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					                      Edible Landscaping
              Do It Herself Workshop for Store 0266

       In the current economic crisis, more people are looking for ways to save money. With produce
        prices at a record high and food being the first to feel a cut it is the right time to present this
        economic and ecological friendly method of supplying fresh healthy food and maintaining
        balance with homeowner association restrictions for beautifying and keeping up an attractive
       In the current economic crisis and people always cut the food budget first, how can you
        maintain the new healthy lifestyle medical practitioners are demanding? The food we buy are
        the cheapest price that provide a full feeling. In other words, the worst food a human should
        consume. With knowledge a fantastic way to have fresh healthy food within the natural cycles
        of the season can supplement the budget strain.
       This workshop can provide basic information and continually serve home depot consumers with
        edible plants and fruiting trees, mulch, fertilizer. It will instill faith in the customers that they
        can do it and home depot can help them.
       Shoppers can purchase garden and landscape books and dvds. The purpose to have an initial
        purchase but keep the customer coming back that home depot supports them during feast or

I give it the name Trish’e Vista because it is my vision to help consumers like me in a difficult economic
time. It is also my vision to help people continue to live healthier lifestyles.

This Trish’e Vista Power point presentation is going to be given Tuesday October 7th to UCF
Environmental Engineer Students at UCF. These young people are working on a school project to
develop a truly green city.

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