. Marshals during the Pullman Strike. - Wikipedia

                                                       F ll in love agaiin…
                                                       Fa o a
                                                          IND THE HOME O YOUR DREAMS !
                                                                It’s a great time to buy!

                                                        Mike’s the Local Expert in
                                                        • Waterfront & Golf Course Homes
                                                        • Short Sales & Foreclosures
   Email :
   Introducing Jules Mogensen – Marketing and Leasing Assistant
   Best local website & listings @ 9 4 5 0 5 . Com
   2453 Discovery Bay Blvd. Suite 100 Discovery Bay Ca. 94505        license #01066846

Anchor Line - September 2011                                                                                            Page 5
                                                       Discovery Bay Yacht Sales
                                                                Home of the Pampered Yacht
                 “Mobile Canvas Service”                                        Division of Ali’i Marine Inc.
                 Family Owned & Operated
                                                                          Mac Cox, Owner
 “Jared Ortiz”                                              Serving Boaters Needs for Over 12 Years

      THE HOT SIZZLING SUMMER HAS                (925)634-1107               1952 Cherry Hills Drive
                                                 (925)634-1900              Discovery Bay, CA 94505
                                                     Flat Rate $4000 per month



                                                              Why You May Need An Appraisal
                                                 • Selling • Buying • Refinancing • Construction Loans
                                                       • Realtor Assistance • Dissolution • Estate
                                                Residential • Land • Commercial • Churches
                                                 Providing fair & trustworthy valuations
                                                                    since 1983
                                                          Why Choose Mann & Associates?
                                                • Experience and Education in the Appraisal Business since 1983
                                                • Active and involved member in professional organizations
                                                • 3 State Certified General Appraisers
                                                • Expert Witness in 5 Counties
                                                • Specialize in Unique Properties
                                                • Waterfront Experts
                                                • Appraisal Institute & American Society of Appraisers
                                                • Bay Area and Discovery Bay/Brentwood (Delta) Coverage
                                                • 4 Offices, Fremont, San Jose, Brentwood & Discovery Bay
                                                • Member of DBYC - Rear Commodore 2008
                                                         Member of Discovery Bay and Brentwood Chamber

                                                                MANN & ASSOCIATES

                                               Karen Mann, SRA, ASA, President
                                               Main Office: 14850 Hwy 4 #A326
                                               Discovery Bay, CA 94505

Page 6                                                                            Anchor Line - September 2011
                                                                                         Rear Commodore’s
                                                                                                               By: Barbara Simon

 I hope you had a great summer vacation! I know we did! Mark          Crosstown 5 played the night away for all of our dancing and
 and I spent time doing the regular stuff- boating, going to          listening entertainment! Once again this was a wonderful event
 Yosemite, and biking, but also got the opportunity to go back to     and I want to thank all of our volunteers!
 Sturgis, South Dakota and had a blast! There is a lot to see in a    Be sure to sign up for our next event, hosted by Annette Beyer
 small area- Mt. Rushmore, Deadwood, Custer State Park and the        on September 10th - Honoring Those Who Serve! This will be a
 Badlands, to name a few! We got to see it all on the back of our     patriotic Dinner and Dance- be sure to wear your red, white and
 Harley with some of DBYC friends!                                    blue! There will be a tri-tip dinner, an Auction and/or raffle with
 August was here and gone! It                                                           proceeds going to those who serve and protect
 was a busy month at Discovery                                                          us and their families. Music is by Mike Olff's
 Bay Yacht Club!                                                                        band Woodeye! They play tunes you will want to
 The Club Appreciation Day on                                                           sing along with- 70's and 80's rock and roll! The
 August 20th was a huge                                                                 night will include a short presentation and
 success! Fran Murphy chaired                                                           moment of tribute! Get your reservation in now!
 the event with a barbecue lunch                                                       Also, be sure to make your reservation in for the
 of hamburgers and hotdogs                                                             October 1st Rock and Roll Fantasy! This is a
 from 1-4 pm! The price was                                                            great event chaired by Tracy and Doug Lape!
 right- it was free! Don't say that                                                    Rockslide is one of their favorite bands and they
 there is no such thing as a free                                                      only come to Discovery Bay Yacht Club once a
 lunch! The Club certainly does                                                        year! You can come as yourself, or as a famous
 appreciate you!                                                                       rocker! There will be prizes for the best rocker
 August 23rd, DBYC hosted the                                                          dude and chick, best rocker hair, a trivia contest,
 mixer for the Discovery Bay                                                           and the fun goes on and on! Dinner at 7pm and
 Chamber of Commerce. Karen                                                            dancing all night for $22. Rock out with
 Mann, Mike Guzzardo and I                                                             Rockslide!
 hosted this local business networking event. This was a great        Save the Dates:
 way to show off our club to new prospective members. It was the      October 22nd Striped Bass Fishing Derby, Dennis Pachucki and
 first time that the Yacht Club has hosted one of these mixers and    Karen Capra, Chairs
 it was a great success. If you have a local business, you may
 want to consider joining this local non profit organization. Karen   October 29th, Halloween, Justine and Lewis Sampson, Chairs
 and Scott Mann, did a wonderful job of putting out the Grande        November 19th Change of Watch Dinner Dance, Karen Mann
 Nacho Bar for all of us to enjoy! We had music by The Big Hit        and Tracy Lape, Chairs
 Collective Trio, a great local jazz band, and beer and wine.
                                                                      December 31st New Year's Eve Party! Cheryl and Mark
 Bev Seaman, Cheryl Cados and Anna and John Hendrickson               Anderson, Scott Mann Chairs
 were your amazing hosts for a Tropical Evening in Paradise on
 August 27th. This truly fun filled event was SOLD OUT!!! There       Get you reservations in early, as many of our social events have
 was a Tiki hut serving your favorite tropical refreshments of Pina   sold out this year! The fliers are in the Anchor Line with sign up
 Coladas and Mai Tais! John Hendrickson did a fabulous job            instructions! Thank you all for your help and attendance!
 cooking a traditional Luau style pig in La Caja China as done by     Sea you at the Club!
 Bobby Flay on the Food Network. You can check it out on the
                                                                      Barbara Simon, Rear Commodore
 internet at Delia Colorado and the

Anchor Line - September 2011                                                                                                        Page 7
Page 8   Anchor Line - September 2011
                                                                                         Fleet Captain’s
                                                                                                      By: Dane McCoy

