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					Case 1:07-cv-00026-OWW-DLB

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Filed 05/10/2009

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PLAINTIFF’S PROPOSED NEUTRAL JOINT STATEMENT OF CASE In October 2000, Defendant County of Kern hired Plaintiff Dr. David Jadwin, a pathologist, to be the Chairman of the Department of Pathology at Kern Medical Center. The County employed him for seven years until October 2007. Dr. Jadwin claims he suffered from severe depression for nine months from December 2005 to September 2006. Beginning December 2005, Dr. Jadwin went on a part-time medical leave of absence for his claimed severe depression, working part-time at the hospital and doing some work from home. Dr. Jadwin claims the County interfered with his medical leave by ordering him onto full-time leave in April 2006. He claims he would have been able continue doing his job while recovering from his claimed depression if the County had allowed him to continue the part-time work schedule and work-from-home arrangement. The County denies that it failed to accommodate Dr. Jadwin and believes it did everything it should have done. The County also denies it interfered with Dr. Jadwin’s medical leave and claims it approved every leave request Dr. Jadwin made. The County demoted Dr. Jadwin from chair of the Department of Pathology in July 2006, placed him on paid administrative leave in December 2006, and did not renew his employment agreement which expired in October 2007. Dr. Jadwin claims the County did these things, as well as forcing him onto full-time leave in April 2006, in discrimination against his mental disability and in retaliation for his medical leaves. The County claims it did these things because Dr. Jadwin was not present at the hospital and refused to return to work full-time. During Dr. Jadwin’s employment, disputes arose between him and members of the medical staff at Kern Medical Center. Dr. Jadwin claims those disputes arose because of the patient care problems at the hospital that he was complaining of. The County claims Dr. Jadwin caused them himself by his behavior towards other members of the hospital staff.

Description: David F. Jadwin v. Kern County: 1:07-cv-26 in the United Stated District Court for the Eastern District of California, Fresno Division before Judge Oliver W. Wanger. This was a 2009 federal employment lawsuit that went to a bench and jury trial resulting in a unanimous verdict and significant judgment for the plaintiff employee. Issues involved violations of medical leave and disability discrimination laws, as well as 42 U.S.C. 1983 procedural due process violation. Plaintiff was represented by Eugene Lee, a Los Angeles, California employment lawyer.