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					The VOICE of Hewlett-East Rockaway Jewish Centre/Congregation Etz Chaim      kuev
November–December 2010              Vol. 61 • No. 2        Cheshvan/Kislev/Tevet 5771

   Hanukkah is a special time for family and friends to get together!
          THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2010 – 6 PM
                     Special Hanukkah Treats! Free – Fun for all!
                   Details on the weekly E-Hakol as we get closer!
HERJC 516-599-2634                                               As part of our ongoing efforts to encourage peo-
                                                                 ple to explore meaningful ways to observe Shab-
                                                                 bat, we are including a guide to a different Shab-
Ext. 214                                                         bat practice in each issue of Hakol this year.
rabbiw@herjc.org                                                    This month we focus on the mitzvah of bless-
                                                                 ing children and grandchildren. This beautiful
Rabbi Emeritus                                                   ritual is generally performed on Friday night
                                                                 before Shabbat dinner, but it can be done at any
Hazzan                                                           time during the day.

                                                   ohbc ,frc
Ext. 215

Ritual Director
Ext. 222                         BIRKAT BANIM – The Blessing For Children
                                         Place your hand on your children’s head and recite:
Religious School Director
599-0424 or Ext. 219

Nursery School Director
599-1169 or Ext. 237

Youth Director
599-1148 or Ext. 223

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  page 2            NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010                                             www.herjc.org       HAKOL
          From the Rabbi’s Study
                                                                                              HAKOL is published
RABBI ANDREW WARMFLASH                                                                        by the Hewlett-East
                                                                                              Rockaway Jewish Centre/
                                                                                              Congregation Etz Chaim
                   What will bring the Messiah? The Talmud answers this classic ques-
                                                                                              295 Main Street,
                   tion in an unusual way. It won’t be a great tragedy or a war between       East Rockaway, NY 11518
                   good and evil. Instead: “The Messiah will come when the entire             Telephone: 516-599-2634
                   Jewish people observes one Shabbat.”                                       Fax: 516-599-2851
                                                                                              E-mail: office@herjc.org
                      Why should Shabbat observance be the thing that initiates the           Website: www.herjc.org
                   Messianic era? Because Shabbat is the closest thing in our world
                   to it, it is a time of peace and spirituality, a time to enjoy good food   President
                   and the company of family and friends, a time to enjoy God’s many          DAN GERSTMAN
                   blessings and experience God’s presence through prayer and                 Vice Presidents
the study of God’s Torah.                                                                     MARILYN COHEN
   During my sermon last Kol Nidre night, I suggested that because we live in a fast          JEFFREY FEIGENBLATT
paced technological society Jews need Shabbat in the 21st century even more than ever         DR. MARTIN LESSER
                                                                                              AUDREY POLINSKY
before. (To read the complete sermon, go to www.herjc.org and click on “Rabbi’s               ROBERTA SUGARMAN
Sermons.”) I urge you to begin to make time for the observance of Shabbat in your life.
Here are some Shabbat do’s and don’ts to help you get started.                                Treasurer
                                                                                              LARRY MILLER
                                                                                              Financial Secretary
1. Eat, drink and rejoice. Celebrate with people you love and care about.                     JUDY HERBST
2. Spend some time out of doors and appreciate God’s world.
3. Study or read something that will edify, challenge, or delight you.                        Recording and
4. Spend some time alone. Take some time for yourself. Check in with yourself. Review         Corresponding Secretary
                                                                                              TERRI GOLD
   your week.
5. Mark the beginning and end of this sacred day: lighting candles and kiddush on             Sisterhood President
   Friday night and havdalah on Saturday night.                                               NANCY LEVITT

DON’T:                                                                                        Men’s Club President
1. Do anything you have to do for your work life. This includes obligatory reading,           ELLIOTT POLINSKY
   homework for kids (even without writing), unwanted social obligations, and pre-            Editor Emeritus
   paring for work as well as doing the job itself.                                           CHARLOTTE BERCH
2. Spend any money. Separate completely from the commercial culture that surrounds
                                                                                              Editorial Assistant
   us.                                                                                        HELAINE K. RONEN
3. Do any business. No calls to the broker. No following up on ads. No paying of bills.
   It can all wait.
4. Travel. Avoid especially commercial places like airports, hotel check-ins, and simi-       Periodical postage paid at the
   lar depersonalizing commercial encounters.                                                 East Rockaway, NY Post Office
                                                                                              (#233120). Postmaster: Send
5. Use technology. Avoid computers, cell phones, PDA’s, email or TV. Find opportuni-          address changes to Hewlett-East
   ties to be face-to-face with those around you, rather than facing the all-powerful         Rockaway Jewish Centre, 295
                                                                                              Main St., East Rockaway, NY
   screen.                                                                                    11518. Affiliated with: United
                                                                                              Synagogue, National Federation
Try it, you will like it. Let’s welcome the Messiah together!                                 of Jewish Men’s Clubs, National
                                                                                              Women’s League. The views
                                                                                              and opinions expressed herein
                                                                                              do not necessarily reflect the
                          Rabbi’s Sermons Are On-Line                                         policies of HERJC or the
                                                                                              Conservative Movement.
     Go to www.HERJC.ORG and click on the “Rabbi’s Sermons” link.

HAKOL       www.herjc.org                                                    NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010             page 3
                                     notes from the hazzan
                              DAVID B. SISLEN
                                                  Our tradition calls the month of Cheshvan “Mar” Cheshvan; “bitter”
                                                  or “sad” Cheshvan, since after the Tishrei experience, rich with dra-
   DAILY                                          matic and meaningful holidays, the second month of the year seems
                                                  like kind of a lonely let-down. Yet I would suggest that the still,
 SERVICES                                         small voice we spoke about in the Unetane Tokef on the High
     Mornings                                     Holidays is what we should hear roaring in our psyche for the near-
                                                  ly two months until we are again distracted by Chanukah fever. This
    REGULAR                                       time is the test to see if we were paying attention during the Yamim
     Monday                                       Noraim, and if our resolve to recognize our shortcomings and take
   and Thursday               steps to repair them will bear fruit. If we were honest in our desire to change, it will be
     6:50 am                  in the relative quiet of these months that we’ll be able to see if we’ve made a difference.
Tuesday, Wednesday,           Absent the distractions of the Tishrei Holiday of the Week extravaganza, we can focus
     and Friday               on the little things. And what should they be? Anything. If you didn’t make a concrete
      7:00 am                 series of resolutions about the things you needed to
                              change, repair, or renew in your life, now is the time.

     9:30 am                  No step is too small. If you haven’t already resolved                  If you haven’t
                              to do so, why not take the opportunity to upgrade to        already resolved to
    Sunday &                  Judaism version 5771.1. What one new mitzvah are
  Legal Holidays
                                                                                          do so, why not take
                              you willing to take on? What one new shul skill are          the opportunity to
     9:00 am
                              you willing to learn? What one new book of the Bible
  Rosh Chodesh
                                                                                           upgrade to Judaism
                              or from Rabbinic literature are you willing to read
     6:45 am

Monday through
Thursday, Sunday
                              and/or study? What one service that you don’t cur-
                              rently attend will you resolve never to miss? What
                                                                                                version 5771.1.

                              small step can you take that will put you on a new, meaningful, and enriching path? But
                              don’t say I didn’t warn you. Once you take that first step it’s hard to stop. Perhaps that’s
                              why we have the quiet of Cheshvan. It allows us to take the time to listen to our own
& Legal Holidays
                              footsteps. That way we can make sure we’re walking in the right direction.
    7:30 pm
      7:00 pm                    Many of you have responded to my request to let me know what shul skills you wish
 Saturday varies              to learn or improve. Tops on the list seems to be improving Haftarah preparation skills,
with sunset times             followed by Torah reading, and chanting a variety of the daily services. Still others
                              requested opportunities to study specific texts or prayers. Please keep those e-mails
                              coming to cantorsislen@herjc.org. As I continue to get a sense of what increasing num-
Go to
                              bers of you wish to learn, I will make a determination where and when to schedule les-
                              sons, whether they are done in organized classes, private sessions, or as “lunch and
                              learns” either here at HERJC or, perhaps, on the Web.
Please check
                                 And finally, as I asked in this space last time, please also contact me if you are able
or see the calendar for       to chant Torah or Haftarah. Don’t assume that you are already on the list. If you have
Saturday evening              the skill and the desire, please shoot me a line to make sure that you’re listed, so that
service times.                you can join the ever growing list of HERJC community members who participate in
                              this vital part of our ritual life.
                                 Best wishes for a meaningful and life changing Mar Cheshvan.

page 4            NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010                                                      www.herjc.org       HAKOL
                                                                                               HERJC MISSION
              From the President                                                                 STATEMENT
                                                                                                   Hewlett-East Rockaway
                                                                                               Jewish Centre–Congregation
DAN GERSTMAN                                                                                   Etz Chaim (HERJC) is a
                                                                                               warm, vibrant, traditional-
                    People ask me all the time: “What is it like to be President of the syn-   egalitarian Conservative con-
                                                                                               gregation. Our diverse, for-
                    agogue?” I almost always answer in terms of the bigger puzzle pieces
                                                                                               ward-thinking community is
                    that have been coming together so well for us. But there are also          one in which learning, prayer
                    funny, awkward moments along the way that I am tempted to tell             and social action flourish.
                    about, and I thought I’d share a few of them here.                             Since its founding in
                                                                                               1949, HERJC has been
                    a   Just months after I was installed, HERJC hosted the community          recognized for creating a
                    Selichot service with seven synagogues attending, and sure enough          welcoming environment in
                    the turnout overwhelmed us. How did I know? By the amount of               which each member—regard-
                                                                                               less of age, stage of life or
                    dessert! It was clear that we not only didn’t have enough, but I start-    background—feels a con-
    ed overhearing things like, “How could they not have sugar free cookies?” and, “they       nection to one another, to
    don’t even have ice water?” To make matters worse, the air conditioning had not            the Jewish people, to the
    kicked in yet and of course to top it off, we didn’t have enough seating in the recep-     United States, to the land
                                                                                               and state of Israel, to
    tion room so we had hungry, overheated people without seats! Time passed by at an
                                                                                               Judaism and to God.
    embarrassingly slow pace and I felt like finding a hole to crawl into.                         We are committed to con-
                                                                                               tinuing to provide innovative,
a   Another dessert story happened more recently when one of our committee chairs              interesting, and thought-pro-
    had to rescue an intact cheesecake that was hijacked from our Kiddush table—head-          voking programs that:
    ing straight for the exit!
                                                                                               a   Foster lifelong learning
a   Then there was a very nice Friday afternoon this past summer. I was playing a nice             from pre-school through
    round of golf and made the critical mistake of looking at my blackberry. On it was             adulthood
    an e-mail message: “We have pigeons in the sanctuary”. I sliced the next shot into         a   Celebrate our Jewish
    the Hewlett Harbor and my round went under water with it. Thankfully, we were
                                                                                               a   Deepen the sense of
    able to safely remove the pigeon nests from the rafters of our sanctuary and roof.             community among our
                                                                                                   Congregational family
a   Or consider an awkward moment this summer at Shabbat service. The Torah service            a   Promote religious involve-
    was about to begin. There is that moment of anticipation when everyone’s eyes are              ment of all members,
    fixed on the curtain of the ark. The curtain string was pulled, the arc was opened,            and enhance their
    but the light was off inside the arc—pitch dark! Of course in my mind everyone is              spiritual experience
                                                                                               a   Encourage intergenera-
    aghast. I can hear still hear the gasps and the mumbling.
                                                                                                   tional cooperation
                                                                                               a   Nurture the state of
As I look back now, I can laugh at some of the small pains, knowing they are complete-             Israel and our
ly overtaken by our larger gains!                                                                  relationship with it
                                                                                               a   Serve the needs of
a   We are coming off a wonderfully inspiring High Holiday Season uplifted by our spir-            our members, the local
    itual leader Rabbi Warmflash’s inspiring sermons, the wonderful debut and davening             community, the United
    of our new Hazzan, Cantor Sislen and the joy of praying from our new Machzorim.                States, and K’lal Yisrael,
                                                                                                   the Jewish people
a   We have great new programs for our young families ranging from our PJ Library pro-             throughout the world.
    gram (you can learn more about this fabulous program at www.pjlibrary.org), our
    terrifically well-attended new Jewish Building Blocks class for families with children     The Pirkei Avot says the world
                                                                                               rests on Torah, Avodah, and
    ages 4-6, and our growing Post B’nai Mitzvah class                                         G’milut Chasidim. So too
a   We continue to have more events to share together such as Family Friday Shabbat,           does our Congregation.
    our Chanukah party and our Men’s Club Couples Bowling Night. Hope you will be
    a part of many of them!                                     Continued on next page

HAKOL       www.herjc.org                                                    NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010             page 5
     Searching For Singers                                         Hazzan Sislen is looking to assemble a group of
                                                                   4-6 singers who read music and are able to learn
                                                                   multi-part pieces on their own. In addition to
                                                                   presenting music periodically for various occa-
                                                                   sions, this group will form the core of a re-assem-
                                                                   bled choir in the future. If you have the skills and
                                                                   the time, please contact cantorsislen@herjc.org.

