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									Aarkstore.com announces, a new market research report is available in its vast collection:

 The Global Rare Earth Elements Market 2011-2015: Is
                 the Hype Justified?

Recent findings suggesting a global supply shortage of rare earth elements has created a panic among
end users and a gold rush among miners. One of the world’s leading research and advisory firms,
finds that with a number of new mines starting production in the next five years, the total supply of
rare earth elements will be significantly more than the total demand. Although, a number of rare earth
elements would be oversupplied, we may face a shortage of some elements that are critical for the
long term growth of the clean technology industry.

“The Global Rare Earth Elements Market 2011-2015: Is the Hype Justified?” provides an analytical and
statistical insight into the global rare earth elements market. The study that has been undertaken
using both desk-based as well as qualitative primary research has analyzed five aspects of the rare
earth elements market.

Table of Contents :

1. Research Methodology & Market Definitions
2. Executive Summary
3. What are Rare Earth Elements?
4. Rare Earth Elements: Are They Really Rare?
4.1 Reserve & Reserve Base Estimates
4.2 How Long Will They Last?
5. Rare Earth Elements: Mining Economics
5.1 Mine Valuation: Grades & Composition are Key
5.2 Development of a New Project: Can Take Several Years
5.3 Rare Earth Mining Costs: Largely Location and Grade Dependent
5.3.1 Infrastructure & Capital Costs
5.3.2 Operating Costs
5.4 Mining & Processing
5.4.1 Mining
5.4.2 Downstream Processing9623922048
5.5 Prices: Have Risen Several Fold in Recent Years
5.5.1 Factors Affecting Rare Earth Element Prices
5.5.2 Historical Prices
5.5.3 Pricing Forecast

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