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									    Your Pets Need Estate Planning Protections Too!
As you begin to handle your estate planning affairs, you will likely be
looking for ways to protect yourself and your family members. Remember
your pets when handling your planning affairs. Your furry friends also need
assistance and care. Estate planning makes it possible to stay in control and
make important decisions about the future, ahead of time. Take a look at the
following information, to learn more. If you have any questions, or if you’d
like to discuss how to include your pets in your estate planning, meet with an
estate planning attorney.

Many people forget about the need to include pet planning in their estate
plan. They may assume that they will outlive their pet or that a family
member will take over ownership after dying. If you don’t have the right
planning techniques in place, there is no guarantee that your pets will be
cared for after your death.

With an estate plan, you’re able to outline your wishes regarding the
continued care of your pets. This will allow you to set guidelines and gives
you confidence knowing that your pets will be taken care of properly. If you
choose to include your pets in your planning, you will be in full control over
the future of your pets.
Many people choose to include a pet trust in their plan. This allows you the
opportunity to be as detailed as you would like when specifying your wishes
and your pets’ needs. It also makes it possible to appoint a trusted helper to
manage the affairs on behalf of your pets.

An attorney can help you implement a pet trust so that it works and your
wishes are fully respected. If you’re ready to include your pets in your
estate planning documents, consult with a qualified estate planning attorney.

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