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The Alternative Kangaroo Trail - Cheap Flights


									                      Thinking of jumping on a flight to the land Down Under? When it comes to great
                  travel adventures, you’ll be hard pressed to find a country as vibrant and diverse as
                   the great land of Oz. So, whether you’re staying for 3 weeks or 3 months, there’ll be
                                              plenty to keep you entertained no matter where you go.

The Alternative
Kangaroo Trail                                                                                  GO!
                                   1. Cairns / Great Barrier Reef
                                   The East Coast’s northernmost city is a fantastic place to get wet – it’s the
                                   gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and there’s a massive range of watersports
                                   and some more extreme sports for adventure lovers. See the reef from
                                   above on a skydive or bungee jump into the rainforest. It’s also a great place
                                   to explore the mighty Daintree and tropical Cape Tribulation.

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                                      2. Townsville / Magnetic Island
                                      Go wild koala bear spotting, climb forts and nd
                                      your own secluded beach on one of the chilled
                                      out islands on the East Coast. No wonder it’s a
                                      favourite spot for the locals to escape to!

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3. Mackay / Eungella                                                   The
Escape the dust and the dry heat by delving
into the lush Eungella Rainforest for some
fantastic camping adventures, catching a
glimpse of the shy platypus and a ride through                       COAST
the canopy suspended on cables.                                              3549km

                                                                Bundaberg / Lady Elliot Island
                                                                A rum guzzling polar bear, tiny turtle hatchlings needing assistance to get
                                                                to the sea, nesting turtles, dolphin spotting and spectacular diving
                                                                opportunities. Welcome to Bundaberg!

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                                                                   Whitsunday Islands
                                                                   Visit Australia’s most picture perfect beach on a sailing trip around
                                                                   the Whitsunday Islands – where azure waters gently lap at pristine,
                                                                   delicate white sand. Explore these beautiful islands on a sailing trip
                                                                   – from party fuelled catamarans to elegant yachts, this is one
Brisbane                                                           experience that the East Coast is famous for.
Brisbane is always compared to its bigger, brighter brothers,
Sydney and Melbourne, but little Brissie is on the up.
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A thriving art and cultural scene, unique city spaces,
electrifying bridge climb, an inner city beach, and colourful
markets are great for city lovers, while whale watching,
theme parks and the world’s largest sand island, are within
throwing distance of this thriving city.

The best of the Coasts – the Sunshine, Gold and Fraser
Coasts have loads to o er those looking for bright lights,
glamour and seriously cool exploration. If going o -road on
the world’s largest sand islands, spotting humpback whales
or enjoying some adrenalin pumping rides tickles your
fancy, this is the place to be.
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                                                      Just up the road from Sydney is Newcastle, which is becoming a popular
                                                      stop o on the East Coast, thanks to its gorgeous coastline, amazing convict
                                                      built swimming baths, natural reserves and proximity to the fabulous
                                                      Hunter Valley.

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If Sydney is the cool, cosmopolitan, spoilt middle              Sydney / Blue Mountains
child, then Melbourne is the e ortlessly cool big               Sydney needs no big introduction – it’s one of the most famous
brother – a heady mix of bohemia, a vibrant                     cities in the world. But other than the Opera House and Harbour
music scene, oh-so-cool vintage shopping and                    Bridge, what else is there to do in Australia’s biggest and brightest
culture galore – this is East Coast urban living at             city? You won’t be short of things to dazzle your senses – from the
its best. Take in the urban art, some Aussie Rules              lush botanical gardens through to spectacular beaches, amazing
football, bohemian neighbourhoods and delve                     architecture, multi-cultural cuisine, moreish markets and surf
into the mysterious and macabre past of                         lessons – make sure you have enough time to explore this vibrant
Melbourne’s convict inhabitants by visiting the                 city and take it all in.
old gaol. Take some time out for some open air
shopping or head further a eld for stunning                          READ MORE
landscapes, pristine beaches, nesting penguins,
rock climbing and wine tasting – you’ll never run
out of things to do in this vibrant southern city.