President continued from page 5

a   An unbelievably caring community filled with individuals who come together to inspire each other and contribute
    in so many meaningful ways to our HERJC family, our local area, and our brethren in Israel—-thanks to HERJC
    Cares and HERJC Cares about Israel!

So while the question, “What is it like to be your synagogue President?”, evokes a lot of mixed emotions, please know
that is always my honor to serve this wonderful community! As we look forward to Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, I
join my wife Pam and our children Lauren, Charlie, Brooke and Gaby, to wish you and your families most meaningful
holidays in the best of health! L’Chaim!

                                   patrons society
                 These are difficult economic times, as we all know. So I must
                                                                                      A WARM WELCOME
                 say a heartfelt thank you to all of our Patron members who
                                                                                      TO OUR NEW PATRONS
                 have either renewed their pledge for this year and/or paid it
                                                                                      Bonnie and William Rost
                 already. Our Synagogue doesn’t have a building fund nor do
                                                                                      The Susser Family Trust
                 our dues cover the cost of our budget. The Patrons Society
                 has traditionally made a large and welcomed impact on help-
                                                                                      PAID CHAI RENEWALS
                 ing balance our Synagogue’s annual budget. HERJC needs
                                                                                      ($1,800 AND UP)
                 everyone who can to step forward and help our Synagogue
                                                                                      Diane and Jonathan Rothstein**
                 continue to grow and maintain itself as one of the leading
congregations on Long Island.
                                                                                      PAID PATRON RENEWALS
   When you join the Patrons Society, your name will be placed on the Patrons         ($1,000)
Plaque in our main lobby and published in Hakol the month following receipt           Edith and Raymond Fuchs*
of your contribution. Most of all, you will be doing something extraordinary for      Phyllis Gilbert Nadler*
our Shul, school and Congregation.
                                                                                      *How can we say Thank You to our
   If you and your family would be interested in becoming members of the              Patrons who renew BEFORE the yearly
Patrons Society, please feel free to leave a message for me in the HERJC office       letters go out? A HUGE Todah Rabah!
at 599-2634.
                                                                                      ** And a huge apology to Diane and
   It is with great pleasure that I continue to list the names of our Congregants     Jonathan Rothstein for listing them in
who have already pledged and paid for the 2011 Patron year. Yasher Koach to           an incorrect category last issue.
you all.

page 6         NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010                                                           www.herjc.org          HAKOL
                    HERJC Circle Of Life
using wills or Trusts to donate to your synagogue

In the Spring of 1949, a handful of people met in the basement of
a home on Talfor Road sharing a vision for a community where their
children could learn the heritage of their faith, study its language
and observances; where they themselves could worship on Shabbat
and the High Holy Days and observe Yahrzeits and other life cycle
events. Here we are, more than 60 years later, proud members of a
wonderful, warm, egalitarian, Conservative synagogue, whose mis-
sion is to provide innovative, interesting, and thought-provoking
programs that:
• Foster lifelong learning from pre-school through adulthood
• Celebrate our Jewish heritage                                         Each Circle of Life member
                                                                        receives this hand crafted gold
• Deepen our sense of community                                         and silver lapel pin or necklace.
• Promote religious involvement & enhanced spiritual experiences
• Nurture the state of Israel and our relationship with it                Assure a Legacy for Future
                                                                          Generations by joining
Those who came before us left a legacy that continues to                  HERJC’s Circle of Life:
nurture us and our children. Now it is our turn to provide for            1. Establish a bequest in
the needs of the generations yet to come.                                    your will or trust to
                                                                             benefit HERJC
All Planned Gifts carry membership into the HERJC Circle of Life          2. Leave a portion of your
with the following benefits:                                                 retirement account to
• A distinctive HERJC Circle of Life certificate suitable for framing        HERJC
• Recognition in Hakol and various published materials                    3. Make HERJC the owner
• A hand crafted silver and gold Circle of Life pin or necklace              of a permanent life
                                                                             insurance policy
   made exclusively for us by renowned Judaica artist, Neil Meixler.
                                                                          4. Make HERJC a full
• Listing on Circle of Life display at the synagogue
                                                                             beneficiary of a life
• Naming opportunities for large bequests                                    insurance policy
                                                                          5. Transfer ownership of
For more information or to make bequests, call 516-599-2634.                 a home to HERJC, but
                                                                             continue to use it as
Rabbi Andrew Warmflash               President Dan Gerstman                  always
Rabbi Emeritus Stanley Platek        Marc Goldberg, Fundraising

                        ....lksd shdb rusu rusk
“From Generation to Generation, We Extol Your Goodness…”

                              Please remember us in your will
                                                 kol nidre appeal
                           Thank You to All for An       Richard & Hope Cohen           Lawrence & Sandra Gebet
Kol Nidre                  Amazingly Generous            Larry & Ilene Cohen            Jeffrey & Barbra Gedacht
                           Response!                     Ed & Lisa Cohen                Laurence & Liz Geller
Appeal 5771                                              Stan & Marilyn Cohen           Brenda Genn
                           Sam & Pearl Aarons            Paul & Barbara Cooper          Dan & Pam Gerstman
                           Larry & Ellen Abelove         Andrew & Rachel Cooper         Joel & Eileen Gevarter
It’s Still Not Too         Marty & Louise Abrams         Mindy Daum                     Marty & Linda Gevarter
Late to Help!              Eddy Abrevaya                 Peter & Eileen Davidson        Harris & Jessica Giddings
                           Cary & Karen Adler            Daniel & Adrienne Davidson     Phyllis Gilbert Nadler
                           Stu & Terry Ain               Josh & Janet Deutsch           Anton & Larisa Ginzburg
                           George & Paula Akst           Alyce Diamond                  Alex & Yelena Glaz
Listed here are            Stanley & Susan Alt           Yosef & Doris Dlugacz          Henry & Barbara Gluck
all of the families        Jonathan & Leslie Altus       Henrietta Dobin                Gary & Jennifer Goffner
                           Jay & Gail Alweis             Norman & Naomi Doctor          Ralph & Arlene Goffner
who have made a            Bertha Alweis                 Stu & Stefanie Doloboff        Maury & Gail Golbert
pledge to this year’s      Lee & Linda Antoville         Ben & Shari Doloboff           Steven & Terri Gold
                           Paul & Stacey Aronin          Abbey & Valerie Doneger        Arthur & Ronne Goldberg
Kol Nidre Appeal.                                        Rita Doneger                   Jeffrey & Sherry Goldberg
                           Lenny Austin
                           Pauline Balkin                Ezra & Iris Dori               Warren & Ellen Goldberg
Each year we               Ruth Balkin                   Ian & Jill Drachman            Marc & Marcy Goldberg
                           Joshua and Rebecca Baum       Bruce & Irene Drantch          Bruce & Marla Golden
work for 100%              Jack & Marsha Becker          Paul & Karen Dubrowsky         Sid & Linda Golden
congregant                 Bob & Sheryl Behar            Glenn & Lisa Edwards           Barry & Lauren Goldstein
                           David & Lesly Beldner         Phil Engel                     Arnold & Lynne Gordon
involvement. Every         Paula Belmont                 Steve & Kathy Estrin           Bob & Sandy Gordon
pledge from Chai           Gil & Tracy Ben-Ami           Alan & Meryl Estrin            Robert & Susan Gottlieb
                           Yona & Nina Beno              Jaime & Stacey Ezratty         Larry & Rita Gottlieb
($18) up counts!                                         Jay & Carolyn Fader            Irwin & Vicki Graber
                           George & Charlotte Berch
                           Ron & Sarita Berkenblit       Jonathan & Bonnie Falk         Ben & Lenora Green
If you don’t see           James & Joan Berkowitz        Sheldon & Irene Farber         Charles & Charney Greenberg
                           Joel & Lorraine Berman        Larry & Kathy Feffer           Steven & Louise Greenberg
your name here—            Sue Berman                    Jeff & Hedda Feigenblatt       Allen & Sharon Greenwald
it’s not too late.         Joel & Lorraine Berman        Evan & Lisa Feingold           Richard & Jody Grobman
                           Jeff & Lila Bernstein         Sandy & Tommye Feit            Sheldon & Sharon Gross
Just call your             Phil & Anne Bernstein         Paul & Hildy Feldman           Gary & Lynn Grossman
pledge into the            Leonard and Leslie Blankopf   Sandy & Roberta Feldman        Stuart & Linda Gruman
                           Jeff & Elise Blankstein       Rae Feldman                    Ariel & Aleta Grunberg
Synagogue office                                         Alan & Judy Feldman            Grace Gustin
                           Barry Borodkin
at 599-2634.               Michael & Ivy Bouskila        Larry & Irene Fener            Sylvia Gutenplan
                           Ethel Brenner                 Mark & Jackie Fetner           Keith & Samantha Gutstein
                           Boris & Vicky Breslav         Ken & Mindy Feuerstein         Alan & Loretta Hagler
Thank you to               Ethel Brody                   Marc and Lori Field            Ed & Elaine Halbridge
all who did                Joe & Laurie Brofsky          Michael & Debbie Finkelstein   Charlie Hammerman &
                           Allen & Lois Brotz            Judy Fischer                        Nanci Freiman
participate!               Michael & Dora Burstein       Herbert & Roslyn Fisher        Mike & Debi Handel
                           David & Linda Burton          Walter and Lisa Fishkind       Jerry & Marcia Harris
                           Robert & Meryl Butwin         Mark & Elizabeth Flyer         Keith & Madeline Harrow
                           Stan & Dale Camhi             Michael & Fran Frank           Jerry & Marion Hauser
                           Allen & Janice Cederbaum      Allen & Judy Frank             Ed & Barbara Held
                           Barry & Carole Chasen         Len & Fran Frankel             Steve & Judy Herbst
                           Marcel & Faye Clement         Richard & Anita Friedman       Lev Herrnson & Lisa
                           Brian & Marcie Cohen          Ben & Lisa Futterman                Berkowitz-Herrnson
                           Harvey & Adrienne Cohen       Brett & Elaine Garver          Yehuda & Helene Hershkovich

