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									Kaspersky Antivirus Review

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Kaspersky Antivirus Review
   This is my first experience with a Kaspersky product; after hearing great things about them over the years
    I was happy to finally try one out.
    Bear in mind that this is the Anti-Virus Edition, not Internet Security. Key features include: Real Time
    Protection for web browsing, Anti-Phishing Identity Protection, Gamer Mode for a smoother gaming
    experience, Virtual Keyboard for protection against keyloggers and a Rescue CD/USB option that lets you
    scan your computer if it fails to reboot.
    Installation was a little choppy- it wouldn't run automatically or show the Install option so I had to go into
    the folder and manually start it. After updating the virus database the initial scan went ok: a 250 gb HD
    operating Windows 7 was checked in less than two hours- found 6 items, said it removed 5 but the report
    listed 6 quarantined.
    I have two accounts on my laptop- an Admin for running my system and a Guest for internet access.
    Unlike other AV programs Kaspersky didn't port over to my Guest account- there was no shortcut nor did
    the 'K' logo appear when browsing the net to indicate safe websites, which made me wonder if it was even
    running. I also couldn't tell if the Anti-Phishing feature was working; other programs have shown me alerts
    whenever protected information tries to leave your system, often asking me to authorize the exchange,
    but I never saw one here.
    Kaspersky enjoys a good reputation but while I liked most of the features it seemed to bloat my system,
    creating some slowdown. Overall it looks like a decent package for general surfing and daily use, but you
    should get a more robust program for online transactions.
   John Green "Darkwriter" (Brooklyn, NY USA)

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Kaspersky Antivirus Review
   I got the Kaspersky 2012 Anti-Virus for my wife's computer
    shortly before her other-brand virus software ran out.
    Unfortunately, the Kaspersky software wouldn't install until I
    uninstalled the other-brand software (and I don't know whether
    or not that is common among all anti-virus software). Not a big
    deal, though. The install went smoothly, as did the software
    update conducted through the Kaspersky anti-virus screen. I
    was able to perform a deep system scan, vulnerabilities check
    and virus screening relatively quickly (i.e. within, say, an hour).
    Smooth sailing (and surfing) since then. Good-quality product.
   Fry Boy (Orlando, FL USA)

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Kaspersky Antivirus Review
   Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 is a program I was at first skeptical about--I have
    purchased over 30, maybe 40 different AV products in 10 years and had very
    mixed results. Anyone who has panicked over the loss of mighty important files
    too large for flash drives will relate; rushing to Best Buy and being assured by
    this or that employee that fill in the blank product is *the one*, only to come
    home and find it mediocre.
    This program is a welcome break from that kind of thing. Posessing the latest
    KL technologies, rapid reactions to new and emerging threats, instant security
    checks for files and websites, it even comes with one feature I have yet to see
    on an AV product: a virtual keyboard. The bottom line here is that this is a solid,
    professional product, not the kind of "protection" that fits into one small box on
    your computer window and sits by idly. It provides hourly updates and continual
    protection. Superior stuff, recommended for non computer friendly users
   J from NY (New York)

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