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									Huston want to say the following: As long as the ancient Egyptians said before in one text '', 'iron from heaven'or, more exactly, 'metal from heaven', And Hittites said in one text 'black iron from the sky' So Mohammed knew that by a way Hutson didn’t mention, and mentioned in quran that Iron sent down to earth using the knowledge of the Egyptians and Hittites. My answer: If the translations they made to the mysterious Egyptian or Hittites texts is right (as till now the Egyptian and Hittites texts translated by measurement and no accurate translation for any Egyptian or Hittites text till now) 1-The Egyptians or Hittites didn’t give a reason why (metal from heaven) to convince mohammed that there is metal from Heaven, So he write this in quran and challange people and say to them that there is no error in quran. And he predict that quran will be spread to all nations and all the earth in the same time, and he didn’t get afraid that people may find that Iron is not from outside. 2- Even If the Egyptians mentioned in another text that we didn’t found but mohammed found, they mentioned the reason why (metal from heaven) How Mohammed translate these texts if the Egyptian and Hittites languages was dead languages in his time, and no body read them, Or speak them. And Egyptian text we could reveal a little bit of it hardly after we found Rosetta stone and till now all the Egyptian texts translated by many ways and give different meanings because it’s translated by measurements and point of views only. 3- If we said Yes why not he may be found a stone like rosetta and discovered texts speaks about metals and gave an accurate reason to convince mohammed that Iron is sent down, so he mentioned the Iron as sent down metal. 4- When he made all these researches If he was busy all his life and if he found time to research about the Iron what about the rest 1000s fenomenas recently known and mentioned with the right way or definition in quran, That needs if mohammed was opened to all knowlages and all the advanced equipments used for researches at least 100 year with the help of many other researchers and scientists, and milliards of dollars to be spent on these researches. 5- If we said yes to number 3 and 4 so why he choose Iron as sent down metal if not all the metals sent down and Hutson said they (Egyptians and Hittites said) said metal only not Iron, So Mohamed discovered that Iron is one of the heavy substances as heavy substances that have high nuclear mass only were sent down to earth as it can’t be created

6- If we said no he don’t use texts somebody told him that Iron is sent down to earth at Mekka (may be in one of their poems as the only thing they know and they were talented in is poems and language and mohammed convinced them by beating them by the no lingual error in quran) and it’s a common knowledge there, Think about it again Is it logic to depend on the the say of some body as a proof for phenomena without a trusted book or text. Although Mohammed know that there is no any trusted books in his time as even the bible was modified by the kings for political reasons. And the bible didn’t mentioned anything about the Iron source. And he cant risk by mentioning informations like this without to be sure of it 100% becouse he says the quran is the speach of the god and the god don't make mistakes. And who forced him to speak about scientific phenomena’s like this. He don’t have to risk. Remember the number of phenomena’s like this counted by 1000s without exaggeration. Get amazed mohammed don’t even read Arabic, and no body can read Arabic but verry rare people at his time as it was very hard. The source of his information is the god who created every thing and know every thing.

God knows more

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