 Small Boat Dinner Cruise:                                      Wine Cruise:
 Greg and Tess Knoblich lead about seventy - five (75)          Conrad and Sandra Rogers with David and Kathy
 DBYC members who cruised to San Joaquin Yacht Club,            Readler will be leading a dozen boats to Napa Valley Yacht
 where we had cocktails and then walked a short distance to     Club. This is always a fun cruise. Can you say,
 Island Joes Restaurant for dinner. While at Island Joes we     “Chardonnay”! At the time of this writing, there are two
 were served Bread, Green Salad, Ravioli with Prosciutto        openings for this cruise.
 and Alfredo Sauce, ¼ of a Bar B Qued Chicken, Ribs,            Cheers!
 Fresh Corn, Broccoli, and a baked potato. For dessert they
 served Blackberry Strudel a la mode. Then as we were           Bay Cruises:
 leaving they handed everyone a cinnamon pastry swirl           My wife, Pam and I really enjoy the Bay Cruises.
 wrapped in tissue to go. The cost of all that tasty food was   September and October is usually the time of year when
 only $20 per person. I’ll be back! The folks at Island Joes    San Francisco has it’s best weather. We dock at South
 can count on it. Wednesday, September 7, 2011 is the last      Beach Harbor, Pier 40, which is in a gorgeous part of town
 Small Boat Dinner Cruise for this year. It will be at Orwood   with many attractions. Our Cruise Leaders, Dick and
 Resort. So let’s all come out and thank Greg and Tess for      Carolyn Jamison; Hal and Pat Whitlow And Peter and
 the wonderful job they did in organizing these cruises for     LuAnn Hills plan great events and outings during these
 the past two years.                                            cruises.
 As you know the Knoblichs will be unable to lead the Small     We now have openings on all three Bay Cruises. If you
 Boat Dinner Cruises for 2012. Greg and Tess have this          have the time, come join us for one or more of them. I plan
 down to a science. They are very organized and they have       on spending time on all three.
 step-by-step information that will make it easy for new
 volunteers to lead the Small Boat Dinner Cruises. We would     I hope to see you on the water and at the club,
 like three or four Cruise Leaders to lead these cruises in     Dane
 2012. There are nine Small Boat Dinner Cruises scheduled
 for this season. At this time I would like to thank Dee Dee
 Hickerson for stepping up and leading the first four Small
 Boat Dinner Cruises for 2012. So if you would like to or if
 you know someone who would like to lead a few Small Boat
 Dinner Cruises next season, please contact me or Greg
 and Tess.
 Sizzlin’ Weekend Cruise:
 Chet and Linda Loveland along with Mark and Cheryl
 Anderson lead a group of 13 boats to Stockton Yacht Club.
 More members drove their cars to meet the rest of us.
 Charlie Wheeler and his docking crew were on hand to
 make sure everyone was stern tied and secure.
 We had great food, challenging games and the company of
 good friends. I look forward to going back to Stockton Yacht
 Club.                                                                           Dane & Pam enjoying the
                                                                             “Sizzlin Weekend Cruise” At SYC
Anchor Line - September 2011                                                                                          Page 9
                                                                                               Port Captain’s
                                                                                                         By: Bev Seaman

 Hello DBYC Friends,                                              people. Hope they have as much with us as we did with
 We have certainly had some good weather for all our              them. I'm sure they will as they are suppose to bring in 17
 boating friends this month. We have had 3 cruise ins for this    boats and there all attending our Luau. It's going to be
 month the first rather small due to some difficulty with boats   fantastic so I hope you made your reservation too!!
 and illness' but the S.F. Nordic Tugs were certainly nice        Next month Village West Yacht Club are coming in and will
 people.Our next one this week end is the Bridge Marina           be joining us for the Rock and Roll Fantasy! Rockslide!!
 Yacht Club from Antioch. bringing in 9 boats and one drive       So thats it for now, hope everyone is enjoying summer time
 in with his motor home. Were really glad to have come visit      fun!! As always see around the club or on the water!!
 us again this year. They are going to attend our appreciation
 lunch as well. Our third one is the Stockton Yacht Club that
 we just visited this last week end.We had a great time with      Bev Seaman
 all of them. They were very gracious hosts , friendly and fun    Port Captain

                                                                  Friday Night Music
                                                                   September 2011
                                                                    9/2 The Edwins Brothers
                                                                        9/9 The Business
                                                                  9/16 Alex & The Tradewinds
                                                                     9/23 Alex & Company
                                                                      9/30 Gin House Band

 It’s “Nacho night” to cook......
          Join us at the DBYC For
    $1000 Per Person
 "Kids under 10 years of age eat
        a one-trip for $5"
Page 10                                                                                          Anchor Line - September 2011
           Saturday, September 24th
         per person
     $65 stops
                                                    Limited to 150 people
                                                              Sign Up
     4 Stops
                                                            Limited to
     Food, drinks, friends                                 150 People

      • Food, Drinks & Friends
     Poker—Cash prizes
      • Poker $$$ Cash Prizes
     Raffle—50/50 cash
      • Raffle 50/50/ Cash
      • Music & Dancing
     Music and Dancing

                               Slow Boat Poker Run Sign-Up Form

        Name: ______________________________________________________________________
            Number of people__________________ $65. per person ____________________Total
       Number of People attending _________ x $65 per person =Total $______________
            Send to: Pat Anderson
                   payable to       DBYC - Splashers
       Make checks 2341 Wayfarer Drive
       Send to                      Pat Anderson
                   Discovery Bay, Ca. 94505
                                    2341 Wayfarer Drive
                                    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

Anchor Line - September 2011                                                               Page 11
                                                                                                                 Jr. Staff
                                                                                                                              By: Tracy Lape
                                                                                                                          209-245-2205 (day)
                                                                                                                          209-597-9456 (cell)

 Hi all-                                                                      Doug and I and our gang of helpers will see you there- don’t miss a
 Two topics this month from my position- the first is related to our social   great time with Rockslide!
 calendar. Once again we have booked “Rockslide” to play at DBYC-             The second topic is about the 2012 Officers. The Nominating
 this year for the “Rock and Roll Fantasy” party…as always, the music         Committee has announced their board-approved slate of
 will be great, the dancing will go on all night and you can participate      recommendations. If anyone is interested in running for an open
 as your favorite rock star or just as you are!                               position (except Jr. Staff Commodore)- here is the by-law that pertains
 We’ll have some additional fun with prizes for best air guitar and Rock      to the process. If you have any questions, please call me.
 and Roller looks! Tickets are only $22 per person for dinner and a           See you at the club!
 great evening of 80’s and 90’s Classic Rock.

