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									AVG Internet Security Review

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AVG Internet Security Review
   I do a lot of banking online, and shopping, and sociaizing. I regularly download music,
    stream videos, and send/recieve emails with friends and companies. Ive been using a free
    version of McAfee Antivirus Plus 2011 but you get what you...in this case....dont pay for. It
    didnt protect me the way I needed to be protected.
    I needed software that scanned as I was surfing the web, anticipating the pages I was
    going to, finding the nasties before I clicked and was burned. I wanted a good identity
    protection, because after everything is said and done THAT is what I was most worried
    about doing my banking online. Its such a risk to put your information out there knowing
    that there are threats waiting to snatch your identity and they get more and more sneaky
    by the minute.
    AVG protects me from all of that PLUS goes the extra little bit , and shuts down if there is a
    threat. It also has free automatic updates and its easy to use.
    Like other users I am disappointed that if something did go wrong, to talk to a support
    person over the phone will cost you.
   Sushi Girl -Laura (Gainesville, Florida)

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AVG Internet Security Review
   The necessary evil when it comes to computers these days. With some many products on the market, which one do we choose. If
    you anything like me, you have multi pcs in your house and they all need protection. So AVG Internet Security, when it comes to
    this I think of couple of things. Will it really protect my systems, how much will it slow down my PC. I've always looked for a
    balance of both. These products will either bring your PC to a halt while its protecting you or will not slow your machine at all and
    provide minimum protection. So Let give AVG a try. Since we all know about these products I will get to the point and let you
    know exactly what you need to make your own decision and A/V products.
    Installation is a breeze, though it requires a system restart. During installation though you have the option to install their toolbar,
    which has some security benefits. From looking around at some independent antivirus labs, they gave it a pretty good score. It
    had good malware detection, the linkScanner blocks exploits (love this feature for my babies), malicious sites. Antiphishing
    component less accurate than IE alone so I wouldn't use this feature. I would let IE handle this. Free identity theft recovery
    service, includes tune-up utility which will only run once, you will have to pay extra for this feature (which stinks! you can perform
    a single tune-up for free or unlimited tune-ups by purchasing the $29.99 product. I had assumed that those who purchased the full
    suite would also get full access to the tune-up tool. I assumed wrong. Even if you've bought the suite full access to the tune-up
    tool requires a separate purchase. Do go ahead and run it to take advantage of that one-time performance tune-up, but make
    sure to do so when you can spare some time to try the other features during the 24-hour trial period.Accurate spam filtering.
    Small effect on system performance (which is HUGE for me).
    AVG's security suite offers three things the free antivirus doesn't: a so-so firewall, an accurate spam filter. The paid version is a
    bite more stable than than the free version. There's so much protection in the free product that it's hard to justify paying for the
    suite. AVG Internet Security 2011 is a good security suite, but on a practical level, I feel it really needs to be revamped and
    simplified. The antispam and firewall settings in particular include way too many settings that users simply should not touch. And
    the main window that tracks fourteen distinct security components could be streamlined to better inform the user.
    A huge portion of the suite's components are available in the free antivirus, and the value-add components don't impress. The
    firewall is so-so, the antispam is very good, but many users don't need antispam. Surprisingly, the tune-up feature requires yet
    another payout for full functionality. And for the market sub-group who want parental control in a suite, AVG is a no-go.
   K. Dubose (Middletown, DE)

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AVG Internet Security Review
   I have used AVG products for many years and been extremely satisfied with them.
    Installation was a breeze and the product is minimally intrusive.
    Scans do not seem to suck up much in the way or resources (one failing of some products
    out there)
    The real test is how well does it work. Ive never had anything get past undetected that I
    am aware of. I am a professional in the computer business with 30 years of experience and
    know that no system is perfect. So I back up my protection by scanning the drive remotely
    with other anti-virus software along with prudent security practices. (I use a different
    programs on each of my home systems in case on fails to protect. Something trying to
    spread will likely trigger alarms from one of the other guardian programs.
    If you do not have current anti-virus and security software, get *something* on your
    system right away. Outdated is almost the same as "none" and you may well already be
    I recommend AVG whole-heartedly and without reservation.
   J. Penrose "Elvanion" (Kelfour's Landing)

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