Entry Requirements

Applications for Affiliate membership of AIA are accepted from those who have minimum of five
years experience in accountancy.

I certify that I meet the above criteria
The Affiliate application fee of £100.00 includes your first year’s annual subscription fee of £65.
The annual Affiliate subscription fee of £65 is thereafter payable on 1 October each year.

Payment should be made to the ‘Association of International Accountants’ and submitted with the
application. Cheque, bank draft or postal order is accepted. Please do not send cash.

Application Submission

Please enclose the following:

Completed application form
Application fee - £100.00
Certified copies of certificates                      (applicable only when applying for exemptions)

Your completed application should be sent to:

Membership Services
Association of International Accountants
Staithes 3, The Watermark, Metro Riverside,
Newcastle Upon Tyne NE11 9SN
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)191 493 0277
F: +44 (0)191 493 0278

 Edition 11/1                                     1                               AIA (c) 2011
 This form is to be completed by applicants for Affiliate Registration.
 To ensure no candidate is discriminated against on the grounds of disability, AIA offers additional support to
 candidates during the exams if required. Please see Section 5 of this application document for further details.
 Affiliate status is open to persons who have held office or been employed in a field of work related to
 accountancy for a period of not less than five years and who the Council believes would benefit from registration
 with the Association.
 ALL sections must be completed, unless they are not applicable. If a section is not applicable please enter the
 initials N/A.
 Please complete all sections below in ENGLISH and BLOCK CAPITALS using BLACK INK.
 The form MUST also be signed and dated in English.
 Failure to meet these requirements will delay the processing of your application.

 Note: AIA operates a policy which offers equality of opportunity regardless of gender, ethnicity, colour, disability,
 religion, age, sexual orientation, or marital status.

 Notes on Personal Details
 Title: Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms or specify others         Title:
 Surname: Full Chinese or Muslim name               Surname/Family Name:
 should be entered here
 First Name: Any Western/Christian names            First Names:
 should be entered here
 Please state your name in English and in           Certificate Name:
 BLOCK CAPITALS as you would like it on
 AIA certificates.
 Postal Address: Please provide your full           Address:
 HOME address
                                                    Town:                                         County:
                                                    Post/Zip Code:
 If you would prefer your correspondence to         Preferred Postal Address:
 be sent to an address other than your
 home address please provide details here.          Town:                                         County:
 This should NOT be a college address               Post/Zip Code:
 Email, telephone & fax: Please provide area        Email Address:
 codes for all telephone numbers and state
 if home or work by circling the correct            Telephone No:                                           Home/Work
 word                                                                                                       Home/Work
                                                    Fax No:
 Date of Birth: Day/Month/Year                      Date of Birth:      __ __/ __ __/ __ __ __ __
                                                    Gender:            Male/Female
 How did you hear about AIA?                        Source of Enquiry:
The default means of contact is now electronic. If you would prefer to receive information in an alternative format please tick
( ) here

      Edition 11/1                                              2                                    AIA (c) 2011
Guidance Notes on Employment:
If you are currently in full time employment you must complete the section below. You will also need to keep AIA
informed of any changes to these details throughout your period as an affiliate by completing and submitting an
IPD Work Experience Annual Declaration.
If, in the future, you intend to apply for professionally qualified status of Associate membership you are advised that
in addition to passing the AIA exams, you must also complete a of minimum three years practical work
experience/Initial Professional Development (IPD). Please refer to the AIA Affiliate Guide for more information.
If you are not currently in full time employment please tick the appropriate box below and move on to Section 3

Are you currently in full time employment? YES                 NO        Please tick ( ) the appropriate box

To be completed by applicants in full time employment
Company Name:
Position Held:
Date Employment Commenced:
Postal Address:

Post/Zip Code:


Email Address:

Telephone No:

Fax No:
Note on Email, Telephone & Fax: Please provide area codes for all telephone & fax numbers.
Using the following classifications please identify the business type that best describes your organisation
(please select only one)

 Agriculture                              Armed Forces                         Charities

 Construction                             Consultancy                          Education

 Engineering                              Finance                              Fuels

 Government                               Health Service                       Leisure & Entertainment

 Manufacturing                            Media                                Retail

 Trade Union & Investment Groups          Transportation                       Utilities

 Firm of Accountants

     Edition 11/1                                          3                                 AIA (c) 2011
Previous Accounting Employment: Please provide details for the 5 years immediately prior to this application. Please
continue on a separate sheet if necessary.
Employer’s Name & Address                  Date From:        Date To:          Position Held
                                           Month & Year Month & Year

To be completed by applicants currently in education
Name of College:
College Postal Address:

Post/Zip Code:



Name of Course:


Date Course Commenced:

Length of Course:

Is your course      Full time:           or      Part time:          Please tick ( ) the appropriate box

     Edition 11/1                                       4                                AIA (c) 2011
Academic Qualifications
Guidance Notes on Academic Qualifications:

Please enclose certified photocopies of all your Educational/Professional Certificates for Entry Requirement and
Exemption purposes with translations where necessary.