                                                               DBYC By-Laws
                                                                 ARTICLE IX
                                      QUALIFICATIONS, ELECTION, AND TERMS OF OFFICE OF
  9.1         Elective Officers
  Elective Officers are Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Fleet Captain, Port Captain, three Directors, Treasurer and
  Splashers’ Leader. The position of Junior Staff Commodore is assumed by attrition. (4/18/95) (revised 12.18.2006)
  9.2         Nomination Committee
  At or before the regular membership meeting in May each year, the Nominations Committee and its Chairperson shall be appointed.
  The Commodore shall appoint the Chairperson and two members, and the Junior Staff Commodore shall appoint two members.
  Appointees are subject to approval by the Board. Neither the Chairperson nor any other member of the Committee shall be related
  to a member of the existing Governing Board. The Committee shall select what they consider to be the one best available candidate
  for each office. The Committee shall also make recommendations as to members who may be willing to serve on committees.
  9.3         Nominees
  Nominees shall have been Regular members in good standing for at least 12 months and shall have demonstrated, within the Club,
  their ability to exercise good judgment and willingness to work for the betterment of the Club. The names of those nominated for elective
  office shall be announced in August at the Regular membership meeting and/or in the newsletter, and shall be posted on the Club
  bulletin board. Only one of the persons in any Dual or Family Membership may be a member of the Board at any one time. No Board
  member may serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.
  9.4         Additional Nominations
  Additional nominations may be made by any Regular member, with the consent of the nominee, and with the concurrence of four other
  Regular members, on or before the 15th day of September, by delivering to the Secretary, personally or by mail, such nomination which
  shall be in writing and signed by the five members making the nomination. Such nominations shall be posted on the Club bulletin board
  when received. No nomination for office shall be accepted after September 15th.
  Secret ballot Elections will be held in late September and results announced at the October General Meeting.

Page 12                                                                                                            Anchor Line - September 2011
                                  2010 - Small Boat
                                    Cruise Leaders
                                 Greg & Tess Knoblich

                                                           LAST CRUISE
  Small Boat (not related
  to size or length) Must                                 OF THE SEASON
  be able to cruise at a
  minimum of 25 mph and
  pass under all Delta
  Bridges without                                         SEPTEMBER CRUISE
  requesting an opening.                                Wednesday, September 7th
  Dinner Cruise - Gather                                       Orwood
  at the Hyacinth Barrier
  for a 5:00 pm departure
  to a predetermined Delta
  Restaurant for dinner,
  and return to Discovery
  Bay before dark
  Monitor Ch. #72 on
  VHF Radio If you do not
  have a VHF radio on
  your boat use a hand
  held or borrow one.
  1. All Dinner Cruises are
     held on Wednesday
  2. Sign-up for the dinner
     cruise by emailing us
     with your names at
     m or leave us a
     voicemail at
  3. These are NOT BOAT
     RACES - They are
     casual cruises.                                              J
  4. If you do not have a
     boat and wish to join a
     cruise, call the Cruise
     Leaders as people are
     happy to take
     additional members
     on these short trips.
  5. More details on each
     cruise in subsequent
     Anchor Lines
Anchor Line - September 2011                                                 Page 13
                                                                                                        By: Fran Murphy
                                                                                                          634-1210 X 24

 Happy Labor Day!!!                                              responsible as well and your guest could very possibly not
 Wow, what an incredible year this has been so far! 2011 is      be welcome back. So bring your guest and have a GREAT
 literally flying by. I think it’s because we’re all having so   time … but just like us members - they cannot go wild.
 much fun.                                                       Please let me know if you need a name badge before the
 We had “Appreciate Your Club Day” on August 20 and              15th of the month. Also, please be patient since the
 there were about 100 members that attended this fun             company requires us to order three or more before we can
 event throughout the day! We also had Bridge Marina from        place an order. Since the cost for shipping one or five
 Antioch Club cruise in that day which made it even more         badges is the same, I try to collect all the orders and turn
 fun. I would like to “THANK” all my helpers for the             them in at the same time. This allows the maximum cost
 day….Marilyn Allen, Suna Workman, Maria Villasenor,             benefit for our club. We order once a month around the
 Bev Seaman, Donna Collins, Sonny Thompson, Mitch                15th. Be sure to get your info to me prior to then.
 Talia, Dane McCoy, Eric Bergen and Jeffery Melenudo.
 Also I would also like to give a shout out to Norm and                                      LET’S MEET OUR NEW
 Charity Reed for donating all the condiments. Because we                                    MEMBERS
 have members that always pitch in and help our club runs                                    Tammie Toth and Carl Guth
 extremely well.
                                                                                             Sponsors: Bill Murphy and
 I have had a lot of members that have requested an                                          Maureen Hopkins
 updated roster for the 8 x 6 binders. I had the UPS store
 print some up for us. If you would like one the cost is $3.00                               Tammie has worked for San
 and I will mail it to you. Also I have extra 8 x 6 binders if                               Ramon Regional Medical
 you need one for the cost of $10.                                                           Center for 14 years. Carl is a
                                                                 union Plummer/draftsman for five years. They both live in
 REMINDER to all members:                                        Discovery Bay and are looking to purchase a new vessel.
 When you bring a guest - YOU are responsible to sign your       They are both looking forward to our small boat dinner
 guest in and with the CORRECT NAME they should wear             cruises.
 a badge at all times while at the Club. When you leave,         BON VOYAGE
 your guest will need to leave at the same time.. If your
 guest violates any Standing Rules of our Club, you are          Jim and Anta Dolence

                   ab ulous
               My F        5.43

Page 14                                                                                          Anchor Line - September 2011
     1st Annual DBYC Striper Fishing Tournament
              (Continuation of 8th annual local neighborhood event)

                        Saturday, October 22nd 2011
                                     7:00 AM – 2:30 PM

   • Meet at the Discovery Bay Yacht Club in the Bilge Room at 6:30 am and join us for coffee and
     donuts provided by last years winner, Chris Osheroff.

   • Tournament Entry Fee $30 (Please note the prize money is divied up after expenses)
         • Includes: 1 drink, wine beer or soda. (Potluck is encouraged and food can be brought to the
           Bilge Room prior to 2:00 PM as the club doesn’t open upstairs until 3:00 PM)
         • 1st Place 50%
         • 2nd Place 30%
         • 3rd Place 20%
         • Mystery Fish Drawing ($5 from the $30), will be closest to the lb. size selected from a deck
           of cards drawing.