 page 8        NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010                                                    www.herjc.org         HAKOL
Ian Herzberg & Judy Nysenholc   Robert & Jane Lerner                Brian & Charlotte Partman      Sheila Shenfeld
Ruth Hirsch                     Marty & Jane Lesser                 Philip & Carin Peerless        Bob & Denise Sher
Bill & Arlyne Hirsch            Richard & Sherry Levens             Gary & May Peresiper           Harriette Shiffman
Mark & Lynn Hirschorn           Donald & Herma Levine               Ron & Robin Perlstein          Joan Shifter
Mark & Doris Hoffeld            Mel & Janet Levine                  Carlos & Fredda Pichardo       Brian & Shari Silver
Mark & Robin Hoorwitz           Paul & Nancy Levitt                 Asher & Laurie Platt           Mark & Shelley Silver
Diana Horowitz                  Jeff Levitt & Susan Julien-Levitt   Mitchell & Liz Podgorsky       Herb & Esther Silverman
Helene Igielski                 Matthew & Suzanne Levy              Jon & Randi Polansky           Stuart & Arlene Silverstein
Carl & Carol Isaacson           Mitchell & Dana Levy                Elliott & Audrey Polinsky      Harold & Geri Sirota
Harry & Linda Itzkovitz         Lewis & Sheri Levy                  Lester & Arlene Pollack        Jack & Ferne Skiba
Jay & Robin Ivler               Craig & Jennifer Lewner             Stuart & Debbie Polokoff       Joseph & Barbara Sklar
Alan & Iris Jacobs              Jeff & Joanne Liebenstein           Anatoly & Frida Popilevsky     Allen & Connie Skolnick
Richard Judelson                Harriet Lieberman                   Igor & Margarita Portnoy       Jon & Allison Smilowitz
Mark & Mitra Kahn               Sheldon & Marie Lippman             Tom & Pam Poutre               Irving & Thelma Spector
Larry & Joy Kaminsky            Harvey & Pearl Lipton               Ken & Barbara Rappaport        Bob Spielman
Mark & Randi Kantor             Bill & Sheryl Lucas                 Michael & Nancy Rehns          Michael & Francene Stauber
Murray & Linda Kantor           Jesse Lunin-Pack &                  Alan & Michelle Rehs           Gary Stehr
Jeffrey & Gale Kaplan                Elisabeth Neuberg              Gary & Kathleen Renick         Lester & Faye Stein
Michael & Barbara Kaplan        Geoff & Adrienne Lurie              Michael & Deb Riegel           Philip & Sherry Steinfeld
Gary & Stacey Kaplan            Joel & Sharyn Lustig                Jeff & Donna Rodolitz          Steven & Nancy Stern
Richard & Carol Karson          Larry & Suzanne Lutwick             Anita Roseman                  Marc & Jill Stern
Harry & Zeena Kassel            Sam & Barbara Malkin                Martin & Joan Rosen            Joan Stern
Donald & Phyllis Katz           Jon & Andi Mandell                  Shirley Rosen                  Howard Strauss
Ira Katz                        Myra Marashinsky                    Dan & Madeline Rosenberg       Stuart & Roberta Sugarman
Steve & Stephanie Kaufman       Robert & Sheila March               Anita Rosenblum                Rhona Tanenbaum
Sylvia Kaufman                  Alan & Myra Markowitz               Eric & Nanci-Sue Rosenthal     Evan & Ilene Tannor
Joel & Susan Keilson            Stuart & Tova Markowitz             Lewis & Faith Rosenthal        Robert & Wendy Tansky
Sam & Eleanor Keller            AJ Marks                            Brian & Jennifer Ross          Patricia Tanton
Marc & Lois Kemp                Allan & Audrey Marrus               Bill & Bonnie Rost             Alan & Allison Tessler
David & Ora Kirsch              Marty Mast                          Ken & Rosalie Roth             Jeff & Arlene Thaler
Stuart Kirshenbaum &            Marlon & Zina Matza                 Marcia Roth                    Robert & Trudy Theodore
     Meryl Berkowitz            Mitchell & Arline Matza             David & Liz Rothafel           Marvin & Carole Tolkin
Steve & Elayne Kirshner         David & Karina Mayer                Judith Rothstein               Steven & Robin Toor
Harold & Liz Kislik             Neil & Harriet Meixler              Jonathan & Diane Rothstein     Bruce & Paula Trauner
Martin & Adrianne Klein         Gail & John Mero                    William & Rita Rubenstein      Allan Trompeter
Fred & Rochelle Knobloch        Larry & Marsha Miller               Murray & Jeanne Rubinfeld      Gail Wacher
Jay & Jackie Kobak              Sam & Bea Miller                    Milton & Carol Rubinstein      Scott & Nancy Wachs
David & Susan Koffler           Benjamin & Robin Mintz              Leonard & Arlene Russin        Jerry & Beverly Wachtel
Lawrence & Michelle Kogan       Arthur & Judy Mintz                 Meryle Samuels                 Richard & Lisa Wainer
Miriam Kolnick                  Bruce & Julie Mirkin                Emanuel Schaeffer              Jerry & Naomi Watman
Jules & Arline Kotcher          Harry & Jane Mison                  Donald & Joan Schaeffer        Joel & Marjorie Wecksell
Paul & Melissa Kotcher          Stephen & Melanie Moelis            Sid & Elaine Scheinfeld        Len & Margory Weilgus
Mike & Janie Krasne             Avi & Eliana Mordekovich            Alex & Shirley Scheinfeld      Mordechai Weiner
Marty & Meryl Krasne            Howard & Michelle Moreida           Sheila Schertzer               William & Lois Weiner
Steve & Heidi Kreit             Ehud & Amy Moritz                   George & Ellen Schieren        Mel & Gail Weinstein
Marcy Krueger                   Adam & Laurie Moser                 Stuart & Elizabeth Schiff      Len Weintraub
Norma Krull                     Sy & Susan Moskowitz                Ruth Schneider                 Howard & Miriam Weisbrod
Todd & Jennifer Kshonz          Richard & Jodi Nachmias             Stuart & Lori Schor            Paul & Debbie Weiss
Lawrence Kurot                  Ron & Sharon Nash                   Gregg & Robin Schweitzer       Marvin & Jacqueline Welkowitz
David & Syndee Kurz             Rhona Newman                        Neal & Carol Sckolnick         Sam & Carol Yedid
Jonathan & Marcia Kurz          William & Sharon Nicholson          Gary & Ann Sebold              Shari Zagorski
Sid & Evelyn Kutler             Jack & Ruth Nodiff                  Jack & Stephanie Seibald       Marc & Lori Zaransky
Fred & Tami Lamon               Mark & Lauren Norris                Irving Seid                    Sy & Anita Zaret
Jeff & Debbie Langendorff       Jeff & Maty Olin                    Gil & Alane Seidner            Todd & Cheryl Zeidman
Brett & Jaclyn Lapides          Al & Lenore Ostroff                 Dorothee Shankman              Etan & Havva Zellner
Burt Laskin & Anita Boomstein   Dmitry Ovrutsky & Anat Livni        Seth & Beth Shapiro            Morris & Alyce Zinn
Harry & Joan Laufer             Linda Pachter                       Adam Shatz & Pam Sands-Shatz   Craig & Tammy Zornberg
Ethan & Karen Lazar             Marilyn Parker                      Matthew & Tamara Shatz         Howard & Cindy Zuckerman
Robert & Enid Lee

HAKOL         www.herjc.org                                                       NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010                    page 9
                                                                                       People Are Hungry
                                                                                       All Year Long
                                                                                       in Our Community!
                                                                                       A very special Thank You to
                                                                                       Phyllis Gilbert Nadler who
                                                                                       delivers food to the needy all
                                                                                       year long. Please help Phyllis
                                                                                       by continuing to drop off
                                                                                       kosher food items whenever
                                                                                       you are at HERJC.

                                                                                       IT IS SO APPRECIATED!

                              mahzor lev shalem
We Have Had a Terrific Response to the High Holiday Bookplate Drive*!
The publication of a new prayer book for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is usually
a “once in a lifetime” event. And we are truly blessed to one of the first synagogues
in the country to use these totally modern and totally inspirational prayer books.

Honor a happy event or memorialize a loved one with the permanent placement of a
beautiful bookplate in our spectacular new High Holiday Prayer Books. The cost is
$36 per book.

You can also purchase your very own copy of the book for $50.
Questions? Please call the HERJC office at 599-2634 or email secy@herjc.org.

*A very heartfelt thank you to all of you who donated bookplates for 10, 20, 50 or
more books! You know who you are, but a special thank you will be forthcoming!

                              Name of person making the donation:_______________________________________
     Hewlett East Rockaway    q In Honor of: q In Memory of: _________________________________________
         Jewish Centre
     Congregation Etz Chaim   Please send a card to:_____________________________________________________
          In Memory of
        Your Loved One         ______________________________________________________________________
           Donated by         Please give us the name, address and relationship that you would like listed on the card.
     You and Your Family
                              q Please bill my account (members only)
                              q Send check made out to HERJC to 295 Main Street, East Rockaway, NY 11518.

   Be part of an extraordinary event in the history of the Conservative Movement & HERJC!

page 10         NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010                                                         www.herjc.org       HAKOL
Fall Classes at HERJC
The Wisdom of the Talmud Taught by Rabbi Warmflash
a SUNDAYS, 10 AM, NOVEMBER 7, 14, 21, AND DECEMBER 5, 12, 19 a

Come early for minyan at 9 am and breakfast, 9:45 am. Join us as we consider a variety
of selections from the Talmud which will help us to be better people and better Jews.

Exodus Taught by Rabbi Warmflash
a MONDAYS, 11 AM – 12 NOON
NOVEMBER 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 AND DECEMBER 6, 13, 20 a
An in-depth analysis beginning with the 10 Commandments                                            November
Read Hebrew America
Taught by Ritual Director Nachum Plotkin                                                           Daylight
a WEDNESDAYS AT 8:15 PM, NOVEMBER 3, 10, 17, 24 AND DECEMBER 1 a                                 Savings Time
HERJC proudly announces that we are the local center for the National Jewish Outreach                Ends
Program, Read Hebrew America. Yes, you can learn to read Hebrew! Call Nachum Plotkin
to register at 599-8217.
                                                                                                  Set Clocks
                                                                                                 Back 1 Hour
Shul Skills Classes with Hazzan Sislen are in formation!
In response to your requests, individual and group classes will be scheduled to help
you learn how to read a Torah reading or Haftarah, or how to lead various services.
If there is a specific skill you’ve always wanted to master, please e-mail the Hazzan at
cantorsislen@herjc.org. Watch for details in the coming weeks! Classes will be tailor
made for the schedules and needs of anyone who asks!

   Attention College Students & Snowbirds!
   Don’t miss Hakol and the Weekly Updates while you are away.
   Name _____________________________________________________________________________
   Out-of-Town Address _______________________________________________________________
   Email address _____________________________________________________________________

   FOR STUDENTS School Name_________________________________________________________________________
   Parent’s names ___________________________________________________ Home Phone ________________________

   FOR SNOWBIRDS Out-of-Town Phone                                    Leaving On __________ Returning On _________
   Local Address _________________________________________________________________________________________

HAKOL      www.herjc.org                                               NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010              page 11
                                               community news

                                 FLY WITH ME
  We Have
  an Emmy                        The Event Benefitting FRAGILE X Research
Award Winner                     Sunday, November 14 at 9:00 am, Rain or Shine
                                 Lynbrook South Middle School Track
 Among Us!                       1 Mile Run or 1½ Mile Walk
                                 $25 to participate
     Mazal Tov to
     our member                  Sponsor Sheets
    Jeff Sult                    All participants raising $100 or more in
   who won an Emmy               sponsors will be entered in a drawing for
 Award for his work on           $50 gift certificates from Restaurant.com
the show “MLB Tonight”           Raffles
  on the Major League            $20 each / 6 for $100
   Baseball Network.
                                 Prizes Include
                                 • Roundtrip airfare for 2 to Los Angeles, 3 nights at the luxurious Montage
                                   Hotel and a convertible Mercedes-Benz car rental (Courtesy of Tzell Travel)
                                 • Weekend in New York City – First Class Accommodations and Theatre
                                   Tickets (Courtesy of Tzell Travel)
                                 • Juicy Couture Tote Bag and Clutch (Courtesy of Juicy Couture)
                                 • $100 Gift Certificates from Restaurant.com

                                 For further information, please send an email to flywithmefund.com

                                           East Rockaway Hanukkah Candle Lighting
                                                          December 6
                                                    Watch for Details On-line

 page 12            NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010                                               www.herjc.org      HAKOL

                                   The Lighting of Hanukkah Candles
    The celebration of Hanukkah begins on the twenty-fifth day of the Hebrew month of Kislev. On this day, a small
group of Maccabean soldiers were victorious over the great Greek army, and the desecrated Temple was rededicated to
the service of God. We light candles for eight days, beginning on the evening of December 1, in commemoration of
the famous miracle of the oil. After the Maccabean victory, one single crucible of oil (enough to light the Temple
Menorah for only one day) was found. Miraculously, however, it lasted for eight days, long enough for new consecrat-
ed oil to be prepared.
    The Hanukkah menorah (Hanukkia) has nine candles, eight of which represent the eight days of Hanukkah. The
ninth candle, the Shamash, is used to light the other candles and usually towers above the rest.
    The Hanukkah lights may be lit by any member of the family. In many families, each member lights his or her own

Baruch ata Adonai, Elohaynu Melech Haolam,
asher kidshanu b’mitsvotav, v’tsivanu,
l’hadlik ner shel Hanukkah.
    We praise You, O Lord our God, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with Your Mitzvot and commanded us to kindle the Hanukkah lights.

Baruch ata Adonai, Elohaynu Melech Haolam,
she-asa nisim la-a-vo-tenu, ba-yamim,
ha-hem bazman ha-zeh.
         We praise You, O Lord our God, King of the universe, who performed wondrous deeds for our ancestors in days of old at this season.

Baruch ata Adonai, Elohaynu
Melech Haolam, she-he-che-yanu
v’ki-y’manu, v’higianu lazman ha-zeh.
    We praise You, O Lord our God, King of the universe, who has given us life, sustained us and enabled us to reach this season.