     READ MORE                                                                                The
                                                          1. Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungles)
                                                          Magni cent outback scenery, crazy beehive natural sculptures,
                                                          shimmery pools and more wildlife than you can shake a
                                                          didgeridoo at – Welcome to Purnululu National Park, home of
                                                          the Bungle Bungles.

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2. Broome
Anyone thinking of visiting the West Coast will have seen the
camel lled pictures of Cable Beach – where the desert meets
the ocean in a spectacular explosion of colour and culture. Be
inspired by the multicultural history of this outback town and
‘Slip into Broometime’ for a few days.


                                                                                                                 3. Karijini National Park
                                                                                                                 Gorges are gorgeous – and if you needed

                                              4. Ningaloo                                                        convincing of that, then Karijini is the
                                                                                                                 place to go. Hike, swim and explore in
                                              Want to visit the West Coast, but don’t want
                                                                                                                 WA’s most stunning region. If you need
                                              to miss out on the spectacular underwater

                                                                                                                 more excitement – try canyoneering your
                                              world of the reef? The Great Barrier Reef isn’t
                                                                                                                 way through the spectacular waterfalls,
                                              the only reef that Australia has to o er.
           WEST                               Equally spectacular is Ningaloo Reef – which
                                                                                                                 swimming holes and red rocks for a
                                                                                                                 unique way to see this amazing National

                                              has a few things that the East Coast doesn’t.
                                              Prepare to be impressed!
            4574km                                                                                                           READ MORE

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                                                          5. Perth
                                                           The West Coast is short on cities, but Western Australia’s capital
                                                           city has plenty to o er those craving the big city atmosphere
                                                           for a few days. Visit the world’s biggest inner-city park, ring the
                                                           bells at the magni cent Swan Bells, swim with wild dolphins,
                                                           party with the locals or see the West Coast from above whilst
                                                           falling from several thousand feet – the list of things to do in
                                                           Perth is as big as you want it to be.

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6. Fremantle / Rottnest Island
Delve into Australia’s convict past by wandering the halls of the West Coast’s most
notorious prison on a chilling ghost tour, explore the colourful, rich markets on the
streets of Freemantle or go on a quest to spot the indigenous quokka over at
stunning Rottnest Island.


                                                     7. Margaret River
                                                     Head to the West Coast’s premier holiday
                                                     destination – for locals – and be overwhelmed

                 The                                 by gastronomic and – hiccup! – some of the
                                                     best wine that Australia has to o er. Work up an
                 WEST                                appetite by exploring the intriguing caves

                                                     beforehand, followed by an evening stroll
                                                     along the region’s pristine beaches.
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                                                                     10. Kalgoorlie
                                                                     Kalgoorie is known for its amazing goldmines
                                                                     and it’s a de nite gem in the rough for
                                                                     backpackers wanting to get a taste of the real
                                                                     Australian life.

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8. Walpole
Get that ‘tingly’ forest feeling as you walk amongst the ‘Giants’
in the Valley of the Giants, home to the spectacular (and huge!)
tingle trees, explore the forest canopy from the Tree Top Walk
or head to the coast for secluded beaches, whilst enjoying the
wild owers the area is famous for.


                                      9. Denmark
  The                                 Looking for a laid-back hedonistic atmosphere

                                      with plenty of partying, fantastic surf and a
                                      foodie to boot? Described as the West Coast

  COAST                               alternative to Byron Bay, this is a place that’s
                                      thriving with soul and attitude. Make sure that
  4574km                              Denmark makes your list.

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                                                                                   The Aussie Coat of Arms Australia’s National Dish The
                                                                      The two animals pictured on the      Meat Pie
                                                                     Australian coat of arms (the Emu                                           An average of 12 meat pies consumed
                                                                      and the Kangaroo) were chosen                                             by Aussies each year. Proclaimed the
                                                                         because neither of them can                                            'national dish' of Australia in 2003 - by
                                                                                      travel backwards.                                         their Prime Minister.