   • All fish will be weighed in at DBYC by the host’s scale for consistency.

   To Enter and more info call Dennis Pachucki 408 309-5206 or

                                         Good Luck!!!

Anchor Line - September 2011                                                                        Page 15
                                                        No Host Bar at 6:00pm
                                                          Dinner at 7:00pm
                                                        Music starts at 8:00pm

                                              Choice of Chicken Marsala or Veal Marsala
                                                   Comes with Vinagarette Salad,
                                                      Seasonal Veggies and Rice

          SIGN UP FORM

  Number of people in party:________
  Check for # ______ of people x $27.50 for a total of $_________________
  Dinner Choices _____ Chicken Marsala _____ Veal Marsala

  Make your check out to DBYC
  Mail to:    Justine Sampson
              435 Discovery Bay Blvd
              Discovery Bay CA 94505

Page 16                                                                 Anchor Line - September 2011
                                                                                            Discovery Bay Yacht Club
                                                                                                  “Sunshine Corner”
                                                                                                         Justine Sampson

 Our wonderful club secretary, Marlo's dad has been ill, let's keep Marlo and her dad in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy
 Members, it is with great sadness to have to write in this article that Sandy Price lost her fight with cancer. Anybody that knew Sandy,
 knew her for her warmth and fabulous smile that could light up a room! Ron and all of her family, please know that we have all of you
 in our prayers and know Sandy will always be your angel.

                                          My business is based on referrals, which is why
                                           providing excellent customer service is of the
                                          utmost importance to me. If you’re thinking of
                                          making a move and want an experienced agent
                                                   you can trust, please call me.

                                                     Call LOIS Today
                                               For Any Real Estate Needs
            Excellence is not a
                                                    (925) 634-5519
      destination; it is a continuous             Cell (925) 437-9402
         journey that never ends             Lois Garner - Broker Associate

                Lois has over 30 years serving Discovery Bay and East County Properties

                                                           Discovery Bay Yacht Club
                                                         August Deckhands
                                                       Thank you for your extra effort!

                  Galley                                    Ted Stark                        Ships Store August Volunteers
                Jan Baehr                                  Elaine Stark                            Karen Lichtenberg
                                                         Carolyn Eastham                            Nancy Jameson
       Monday Money Counters                             Sharon Merizon                               Fran Murphy
            Betty Silva                                   Sharon Peters                              Diann Wallace
           Joanne Smith                                   Joyce Friessen                             Neva Burdick
           Donna Collins                                  Chuck Niessen                               Debbie Read
            Nanci Price                                                                                Jane Bauer

Anchor Line - September 2011                                                                                                      Page 17
                              Dane McCoy – DBYC - Vice Commodore Nominee 2012
                         Dear DBYC Members,                          our employee manual
                         I am Dane McCoy and I have been             •   Meet with our food service vendor to suggest ideas in
                         selected by our nominating committee            which he can have an open door approach to our
                         to represent you as Vice Commodore              members, provide a service that meets the needs of our
                         of Discovery Bay Yacht Club in 2012.            membership and implement practices that get meal orders
                                                                         to the consumer expeditiously.
                         I presently serve as Fleet Captain,
                         which is one of five flag officers on the   I have other experiences that I can draw upon that qualify me
 Governing Board (GB). While serving as Fleet Captain it has         for the position of Vice Commodore.
 been my responsibility to manage all boating functions of our
                                                                     •   Own two Adult Residential Facilities
 Yacht Club.
                                                                     •    Provide training in daily living skills, as well as room and
 Within my first two months as Fleet Captain, I accomplished
                                                                          board for adults with developmental disabilities. The
 the following:
                                                                          facilities are staffed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a
 •   Appointed the Small Boat Dinner Cruise Leaders (9                    week by persons employed by me.
                                                                     •   Retired in the rank of Sergeant, from the Alameda County
 •   Appointed new cruise leaders to learn from the                      Sheriff’s Office after twenty-nine years of service. There I
     experienced cruise leaders, to lead sixteen weekend and             managed thirty-six badge and civilian personnel
     week long cruises for this year                                     throughout seven locations in Alameda County.
 •   Appointed cruise leader(s) for the Opening Day of The           •   Owned and operated two bicycle shops and a coffee/juice
     Fleet, and the Lighted Boat Parade                                  shop
 •   Appointed a new Safety Officer, who has extensive               •   Sat on the board of two charitable organizations such as
     knowledge on boat handling and boating safety                       the Contra Costa Crisis Center and that of Peace Officers
                                                                         for Better Community relations
 •   During this year I oversaw all cruises and the committees
     that are within the scope of my responsibility                  As Vice Commodore I will
 •   Contacted each Commodore, Port Captain and Harbor               •   Work with the food service provider to improve galley
     Master of each yacht club or marina on the 2011 schedule            service and strive to get the best value for our members
     to confirm dates, docking availability costs and to give
                                                                     •   Continue efficient bar service while maintaining current
     them contact information of our cruise leaders
 •   During this year I made cruise reservations for 2012 to
                                                                     •   Work with the Bar Manager to motivate bar staff to improve
     facilitate an easy transition for our incoming Fleet Captain
 •   Oversaw expenditures and reviewed cruise income and
                                                                     •   Work with the Quartermaster to continue the operation of a
     expense sheets for every cruise
                                                                         successful Ship’s Store
 By the year’s end I will have cruised on twelve of sixteen week
                                                                     I will be visible and active at the club and have an open ear
 long or weekend cruises. As Fleet Captain I maintained a high
                                                                     regarding the needs of the membership and encourage
                                                                     members to contact me in person, by telephone, email or
 I have been appointed by our Commodore to take on tasks             U.S.P.S. mail with any concerns regarding the operation of
 that are usually performed by the Vice Commodore, especially        Discovery Bay Yacht Club. I look forward to your input. If for
 in matters in which I have expertise                                any reason you hear a negative comment regarding my
                                                                     opinion on any subject, please give me the courtesy of asking
 •   Investigate complaints that have stemmed from negative
                                                                     me first regarding the subject before making a decision about
     incidents that have occurred at our club
 •   Assist our Commodore in interviewing prospective bar
                                                                     At this juncture in my life, it is the perfect time for me to serve
     employees, which resulted in hiring two new bartenders
                                                                     as your Vice Commodore and hopefully as your Commodore in
 •   Meet with bar staff regarding issues that affect operations     2013. I look to you to support the decision of the nomination
     of the bar                                                      committee of Discovery Bay Yacht Club and Vote for Dane
 •   Work with a sub-committee made up of members to revise          McCoy for Vice-Commodore 2012.