   The candles are placed from right to left, as one faces the Hanukkia (as Hebrew is read). But they are lit from left
to right, so that on each night, the new candle is given special welcome by being lit first. Only the Shamash is used to
light the other candles.
   The candles should be lit as soon as possible once it is dark. On Friday night, however, the Hanukkah candles are
lit BEFORE the Shabbat candles. At the close of Shabbat, the Havdalah ceremony precedes the lighting of the

HAKOL         www.herjc.org                                                                 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010                            page 13
                                  social outreach

                                                              establishes a basic level of social justice for kosher foods
magen tzedek:                                                 serves to assure consumers that the foods they purchase
connecting spirit and deed                                    are consistent with 21st century American and Jewish
                                                              values.” This new seal is a “consumer directed standard
BEVERLY WACHTEL                                               to deliver a broader, compelling definition of ‘what is
HERJC HEKSHER TZEDEK REP                                      kosher’.” (Magen Tzedek Evaluation Principles, Sep. 09)
                                                                 The Magen Tzedek project was launched during the
                    Perhaps you saw the handout on Yom        summer of 2007 by the Rabbinical Assembly and the
                    Kippur about Magen Tzedek. This           United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, and is now
                    new certification for kosher food will    supported by a wide variety of organizations, spanning
                    be added to products that are already     the Jewish spectrum. The press release announcing the
                    certified as kosher to assure con-        new Magen Tzedek Service Mark standards was released
                    sumers that the food is also ethically    in September 2009. In the course of this new coming
                    kosher. Companies will have to apply      year, the Magen Tzedek seal will begin appearing on
                    for this ethical certification from the   kosher products so that, when you purchase these prod-
Hekhsher Tzedek commission.                                   ucts, you will know that they are in compliance with
   As described on the website http://magentzedek.org:        Jewish standards of ethical treatment of workers, ani-
Magen Tzedek is more than just a new certification for        mals and the planet. As of August 30, 2010, there are 71
kosher food - it is a worldwide awareness built upon the      representatives in congregations across the country,
commitment to protect workers, animals and the earth          comprising more than 50,000 members, who learn and
in the production of food.                                    teach the principles and standards of Magen Tzedek in
   Founded on the principle that we are what we eat,          their congregations. I am the Hekhsher Tzedek ambas-
Magen Tzedek is an ethical seal signifying that kosher        sador for HERJC. In the upcoming issues of Hakol, I will
food has been prepared with the highest degree of             update you about the Halakhic grounding for Magen
integrity. Products carrying the Magen Tzedek seal            Tzedek principles, animal welfare concerns, labor con-
reflect the highest standard on a variety of important        cerns, and implementation of Magen Tzedek values. I
issues: employee wages and benefits, health and safety,       know that you will be as excited as I am when we begin
animal welfare, corporate transparency and environ-           to see this new symbol of Jewish standards appear on
mental impact.                                                the foods we buy.
   A concept that grows more relevant with every pass-
ing day, Magen Tzedek demonstrates that ritual and eth-
ical commandments have an equal place at our tables.                Men’s Club cordially invites you to
   With about 40% of packaged goods in America hav-                  an Evening of Bowling & Fun!
ing a Hekhsher (kosher certification), it is clear that the
                                                                       December 18 at 8:30 pm
Kosher food industry has become an important part of
the American food industry. The exposure of poor work-
                                                                            Woodmere Lanes
ing conditions in the Agriprocessors plant in Postville,                                         $45 a couple,
Iowa in 2006 “raised questions of adherence to the ritu-                                       includes dessert!
al of kashrut without respect for ethical and social com-                                      RSVP to Elliott at
mandments delineated in the Torah.” “A program that                                            gateslbr@aol.com

page 14         NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010                                                       www.herjc.org          HAKOL
Sisterhood News                                                                                        Go to
                                                                                                       Please check
                     Our theme for this year is Membership Matters! And guess what? Now                www.herjc.org
                     is the time to make sure you become a Sisterhood member. This year’s              for more details
                                                                                                       on Sisterhood and
                     Membership Dinner is going to be fabulous (see below for details and              Men’s Club events.
                     we hope you received your invitation in the mail). Plan on joining us!
                         Sisterhood will once again be holding its Coat and Warm Winter
                     Clothing Drive and we would like to beat last year’s incredible record
                     of donations to help those less fortunate. Please see side bar for details.
                         A number of fun events are in the planning stage, including a won-
derful evening at a local chocolate shop where we will be able to make our own chocolates
and a women’s learning evening with a distinguished educator. And don’t forget our book
club – it’s never too late to jump in! We have great book discussions every other month so
you have plenty of time to read the book. Keep abreast of all our activities in the HERJC
weekly updates where you will find dates, times and locations. Don’t hesitate to join or to
come to our programs. We would love to see more of you.

                                    events                                                          WARM
Join us for HERJC Sisterhood’s Membership Dinner                                                     DRIVE
Wednesday, November 3, 6:30–9:30 pm
                                                                                                    November 7–8
                             Join Sisterhood and join us for an exciting evening with din-
                             ner at Hewlett-East Rockaway Jewish Centre catered by
                                                                                                       9 am–1 pm
                             Culinary Concepts and entertainment by Mindblowing                          Monday
                             Mentalist, Rick Sherman as well as vendors selling beautiful
                             gifts and plenty of raffles!
                                                                                                         4–6 pm
                             Admission: $30, Annual Membership Dues: $40                             We are collecting coats,
                             RSVP immediately to:                                                  jackets, suits, gloves, hats,
                             Eileen Stier DeAlto, 593-4573, estieresq1@aol.com                      scarfs, mufflers, sweaters,
                             or Beverly Wachtel, 374-0901, wachtelb@optonline.net                    etc., to help needy men,
                                                                                                       woman and children
                          Offbeat and intelligent entertainment for the 21st century,
                                                                                                      keep warm this winter.
                          Rick Sherman’s mind reading show is completely interactive
                                                                                                   Please search your closets
and has thrilled audiences of 15 to 500! A surprisingly exciting and unexpected jour-
                                                                                                            and donate!
ney into that most mysterious of all things—YOUR MIND. Rick reveals your thoughts,
from the name of your childhood sweetheart to the serial number of the dollar bill in
                                                                                                   Call Phyllis at 599-5923
your pocket; with his back turned he is able to describe exactly what playing cards you
                                                                                                    for more information.
are merely looking at; he makes predictions that will defy any explanation and much,
much more! Come prepared to have what you thought possible stretched to the limit
and beyond. This high-energy high-impact show must be seen to be believed!

HAKOL       www.herjc.org                                                      NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010           page 15
                                             november calendar
                                        SUNDAY                             MONDAY                            TUESDAY
                                                                    1      24 cheshvan                2      25 cheshvan

                                                                                                             ELECTION DAY
                                                                                                       NURSERY SCHOOL CLOSED
                                                                                                        RELIGIOUS SCHOOL OPEN
                                                                        Exodus Class – 11:00 am
                                                                                                          Pizza Plus – 6:00 pm
                                                                            USY – 7:00 pm
                                                                                                       Youth Basketball – 7:30 pm
                                                                                                      School & Youth Board Meeting
                                                                                                                8:00 pm

Light the Shabbat                 7     30 cheshvan                 8         1 kislev                9         2 kislev

Candles and                         Daylight Savings Time Ends
                                       Rosh Chodesh Kislev
Recite the                       RS Yad Project in Gym – 9:00 am
                                                                         Rosh Chodesh Kislev
                                                                                                            Pizza Plus – 6:00 pm
Following Blessing               Sisterhood Coat Drive – 9:00 am        Exodus Class – 11:00 am
                                                                                                          Ritual Committee Meeting
                                    Morning Minyan – 9:00 am       Sisterhood Coat Drive – 4:00 pm
                                       Breakfast – 9:30 am                                                         7:30 pm
(Candlelighting times are                                                   USY – 7:00 pm
                                 Rabbi’s Talmud Class – 10:00 am
listed on the calendar)             Evening Minyan – 7:30 pm

Blessed are You,
Lord our God,
King of the universe,
                                 14        7 kislev                15         8 kislev               16         9 kislev

who has hallowed us
through commandments,               Morning Minyan – 9:00 am
and has commanded us                   Breakfast – 9:30 am              Exodus Class – 11:00 am            B’nai Mitzvah Meeting
to kindle the Shabbat Lights.                                                                                 for 6th Graders
                                 Rabbi’s Talmud Class – 10:00 am            USY – 7:00 pm                  with Rabbi –7:45 pm
                                    Evening Minyan – 7:30 pm
Ba-ruch A-tah Ado-nai
E-lohei-nu Me-lech Ha-olam
A-Sher Kee-di-shah-noo
Vi-tzee-va-noo Li-had-leek       21        14 kislev               22         15 kislev              23         16 kislev
Ner Shel Sha-bat.
                                       B’nai Mitzvah Meeting
                                    for 6th Graders – 9:00 am           Exodus Class – 11:00 am
                                    Morning Minyan – 9:00 am                USY – 7:00 pm                   Pizza Plus – 6:00 pm
                                       Breakfast – 9:30 am                                             Youth Basketball – 7:30 pm
                                                                     Board of Directors Meeting
                                 Rabbi’s Talmud Class – 10:00 am              8:00 pm
   Go to                            Evening Minyan – 7:30 pm

   Learn the                     28        21 kislev               29         22 kislev              30         23 kislev
   Blessings at
   First click on “Cantor”         RELIGIOUS SCHOOL CLOSED
   and then on “Blessings”         Morning Minyan – 9:00 am             Exodus Class – 11:00 am             Pizza Plus – 6:00 pm
                                      Breakfast – 9:30 am                   USY – 7:00 pm              Youth Basketball – 7:30 pm
                                    Evening Minyan – 7:30 pm

   page 16            NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010                                                         www.herjc.org            HAKOL
of events
     WEDNESDAY                                 THURSDAY                                     FRIDAY                         SATURDAY
 3      26 cheshvan                        4     27 cheshvan                        5      28 cheshvan                 6     29 cheshvan

        Kadima – 6:00 pm                                                                                             Religious School Family Services in
                                                                                        Candlelighting – 5:29 pm           Youth Lounge – 9:00 am
 Sisterhood Paid Up Membership                                                                                                Services – 9:30 am
        Dinner – 6:30 pm                                                              Kabbalat Shabbat Service         Bar Mitzvah: Ari Alfred Mayer
                                                                                              7:00 pm                       Torah Kids – 11:00 am
Read Hebrew America – 8:00 pm
                                                                                                                            Mincha, Seuda, Maariv,
                                                                                                                             Havdalah – 5:15 pm

10          3 kislev                      11        4 kislev                       12         5 kislev                13         6 kislev

                                                  VETERAN’S DAY                         Candlelighting – 4:22 pm             Services – 9:30 am
     Sisterhood Board Meeting                                                                                        Bat Mitzvah: Lauren Skylar Cohen
             7:45 pm                     NURSERY & RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS                  Kabbalat Shabbat Service
                                          CLOSED/NO YOUTH PROGRAMS                    Special Veteran’s Service            Torah Kids – 11:00 am
Read Hebrew America – 8:00 pm                                                                 7:00 pm                 Junior Congregation – 11:00 am
                                                   OFFICE OPEN
                                                                                                                          Mincha, Seuda, Maariv,
                                                                                                                            Havdalah – 4:15 pm

17         10 kislev                      18        11 kislev                      19         12 kislev               20        13 kislev

                                                                                                                             Services – 9:30 am
        Kadima – 6:00 pm                                                                Candlelighting – 4:16 pm        Bar Mitzvah: Tyler Peresiper
                                           Religious School Post Bar/Bat
                                             Mitzvah Class – 6:30 pm                  Kabbalat Shabbat Service             Torah Kids – 11:00 am
Read Hebrew America – 8:00 pm
                                                                                              7:00 pm                 Junior Congregation – 11:00 am
                                                                                                                          Mincha, Seuda, Maariv,
                                                                                                                            Havdalah – 4:15 pm

24         17 kislev                      25        18 kislev                      26         19 kislev               27        20 kislev
                                                  THANKSGIVING                    NURSERY & RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS
                                                                                   CLOSED/NO YOUTH PROGRAMS
                                         NURSERY & RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS                     OFFICE CLOSED
  RELIGIOUS SCHOOL CLOSED                 CLOSED/NO YOUTH PROGRAMS                                                          Services – 9:30 am
Read Hebrew America – 8:00 pm                   OFFICE CLOSED                           Candlelighting – 4:12 pm
                                                                                                                           Mincha, Seuda, Maariv,
                                            Morning Minyan Followed by                Kabbalat Shabbat Service              Havdalah – 4:15 pm
                                            Special Breakfast – 9:00 am                       7:00 pm

     DAILY SERVICES (See www.herjc.org for complete details)
     Mornings                                                    Evenings
     Monday & Thursday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6:50 am     Monday through Thursday, Sunday
     Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday . . . . . . . 7:00 am
     Rosh Chodesh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6:45 am
                                                                    & Legal Holidays . . . . . . 7:30 pm
                                                                 Fridays . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7:00 pm
     Sunday & Legal Holidays . . . . . . . . . 9:00 am                                                                Thanksgiving!