                                                                                Bay                                                             BK isn't the King Down Under
                                                                                                       b                                                                    It's called 'Hungry Jacks' down
                                                                                                 ’s Kno
         TOP TEN MYTH-BUSTERS                                                          Yorke
                                                                                                                                                                            under because the name 'Burger

         AND WEIRD FACTS                                                                                                 H umpy
                                                                                                                                bong                                        King' was already taken.

                                                                              oo                    Iron K
                                                                        Innal                                    ong
All Aussies drink Fosters... Right?
            If you see someone ordering a Fosters in a                                      ong
                                                                                                          Tittyb               Rude
                                                                                                                              Aussie Australians love                              'Big things'
             pub, 9 times out of 10 it’s a tourist. The most                                                                   Town No, we're not making innuendo - The Aussies really do have a rather
                                                                                                                                     bizarre fondness for large, unusual sculptures. Follow the 'Big Things'
              popular beer in Oz is Victoria Bitter, with a
               30% market share, while Fosters, despite
                                                                                                                             Names Australian Trail- the Big Banana in Co s Harbour kicked things o , but
                its image as the top Aussie beer due to                                                                                         the Big Prawn, the Big Guitar and the Big Pineapple are just some of the

                                                               Uluru - the biggest rock in
                 its clever marketing, is usually only                                                                                          weird and wacky sculptures you can spot on your travels.
                  drunk by tourists. That said, the
                   Fosters company (Carlton & United           Australia. Or perhaps not...                                                                      Sample a local delicacy
                     Breweries) is responsible for             Wrong - the biggest rock in Australia is Mount                                                    No, not a roo - Vegemite!
                      producing VB, Carlton and Cascade        Augustus in WA - it's twice the size as Uluru, but not
                       Premium Light.                          half as impressive.

                                                                                                                                                Don't hug the koalas!

                                                                              Tasmania: Road Kill Capital
                                                                                                                                                Koala hugs are banned everywhere in
                                                                                                                                                Australia, except Queensland. This is
                                                                           The Save the Tasmanian Devil Program Roadkill Project was            because it is very stressful for a koala
                                                                               launched to raise awareness. 400 Tassie Devils are killed        to be removed from their perch, and
                                                                                         every year by motorists - kangaroos, wallabies,        the extra stress can contribute to an
                                                                                        wombats and possums are also victims. So, pay           early death. Why not get up close
                                                                                             attention to those road signs folks - they're      with a cuddly wombat or hand feed a
                                                                                                                        not just tourist tat.   kangaroo instead?
                                                                                1                                 2

                                                                     Carlton and
                                                                   United Breweries,
                                                                                                   Brewery, Hobart,                    The
                                                                      VIC & QLD                          TAS
                                                                    Key Beers: Victoria Bitter    Key Beers: Cascade Premium,
                                                                   (VB), Crown Lager, Foster's       Premium Light, Pale Ale,
                                                                    Light Ice, Carlton Cold &       Stout, Blonde and Amber,
                                                                     Draught and, of course,          plus seasonal varieties.
                                                                          Foster's Lager.             Tasmanian only beers:                READ MORE
                                                                                                     Cascade Draught, Lager,
                                                                                                     Bitter and Export Stout.

              3                                4                                5                                 6
  Castlemaine                  Coopers Brewery,                     J.Boag & Sons,                Mount Tamborine
Perkins, Brisbane,              Adelaide, SA                       Launceston, TAS                 Brewery, North
      QLD                      Key Beers: Coopers Sparkling          Key Beers: James Boag's      Tamborine, QLD                                                         4
Key Beers: XXXX Gold, Bitter   Ale, Pale Ale, Best Extra Stout,     Premium Lager, Light and       Key Beers: Mountain Bitter,                                                                     10
                                Dark Ale, Mild Ale, Premium          Blonde, Boag’s Draught,                                                  8                                   1
        and Light                                                                                  0909 Cuvee Blonde, Czech
                                                                   Draught Light, Pure, Classic                                                                                           7
                                Lager, 62 Pilsner, Premium                                             Mate Pils, Yippy IPA,
                                 Lights, Clear, Extra Strong      Blonde, Wizard Smith Ale, XXX      Moderation Pale Ale, St
                                   Vintage Ale, Birelli and         Ale, St George and Honey       Bridget, Black Cockatoo, Mt                                                                 5

