Love by medicalcare79


									Have been along with you inside my mined, And in my dreams I have kissed your lips a thousand times, I some times see u passing throw the door, Hello, Is that is me you are looking for? I could see it in your eyes, I could see it in your smile, You are all that I had ever wanted And my all can walk wild, Cos You know what I want to say, You know what I want to do, I want to tell you so much, I love u I want to see the moon light in your hair, And tell u time and time again, Haw much I care, Some times I feel my heart wheal on the floor, I just got to let u know, Cos I wonder where u are, And I wonder what u do, Are u some where feeling lonely, Or some one is loving u, Tell me haw I win your heart, For I haven't got the clue, So let me start by saying, I love u

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