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					Written by Adam Wheatley of Funkstarr Entertainment.
macgregor: MJ = Mike Jones • CJ = Chris Jones
First of all, who are the members of Macgregor? MJ: We’re a sextet. That means there’s
six of us for anyone who doesn’t know their prefixes. We have me on the guitar and lead
vocals, Chris Frazer on the drums, Dave Ellis a.k.a. the eugenic on the alto sax, Mike
Gutierrez on the tenor sax, Chris Jones a.k.a. herbal t on the bass, and our brand new trumpet
player Russ Bly. CJ: Yeah, our former trumpet player Brian Hint is following his dream of
becoming a commercial airline pilot. He just didn’t have the time any more. We wish him
the best of luck, though.
What genre of music most influences the band? CJ: We’re influenced by a ton of
different genres. Our music is sort of hard to categorize because it combines elements of
various genres. Probably the genres that influence us the most are hip hop, jazz, funk, and
So then, who are your biggest influences musically? CJ: Well, we all listen to different
types of music. Each member of Macgregor brings a whole new set of influences to the
table. I listen to a lot of hip hop artists, such as The Roots, Common, and Talib Kweli.
Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of Latin American hip hop, like Makiza and Control
Machete. MJ: I pretty much listen to hip hop all the time. Stuff like Rakim and Jurassic 5. I
also love soul jazz type groups like Soulive and The Greyboy Allstars.
CJ: The rest of the band is more jazz influenced than me and my brother. Frazer and Mike G
listen to mostly jazz. Frazer loves Grant Green and Jimmy Smith. Mike G. likes Steve
Coleman and Michael Brecker.
Who is considered the front man? CJ: Wax (Mike Jones) is definitely the front man.
People flip out about the way he plays guitar and rhymes at the same time. Cause it’s not like
he’s just strumming chords, the guitar sh*t gets pretty intricate sometimes.
MJ: Yeah, that sh*t is pretty hot. CJ: Oh so you think you the man now, huh? MJ: whatever
What best describes your music? MJ: Well basically, me, herbal and our drummer Frazer
are the rhythm section. We set up the background which consists of funk influenced hip hop
beats. Once that layer is complete, the foreground is filled out with soulful horn melodies
and/or lyrics. Sometimes the vocals and horns interact with each other, sometimes they
don’t. CJ: Yeah, that about sums it up.
What was the worst gig you’ve ever played? What was the best? MJ: That one West
Virginia show comes to mind, but was it the best or the worst? CJ: A little bit of both.
What do you do when you’re not playing music? What hobbies do you enjoy? CJ: We
do all kinds of sh*t. Frazer’s all about bass fishing. If we’re not practicing he’s probably at
some lake. Eugenic is a professional duckpin bowler. He also likes to chill and play piano
and watch ESPN. Mike G. basically plays sax all the time. He sits in with other area
musicians on a regular basis. He also teaches sax and is a bad (expletive). MJ: We all like to
party and have a good time.
Do you currently have any CD’s released? How can we purchase them? CJ: We just
released a brand new CD in May 2002. The CD is called “Beat Camp Tactics” and is
available online. Just go to and hit up the link to purchase the CD.
Put a whole bunch on your credit card, it’s not real money anyway.

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