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									AVG PC Tune Up Review

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AVG PC Tune Up Review
   I have AVG Internet Security already, and love it. It beats Norton by miles for protection.
    Decided to get the AVG PC Tuneup here, and installed it. Overall, the whole tune up and
    optimization process took about an hour to complete for the first use. I was amazed at the
    errors it found, and even more amazed at the increased speed that I gained after using this
    I switched to AVG about 4 years ago--because Norton was having alot of problems, and
    was not even updating itself like it should, so poor protection resulted from that. I have had
    no problems at all with AVG, and if your license is still good, they will allow you to update
    to the newest version for FREE--can't get any better than that.
    I would recommend AVG products to anyone. They are very user user friendly for someone
    just beginning to use a computer, as well as for those who have alot of experience with
    computers. Simple, easy to install and use, and keep updated, and very reasonably priced
    as well when compared to other Internet Security and Antivirus programs. Definitely give it
    a try, they offer a free version, that you can try to see if you like it. The free version gives
    pretty good protection, but the paid version offers more features that you really need. Great
    customer service as well.
   AVG PC Tune Up user - scoobiedawg

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AVG PC Tune Up Review
   That being said, this is one of the best PC maintenance programs I've ever used. You don't have to know
    what you're doing, just ask it to scan for errors, hit the button that tells it to fix them (or for you advanced
    users, select only the errors you'd like to fix). It will scan for all kinds of errors: disk errors, registry errors,
    missing software, shortcut problems. There is also a more detailed registry repair program on another tab of
    the software. It seems to catch more than the "general" fix-it component does. There is also another
    component that analyzes your internet connection and tweaks your connection settings to optimize your
    speed. The result of all this, for my PC, was a faster bootup time, faster internet access, and much faster
    browser page loading.
    Like all new laptop owners, the first thing I did after buying it a couple of months ago was to get rid of alot of
    the "junky" software that I knew I would never need. Unfortunately, even using the add/remove programs
    application of Windows 7, small pieces of these programs get left behind. The AVG program was able to
    clean out all of these residual pieces and restore my computer to out-of-the-box functionality.
    I have been using this program for about 6 weeks and have yet to experience any problems with software
    due to the cleanups I have run with AVG PC Tuneup. If you're interested in trying this program out but don't
    want to commit to the $$ just yet, the developer website has a fully-functional download that will clean up
    your computer one time, free of charge. After that they want $$. Fair warning, though, if you do this you will
    probably be chomping at the bit to pay for the software for unlimited use. It keeps your computer functioning
    like it was brand new. I'd recommend returning to Amazon get the paid version, however, I think it's a better
    deal if you want to install this on more than one computer.
   Trillian (Arizona)

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AVG PC Tune Up Review
   Finally found a computer clean up product that
    actually delivers what it promises. AVG PC Tune-Up
    is an excellent companion to my collection of desktop
    small business computers. Weekly scans find and
    remove unwanted junk and help maintain
    performance. I'm not a computer guru so this simple
    to learn and operate but very effective clean up
    program is now my favorite utility. Would not hesitate
    to purchase again.
   AVG PC Tune Up user - Grassman6

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