HAKOL          www.herjc.org                                                                     NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010                      page 17
                                                       december calendar
       SUNDAY                                 MONDAY                              TUESDAY                      WEDNESDAY
                                                                                                           1       24 kislev
                     Been Meaning to Send that Card?
                                  Just visit www.herjc.org and click on:                                        EREV HANUKKAH
                                                                                                            JAN/FEB HAKOL DEADLINE
                                                Donations                                                       Kadima – 6:00 pm
                                                                                                          Read Hebrew America – 8:00 pm
     We will gladly send the card for you and list it in Hakol. This is the easiest way to send
        your love to your family and friends and help your synagogue at the same time!

 5        28 kislev                    6         29 kislev                 7         30 kislev             8        1 tevet

           HANUKKAH                              HANUKKAH                           HANUKKAH
   Morning Minyan – 9:00 am                                                                                        HANUKKAH
                                         Exodus Class – 11:00 am               Rosh Chodesh Tevet
      Breakfast – 9:30 am                 Village of East Rockaway             Pizza Plus – 6:00 pm            Rosh Chodesh Tevet
Rabbi’s Talmud Class – 10:00 am          Candle Lighting – 6:00 pm                                              Kadima – 6:00 pm
                                                                           School & Youth Board Meeting
   Evening Minyan – 7:30 pm                    USY – 7:00 pm                         8:00 pm

12         5 tevet                    13          6 tevet                  14         7 tevet             15        8 tevet

     USY Divisional Kinnus
            at HERJC
  Religious School Bet Project             Exodus Class – 11:00 am               Pizza Plus – 6:00 pm
            9:00 pm                            USY – 7:00 pm                   Ritual Committee Meeting
   Morning Minyan – 9:00 am                                                             7:30 pm                 Kadima – 6:00 pm
                                        Executive Committee Meeting
      Breakfast – 9:30 am                         8:00 pm                   Youth Basketball – 7:30 pm
Rabbi’s Talmud Class – 10:00 am
   Evening Minyan – 7:30 pm

19        12 tevet                    20         13 tevet                  21        14 tevet             22       15 tevet

   Morning Minyan – 9:00 am                Exodus Class – 11:00 am
      Breakfast – 9:30 am                      USY – 7:00 pm                     Pizza Plus – 6:00 pm
                                                                                                                Kadima – 6:00 pm
Rabbi’s Talmud Class – 10:00 am          Board of Directors Meeting         Youth Basketball – 7:30 pm
   Evening Minyan – 7:30 pm                       8:00 pm

26        19 tevet                    27         20 tevet                  28        21 tevet             29       22 tevet

   Morning Minyan – 9:00 am
      Breakfast – 9:30 am
Rabbi’s Talmud Class – 10:00 am
   Evening Minyan – 7:30 pm

page 18            NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010                                                                 www.herjc.org            HAKOL
of events                                                                                          Recycling
                                                                                                    at HERJC
      THURSDAY                           FRIDAY                       SATURDAY
 2        25 kislev            3         26 kislev              4         27 kislev
                                         HANUKKAH                        HANUKKAH
          HANUKKAH                                              RS Family Services – 9:00 am
  Congregational and Nursery       Candlelighting – 4:10 pm           Services – 9:30 am
  Hanukkah Party – 6:00 pm      Kabbalat Shabbat Services     Bar Mitzvah: Ryan Michael Moreida
                                        7:00 pm                    Torah Kids – 11:00 am
                                                                   Mincha, Seuda, Maariv,
                                                                     Havdalah – 4:15 pm
                                                                                                     THE NURSERY
 9        2 tevet              10         3 tevet              11          4 tevet                 used ink cartridges, cell
                                                                         vayigash                   phones and “Garbage”
                                   Candlelighting – 4:09 pm          Services – 9:30 am             (which becomes Art!),
                                  USY Divisional Kinnus        Torah Kids; Jr. Cong. – 11:00 am     such as CLEAN paper
                               at HERJC Begins – 5:00 pm       Mincha, Seuda Shlesheit, Maariv,   towel tubes, coffee cans,
  RSPA Movie Night – 7:00 pm
                                Kabbalat Shabbat Services            Havdalah – 4:15 pm             egg crates, baby food
                                        7:00 pm                     USY Divisional Kinnus          jars, plastic containers,
                                                                           at HERJC               ribbons, wrapping paper,
                                                                                                   wallpaper, buttons, trim,
                                                                                                     yarn, spools, fabric,
 16       9 tevet              17        10 tevet              18         11 tevet                   shopping bags and
                                                                          veyechi                     anything else you
                                                                                                         can think of!
                                   Candlelighting – 4:11 pm           Services – 9:30 am
                                Kabbalat Shabbat Services      Torah Kids; Jr. Cong. – 11:00 am         HERJC
                                        7:00 pm                                                       COLLECTS
                                                                     Mincha, Seuda, Maariv,
                                                                      Havdalah – 4:15 pm
                                                                                                     Used batteries are
                                                                                                   poisoning our landfills!
                                                                                                     Help save the earth
 23       16 tevet             24        17 tevet              25         18 tevet
                                                                                                    by bringing your used
                                                                                                       batteries to the
                                NURSERY SCHOOL CLOSED                                             Synagogue for collection
                                   THROUGH 1/2/11                                                   and proper recycling.
  RELIGIOUS SCHOOL CLOSED                                             Services – 9:30 am
       THROUGH 1/2/11              Candlelighting – 4:14 pm
                                Kabbalat Shabbat Services      Mincha, Seuda Shlesheit, Maariv,
                                        7:00 pm                     Havdalah – 4:15 pm

 30       23 tevet             31        24 tevet              JAN   1      25 tevet
                                      NEW YEAR’S EVE
                                       OFFICE CLOSED
                                                                      Services – 9:30 am
                                   Candlelighting – 4:19 pm
                                                               Mincha, Seuda Shlesheit, Maariv,    Small Acts That
                                Kabbalat Shabbat Services           Havdalah – 4:15 pm            Bring Big Results!
                                        7:00 pm

HAKOL       www.herjc.org                                                   NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010             page 19
                                 our jewish future

                                                                   My childhood home had an open door! My father
nursery school                                                  loved people, and they adored him. I can recall often
                                                                being awakened by the loud laughter of my father’s
CHERYL KARP                                                     company. He was a man who could lift spirits, help
                                                                others in need, heal broken hearts, build egos and bring
                     Many of you who have read my arti-
                                                                out the best in people. Every day there was another
                     cles over the years have come to real-
                                                                story of everyday life experiences that he had accumu-
                     ize that much of what I write is
                     directed at mothering, with all its tri-
                                                                   As my father’s health began to fail, he was forced to
                     als and tribulations. It is a role I am
                                                                spend some time in a rehabilitation facility in Florida.
                     so comfortable talking about and one
                                                                There were many old, sick people, who were hurting
                     that I have learned so much from
                                                                and depressed. It didn’t take long for my father to weave
                     through the years. I am dedicating
                                                                his magic, and laughter soon filled the rooms!
                     this article to all the fathers who also
                                                                   He valued my children, and only saw the good in
might be reading what I write so that I can let you know
                                                                them. He gave them a love of life, coupled with the
how much I honor your role in bringing children into
                                                                values of honesty, trust and keeping promises. After my
this world and guiding them through adulthood.
                                                                mother had passed away, he continued to make his
    A little over a year ago, my father passed away and
                                                                home a happy one for everyone who entered it.
left me with a heart so heavy that I still physically feel
                                                                   To all the men who take their role of fatherhood to
its weight each time I take a breath. It is a heavy heart
                                                                heart, know that you are in a position to change the
filled with the weight of all the love, rich experiences,
                                                                world. You too can create a happy home for your
words, humor, wisdom and values he filled it with over
                                                                children so they can one day leave it with a suitcase of
my lifetime. It is a heart that carries the weight of love
                                                                wisdom, values and love that will reach out to all the
so deep that I wonder if I am strong enough emotional-
                                                                people who touch their lives. I was truly blessed to have
ly to keep its weight safe while I continue to live my life
                                                                a dad who made such a profound difference in my life
without him.
                                                                and I will honor that gift for the rest of my life.
    As a child, my father was bigger than life. His very
presence when I was with him assured me that nothing
bad would ever happen to me. He was a detective for
the City of New York where he protected not only his
family but thousands of others. I truly feel that my                      Commemorate a
father’s role in our family was to make sure that even
when he wasn’t with me, his daily teachings and his fine
                                                                           Happy Event by
examples would serve as a guide to follow so that I                     Placing a Leaf on the
would grow to become a caring and loving human
being.                                                                      TREE OF LIFE
    My father often worked late, coming home after mid-
night. However when he walked through the door, he                          in our Lobby.
never failed to come into our bedroom and wake my                         Contact our Office.
brother and me (sometimes with a pizza) to say hello
and give us a hug.

page 20          NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010                                                       www.herjc.org       HAKOL
religious school
DAVID WOOLFE                                                                                      Dentists!
                                                                                            We need your tools
                    Was it only the last Hakol that we were getting ready to begin the      for our incredible
                    High Holidays and the school year, and we were feeling a bit sur-         YAD Project!!
                    prised that summer was coming to a close? Now, with the cooler
                    weather definitely here, much of the promise of the school year is            If you have any:
                    already being realized.                                                   •    Explorers #23
                       Classes are going well. We are focusing on reading proficiency
                    and prayer. Our Akiva students in both the Dalet and Hay classes
                                                                                              •    Wax Spatulas
                                                                                                   (preferably #7)
                    have received the important Jewish texts (the Tanach for the Dalet
                    class and siddur for the Hay class) that will be central to their
                                                                                              •    Veehee Carvers

studies this year. The Hay class has made shofrot. The Vav Dinner was a wonderful            Please bring them
opportunity to share this important year with Vav parents. Meet the Teachers, Family           to the Religious
Shabbat, Junior Congregation…all are happening.
                                                                                            School Office as soon
   A quick look at our calendar shows a vibrant, exciting program. Projects. Activities.
                                                                                                 as possible!
Synagogue Events. Not to mention our high-quality, award-winning educational pro-
gram that informs every class, every day.
   One of the most important things that I can do is to communicate all the wonderful
things going on in the Religious School to parents. This year, we’ve improved our com-
munication with weekly email “blasts” designed to keep parents current on Religious
School activities. We would like to create a secondary email list for parents who would
                                                                   Continued on next page     Mentors
                                                                                                Once again,
                                                                                               the Religious
                                                                                             School is looking
                                                                                              for dedicated
                                                                                             Mentors to work
                                                                                             with our younger

                                                                                               service credit
                                                                                             and a paycheck!!

                                                                                                   Please call
                                                                                                   Mr. Woolfe
                                                                                                  at 599-0424

Mazal Tov to our Akiva Fifth and Sixth Grade Classes on receiving their Tanachs and
Siddurs under the watchful eyes of Rabbi Warmflash.

HAKOL       www.herjc.org                                                NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010          page 21
                                   Religious School continued from page 21

                                   like content to talk about the weekly parasha (Torah portion) with their children. If you
                                   would like to be on that list, call or email the Religious School Office at 599-0424.
                                      So, as you can see…although we have just begun the year, we are already accom-
                                   plishing a great deal. As always, the best way for parents to help their children be suc-
   Upcoming                        cessful in Religious School is to be involved. We have a wonderful Religious School
  Youth Events                     Parents Association this year that is dedicated to providing support to the educational
            a                         The RSPA is sponsoring an incredible raffle to raise funds for the school, special
                                   activities and trips for the students. You will hear much more about the raffle in the
                                   near future. Please participate. The prizes are incredible and the drawing will be at the
 Kadima Shabbaton
                                   synagogue’s Hanukkah Party on December 2. Make note of the day – you have to be
   December 3–4
                                   there to win! (Being there is all the fun!)
Open to all 6th–8th graders
   Spend Shabbat with
   more with over 100
 Kadimaniks from all over
  the metropolitan area             youth programs
            a                       TODD HAUSMAN
     International                                     HERJC Youth Groups are off to a great start. We offer so much to do
      Convention                                       from arts and crafts, sports, Israel programs, community service pro-
     in December                                       grams (either raising money for tzedakah or doing things for the
                                                       community) plus a myriad of fun, exciting programs!
    in Orlando Florida
    Watch for details!
                                                          So come on down and find out which group is right for you.
                                                       Mondays from 7–9 pm, we have USY for all 8th–12th graders.
                                                       Tuesday nights from 6–7:30 pm is Pizza Plus for all 2nd–4tth
                                                       graders and Wednesday nights from 6–7:30 pm is Kadima for all
                                                       5th–7th graders. Our USY’ers and Kadima kids attend regional and
                                    divisional events and can meet kids from all over the metropolitan area.

                              Chazak Divisional                               Join more than150
                              Kinnus at HERJC                                USY’ers from all over
                                                                              Nassau County for
                 Open to all 9th–12th graders
                                                                               a weekend of fun
                              December 10–12                                      and games!

