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Building secure citizen services


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                                                                       Building secure citizen services

VIP Speakers Include:

  Dr. Nor Aliah Zahri         Dr Ramazan Altinok       Dr Mohammed Al Amer           Abdullah Mohammed Alkendi

 Malaysian Govt CIO &          Head of e-Government             President               ICT Operations Director
 Dty Director General             Advisory Board       Bahrain Central Informatics    emirates Identity Authority
 MAMPu, MAlAySIA              Prime Ministry, TuRkey     Organisation, BAhRAIN                   uAe

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                                                                                                                        23 February 2010
                                                                                                                    Sheraton Imperial Hotel
                                                                                                                    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
FutureGov Forum Malaysia
Better public services through better information management.                                                 23 February 2010

Building secure citizen services
FutureGov Forum Malaysia is our 7th annual regional government
conference and brings together an unrivalled international speaker line-up
comprising of government thought leaders, experienced practitioners and
industry experts, to deliver a balanced mix of real-life best practice case
studies, expert presentations and interactive panel discussions. explore
both the technical and strategic outcomes of adopting efficient information                   FutureGov 2009
management strategies.                                                                      Malaysian attendees
FutureGov Forum Malaysia will focus on some of the biggest questions in
                                                                                               Department of Statistics -
public sector it. does your agency have the answers?                                              Economic Program
                                                                                             Government of Sabah (JPKN)
u   How can I manage information overload?
                                                                                            Inland Revenue Board Malaysia-
u   What are the best ways to improve service delivery to citizens?                           Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri
u   Is my data secure?
                                                                                               International Multilateral
u   How can I use social media to better engage with citizens?                             Partnership Against Cyber Threats
                                                                                           Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad
    Key topics Covered InClude:
                                                                                             Malaysia Prisons Department

    u	information security – stop data leakage – make mobile technologies safe –             Malaysian Administrative
      build your defences against cyber attack!                                            Modernisation and Management
                                                                                              Planning Unit (MAMPU)
    u	citizen service delivery – improve the quality of citizen services – increase
      citizen satisfaction – adopt a ‘no wrong door’ approach to citizen feedback          Matrade, Malaysia External Trade
                                                                                                 Development Corp
    u	Knowledge Management – improve data collection and sharing – better
      reporting allows you to see what is really going on within your organisation!               Ministry of Finance
                                                                                                  (Treasury Malaysia)
    u	information explosion – use new technology tools to help Malaysia’s civil
      service be ‘world class’                                                               Ministry of Higher Education
                                                                                               Ministry of Information,
                                                                                             Communication and Culture
    Who Will attend:
                                                                                           Ministry of Science, Technology &
    Researched and designed for:                                                                  Innovation (MOSTI)
                                                   u	director information systems
    u	chief information Officers                   u	chief Financial Officers                 National Institute of Public
                                                   u	infocomm specialists
                                                                                               Administration (INTAN)
    u	it directors

    u	chief technology Officers                    u	enterprise Architects                    Petroliam Nasional Berhad
    u	it Heads                                     u	secretaries of it
                                                                                             Prime Minister’s Department
    u	it executives                                u	senior it Analysts

    u	chief executives                             u	commissioners of it                        Sabah State Computer
                                                                                                 Services Department
                                                                                              State Government Kelantan
    AbouT the venue:
                                                                                           State Government of Terengganu
                              The Sheraton Imperial kuala lumpur Hotel welcomes you                Universiti Malaya
                              with warm Malaysian hospitality, combining authentic Asian
                                                                                               University Malaysia Perlis
                              architectural details and influences with modern comforts.
                              The hotel is conveniently located within the business and
                                                                                                   and many more!
                              commercial district.

                              Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, 50250 Malaysia
                                                                                                                                       FutureGov Forum Malaysia
23 February 2010                                                                               Better public services through better information management.

 ConFIrMed SpeAkerS InClude

   Dr. Nor Aliah Zahri           Dr Ramazan Altinok                   Hsang-Chen Lee           Datuk Arpah Abd. Razak             Lt Col. Husin Jazri (Rtd)    Dr Mohammed Al Amer
Malaysian Government CIO        Head of e-Government             Director of Computer Centre       Director General                Chief Executive Officer             President,
& Deputy Director General           Advisory Board                  National Police Agency       Department of local               CyberSecurity Malaysia      Bahrain Central Informatics
   MAMPu, MAlAySIA              Prime Ministry, TuRkey                     TAIwAN               Government, MAlAySIA                     MAlAySIA                Organisation, BAhRAIN

