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									Proposed letter of agreement between CDS Consultants and WME Yachts LTD. Internet presence: WME Yachts Ltd would like to have unlimited ability to use the Internet and the most effective Multiple-Listing Services for the marketing of CDS CONSULTANTS products, as agreed. Other Marketing: WME Yachts Ltd. would like to have unlimited ability to use other marketing media to promote CDS CONSULTANTS products including but not limited to: shop-front office window displays, International Boat Shows, internal broker networking with WME Yachts Ltd. brokers and co-brokering with other reputable international brokerages, regional advertising in local press etc… Commission: Commissions will be based on the cash portion of any sale. When WME Yachts Ltd. presents a client to CDS CONSULTANTS, WME Yachts Ltd. will register clients with CDS CONSULTANTS as we qualify them. If they are a new client to CDS CONSULTANTS then CDS CONSULTANTS will pay 10% commission of the sale price. Alternatively: WME work on a Net basis whereby CDS CONSULTANTS agree required revenue per unit and WME Yachts Ltd. receive a fee equivalent to the difference between this and the sale price achieved. Trade-Ins: CDS CONSULTANTS will broker its own trade-ins, and will use WME Yachts Ltd. to co-broker and market the trade-ins. Available Product Line: WME Yachts Ltd. will agree with CDS CONSULTANTS those products in its range that it will market on a global basis. This agreement is mainly to provide WME Yachts Ltd. and its agents the position as Factory Direct Representatives of CDS CONSULTANTS. The aforementioned portion of the agreement is to give guidance to both parties as they progress forward in the process. WME Yachts Ltd. understands that there is not exclusivity to either party. Thank you for your attention to this possible business relationship.

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