Your certificates can be certified by the AIA Branch, your line manager or your college/university lecturer. For
certification purposes the certificate should be marked ‘I confirm that this is a true copy of the original’ and
accompanied by a signature, printed name in English and the official stamp of the company, college or university.

Applications based on overseas qualifications must be accompanied by documentary evidence of proficiency in
the English language. A minimum standard of IELTS 6 or recognised equivalent is required.

For further information please visit the AIA website at
School Certificates
Subject                        Exam Board                   Qualification                 Grade         Year

Further Education
University/College             Course                       Qualification                 Length of     Date
                                                                                          Course        Awarded

Membership of Professional Bodies
Name of Professional Body*                   Type of Membership                 Date of    Membership
                                                                                Membership Number

* AIA reserves the right to contact the Professional Body named to confirm membership.

     Edition 11/1                                       5                                AIA (c) 2011
Arrangements for Affiliates with special needs

AIA makes every effort to provide suitable exam conditions for all candidates and special facilities can be arranged
for candidates experiencing disabilities, health problems or learning difficulties if required. If you feel that you may
need additional support of any kind when undertaking the exams please contact Membership Services to discuss your requirements.
You may be required to complete an appropriate form and AIA would seek official confirmation to support any
application for special arrangements. AIA will not disclose to third parties any personal information you provide
without your prior consent. Your consent will be sought should you request additional facilities.

AIA Statutory Auditor Qualification
As a Recognised Qualifying Body (RQB) under the Companies Act 2006, the Association offers a recognised
professional accountancy qualification for those wishing to become statutory auditors in the UK.
To become a statutory auditor in the UK, candidates must first meet all current criteria for Associate membership
including completion of UK papers in Company Law and Taxation. In addition, three years approved practical audit
training is needed, two of which must be undertaken after admission to membership. Those wishing to count their
final year of pre-membership training (IPD) for the purpose of becoming an auditor must have that training
approved by the Association in advance.
Because of the particular requirements to be met where the statutory auditor qualification is the objective,
applicants for affiliate registration are required to declare their intention (or not) to seek this qualification as
opposed to the membership only qualification.
If you would like further information on the AIA UK Statutory Auditor Qualification please contact AIA
Membership Services Department, to request a ‘Guide to Becoming a Statutory Auditor’ leaflet
I am applying for
Please tick ( ) one box only

1. Financial Responsibility & Reliability

Have you, in the last ten years, had a court judgement made against you for a debt or made a compromise
arrangement with your creditors; have you ever been declared bankrupt or been subject to bankruptcy procedures;
have you ever, in respect of your creditors, signed a trust deed, made an assignment for their benefit or made any
arrangements for the payment of a composition to them?
                                                              Yes                     No
2. Convictions or Civil Liberties

Have you been found guilty of any offence; or subject to civil or court action relating to your professional business
activities or your directorship or management of any company?
Offences for which the conviction is spent for the purposes of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act for England and
Wales 1974 (or equivalent legislation as may apply in other jurisdictions) provided that you have satisfied the
conditions for rehabilitation and monitoring offences that did not lead to disqualification or a prison sentence need
not be mentioned. In respect of a conviction which is not spent under that Act, details are required regarding the
offence, penalty imposed, the court which convicted you and the date of the conviction.
                                                          Yes                         No

     Edition 11/1                                         6                                 AIA (c) 2011
3. Good Reputation & Character

Have you had any actions taken against you restricting your trade, business or profession; had any finding against
you in respect of misconduct or malpractice in your business or profession; been subject to disciplinary finding
against you by an employer or professional body; been refused entry to or excluded from membership of any
profession or vocation; been dismissed or required to resign from any office; employment or partnership; been
disciplined or publicly criticised or subject to court order by any regulatory body or officially appointed enquiry with
the regulation of a financial, professional or other business activity?
                                                              Yes                             No
Are you currently undergoing any investigations or disciplinary procedures which are described in 3 above?
                                                              Yes                             No

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the questions please provide details on a separate sheet and attach this to your

 Guidance notes on reference: Your referee should be a professionally qualified accountant and ideally a
member of AIA or a member of an IFAC member body. Please ask your referee to complete and sign the section
Name of Referee:

Position Held:

Work Postal Address:

Post/Zip Code:


Email Address:

Professional Qualifications: *                                               Membership No:

I confirm
    • that the applicant is a person of good character;
    • is suitable for admission as an Affiliate of a professional body;
    • has been known to me for a period of ______ years; and
    • that the information given in this application is correct.

Referee’s Signature:                                                               Date:

* AIA reserves the right to contact the Professional Body named to confirm membership

     Edition 11/1                                         7                                 AIA (c) 2011
AIA Code of Ethics

All AIA Affiliates are required to undertake training in professional values, ethics and attitudes as a condition of
their Affiliate membership. AIA has adopted the International Federation of Accountants' (IFAC) Code of Ethics for
Professional Accountants and all applicants are required to download and read this before submitting their
application for Affiliate registration. Please go to the AIA website at to access the code.