                              Can you help with housing? Call Todd at 599-1148

  page 22            NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010                                                      www.herjc.org       HAKOL
                mazal tov to our November
                and december b’nai mitzvah
   ARI ALFRED MAYER                                       LAUREN SKYLAR COHEN
   November 6, 2010                                       November 13, 2010
      Mazal Tov to Karina and                                Mazal Tov to Marcie and
   David Mayer on the Bar                                 Brian Cohen on the Bat Mitzvah
   Mitzvah of their son, Ari Alfred.                      of their daughter, Lauren Skylar.
      Ari is an eighth grade student                         Lauren is an eighth grade
   at Woodmere Middle School.                             student at Lynbrook South
   His favorite subjects are Science                      Middle School. Her favorite
   and Social Studies. He enjoys                          subjects are Spanish, Art and
   tennis, swimming, snowboard-                           Social Studies. She enjoys
   ing and paintball.                                     tennis, volleyball and running cross country.
      Ari has a sister, Sasha, 6.                            Lauren has a brother and sister, Andrew, 10 and
                                                          Jenna, 17.

   TYLER PERESIPER                                        DANI HANNAH ABITBOL
   November 20, 2010                                      December 4, 2010
      Mazal Tov to May and Gary                              Mazal Tov to Melissa and
   Peresiper on the Bar Mitzvah of                        Thierry Abitbol on the Bat
   their son, Tyler .                                     Mitzvah of their daughter,
      Tyler is an eighth grade stu-                       Dani Hannah.
   dent at Lynbrook South Middle                             Dani is an eighth grade
   School. His favorite subjects are                      student at The Brandeis School.
   Math and Social Studies. He                            Her favorite subjects are English
   enjoys playing sports, going on                        and Spanish. She enjoys travel-
   vacation, and spending time with his family and        ing, dancing, tennis and spending time with friends.
   friends. If X-Box was an Olympic Game, he would           Dani has a sister, Sophie. 10.
   be competing for Gold.
      Tyler has two brothers, Eric, 19 and Brandon, 16.

                                                               There is a great selection of gifts for
   December 4, 2010
                                                                       Bar and Bat Mitzvah
     Mazal Tov to Michelle
   and Howard Moreida on the                                      HERJC.judaicabeautiful.com
   Bar Mitzvah of their son,
   Ryan Michael.
     Ryan is an eighth grade stu-
   dent at Lynbrook South Middle
   School. His favorite subjects are
   Math and Science. He enjoys
   watching sports and spending time with friends.
     Ryan has two brothers, Seth, 14 and Jared, 8.

HAKOL     www.herjc.org                                            NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010                 page 23
                                         personals & donations

Personals                                     Jeffrey Sult on winning an Emmy
                                                   Award for his work on MLB Tonight
                                                                                        Memorial Plaques                         Marcy and Marc Goldberg in honor
                                                                                                                                     of Religious School Director David
Melissa and Thierry Abitbol on the                 for the Major League Baseball        Memorial Plaques were recently               Woolfe being named Chatan
    Bat Mitzvah of their daughter,                 Network.                             ordered in loving memory of:                 Beresheit on Simchat Torah.
    Dani Hannah.                                                                        Kevin Rubinstein – by his parents,       Linda and Sid Golden in honor of the
Marcie and Brian Cohen on the                 Simchah Leaves                                Carol and Milton Rubinstein              marriage of David, son of Ellen
                                                                                                                                     and George Schieren, to Cristina.
    Bat Mitzvah of their daughter,
    Lauren Skylar.                            on our Tree of Life                                                                Sharon, Sheldon, Mara and Marisa
Karina and David Mayer on the                 Melissa and Thierry Abitbol in honor of                                                Gross in honor of Harriet Meixler
    Bar Mitzvah of their son, Ari Alfred
    and to grandmother, Frances
                                                  the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter,
                                                  Dani Hannah.
                                                                                        FUNDS                                        being named Kallat Torah on
                                                                                                                                     Simchat Torah.
    Mayer and aunt and uncle,                 Louise and Marty Abrams in honor          The Congregation gratefully acknowl-     Jennifer and Todd Kshonz with wishes
    Jodi and Jeffrey Rotblut.                     of their 50th wedding anniversary     edges the following contributions:           for the complete and speedy
Michelle and Howard Moreida on the                on December 25, 2010.                                                              recovery of Billy Friedman.
                                                                                                                                 The Schieren Family in honor of the
    Bar Mitzvah of their son, Ryan
    Michael and to aunts and uncles,
                                              Karina and David Mayer in honor
                                                  of the Bar Mitzvah of their son,
                                                                                        Bible Fund                                   birth of Lily Bell, granddaughter
    Allison and Harris Moreida and                Ari Alfred.                           The Doneger Family in memory of              of Linda and Sid Golden.
    Lauren and David Travis.                  Michelle and Howard Moreida in honor          Rubin Chaim.                         Carol and Sam Yedid in honor of the
May and Gary Peresiper on the                     of the Bar Mitzvah of their son,      Myra and Alan Markowitz in honor             marriage of David, son of Ellen
    Bar Mitzvah of their son, Tyler.              Ryan Michael.                             of the Bar Mitzvah of Landon,            and George Schieren, to Cristina.
Sandra and Lawrence Gebet on the              Carin and Philip Peerless in honor            son of Karen and Cary Adler.         Paula Belmont in memory of Marvin
    marriage of their son, Joel, to               of the marriage of their daughter,                                                 Shenfeld.
    Dr. Avi Elizabeth Domnitz.                    Amy, and Mark Fischer on                                                       Barbara and Paul Cooper in memory
Mati and Jeffrey Olin on the                      August 21, 2010.                      Hazzan’s Music Fund                          of Elbert Brodsky.
    marriage of their daughter                Saba and Safta in honor of the            Florence Brodsky and Nina Beno           Marcy and Marc Goldberg in memory
    Rachel to Brett Kaplan.                       Bar Mitzvah of their grandson,            in appreciation of Hazzan Sislen’s       of Etta Tarab.
Carin and Philip Peerless on the                  Jonah Benyamin Rothafel.                  music at the funeral of their        Jane and Harry Mison in memory of
    marriage of their daughter, Amy,                                                        husband and father, Elbert               Elbert Brodsky.
    to Mark Fischer.                          Apples on our                                 Brodsky.                             Jane and Harry Mison in memory of
Deanna and Jonathan Nus on the                                                          Naomi and Norman Doctor in                   David Kwiat.
    birth of their daughter, Olivia Taylor.   Tree of Life                                  appreciation of Hazzan               Sharon, Billy and Jared Nicholson in
Susan Berman on the birth of her              Sheryl and Howard Karp in honor               David Sislen.                            memory of Murray Lefkowitz.
    grandson, Landon.                            of the marriage of their daughter,     Marcy and Marc Goldberg in honor         Elaine and Sid Scheinfeld in
Carole and Barry Chasen on the birth             Marissa, to Randy Kalanthroff              of Harriet Meixler being named           memory of Mr. and Mrs. Marc
    of their fourth granddaughter,               on May 30, 2010                            Kallat Torah on Simchat Torah.           Gann’s Uncle Joe.
    Samantha.                                                                           The Olender Family in honor of the       Elaine and Sid Scheinfeld in memory
Judith Fischer on the birth of her first                                                    marriage of our granddaughter,           of Fred Abrams’ sister.
    great-granddaughter, Alexa.               Condolences to                                Karen, to Philip Nash.               Denise and Bob Sher in memory of
Linda and Sid Golden on the birth             Harvey Lipton on the loss of his wife,    Maty and Jeffrey Olin in appreciation        Murray Lefkowitz.
    of their granddaughter, Lily.                and Rita Gottlieb on the loss of           of Hazzan David Sislen for the       Denise and Bob Sher in memory of
Bea and Sam Miller on the birth                  her sister, our esteemed member,           beautiful aufruf service for their       Anne Gluck.
    of their seventh great-grandchild,           Pearl Lipton.                              children, Rachel and Brett.          Paula and Bruce Trauner in memory of
    Caleb.                                    Bob Fischer on the loss of his mother-    Barry Borodkin in memory of                  Ella Pressier Ginzburg.
Louise and Marty Abrams on celebrat-             in-law, Etta Tarab.                        Ella Preisser Ginzburg.              Paula and Bruce Trauner in memory of
    ing their 50th wedding anniversary.       Randy Goldman on the loss of her          Naomi and Norman Doctor in                   David Kwiat.
Adrienne and Harvey Cohen on                     father, Murray Lefkowitz.                  memory of Meir Eizikovics.           Paula and Bruce Trauner in memory of
    celebrating their 50th wedding            Naomi Chaim Watman on the loss of         Marcy and Marc Goldberg in                   Anne Gluck.
    anniversary.                                 her father, Ruben Chaim.                   memory of Meir Eizikovics.           Susan and Michael Warner in memory
Sharon and Ron Nash on celebrating                                                      Sharon and Ron Nash and Family               of Tina Cooper’s mother.
    a special anniversary.                                                                  in memory of Murray Lefkowitz.

                                                In Memoriam
Harry Kassel on celebrating a
    special birthday.
                                                                                                                                 Elson Memorial Fund
Daniel Beno on becoming a Certified                                                     Education Fund                           Ronne and Arthur Goldberg in honor
    Public Accountant and to his par-             We Mourn Our Loss in the              Pearl and Sam Aarons with wishes            of Harriet Meixler being named the
    ents, Nina and Yona Beno and                   Passing of Our Member                   for the complete and speedy              Kallat Torah on Simchat Torah.
    grandmother, Florence Brodsky.                                                         recovery of Shirley Scheinfeld.       Zeena and Harry Kassel in memory
Kerri Cohen on graduating Summa                     PEARL LIPTON                        Nina, Yona and Ariella Beno in honor        of Elbert Brodsky.
    Cum Laude from the University of                                                       of their son and brother, Daniel,     Zeena and Harry Kassel in memory
    Pennsylvania and beginning her                Our Sincere Sympathy and                                                          of David Kwiat.
                                                                                           passing all four parts of the CPA
    career at Goldman Sachs and to                Condolences to Her Family                and becoming a Certified Public
    her parents, Ilene and Laurence                 in Their Bereavement                   Accountant.
    Cohen, grandparents, Joan and
    Marty Rosen and aunt and uncle,
    Nancy and Steven Stern.