Page 18                                                                                                 Anchor Line - September 2011
                               Pat Anderson – DBYC - Vice Commodore Nominee 2012
                           My nomination is sponsored by many members who are aware of my food, bar and club background. I also
                           have 13 active years in DBYC as a volunteer. I am a 3 time member of the Board. Therefore, I would present to
                           you my complete professional background and my objectives as Vice-Commodore.
                          • Through regularly scheduled meetings, work with Al and Chef Joe promote a great dining experience
                          • Address menus, members concerns and suggestions
          • Explore seasonal dishes, theme dinners, Winter Saturday dining evenings, and more
          • Review consistency in food, presentation and service
          • Work with Jan Baehr who will continue to oversee health and compliance issues
At my suggestion, we have implemented the Friday night dinner seating for those who come to the club with no reservation. Since we are
now able to pace seating, your food is served in a more timely manner.
          • Work closely with Christi, Bar Supervisor, improving our staff to be faster, more efficient, knowledgeable and productive
            staff. This will be my #1 priority.
          • Analyze trends and variances
          • Monitor ABC and other agencies for compliance issues
          • Promote rentals including usage of the Bilge room for special events, rentals and other uses
Ship Store
          • Work with Karen Lichtenberg promoting the Ship Store through events and store hours
Board Duties
          • Contribute sound ideas, suggestions, decisions to the Board and the welfare of the Membership.
Those who are sponsoring my nomination know I have an in-depth understanding of the restaurant, bar and club business.
Additionally, my resume reflects my understanding of working on Boards, volunteerism, and a strong business background that
includes finance, HR, risk management and people skills.
The Vice Commodore must be visible and accessible to both the membership and the staff. See you at the club!

DBYC Experience and Contributions
Board of Directors                                                          Volunteer
Fleet Captain--2008                                                         Opening Day Parades---2001 through 2011
Splashers--2010-2011                                                        Lighted Boat Parades—2001 through 2010
                                                                            Chair & committee member on numerous events
Restaurant, Bar and Club
1963-1967 The Shore Club, Lake Geneva, Wis—All aspects of the restaurant/bar business
1968-1971 Lake of the Pines, Auburn, Ca.--Assistant to pro: Clothing & golf merchandising, bookkeeping
1971-1974 Hidden Valley Country Club, Middletown, Ca.--Club Manager: restaurant, bar, employees, events, personal, HR 1981-1985
Little Bits Cafe, Canoga Park, Ca.-- Owner/Operator/Chef
Real Estate & Mortgage
1988 to present Broker/Owner
Chardonnay Real Estate Discovery Bay Home Sales Anderson Mortgage
Expert Witness-Real Estate & Mortgages
Organizational skills * Initiative *Negotiator & Consultant *High level of people skills *Communication skills *Market analysis/Analytical
skills *Business owner operation knowledge including HR
Awarded “Most Dependable Realtor in Northern California” by Goldline Communications—3 years
Board of Directors HOA—3 California Boards 10 years
Graduate U of Wisconsin-Madison
Substitute Byron School District K-8
Anchor Line - September 2011                                                                                                          Page 19
 The Sizzlin' Weekend Cruise to                                  for distance and accuracy. Ted Cados actually wrapped the
 Stockton Yacht Club was a great success!                        target! We had two "Washers" boards set up - each
 We had 13 boats plus several drive-ins for a weekend of         contestant threw six washers, aiming for the holes in the
 fun and frivolity. Stockton YC is a wonderful place to visit,   boards. Lots of accuracy needed for each of those
 and their members were most welcoming.                          competitions! Monty Rogers brought our DBYC cruise flag
                                                                 so that we could fly it at SYC. Walt and Ro Sweet arrived
 Cruise Leaders Chet and Linda Loveland and Mark and             mid-morning - they had boat troubles coming up on Friday
 Cheryl Anderson arrived Thursday night, along with              and had to return to DB and make a drive to San Jose for
 Dockmaster Charlie Wheeler and Candi, in order to make            parts before they were able to get under way again. For
 sure everything                                                   lunch Chet barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers to go
 was just right                                                    with chile, chips and lemonade. We invited SYC
 for Friday's                                                      members to join us for lunch (we also made a little extra
 arrivals.                                                         money). What a nice surprise to see Fred and Beth
 Cheryl served                                                     Miller there as guests of an SYC member. After lunch we
 us a delicious                                                    planned a "casual" game of bocce ball, which soon turned
 paella - thanks                                                   into a tournament as our competitive members got more
 Cheryl!                                                           and more enthused. The contest finished just in time for
 Friday the real                                                                                      cocktail hour and
 action began,                                                                                        another great meal -
 with the arrival                                                                                     dinner was
 of Ted and                                                                                           Western-style
 Cheryl Cados,                                                                                        barbecued ribs. Gary
 Tom and Judy                                                                                         and Linda Tucker were
 Kenny, Dick                                                                                          able to drive up,
 and Randi                                                                                            although their boat was
 Laforge, Mat                                                                                         still out of commission.
 and Diane                                                                                            After dinner our officers
 Mathews (with guests Walt and Anita McCloud),                                                        and Staff Commodores
 Dane and Pam McCoy, Art and Donna McSherry,                                                          (all wearing their white
 Chuck and Mary Niessen, Bob and Bella Nugent                                                         uniforms) were
 and John and Bev Seaman. Pat Anderson drove                                                          introduced and awards
 over both Friday and Saturday. Monty and Joy                                                         given. Charlie and
 Rogers had boat troubles but came by land, and                                                       Randi won the
 Lowell and Maggie Thomas also joined us. This                                                        knot-tying, Pam and
 was a low-key day, with no planned activities other                                                  Ted took the prizes for
 than a fantastic assortment of pot-luck appetizers (lunch)                                           line-throwing, Pam and
 provided by each boat. Welcome packages from SYC                Dick were the washer-toss champs and Dick and Randi
 included buy-one-get-one-free coupons from their bar, so        Laforge won (again) for bocce. Each individual event
 their volunteer bartenders saw lots of action that afternoon.   winner was presented with a $20 West Marine gift certificate
 The delicious baked spaghetti dinner was prepared by their      and the bocce couple was given a bottle of Mumm's
 Commodore Jeanne Kopshaver.                                     champagne. We wrapped up that evening with a bonfire,
                                                                 S'mores and soft western music. What a great day!
 Organized activities began on Saturday. SYC had arranged
 for a Stockton fire-extinguisher company (Butch Young &         Breakfast on Sunday was served by SYC members -
 Sons) to be available to check and service boat fire            "Confetti egg casserole", bacon, etc. - after which our
 extinguishers and bring them up to standard in case of          members started departing. The weather was perfect the
 emergency or for inspection purposes. Mark Anderson had         whole weekend - warm and sunny but not too hot, just
 made two knot-tying boards and had the instructions and         enough breeze for comfort but nice for docking and
 illustrations available so members could learn and practice     departure. Be sure to sign up for whatever weekend
 the knots that should be used in boating. These will be         Stockton Yacht Club hosts next year (and while you're at it,
 available for use at our yacht club. He also set up a           volunteer to lead or co-lead a cruise).
 line-throwing competition, where we practiced throwing lines