                                  Dr.Tim’s Traditional Ale.                   Porter.               Hopfenweisse and Katya                                                            2
                                                                                                         Imperial Stout.

              7                                8                                9                                10                               11                              12

    Matilda Bay                 Bootleg Brewery,                     White Rabbit,                    Malt Shovel                        Moo Brew,                    Little Creatures
      Brewing                    Margaret River,                     Healsville, VIC               Brewery, Sydney,                      Hobart, TAS                       Brewery,
    Company,                          WA                          Key Beers: White Rabbit Dark          NSW                          Key Beers: Moo Brew Pale,        Fremantle, WA
    Dandenong                     Key Beers: Raging Bull,              Ale and White Ale            Key Beers: James Squire         Hefe, Pilsner and Dark Ale and   Key Beers: Bright Ale, Pale
     North, VIC                Settlers Pale Ale, Tom’s Amber                                      Original Amber Ale, Golden              an annual Stout           Ale, Pilsner, Rogers – and a
 Key Beers: Beez Neez, Fat     Ale, Wils Pils, Sou’West Wheat                                      Ale, Pilsener, IPA, Porter and                                    Cider that is brewed over in
 Yak, Big Helga, Bohemian             and Light Lager.                                                    Sundown Lager                                               the Yarra Valley, known as
Pilsner, Redback, Alpha Pale                                                                                                                                                  Pipsqueak
  Ale and DogbolterKatya
       Imperial Stout.                                                                                      Main breweries                Micro-breweries               Independent breweries
Quick facts                                                       Best time to visit
Currency: Aussie Dollar ($) – 100 cents = $1                      Australian Summer (December to February) is the best time to
Emergency Number: 000                                             visit, but the locals will be on their summer holidays too, so it’ll
Electricity: 3 Pin, 240V AC, 50Hz                                 be busy. Try November and March for pleasant (but not-too-
Capital: Canberra                                                 busy) travel. For the North, the best months are May to October,
Population: Approx 22 million                                     for Central Australia aim for October to November or March to
States & Territories: Northern Territory, Western Australia,      May. The Australian ski season is from July through September.
South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and        If you’re travelling the whole country, move with the weather –
Tasmania                                                          South in the summer and head North for the winter.

Flying to Australia                                               Visas
Find the cheapest ight you can– save your pennies for your        If you’re staying for less than 3 months, and hold a British
outback adventures. It’s easy to get a cheap deal on a ight to    passport, you can apply online for an eVisitor pass online. These
Australia since so many operators y the London –                  are linked to your passport number, and you won’t need a
Sydney/Melbourne route, including Qantas, British Airways,        stamp in your passport when you arrive. Check
Cathay, Air New Zealand and KLM.                         for details.
Flying time from London is 15 hours to Sydney, or if you’re
                                                                  For those staying longer than 3 months, you’ll need a Standard
 ying to elsewhere on the East Coast, it’ll be a minimum of 21
                                                                  Tourist Visa which covers a period of up to 12 months, and
                                                                  you’ll need to apply for this in advance. If you’re planning to
It’s cheaper during the ‘low season’ months of April-June – the   work while you travel you’ll need a di erent kind of visa – check
most expensive time to y is around Christmas.                     which kind you need here:
Flights that are ‘open jaw’ – ying into one city and out from
another – usually cost around the same as a normal return.
From the UK there are ights to Australia from Aberdeen,
Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle, which go via
London Heathrow.
                                                                             READ MORE
                                                                        about how to get around in Australia and
                                                                              read our calendar of events

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