page 24                 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010                                                                                   www.herjc.org              HAKOL
High Holiday                               Paula Belmont in memory of                 The Tolkin Family in memory of Estelle      Prayer Book Fund
                                                H. Howard Cohen, in memory                Tolkin, loving wife and mother,
Prayer Book                                     of Wayne Robert Cohen and in              in memory of Isabel and Irving          Marilyn and Stanley Cohen in honor
                                                memory of Brad Sorman.                    Tolkin, loving parents, in memory           of the special birthday of
Susan and Stanley Alt in honor of                                                                                                     Pearl Aarons.
     Liz and Harold Kislik.                Lisa Cohen in memory of her                    of Doris and Al Lehrer, loving par-
                                                grandmother, Edith Greenstein.            ents, in memory of Hannah and           Marilyn and Stanley Cohen in honor
Linda and Lee Antoville in honor of                                                                                                   of the Bat Mitzvah of Amanda Jill,
     Ritual Director Nachum Plotkin.       Sandy and Tommye Feit in memory                Robert Judelson, loving parents
                                                of their parents, Max and Lillian         and in memory of Sharon Levi.               daughter of Jennifer and Gary
Joan and Larry Butwin in honor of their                                                                                               and granddaughter of Arlene
     children and grandchildren.                Blaustein and Isadore and             Rabbi Andrew Warmflash and Beth
                                                Esther Feit.                              Heit in memory of Herbert                   and Ralph Goffner.
Adrienne and Harvey Cohen                                                                                                         Marilyn and Stanley Cohen in honor of
Sandy and Tommye Feit in honor             The Flyer Family in memory of Marcia           Warmflash, in memory of Israel
                                                and Jerome Kahan, in memory               and Rae Mykoff, in memory of                Harriet Meixler being named Kallat
     of their grandchildren, Jordan,                                                                                                  Torah on Simchat Torah.
     Madison, Max and Ari.                      of Harriet Flyer,                         Benjamin and Jean Heit, in
                                           Loretta and Alan Hagler in memory              memory of Louis and Etta                Marilyn and Stanley Cohen in honor of
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Flyer in honor of                                                                                                   David Woolfe being named Chatan
     Hayley, Emily, Jeremy and Corey, in        of their beloved parents.                 Warmflash and in memory
                                           Pam and Dan Gerstman and Family                of Morris and Cele Rohrberg.                Beresheit 5771.
     honor of Nachum Plotkin, in honor                                                                                            Judith Fischer in honor of the birth of
     of Dr. Michael Bashevkin, and              in memory of Lisa Beth Gerstman,
                                                in memory of Dora Estes, in mem-                                                      her first great-grandchild, Alexa.
     in honor of David Woolfe.
Goldy Fried in honor of Lisa, Michael,          ory of Abe Estes, in memory           Kiddush Fund                                Lois and Alan Brotz in memory of
                                                of Selma Slepian, in memory           Tova and Stuart Markowitz in appre-             Anne Gluck.
     Max and Nicole Greenberg.                                                                                                    Marilyn and Stanley Cohen in memory
Terri, Steven, Fara and Melissa Gold            of Charles Slepian, in memory of          ciation of Rabbi Warmflash’s
                                                Natalie Sales and in memory of            thoughtfulness and kindness.                of Elbert Brodsky.
     in honor of the special birthday                                                                                             Valerie, Abby, Adam, Jason and
     of Phyllis Gilbert Nadler.                 Herman Sales.                         Bea and Sam Miller in honor of
                                           Steven Haber in memory of Sam                  the birth of their seventh great-           Michael Doneger in memory of
Marc and Marcy Goldberg in honor                                                                                                      Elbert Brodsky.
     of Carolyn, Alan and Rebecca.              Haber, father and in memory of            grandchild, Caleb Axel.
                                                Izzy and Ethel Haber, grandparents.   Maty and Dr. Jeff Olin in appreciation      The Mayers in memory of Dorothy
David Green in honor of his parents,                                                                                                  Schnitzer.
     Lenora and Benjamin Green.            Judy Herbst in memory of her parents,          of ritual director Nachum Plotkin
                                                Ethel and Joseph Glass.                   for his help in creating a beautiful    Marlene Schoen in memory of Marvin
Marion and Jerry Hauser in honor                                                                                                      Shenfeld.
     of Harriet and Neil Meixler.          Nancy and Ron Jackson in memory                aufruf for their children Rachel
                                                of Alma Block, in memory of               and Brett.                              Nancy and Scott Wachs in memory
Lisa and Lev Herrnson in honor of                                                                                                     of Murray Lefkowitz.
     their children, Alana and Jesse            Frederick Block, in memory of         Liz and Mitch Podgorsky in memory
                                                Leonard Jackson and in memory             of Ella Preisser Ginzburg.              In Memory of David Kwiat
     and in honor of HERJC President                                                                                                  Marilyn and Stanley Cohen
     Dan Gerstman.                              of Harold Saunders, grandparents
                                                of Rachel Cooper.                                                                     Valerie and Abby Doneger
Robin and Mark Hoorwitz in honor
     of the High Holidays 5771.            Zeena and Harry Kassel in memory of        Library Fund                                    Dorothee Shankman, Jeffrey
                                                Harry’s parents, Anna and Abraham     Irene and Larry Fener in honor of                    Shankman and Susan Banker
Jerry and Sandra Koffler in honor                                                                                                     Joan Shifter
     of David and Susan Koffler and             and in memory of Zeena’s parents,         their dear friend, Harriet Meixler,
     Brian and Susan.                           Bella and Joseph Levine.                  being named Kallat Torah on
Tova, Stuart, Eitan and Shoshana           The Klein Family in memory of                  Simchat Torah.
     Markowitz in honor of the 50th             Benjamin and Eva Kris, in memory                                                  Rabbi’s
     wedding anniversary of Stuart’s            of Jacob and Frieda Klein and in
                                                memory of Sam Klein.                  Nursery School Fund                         Discretionary Fund
     parents, Alan and Myra Markowitz.                                                                                            Paula Belmont in honor of the birth of
Marsha and Larry Miller in honor           Martin and Meryl Krasne, Jaclyn,           Hedda and Jeff Feigenblatt in honor
                                                Andrea and Jordan in memory                                                           Matti, grandson of Rabbi Andrew
     of their family: Lance, Mathew                                                        of the engagement of Abby,                 Warmflash and Beth Heit.
     and Diana.                                 of Irving Krasne.                          daughter of Lisa and Bennett
                                           The Langendorff Family in memory                                                       Florence Brodsky and Nina Beno in
Jane and Harry Mison and Wendy                                                             Futterman, to Brad Gitlin.                 appreciation of Rabbi Warmflash’s
     and Bill in honor of Breakfast             of Richard Diamond.                   Judith Fischer in honor of the birth of
                                           Nancy and Paul Levitt in memory of                                                         caring funeral service for
     5771 at the Laufers.                                                                  her first great-grandchild, Alexa.         Florence’s husband and Nina’s
Eric and Nanci Rosenthal in honor               Paul’s mother, Tillie and in memory   Justine and Brett Golden in honor of
                                                of Paul’s father, Philip.                                                             father, Elbert Brodsky.
     of Seth and Brandon Rosenthal,                                                        the birth of their niece, Lily Bell.   Donald and Muriel Chusid wishing
     in honor of Allan and Arlene Katz,    Bill Lucas in memory of Jane Lucas.        Linda and Sid Golden in honor of
                                           Sheryl Lucas in memory of                                                                  everyone Happy Holidays.
     and in honor of Stuart and Arlene                                                     the birth of their granddaughter,      Randy Goldman, Wayne Lefkowitz,
     Rosenthal.                                 Claire Gessel.                             Lily Bell.
                                           Myra Markowitz in memory of her                                                            Lisa Schechtman and Todd
Dorothee Shankman in appreciation                                                     Vera and Irving Mandell in honor                Lefkowitz in appreciation of Rabbi
     of receiving the honor of Closing          father, Solomon S. Dobin and in            of Andi and Jonathon Mandell’s
                                                memory of nephew, Jason Dobin.                                                        Warmflash and Cantor Sislen
     the Ark Curtain on Yom Kippur.                                                        wedding anniversary.                       officiating at the funeral of their
Jeffrey Thaler in honor of the special     Arthur Mintz in memory of his              Denise and Bob Sher in honor of
                                                grandparents, Abraham and Regina                                                      father, Murray Lefkowitz.
     birthday of his wife, Arlene.                                                         the marriage of David, son of          Jane and Marty Lesser in honor of
Stuart and Terry Ain in memory of               Nadler, in memory of his grand-            Ellen and George Schieren, to
                                                parents, Samuel and Esther Mintz                                                      the marriage of David, son of
     Ralph Carron, in memory of Millie                                                     Cristina Zancani.                          Ellen and George Schieren,
     Carron, in memory of Herbert Ain,          and in memory of his parents,         The Abitbol Family in memory of
                                                Murray and Sylvia Mintz.                                                              to Cristina Zancani.
     in memory of Sarah Ain                                                                Ann Friedman.                          Joanie and Richard Olender in
     Morenstein, in memory of              Linda Pachter in memory of beloved         Judith Bailey in memory of Marvin
                                                husband, Stephen Pachter.                                                             appreciation of Hazzan David
     Elizabeth Bensusan and in                                                             Shenfeld.                                  Sislen for the aufruf service for
     memory of Phyllis Urich.              Carol and Milton Rubinstein and            Judy and Martin Citron in memory
                                                Family in memory of their beloved                                                     Karen and Philip Nash.
Linda and Lee Antoville in memory of                                                       of Marty’s brother, Neil.              Maty and Jeffrey Olin in appreciation
     Lee’s parents, Minnie and Bernie.          son and brother, Kevin.               Vicky and Irwin Graber in memory of
                                           Denise Sher in memory of Noah                                                              of Rabbi Warmflash for the
Sheryl Behar and Shari Silver in                                                           their parents, Edith and Samuel            meaningful aufruf service for
     memory of their father, Edward             Sterling Sher, in memory of Arnold         Katz and Fannie and Hyman
                                                Sher, in memory of Rose Sher and                                                      their children, Rachel and Brett.
     Wiederspiel.                                                                          Graber.                                Denise and Bob Sher in honor of the
Richard Bellin in memory of beloved             in memory of Leonard Harvey.          Arline and Jules Kotcher in memory
                                           Barbara and Joe Sklar in memory                                                            birth of Matti, grandson of Rabbi
     mother, Betty Bellin.                                                                 of Harry Fishman.                          Andrew Warmflash and Beth Heit.
The Belmont Family in memory of                 of Barbara’s father, Sol Kessin.      Arline and Jules Kotcher in memory
                                           Debbie Solomon in memory of                                                            Ferne and Jack Skiba with wishes for
     Jim I. Belmont, in memory of                                                          of David Kwiat.                            the complete and speedy recovery
     Jack Baker, and in memory of               Louis Zipper.                         Ruth Schneider in memory of her                 of Janice Cederbaum.
     Florence Baker.                                                                       brother, Eddie Howard.