     Dr. Sapiah Sakri         Abdullah Mohammed Alkendi           Datuk Mohd Noor Amin               Mike Mudd                     Dr. Azizah Abd Manan            Rosni Abdul Malek
  Deputy Director of the        ICT Operations Director                  Chairman                    Senior Partner                 Deputy Director (ICT)               IT Director
 ICT Compliance Division          eMIRATeS IDeNTITy                       IMPACT                Asia Policy Partners llC                  INTAN                   ICu, Prime Minister’s
   MAMPu, MAlAySIA                  AuThORITy uAe                        MAlAySIA                    hONG kONG                          MAlAySIA                 Department, MAlAySIA

  WorKshop A                                                                   Wednesday 24 February 2010                                          9.00am-12.00pm

                  A lot of terms and acronymns are used when dealing with virtualization and cloud computing. exactly what do
                  those mean? This workship will help to clear the air and help bring sanity to the terms. So, if you have been vary
                  of all the hype-terms and not sure of what it all means, attend this workshop and learn.

  asia’s longest running e-government event comes to Malaysia!

                                  edgeab                               “One of the best
                    ere knowl pective                                  conferences I’ve attended.”
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  “Th  e spea nced in the
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   and ex                                                              INTAN, Malaysia, FutureGov
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                                                                                                                           Malaysia, Futu                d,
                                                                                                                                           reGov Conferen
                                                           practices a                                                     Past Participan
                                                            various spe
                                                                    ngineerin           Gov
                                                           Head of e t of Sabah, Future
                                                           Govern men                t
                                                                      Past Participan
                                                                                   Tuesday, 23 February 2010

8.15am                                                    10.30am
registration & Morning refreshments                       OPeN SOuRCe SeCuRITy IN GOVeRNMeNT
                                                          enterprise-level features, flexibility and cost have
9.00am                                                    always been key factors for organizations that choose
Chairman’s opening remarks                                open source over proprietary technology. For CIos
                                                          in the government sector these benefits have to
9.05am                                                    complement a core software characteristic: IT security.
welCOMe ADDReSS                                           IT security spans across areas like data security, privacy
                                                          and information governance. This presentation will
Dr. Nor Aliah Zahri
                                                          cover the some of the techniques that have evolved in
Malaysian Government CIo
                                                          the open source community to address security issues
& deputy director General, MAMpu
                                                          and go through some of the thoughts behind Security
                                                          enhanced linux (Selinux) and the related benefits as
9.35am                                                    we move into a cloud-oriented deployment.
OPeNING INTeRNATIONAl keyNOTe                             harish Pillay
Transforming Government Operation Through                 open Source evangelist
Internal & external Information Management –              red HAT ASIA pACIFIC
The Turkish eGovernment experience
Hear key insights from Turkey’s Head of eGovernment.      10.50am
•	 Learn	how	the	Turkish	government	uses	internet	        Morning Coffee break & networking
   technologies for the delivery of government
   information, services and processes                    11.15am
•	 Discover	the	best	ways	to	provide	user-centred	
                                                          BuIlDING CeNTRAlISeD DATABASeS
   information and services and to achieve
   joint outcomes                                         learn from the experiences of the ekASIH project for
•	 Identify	key	commonalities	and	differences             centralised and accessible government data centres.
Dr. Ramazan Altinok                                       •	 Investigating data collection approaches
Head of eGovernment Advisory board                        •	 Exploring	the	system	architecture	required	for	
prime Ministry, Turkey                                       accessibility by multiple agencies
                                                          •	 Analysing	the	benefits	of	interoperability	

9.55am                                                    Rosni Abdul Malek
                                                          IT director, Implementation Coordination unit
                                                          prime Minister’s department
10.05am                                                   eNTeRPRISe INFORMATION MANAGeMeNT:
GOVeRNMeNT IN The ClOuD?                                  ITS NexT CRITICAl FRONTIeR
Cloud computing promises to reduce cost, improve          Swa win kyaw
the user experience and change the way government         regional business Manager
delivers services to citizens, businesses and fellow      – ASeAn, SyMAnTeC
civil servants.
•	 How	can	you	harness	the	value	of	cloud	                CITIZEN SERVICE DELIVERY
•	 Does	it	matter	where	your	application	data	resides?	
•	 Should	there	be	a	pan-government	computing	            12.00pm
   cloud – and if so, how would it work?                  INTeRNATIONAl keyNOTe
                                                          Customer-Centric Government Services
Mike Mudd
Senior partner, Asia policy partners llC                  learn from the experiences of the emirates
HonG konG                                                 Identity Authority – how can national Id
                                                          programmes support government services
                                                          by making them more customer centric?

