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					Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs

The title of this article is a statement that should be taken to heart by anyone that has ever
dreamed of starting their own business, or had an idea for a new product. Small business is
touted as the source of the majority of employers in this nation, yet trying to start a new venture
is always filled with skepticism. And, the hardest part is getting the financing needed to get your
project started, like most of us, by the time we decide to settle down and start a business of our
own; we have already ruined our credit.

This means that banks are not interested in giving us loans, and if the product is not the next
major breakthrough in technology, venture capital sources are also scarce. So we have to rely on
our own means to fund our new business venture, but in this economy who has the seed capital
available to even start a lemonade stand?

That is where the title of this article comes into play; Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs. As
individuals our funds are not that great, but collectively we are the greatest source of financing.
The only problem is that there was never a place that would be a catalyst for all of these
entrepreneurs to collectively pool their funds, but this is no longer the problem.

A company called Realionaire.Net has figured a means to pool the funds of individual
entrepreneurs into a seed capital generation program, which has no limits to the amount of
funding the entrepreneur can receive. The program is called the "Seed Capital Generator," and
the purpose is to generate funding for its members by combining their resources for a period of
time, and minimum of investment.

Unlike loans or investment sources, because the funds are generated by its members, it never has
to be repaid. As a small business person, the thought of a loan payment lingering in the
background has an adverse affect on the way we run our business. Because, having to decide
whether to purchase a piece of equipment to run our business more efficiently, or make a loan
repayment can be a difficult decision.

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