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http://www.freesoft32.netFood for People with High Cholesterol
Bad cholesterol nestles stubbornly in the body. This common fact causes
great amount of effort to afflicted ones. If only cholesterol can be
passed out or rinsed easily with water, then the fear accompanying its
effects will not be gruesome to prepare about. The sad thing about bad
cholesterol is its presence in the minute-diameter of the veins, where
the life-giving flow of blood must not be trafficked even for a second.
Don't take it wrong. The presence of good cholesterol is an important
ingredient in our vital processes. It is the bad cholesterol, which has
to be prevented from clogging the arteries. Usually it takes years of
careless consumption of high cholesterol foods to find out one day it is
too late to eliminate the disadvantage.
Cholesterol and weight gain go together, the main reason why obese or
simple overweight people are prone to having high cholesterol levels.
The main factors affecting the levels are some drugs, hereditary traits
and food diet. This is the reason why there are normally weighing
individuals who get surprised knowing their levels are high.
Usually there is less information about preventing cholesterol from
rising and the only time they learn is when they get assessed clinically.
It means one cannot simply trust personal diagnosis in claiming safety on
future dilemmas with cholesterol.
Keeping a healthy lifestyle is a must in preventing health troubles in
the first place. While this is commonly said everywhere, the most
practical precaution to be watched over is the food consumption. Avoid
In the meantime, there are food groups that are helpful in lowering
cholesterol levels. It means foods with antioxidants help prevent the
accumulation of bad cholesterol.
Here are some of these helpful foods to consider:
OATMEAL and other FIBERS - Oatmeal is a nutritious fiber with the
reputation for its capability to reduce cholesterol. This benefit became
an important issue based on expert's studies sometime in 1980's until
1989. This eventually lost popularity and became another issue again in
1997 after the Food and Drug Administration declared how it can prevent
heart disease if regularly taken with the practice of good diet low in
fat.   Other than oatmeal, fibers of the same kind such as bran, wheat,
brewer's yeast, breads, rice, beans, legumes and other cereals help boost
and improve the level of good cholesterol.
VEGETABLES AND FRUITS - vitamin rich and full of anti-oxidants, fruits
and vegetables rank highest in the food pyramid group. Human beings are
required to eat more of this than any other kinds of edible foods,
especially processed ones. These have cleansing properties and do not
contain a single fat, particularly citrus fruits rich in vitamin C.
Cucumber, rich in vitamin E, is one of the best anti-oxidants good for
fighting free-radical elements causing different kinds of disease and
discomforts in the body.
FISH - tuna and other fish with white meat are good choices for healthy
diet. Fish is low in saturated fat.
SELECTED LEAN MEATS - chicken and turkey without the skin, liver, extra
lean beef. Without the fat, these protein rich foods are important part
of low cholesterol diet.
YOGURT - very good in the regulating the acids in the stomach which is a
good way to balance the digestion of food. Yogurt is healthy in
regulating cholesterol levels because of this quality, while at the same
time it is low in fat.

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