How to run an Virus Scan on MDS by yantingting


									How to run an Virus Scan on MDS
Mcafee VirusScan 8.7 is installed on all MDS & NPCS machines. The software has 2 main

      On Access Scan – This program constantly runs on your computer scanning every file
       you open, move or save.
      On Demand Scan – The on-demand scan can be used to specifically scan a file,
       folder or drive

Run a Full Scan of PC
      Right Click the Mcafee Icon, then on the VirusScan Enterprise Shield

      Or START > Programs > Mcafee > On-Demand Scan
       To run a full scan of your computer click on the START button

This may take up to 1 hour to complete.

Scanning a specific folder
To scan a specific folder, navigate to the folder

       Right Click on Folder

       Select Scan for Threats
Scan a specific Hard Disc
       Open My Computer
       Right Click on Folder

       Select Scan for Threats

N.B. Only do this for local hard discs e.g. C, D or a USB drive. If you need to scan a location
on your J/S Drive use the instructions for scanning folders.
Virus Detection
If Mcafee finds a virus the scanner will show the following screen

The screen will show the following information

       Name of the infected file
       Location of file
       Name of Virus
       Status – Mcafee will either clean or delete the file.

If you see any Virus on your MDS PC please contact the ITServicedesk ext 41515 or , giving all the above information (name, location,
virus, and status) and your PC name.

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