Page 20                                                                                           Anchor Line - September 2011
                                 You’re Invited, Come in and Visit the
                                Discovery Bay Yacht Club’s Ships Store.
                               Check out the many new DBYC logo items

                                  Open Friday Nights 7:30 - 10:00PM
     HURRY!                          and on Taco Tuesday Nights

                                  WANTED - New Volunteers
        Off                        Call Quartermaster Karen Lichtenberg at 634-4530

        Sale                    Benefits include: a reserved table near the store for dinner and
                                          a 10% discount during the month you work .
                                              Also a great way to meet members.


Anchor Line - September 2011                                                                  Page 21
                                                                                                                 By: Pat Anderson

 Our dear friend Sandra Price passed away. We celebrated her           drawing and a great band to wind up the day. Where else can
 life and her gift to us on Sunday, August 28th. She was a             you eat and drink all day and then dance to a great band for $50
 wonderful friend to all. She never said a negative thing about        for the whole day!
 anyone. Embracing life until the end, her contributions to each of
                                                                       We have received many Cook Book recipes in the last couple of
 us makes us realize that a smile, a kind word, our contributions
                                                                       weeks. Please keep them coming! We would like to have a least
 to others, and our love for our family is what we should aspire.
                                                                       100 recipes for our book. The recipe does not have to be an
 We will sadly miss her. We know that she will be watching us,
                                                                       original. Just something that is a favorite. Please included a
 Ron and the kids with her wine glass held high and the twinkle
                                                                       short story with the recipe. This was our favorite growing up. I
 in her eye. Splashers donation to Kaleidoscope will be made in
                                                                       do this for the boat because it is simple. You may send them to:
 Sandra's memory.
                                                              We are extending the cut off time to
 The Slow Poker Run-September 24th- should be a blast. We              September 15th.
 reduced the price of the day to $50. What a value this is! The
                                                                       The Boutique will be the first week-end in November. We will
 first 100 to register will receive a cool Discovery Bay Yacht Club
                                                                       again be doing Saturday evening hors d'oeuvres. This is truly a
 burgee beach towel. Starting at 9, a scrumptious breakfast will
                                                                       wonderful evening to start the Holiday season.
 be served at registration. Registration will be at the club so that
 everyone can pick up their wristbands and maps. We will also          Yes, I know that the Country Club is having a wine tasting that
 have a 50/50 raffle. Don't forget to enter this! Remember you         Sunday. I am thinking of busing people from the Country Club to
 may invite your nonmember friends to this event! We are raising       the Yacht Club so they do not have to drive. They can shop and
 money for local charities.                                            continue to party!
 Houses open at 11. We will have 3 homes for stops—each                We will be starting to contact vendors for the Boutique. We have
 having food and drinks. Our 3 stops are: Karen and Scott              a good starting list. If you want to participate or know someone
 Mann. The Mann's always throw a great party. Wayne D'Anna             was has great items please contact me.
 has again generously opened his home. Wayne will set up his           Please contact me any time with questions, suggestions or if
 casino. People hang out for hours here playing Las Vegas              you wish to help on any of these events.
 games! Debra Lynn and Bruce Chapman are planning a
 Mexican theme with a taco bar and margaritas. There will be           Thanks everyone!
 lots of games for the competitive or just fun--pool table, darts      Pat
 and other games. Back at the club we will have the poker

   The 2012 Nominating Committee recommends the following slate of officers. This slate has been approved
               by the Board. Every member has the opportunity to run for a board position.
                          All petitions needs to be received by September 15th.

                                                    Commodore - Mike Guzzardo
                                                   Vice Commodore - Dane McCoy
                                                Rear Commodore - Justine Sampson
                                                    Fleet Captain - Norm DeLong
                                                 Port Captain - Erlyn Lucas – Payne
                                             Director – Planning & Finance - Milt Baehr
                                               Director- Membership - Fran Murphy
                                             Director – House & Grounds - Walt Hagen
                                                    Treasurer - Chris Provencher
                                                 Jr Staff Commodore – Karen Mann
                                                   Splasher Leader - Debbie Read

Page 22                                                                                                  Anchor Line - September 2011
                                                                                        By: Staff Commodore, Lynn Pierce