HAKOL            www.herjc.org                                                                         NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010                                page 25
Ferne and Jack Skiba with wishes for      Leslie Blankopf in memory of her
    the complete and speedy recovery          father, Philip Rodin.
    of Jeffrey Feigenblatt.               Bernard Bloom in memory of his                  The Easiest Way to Donate to HERJC Just go to
Ferne and Jack Skiba in honor of the          father, Joseph.                           www.herjc.org and click on the Amazon logo to order.
    birth of Caleb Axel, great-grandson   Alvin Boslow in memory of her aunt,
    of Bea and Sam Miller.                    Sarah.                                      HERJC will get a percentage of anything you buy.
In Honor of Harriet Meixler               Florence Bring in memory of her
    Being Named Kallat Torah                  husband, Bernard.
    on Simchat Torah 5771                 Ilene Browner in memory of her
    Terri and Steven Gold and Family          grandfather, Charles Rosenblatt.
    Marion and Jerry Hauser               Ilene Browner in memory of her
    Matilde and Jeffrey Olin                  father, Murray.
Helaine and Fred Gould in memory          Dora Burstein in memory of her           Madeline Harrow in memory of her           Rita Rubenstein in memory of her
    of Marvin Shenfeld.                       mother, Rose Lassinger.                  mother, Jeanette Trieger and                father, Samuel Schwartz.
Laurie and Asher Platt in memory          Stan Camhi in memory of his father,          grandfather, Benjamin Markowitz.       William Rubenstein in memory of
    of David Kwiat.                           Joseph.                              Madeline and Keith Harrow in                    his sister, Shirley Rubenstein
Rita and William Rubenstein in            Barry Chasen in memory of his father,        memory of their brother-in-law,             and grandparents, Celia and
    memory of Don Sharpman.                   Samuel.                                  Stanley Ehrlich.                            Louis Hager.
Thelma and Irving Spector in memory       Stanley Cohen in memory of his           Yehuda Hershkovich in memory of            Joan Schaeffer in memory of her
    of Marvin Shenfeld.                       mother, Sherry.                          her mother, Rivka.                          father, Irving Behr.
                                          Alyce Diamond in memory of her           Lynn Hirschorn in memory of her            Sheila Schertzer in memory of her
                                              mother, Belle Landesman.                 mother, Shirley Kirschner.                  mother, Lillian Rubel.
Youth & Youth                             Henrietta Dobin in memory of her         Robin Hoorwitz in memory of her            David Schott in memory of his
                                              mother, Eva Horne.                       father, Stanley Misikoff.                   grandfather, David.
Scholarship Fund                          Abbey Doneger in memory of her           Joy Kaminsky in memory of her              Marlene and Jerry Schulman in
Marsha and Larry Miller in honor              father, Henry.                           mother, Sadie Schieber.                     memory of Jerry’s mother, Bertha.
   of the marriage of David, son          Rita Doneger in memory of her            Howard Karp in memory of his father,       Alane Seidner in memory of her
   of Ellen and George Schieren,              husband, Henry.                          Solomon.                                    mother, Cora Goodman.
   to Cristina Zancani.                   Lisa Drillich in memory of her father,   Ira Katz in memory of his wife, Marilyn.   Dorothee Shankman in memory of
                                              Harvey Grapek.                       Elaine Kaufman in memory of her                 her father-in-law, Jacob and
                                          Kathy Feffer in memory of her father,        father, Irving Berkowitz.                   sister-in-law, Helen.
General                                       Lester Reitman.                      Zeena Kassel in memory of her              Jean Shapiro in memory of her
Synagogue Fund                            Lawrence Feffer in memory of his             mother, Bella Levine.                       husband, Marx.
                                              aunt, Sifra Menson.                  Miriam Kolnick in memory of her            Denise Sher in memory of her
Irving Baron in honor of the              Kathy and Larry Feffer in memory             mother, Lillie Nizewitz and her             grandmother, Francis Lebovitz.
     High Holidays.                           of Etta Tarab.                           brother, Max Nizewitz.                 Shelley Silver in memory of her father,
Lisa and Ed Cohen in honor and            Hedda Feigenblatt in memory of her       David Kurz in memory of his mother,             Herman Barouch.
     appreciation of Marilyn and              mother, Beatrice Radomsky.               Leona.                                 Esther Silverman in memory of her
     Stanley Cohen’s generous gift of     Sandy Feit in memory of his mother,      John Lerner in memory of his father,            father, Moses Sacksner.
     the new High Holiday Machzorim           Esther.                                  Frank.                                 Geri Sirota in memory of her mother,
     to the Congregation.                 Tamara Feit in memory of her mother,     John Lerner in memory of his mother,            Sheila Boltin.
Miriam and Benjamin Feifowicz in              Lillian Blaustein.                       Rose.                                  Faye Stein in memory of her mother,
     appreciation of Dr. Jeffrey and      Judith Feldman in memory of her          Joanne Lieberstein in memory of his             Ruth Siegelberg.
     Cheryl Strom.                            mother, Dorothy Noak.                    father, Joseph Greenberger.            Irving Spector in memory of his
David Green in honor of the High          Sanford Feldman in memory of his         Pearl Lipton in memory of her mother,           brother, Philip.
     Holidays.                                father, Max.                             Sophie Barsky.                         Howard Strauss in memory of his
Robin and Mark Hoorwitz in                Roslyn Fisher in memory of her father,   Alan Markowitz in memory of his                 father, Max.
     appreciation of the New Year             Saul Willbach.                           father, Alex.                          Evan Tannor in memory of his father,
     and with gratitude for their         Elizabeth Flyer in memory of her         Allen Marrus in memory of his mother,           Solomon.
     Yom Kippur aliyahs.                      father, Jerome Kahan.                    Rhoda.                                 Jeffrey Thaler in memory of his brother,
Marvin Polinsky in appreciation           Brenda Genn in memory of her             Audrey Marrus in memory of her                  Richard.
     of receiving an honor on Yom             mother, Anna Slepp and her               mother, Anne Lord.                     Ileane Tischler in memory of her
     Kippur and also in proud recog-          mother-in-law, Fannie.               Martin Mast in memory of his father,            parents, Ruth and William
     nition of his grandson, Isaac,       Sari Genson in memory of her hus-            Louis.                                      Landesman.
     reading Torah and daughter-in-law,       band, Alex and her daughter, Judi.   David Mayer in memory of his father,       Steven Toor in memory of his father,
     Audrey, blowing Shofar.              Alexander Glaz in memory of her              Alfred.                                     Gary.
Ann and Eugene Schorr in honor of             mother, Sonya.                       Neil Meixler in memory of his parents,     Stanley Turetzky in memory of his
     their friend and HERJC founding      Norma Gold in memory of her brother,         Minnie and Irving.                          father, Max.
     member, Harriet Lieberman.               Gerson Sparer.                       Beatrice Miller in memory of her           Susan Warner in memory of her father,
Elizabeth and David Woolfe in             Arthur Goldberg in memory of his             father, Solomon Clark and sister,           Herman Sall.
     appreciation of David being              mother, Gertrude.                        Esther Susser.                         Joel Wecksell in memory of his father,
     given the honor of Chatan            Rita Gottlieb in memory of her           Laurie Moser in memory of her mother,           Abraham.
     Beresheit on Simchat Torah.              mother, Sophie Barsky.                   Phyllis Schwartz.                      Marjorie Weinberg in memory of her
Bertha Alweis in memory of her            Louise Greenberg in memory of her        Sy Moskowitz in memory of his                   father, Joseph M. Newmark.
     mother-in-law, Martha.                   mother, Emma Geller.                     grandmother, Rose Hirsch.              Gail Weinstein in memory of her
Gail Alweis in memory of her father,      Sheldon Gross in memory of his           Judith Nysenholc in memory of her               mother, Ada Geiver.
     Leon Feinberg.                           parents, Evelyn and George.              mother, Betty Goldfinger.              Melvin Weinstein in memory of his
Marsha Becker in memory of her            Barbara Grossman Schapiro in mem-        Elaine Oster in memory of her father,           father, Louis.
     father, Herbert Strassman.               ory of her mother-in-law, Kate.          Louis Cohen.                           Miriam Weisbrod in memory of her
Robert Behar in memory of his             Gary Grossman in memory of his           Allen Ostroff in memory of her mother,          mother, Rose Lassinger.
     father, Victor.                          mother, Bunny.                           Sally.                                 Gloria Weiss in memory of her father,
Sarita Berkenblit in memory of her        Lynn Grossman in memory of her           Linda Pachter in memory of her                  Sol Lantz.
     father, Sol Daniels.                     father, Harold Sidney Kahn and           mother, Irene Halpern.                 David Wonsever in memory of his wife,
Joan Berkowitz in memory of her               grandfather, Frank Goldstein.        Mitchell Podgorsky in memory of his             Eithne.
     father, Milton Schusterman.          Sheila Harkavy in memory of her              mother, Rosalyn.                       Arlene Yesnowitz in memory of her
Robert Bettinger in memory of his             in-laws, Rose and Jacob and          Pearl Rosenfeld in memory of her                mother, Lillian Marks.
     mother, Rose.                            sister-in-law, Elaine Helfand.           father, Jack Stern.

page 26                NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010                                                                                  www.herjc.org                HAKOL
                                 Gussie Ruchman            November 25 - Kislev 18   December 8 - Tevet 1     December 20 - Tevet 13
    YAHRZEITS                    Salomon Seibald           Alex Green                Marian Gottlieb          David Bender
    The Yahrzeit of the          Rose Seid                 Arlene Russin             Herbert Kristeller       Frieda Gutenplan
    following beloved            Clara Singer              Celia Schwartz            Harry Lewner             Jerome Weissbard
    relatives of our members                                                         Philip Stern
    will be observed during      November 13 - Kislev 6    November 26 - Kislev 19   Michael Weisberg         December 21 - Tevet 14
    the next few weeks. It       Herbert Eisenberg         Faye Berger                                        Arthur Levy
    is especially fitting and    Mildred Gottlieb          Samuel Dick               December 9 - Tevet 2     Selma Silverman
    proper that the members      Selma Lesser              Scott Kemp                Abraham Lehrer           Gail Sterman
    of the family be present     Freda Plissner            Evelyn Lamon              Jacob Levine             Sinaj Weinreich
    at the appropriate Service   Sol Simon                 Joseph Pollack            Sarah Ain Morenstein
    to observe this occasion.                              Beatrice Ratner           Edith Perlman            December 22 - Tevet 15
                                 November 14 - Kislev 7    Sarah Rosenberg                                    Isidore Glasstein
                                 Harry Dobuler             Doris Siner               December 10 - Tevet 3    Lawrence Glickman
    November 1 - Cheshvan 24     Dr. Jerome L. Krieger                               Walter Green             Barney Kaminsky
    Kenneth Brackman             Rose Stern                November 27 - Kislev 20   Seymour Greenberg
    Seymour Saul Fishkind                                  Sol Farberman                                      December 23 - Tevet 16
                                 November 15 - Kislev 8    Libbie Geller             December 11 - Tevet 4    Shirley Gedacht
    November 2 - Cheshvan 25     Pauline Gorman            Dave Kaufman              Moe Trompeter
    Marilyn Davidofsky           Kate Rosen                                                                   December 24 - Tevet 17
    Hymie Dymbort                                          November 28 - Kislev 21   December 12 - Tevet 5    Rose Kantor
    Francis Lebovitz             November 17 - Kislev 10   Beatrice Black            Oscar Abrin              Joel Rappaport
    Rhoda Marrus                 Jean Fine                 Leon Kresch               Ruth Brofsky             Fanea Seibald
    Dinah Weil                   Helen Goffner                                       Helen Frischer
                                 Hannah Judelson           November 29 - Kislev 22   Pearl Kalikow            December 25 - Tevet 18
    November 3 - Cheshvan 26     Benjamin Kolbrenner       Gus Belmont               Jerome Sedlak            Jack Lerner
    Leonard Brody                Edward S. Pauker          Adena Joy Feffer                                   Bernice Stein
    Morris Fuchs                                                                     December 13 - Tevet 6
                                 November 18 - Kislev 11   November 30 - Kislev 23   Mannie Alt               December 26 - Tevet 19
    Annette Newmark
                                 Jerome Thaler             Anna Commike              Dorothy Alt              Freda Gevarter
    Allen Shaw
                                 Philip Wattenberg         Murray Katz               Abraham Borodkin         Nathan Gutenplan
    November 4 - Cheshvan 27                               Harry Katz                Florence Brodney         Sally Meyerson
    Samuel Eisenberg             November 19 - Kislev 12   Marvin Seltzer            Lawrence Futterman       Joseph Miles
    Harold Geller                Helen Davis                                         Abraham Poploff
                                 Louis Davis               December 1 - Kislev 24                             December 27 - Tevet 20
    Morris Krull                                                                     Sidney L. Rosen
                                 Richard Estrin            Jennie Marashinsky                                 Kiva Cederbaum
    Stanley J. Marcus                                                                Morris Rosenblatt
                                 Rubin Ratner              Howard Schneider                                   Ruth Glickman
    Kevin Rubinstein                                                                 Ray Steinberg
                                 Betty Tischler            Martin Tobet                                       Herman Goldberg
    November 5 - Cheshvan 28                               Wolf S. Wacher            December 14 - Tevet 7    Isadore Itzkovitz
    Harriet G. Cohen             November 20 - Kislev 13                             Gladys Filmus            Yakub Laufer
    Berdie Kaufman               Solomon Dobin             December 2 - Kislev 25    Arnold Sher              Jane Lucas
    Mortimer Lieberman           Joseph Gomberg            Rose Balkin               Sondra Weiner            Joachim Lustig
                                 Jerome Mendoza            Beckie Finerow
    November 6 - Cheshvan 29     Benjamin Schieber         Sydell Gould              December 15 - Tevet 8    December 28 - Tevet 21
    Jack Mandelsohn              Moses Hersh Seibald       Bertha Lieber             Ruth Cohen-Barash        Philip Barsky
                                 Louis Stern                                         Nathan Klein             Pearl K. London
    November 7 - Cheshvan 30                               December 3 - Kislev 26    Louis Harvey Kolnick
    Herbert Warmflash            November 21 - Kislev 14   Leonard Berch                                      December 29 - Tevet 22
                                                                                     Hyman Kutler
                                 Jack Baker                Janice Berkowitz                                   Syd Brown
                                                                                     Louis Landesman
    November 8 - Kislev 1        Leonard Frank             Max Rosen                                          Clara Farberman
                                                                                     Sam Scheinfeld
    Samuel Greenstein            Jerry Kopito              Morris Sopher                                      Leon Kornbluth
                                 Sarah Marvul                                        December 16 - Tevet 9    Mendel Plotkin
    November 9 - Kislev 2                                  December 4 - Kislev 27                             Ethel Sloan
                                 Gloria Stenzler                                     Solomon Barouch
    Ida Barash                                             Rebecca Hagler            Dr. Jack Goffner
    Marcia Geus                  November 22 - Kislev 15   Harold L. Schmier                                  December 30 - Tevet 23
                                                                                     Samuel Weiss
    Arthur Schecter              Jerry Fuchs               Bernard Schoengold                                 Isidore Fader
    Oscar Zaretsky               Harry Kaplan                                        December 17 - Tevet 10   Barney Levenson
                                 Edith Levine              December 5 - Kislev 28    William Goldberger       Sarah Scheinfeld
    November 10 - Kislev 3                                 Edward S. Abrams                                   Alexander Weinman
                                                                                     Caroline Levy
    Annie Borodkin               November 23 - Kislev 16   William Ehrlich           Alfred Shankman
    Muriel Horing                George Brand              Myra Futterman                                     December 31 - Tevet 24
                                                                                     Rubin Steinberg
    Elsa Menchel                 Herman Commike            Goldie Nestor                                      Linda Fisch
    Marilyn M. Pollak            Morris Aaron Gold                                   December 18 - Tevet 11   Jean Kaplan
    Nettie Sunshine              Jack Levine               December 6 - Kislev 29    Florence Behr            Bernard Sunshine
                                 Irwin Schecker            Faye Berch                Sara Fisher              Rose Weilgus
    November 11 - Kislev 4                                 Elliot Marrus             Rachel Freda Olin
    Ruth Rappaport               November 24 - Kislev 17   Jesse Roberts             Edward Paster
                                 Mary Hauser               Lena Sklar-Fox            Ada Plotkin
    November 12 - Kislev 5
                                 Joseph Rost
    Sylvia Dubinsky                                        December 7 - Kislev 30
                                 Frieda Wolk                                         December 19 - Tevet 12
    Celia Kandelman                                        Henry Jaskol              Monte Jonathan Gollub
    Philip Levitt                                          Mary Silverstein          Selma Yaeger
    Jacob Paley                                            Nat Sterenbuch

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