                                                          Abdullah Mohammed Alkendi
                                                          ICT operations director
                                                          emirates Identity Authority uAe

                                                          CITIZEN SERVICE DELIVERY
                                                                                Tuesday, 23 February 2010

12.25pm                                                 3.00pm
Gilles Gravier                                          Stop data leakage - build your defences against
Government Industry Solutions Architect                 cyber attack
                                                        Quoc Tran
                                                        business Manager – Asia South, SyMAnTeC
networking luncheon
welCOMe PReSeNTATION                                    Afternoon Coffee break & networking

eugene Teh
Sales Manager, Malaysia, SopHoS
                                                        CyBeR CRIMe
                                                        International criminal gangs want access to
1.45pm                                                  government data for the purposes of identity theft,
New TeChNOlOGIeS, QuAlITy SeRVICeS?                     fraud, commercial malfeasance and espionage.
                                                        Chances are that criminals are targeting your
exploring the challenges and opportunities in using
                                                        government agency; what can you do about it?
new technologies to connect with local communities
and deliver quality services to citizens at a local     Datuk Mohammed Noor Amin
government level.                                       Chairman, IMpACT
Datuk Arpah Abd. Razak
director General                                        4.10pm
department of local Government (JkT)                    ReThINkING TOTAl DATA PROTeCTION IN The
                                                        PuBlIC SeCTOR.
2.10pm                                                  Given the changing nature of enterprise information,
eNhANCING GOVeRNMeNT SeRVICe DelIVeRy,                  this presentation would cover key challenges faced
ReMAINING COMPeTITIVe                                   by companies in managing information security. The
                                                        perspective shift that enterprises could adopt in its
promoting shared services and developing human
                                                        approach towards data protection and corresponding
capital with (public Sector e-learning) epSA.
                                                        strategies would also be shared in this session.
• enhancing the knowledge and skills of public sector
                                                        Anthony ung
   personnel through e-learning
                                                        Country Manager South east Asia region
•	 Increasing	training	time	whilst	reducing	cost	and	
   employee downtime
•	 Addressing	the	challenges	of	implementing	
   e-learning across agencies                           4.30pm
Dr. Azizah Abd Manan                                    INFORMATION GOVeRNANCe – SeCuRING yOuR DATA
deputy director (ICT)                                   Consolidation of citizen data drives public sector
InTAn                                                   productivity – highlighting the need to maintain
                                                        citizen support for this consolidation through privacy
                                                        and governance guarantees.
                                                        Maslina binti Daud
2.35pm                                                  Specialist, Security Management & best practices dept
eNDPOINT SeCuRITy                                       CyberSeCurITy MAlAySIA (agency under MoSTI)
Government is going mobile; teams are becoming
virtual; so what’s happening to the security of
government data?                                        4.55pm
                                                        GOVeRNMeNT & weB 2.0
•	 How	new	working	habits	impact	information	security
                                                        How can governments take the best of the social
•	 Providing	access	and	maintaining	control	of	
                                                        internet to improve access and data capture – whilst
   mobile users
                                                        at the same time maintaining secure, transparent and
•	 Enterprise	networks:	from	part	of	the	problem,	
                                                        responsible decision-making processes?
   to being part of the solution?
                                                        Dr. Sapiah Sakri
hsang-Chen lee
                                                        deputy director of the ICT Compliance division
director of Computer Centre
national police Agency, TAIwAn

                                                        Chairman’s Closing remarks
                                                        & Close of Conference
                                                                                                                                                     One-Day Conference  23 February 2010
                                                                                                                                              Venue  Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel

 conFerence Fees

 this is a closed door event for government end-users                                                                    earlybird (before 16 Dec 2009)                          standard Fee
 1 Day Conference - only                                                                                                         US$ 400 only*                                  US$ 500 only*

                                                                                                                                                       * The rates for delegates from Singapore are subject to GST.

                                                                                                            online reGistration and credit card payMent
Solutions Providers: Sponsorship opportunities are strictly limited.
To find out how you can be involved in the FutureGov Forum 2010, please                                     Please visit our online registration and payment facility:
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 For more than 2 delegates, please photocopy registration form as required and
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  payMent Method                                                                                            e-invoicinG details For sG deleGates

  I authorise payment for                                                                                   Contact Name:                        ___________________________________________

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