 Copper Based Bottom Paints                                      sale in California, any new recreational vessel with a
                                               RBOC has for      copper based bottom paint that does not meet the
                                               many months       definition of low-leach rate copper antifouling paint.
                                               worked with        January 1, 2015 – on or after this date it shall be unlawful
                                               Senator           to apply to a recreational vessel a copper based paint that
                                               Kehoe, her        does not meet the definition of low-leach rate copper
                                               staff, and all    antifouling paints.
                                               other stake
                                                                 By January 1, 2019 and biennially thereafter the State
                                               holders to
                                                                 Water Resources Control Board shall determine if the use
                                                                 of low-leach copper-containing antifouling paints can result
                                                                 in attaining California’s water quality objectives.
                                               boaters from
 onerous legislation concerning the use of copper based          RBOC has steadfastly maintained that any paint other than
 antifouling bottom paints. As all boaters know, copper          what is now being used must be readily available,
 based paints have been used for many years to offset the        affordable, and effective. Towards that objective, RBOC
 negative impacts of marine organisms and, more recently,        has followed up with the paint manufacturers and other
 the spread of invasive species.                                 interested parties on these issues. Paint manufacturers are
                                                                 informing us that a variety of paints will be readily available
 RBOC is continuing its lobbying efforts to insure any
                                                                 in all areas of the state, will be as easy to apply as current
 legislation passed by the California legislature does not
                                                                 paints, will not require stripping of our hulls, and will be
 place either undue financial burdens or unreasonable
                                                                 effective in protecting the hulls of our boats.
 deadlines on California’s boaters. RBOC is pleased to
 report that progress is being made and expresses its            Senator Kehoe is planning to make further revisions and
 appreciation to Senator Kehoe and her staff for their efforts   refinements to SB 623 soon and we are monitoring this
 to reach solutions which meet these objectives.                 closely. RBOC is encouraged by the change in the bill to
                                                                 permit the use of low-leaching, low-copper anti- fouling
 Initially, SB 623 proposed an outright ban on the usage of
                                                                 paints and by the discussions we are having with the
 copper based bottom paints. As now amended, the
 proposed legislation would not enact an outright ban on
 the application of copper based antifouling paints. The         Now here is the very latest information:....
 current version of the bill would permit the application of     After much deliberation, Senator Kehoe has decided to
 paints using low-leaching, low-level copper.                    hold SB 623 in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. It
 Representatives of the various paint manufacturers are          is now a two-year bill and will not be heard in that
 stating that there will be a variety of paints available to     committee on August 17; however, the Senator plans on
 meet the proposed deadlines.                                    moving the bill next year.
 Key dates in the current draft of SB 623 are:                   Over the last couple of weeks, the Senator has received
 January 1, 2014 – the Department of Pesticide Regulation        productive input from state agencies, the Governor’s office
 shall determine the maximum allowable leach rate for            and other sources. The author desires to use the extra
 low-leach copper antifouling paints.                            time available during the fall to consider that information
                                                                 and continue working with all stakeholders on the bill.
 January 1, 2015 – on or after this date a manufacturer,
 wholesaler, retailer, or distributor cannot sell or offer for   RBOC will continue to be engaged on this issue.

Anchor Line - September 2011                                                                                              Page 23
                                        g Sa fety
                      Submitted by: Mark Anderson                   

 During the Sizzlin’ Weekend Cruise to Stockton Yacht Club                locations now)
 on August 12-14th, the cruisers got a chance to practice the     •       9 have their identification or lighting changed
 knots that we talked about in the Safety Article last month
 via a fun competition. The cruisers also had a competition       •       8 other reference items have changed
 with tossing a line over a rail towards a target. I would like   •       3 Mooring Buoys were added
 to congratulate Randi LaForge and Charlie Wheeler for            •       1 Buoy was deleted
 their winning prowess in tying knots. Pam McCoy and Ted
 Cados showed their winning skills during the line toss           With all of the changes above, if you needed to precisely
 competition benefiting from training provided by Art             navigate using the chart with all of these changes, you may
 McSherry. All winners received gift certificates to West         not end up exactly where you thought. Keep this in mind
 Marine.                                                          for all of the charts you may use for the Coastal, Bay and
                                                                  River charts.
 This month we will talk about the chart that most our
 boaters use is called “Nautical Chart: 18861 – Sacramento        If you have a system on your boat to use electronic charts,
 and San Joaquin Rivers”.                                         you can download the latest chart with all of the corrections.
 This chart and its information are used as the basis for the     Here are some handy references for you on this.
 charts showing marina/resort information, or the                 NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
 clean-water/pump-out charts. Thus they consistently use          website has a lot of information.
 the same base of information.
                                                                  The NOAA – Office of Coast Survey provides a significant
 What you may not be aware of is that this chart was last         amount of resources for Nautical Charts and Publications.
 updated in March 2009. So even if you buy a chart this           See their website at:
 year, it is still based upon the information as of March 2009.
 (There may be a few exceptions.)
                                                                  The website that can get you the information regarding
 So, has anything changed since March 2009? Yes it has!           each chart and the cumulative corrections for you chart is:
 A summary of the changes are:                          
 •        27 Markers/Buoys have been relocated                    Happy and Safe Boating!
 •        10 Lighted Buoys have been replaced by 10               Mark Anderson
          Lighted Day Markers (which are also in different


 Under certain conditions, both the Bilge Room and the Main Room of the Discovery
 Bay Yacht Club are available for rental by members. All rentals are made according
 to Standing Rule 28. For specific information contact Vice Commodore, Mike
 Guzzardo via phone 925.864.5757 or email:
 Applications are located in the club lobby or online.

Page 24                                                                                           Anchor Line - September 2011
                                    CHANGE OF WATCH
                                     Saturday, November 19th

                                           Come celebrate the Change of Watch
                                       with your 2011 and 2012 Board Members.

                                              No-Host Cocktails 6 pm
                                                  Dinner 7 pm
                                             Music 8:30 pm - 12:00 am

                                              Cost $28.50 per person
        The change of watch
    ceremony is a time-honored
       naval tradition, which
        formally restates the                      Dinner Menu
    continuity and authority of                Chicken Cordon Bleu
     command and is unique in      served with rice pilaf and seasonal vegetables
   the world today. It involves                           or
        the total transfer of        Medallions of Pork served with a natural
   responsibility, authority and
                                       sauce, baby red potatoes and seasonal
      accountability from one
       individual to another.

                                   All meals served with salad, bread and dessert.

              Deadline for submitting your check is November 14th

     Name: ____________________________________________________________________
     Number of Tickets _____ X $28.50 = $_______
     Choices to be determined
     Please specify the names in your group for seating arrangements:
     _____ Chicken Cordon Bleu _____ Medallionsof Pork
     Return to      Make checks payable to “DBYC”
                    Attn: Tracy Lape
                    4620 Spinnaker Way
                    Discovery Bay, CA. 94505

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Page 26   Anchor Line - September 2011
                                     DBYC - September 2011
   Sunday                     Monday                   Tuesday               Wednesday                  Thursday                   Friday                   Saturday
                                                                                                                          1                          2                      3
                           Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-11pm           Club Open                 Club Open
                               Game Night               Taco Tuesday                                                             4pm - 12:30am             3pm - 10:00pm
                                                      Ships Store Open                                                         Dinner 5:30 - 9 pm
                                                                                                                               The Edwin Brothers

                       4                        5                        6                        7                        8                         9                    10
 Club Open 9am-9pm         Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-11pm          Club Open                  Club Open
  Breakfast 9am-1pm            Game Night               Taco Tuesday          Small Boat Cruise       General Mtg 7:00 pm       4pm - 12:30am              3pm - 12:00am
                                    y                 Ships Store Open                                 Dinner Served 5:45      Dinner 5:30 - 9 pm        Honoring Those Who
                                                       Board Mtg 6:30                                          pm                The Business                   Serve