Applicants who wish to follow the RQB training route are also required to undertake training in and comply with the
code of ethics published by the Auditing Practices Board (APB).
Please tick ( ) the box to confirm that you have downloaded, read and will comply with the AIA Code of Ethics

Please tick ( ) the box to confirm that you have downloaded, read and will comply with the APB Code of Ethics

Study Texts
AIA Study Texts are available for all Professional Level 1 and 2 exams.
Please go to the AIA website for further details of the content of these texts, the ways in
which they can assist you in your studies and the costs involved.
The significance of these study texts is such that AIA have made their purchase mandatory for all candidates
entering exams from the May 2008 session onwards.
All applicants for Affiliate registration are required to confirm that they agree to purchase the requisite texts as per
the guidelines stated on the AIA website when they enter AIA exams.
I agree to purchase the specified AIA study texts when I enter AIA exams         Please tick ( )

Guidance Notes on Application, Confirmations and Undertakings:
The Affiliate registration fee includes an annual subscription which must be renewed on 1 October to continue AIA
Affiliate status. Once an application for Affiliate registration has been processed the registration fee will not be

Please DO NOT send cash with your application.

To the Council

I hereby apply for Affiliate registration.

I enclose my cheque/draft/postal order, made payable to The Association of International Accountants for the

registration fee of £_____________ Cheque/Draft No. __________________              Date____________________

I certify that the information I have provided in this application is correct.

I attach certified photocopies of all my Educational/Professional Certificates for entry requirement and exemption
purposes with translations if necessary.

I confirm that I have downloaded, read and will comply with the AIA Code of Ethics.
I confirm that I have downloaded, read and will comply with the APB Code of Ethics (RQB Applicants only)

I acknowledge that as a registered Affiliate I will be subject to the AIA Code of Conduct, Professional Ethics and
disciplinary requirements and procedures (AIA Constitutional Documents).

     Edition 11/1                                           8                                AIA (c) 2011
I agree, as a registered Affiliate, to purchase the requisite AIA study if I enter the AIA exams.

Signature:                                                                             Date:

Affiliates are not entitled to any voting rights nor may they describe themselves or imply Associate or Fellow
membership of the AIA.

A Letter of Registration is issued when admission is approved and the prescribed registration fee received. If you are
eligible for exemptions you will be issued with an Exemption Application Form listing the exemptions available to
you. Exemption fees are payable.

Affiliates as well as members are subject to the Association’s Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics and its
disciplinary requirements and procedures. Liability to disciplinary action arises if there is a breach of the AIA
Articles, Bye-Laws or Regulations as they apply to affiliates or misconduct in the course of professional duties
/employment or otherwise, including any action which brings discredit to the affiliate, the Association or the
accountancy profession. The disciplinary procedures provide for misconduct to be dealt with directly by the Council.
Disciplinary action is taken through the appropriate Council committee at which the affiliate is entitled to be
present and represented. Affiliates found to be in breach of the Articles, Bye-Law or Regulations, or guilty of
misconduct, could have their affiliate status withdrawn, a period of their accountancy experience disregarded, be
prevented from sitting the examinations or be disqualified from one or more AIA examinations.

A copy of AIA Constitutional Documents incorporating the Memorandum of the Association, Articles and Bye-Laws
is available on the AIA website.

Please tick ( ) the box to confirm you agree with the above

Data Protection

The details provided on affiliate application forms are entered on the AIA database for administrative and regulatory
use in accordance with AIA registration under data protection legislation.

AIA does not sell mailing lists to third parties. However, it does carry out controlled mailings on behalf of third
parties where the product concerned is deemed to be of likely interest to accountants.

If you do not wish to receive these mailings please tick ( ) here

Guidelines for the submission of educational/professional certificates for entry requirement and exemption purposes
What should I send?

    •   Certified photocopies of all your Educational and Professional Certificates from School Leaving Certificates
    •   Please do not send in original certificates as AIA cannot give any assurance that these will be returned to
    •   If your certificates are not in English please send in certified translated copies plus certified copies of the

     Edition 11/1                                          9                                   AIA (c) 2011
What should I do if I no longer have the original certificate?

    •   You will need to provide a letter from the institution that awarded the qualification verifying the title of the
        qualification and the date it was awarded to you. The letter should be on headed business paper and
        marked with the official college/university or professional stamp.

How can I get my photocopies certified?

    •   You should approach your local AIA branch, your current manager or other senior work colleague or your
        college lecturer. This person must not be related to you.
    •   Please take along both the original certificate and the photocopy as the person concerned must have seen
        the original certificate.
    •   The person certifying the qualification must then write on the photocopy, in English and in BLOCK
    •   They must then print their name in BLOCK CAPITALS and sign the copy immediately next to their statement
        ‘I CONFIRM THAT THIS IS A TRUE COPY OF THE ORIGINAL’. Both the printed name and the signature must be
        in English.
    •   The photocopy must then be marked with the official company or college/university stamp.
    •   For translated copies follow the same process but the translated copy should be marked ‘ACCURATE

     Edition 11/1                                         10                                AIA (c) 2011

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