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									Dear Sir, We are ship builders, we can provide you with brand-new steel ships Lloyds certified up to 100meters any type with a very reasonable prices.

LOA 60 meters 100 m 30 m

Type Cargo, Container or Bulk Cargo, Container or Bulk Cargo, Container or Bulk

Capacity 3000 MTS 7000 MTS 500 MTS

Power 1500HP Cat

Duration for building 8 monthes 12 monthes

Price 775000U$ 2768000U$ 440000U$

2000HP Cat 600HP Cat 5 monthes

Speed between 9-12 kts

Guarantee: 3years for all engines 1 year for all the boats.

Customer service and hold up: We guarantee an excellent customer support and after sales services for live time. Certificates: Lloyds certificate. Payment: the buyer will make a supply contract with CDS and pay a deposit of 25% of the boat price, the rest is when finishing the boat. Duration: 6-15 months to finish building one ship, We have the capacity to build 10 ships ayear Thanks Shady Haseb CDSconsultants 0020106948807

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