                     11                        12                       13                       14                       15                    16                        17
 Club Open 9am-9pm         Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-11pm           Club Open                 Club Open
  Breakfast 9am-1pm            Game Night               Taco Tuesday                                                             4pm - 12:30am             3pm - 10:00pm
                                                      Ships Store Open                                                         Dinner 5:30 - 9 pm
                                                                                                                               Alex & Tradewinds
     Cruise Out                Cruise Out               Cruise Out               Cruise Out               Cruise Out               Cruise Out
     Wine Cruise               Wine Cruise              Wine Cruise              Wine Cruise              Wine Cruise             Wine Cruise

                     18                        19                     20                       21                       22                     23                         24
 Club Open 9am-9pm         Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-11pm           Club Open                 Club Open
  Breakfast 9am-1pm            Game Night               Taco Tuesday                                        Karaoke              4pm - 12:30am             3pm - 10:00pm
                                                      Ships Store Open                                                         Dinner 5:30 - 9 pm
                                                                                                                                Alex & Company
      Cruise Out                Cruise Out               Cruise Out               Cruise Out               Cruise Out          Cruise Out- Interim       Cruise Out - Interim
   First BayCruise           First BayCruise          First BayCruise          First BayCruise          First BayCruise         First Bay Crusie          First Bay Crusie

                     25                        26                     27                       28                       29                     30
 Club Open 9am-9pm         Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-10pm       Club Open 5pm-11pm           Club Open
  Breakfast 9am-1pm            Game Night               Taco Tuesday                                                            4pm - 12:30am
                                                      Ships Store Open                                                         Dinner 5:30 - 9 pm
 Cruise Out- Interim                                                                                                            Gin House Band
  First Bay Cruise            Cruise Out                Cruise Out              Cruise Out               Cruise Out                Cruise Out
 Second Bay Cruise         Second Bay Cruise         Second Bay Cruise       Second Bay Cruise        Second Bay Cruise        Second Bay Cruise

                                                    10/01/2011               Rock ‘N Roll Fantasy               10/11/2011                Board Meeting
                                                    10/05-                                                      10/13/2011                General Meeting
                                                    10/12/2011               Cruise Out Fleet                   10/14/2011                Dinner & Dance
                                                                             Week Cruise                        10/21/2011                Dinner & Dance
                                                    10/7/2011                Dinner & Dance                     10/22/2011                Striper Fishing
                                                    10/07-                                                                                Tournament
                                                    10/09/2011               Cruise Out Fall                    10/27/2011                Karaoke
                                                                             Festivities                        10/28/2011                Dinner & Dance
    REMINDERS                                                                Sportsmen YC                       10/29/2011                Halloween
                                                    10/14/2011               Cruise Out 3rd Bay

Anchor Line - September 2011                                                                                                                                        Page 27
 DBYC 2011                 YEAR AT A GLANCE
 11/4/2011         Dinner & Dance
 11/5/2011         Holiday Boutique 4-8 w/appetizers
 11/06/2011        Board Meeting
 11/6/2011         Holiday Boutique 10-4
 11/08/2011        General Meeting
 11/11/2011        Dinner & Dance
 11/11-11/13/11    Cruise Out Mystery Cruise
 11/18/2011        Dinner & Dance
 11/19/2011        Change of Watch Dinner
 11/24/2010        Thanksgiving
 11/25/2011        Dinner & Dance                      If your away because of business, vacation, or a 2nd home
 .                                                           Murph’s Home Care
 12/2/2011         Dinner & Dance                                      Whether it floats or not,
 12/3/2011         Street Parade                                      We take care of your home
                                                                         while you are away
 12/9/2011         Dinner & Dance                                    Call anytime day or evening
 12/10/2011        Splashers Lighted Boat Parade                        for a free consultation
 12/16/2011        Dinner & Dance
 12/18/2011        Splashers Children's Christmas           Bill Murphy • 925.634.1450
 12/23/2011        Dinner & Dance
 12/24/2011        Christmas Eve
 12/25/2011        Christmas Day
 12/30/2011        Dinner & Dance
 12/31/2011        New Year's Eve Party!

          Thursday, September 22, 2011                                 7-10PM - MAIN ROOM

              Karaoke Night
                  The singing starts upstairs at 7pm

Page 28                                                                            Anchor Line - September 2011
            Launching Ramp                              Boats & Equipment for Sale

          WANTED                               This space is
        YOUR AD HERE                            Reserved for                         Post any boat
       DUE 15th of Each                        Discovery Bay                          related item
            Month                                Yacht Club                               here.

                    Note: These ads are published as a free service to DBYC membership.
           To place an ad in next month’s Launching Ramp, email the ad by the 15th of each month.
               Ads run for (3) months. If your item sells faster, email me so it can be removed.
                                    Items must be directly related to boating.
     Please make sure all ads are clearly written . No new ads or cancellations will be taken over the phone.
                                                  email all ads to:
                                           Discovery Bay Yacht Club
                                                Anchor Line Editor
                                                   Diana Dobbie

                                                 Discovery Bay Yacht Club
                                                 Annual Holiday Boutique
                                                      Saturday November 5th
                                                           4:00 - 8:00pm
                                                     Appetizers will be served
                                                     while you leisurely shop
             Vendors Reserve
             Your Spot Now!!!                        Sunday November 6th
          Contact Pat Anderson                        10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Anchor Line - September 2011                                                                              Page 29

                                 Contact Justine Sampson today!

                New or revised ad copy is due no later than the 15th
                         of each month for the next issue.

                      Why Advertise in the DBYC Anchor Line?
   • Target Market Yacht Club Members • Economical Way to Promote Your Business
              • We Can Help Design Your Ad • Create Monthly Specials

                            MONTHLY or ANNUAL ADVERTISING COSTS
                             (Annual costs prorated throughout the year)
                    Ad Size                Monthly          12 month Annual
                    1/8 Page (BC Size)     $ 20/mo          $ 190/annual
                    1/4 Page               $ 40/mo          $ 375/annual
                    1/2 Page               $ 80/mo          $ 845/annual
                    3/4 Page               $125/mo          $1,375/annual
                    3/4 Page Back Cover $140/mo             $1,565/annual
                    Full Page              $160/mo          $1,750/annual

                                                                                  PRSRT STD
                          Discovery Bay                                           U.S. Postage
                           Yacht Club                                              PAID
                                                                                  Permit No. 34
5871 Marina Road                                                                   Byron, CA
Discovery Bay, CA 94505
(925) 634-1210

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