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					I'm very badly sorry from what's happened, But every thing gona be alright You should know that I'm working in many fields and I don't take money from them all that I will take from them is the apartment and I participated in it's preparation from my deposit. I don't work in a fixed company but I make my own business like all the tour guides as there is no tour guides can be employed in a tourist company because our insurance is in the tourism ministry and no body can have two insurances in the same time and no one can be employed in a company without the insurance "you may have this system in your country also" because there is governmental monitoring for the insurance. Also the tour guides have a syndicate and take pension after retirement or death, tour guides work by the day as any of the tourist agencies call me any time if they need a guide for a tour a day before and book me, also I make deals with the hotels' concierges, also we bring our work from the internet we send offer's to any foreign association or companies and arrange a full program's from check in to check out, also after we get married we can open a market in Russia If you want to work with me. Besides that If the tourism stopped for any war or accident I work in the computer field. Computer, maintenance, web designer, or teacher. Understand that my mother loves me and every thing good for me and she is afraid of contacting you for any of these reasons: 1 She doesn’t know what your well is, they think that you are using me and wasting my time and money, as they think that you just go out with me just to go to sightseeing's for free. 2 They think that If you are welling to marry me you must be looking only for money, may be she is making a test as if she told you that I don't have money you will escape. 3 Maybe I was the reason because she have found me hesitated when I talked about you, I was really hesitated from the first time I got out with you, Because you were hesitated to make with me the peace deal "Islam" I know from deep inside that you will make that deal after you trust me and listen to me but I didn’t tell her every thing the Idea that reached her Is that you have a great affect because I told her haw much is your magic and I will never find a girl with your beauty delicacy fairness smartness or .. , That made here got afraid of you as you may make Enforce me to forgo my principals "Islam is the way" actually I tried to lie at them and tell them that you know that It's intuitive that you should study Islam if possible according to your

faith "Christianity" , But unfortunately I'm like children can't lie. 4 The meaning of rejecting Islam as a deal means the following for them : A You will never feel home here in Egypt that means that it's very much expected that you may think to go back home after I had children from you. B There is no proof that you are a Christian because you didn't read the bible and didn't know the part that say's that there is messengers after the Christ and the Christians can know if they are right or not from the nation if it's good or bad "I can give you the exact place of this part of the bible in the bible if you asked me because I have no time to read the bible again for that reason", that means that if you are Christian and think that the message of Mohammed is fake that means that you consider us bad nation "logic" C If you are Christian but you consider us a bad nation and that's why you don't want to believe in Mohammed's message you cant trust me, D If you don't care about what the Bible said that means that you are a non believer and non believers have no god to fear from and they may make bad things and convince them selves that they are doing the write thing as they have no reference, they can be thieves, killers, gay's also in the day life they may do several mistakes and think that it's write these mistakes may seems in the beginning have no harm but it leads to pain afterward, the genius god give us the perfect solutions, and that means if we had children I can't be sure that they are mine specially my work need's traveling and I may leave you home alone, as we should expect that we may have some disagreement in the future and you may decide to punish me by inviting men to my house while I'm abroad. About your addiction to the wine you can quit it gradually It burns your nervous system and exhaust it it's like cigarettes and Caffeine and drugs it increase the activity of the nervous system and feel the pleasure for limited time the problem comes when your body out of this substance the nervous system don't come back to it's natural level of activity it became lower for the following reasons: 1-The god created every thing with a balance as the Koran said that means if there is any external and unnatural effect that change the original balance that the god made spoils many other balances in the body, and the body will no more became perfect our example is alcohol 1-The body is smart "as it's the god's creation" It condition itself with any external effect to survive 2- Follow these sequences to understand the problem: A- You had dinked or injected one of the external and unnatural energizer which affect the nervous system (alcohol caffeine nicotine or any other drugs NOTE that alcohol is one of the drugs as it's not vitamin, protein, carbohydrates or fats it's not

food) and binged the nervous system to an un accepted level of activity B- so the body tries to defend this external effectors by decreasing the standard level of activity so that when you try to do that the next time It will not reach the same prior level of activity that you had reached before that's means that you will not feel the same feelings that you have felt before A- so you will try to increase the dose to reach the prior feeling , the smart body will decrease the standard level of activity again in order to band this very high level of activity that the body itself "or the god actually" see that it's unaccepted level Then B- then A- again A then B A B by the time the result is: when you are without these energizes the body will enforce the nervous system to be low in it's standard level of activity in order to be ready for any sudden dosage you may drink or inject, that means you will have an unnatural lazy and week nervous system all the time and you will never feel life like you were feeling it in your childhood (that if were not an alcoholic in your childhood) that means you will have a lazy feelings(you will never feel love like any natural girl who didn't change her physical balances like you did) lazy reaction lazy thinking also there is many other effects on the complicated human brain may change the way of thinking (and the heart became stone) only the god knows all of the disadvantages of drugging (do you know that the god said that any substance that affect the brain is forbidden that means all the drugs and alcohol is one of the drugs) The best way to energize yourself is by the natural energizers like sport complete food (fasting some days Honey dates milk mushroom as the messenger advised us) that will increase your standard activity level of the nervous system and makes you feel happy without any harmful unnatural drugs for a longer time. About Esharp read this poem , desserppo em llac dna em ta kool uoY ~~ ,desserd m' I yaw eht fo esuaceb ylpmiS ~~ ,edisni s' tahw rof ton em wonk uoY ~~ , edirp htiw raew I gnihtolc eht egduj uoY ~~ , dloh ot seye ruoy rof ton s'ydob yM ~~ , dlom eninimef ym ton , dnim ym ot kaeps tsum uoY

~~ , evals snam on m'I , laudividni na m'I ~~ , evarc ylno I taht erusaelp shallA s'tI ~~ ,draeh eb l liw I os eciov a evah I ~~ , drow siH yrrac I traeh ym ni roF ~~ , kaolc ruoy esolc parw , nemow ey O " ~~ ," klof tnarongi yb derehtob eb t' now uoy oS ~~ , yaw siht sserd ot em llet t' nseod naM ~~ , yebo I taht doG morf waL a s'tI ~~ ,TON ylurt m' I gnihtemos si desserppO ~~ ,tog ev' I tahw si noitarebil roF ~~ , oga sraey ynam em ot nevig saw tI ~~ , worg ot thgir eht , repsorp ot thgir eht htiW ~~ , saes eht ssorc ro sniatuom bmilc nac I ~~ , seerged lla ni dnim ym dnapxE ~~ ,YT-RE -BIL su evag flesmiH doG roF ~~ , malsI tnes eH nehW ~~ ! eM dna uoY oT

There is a simple way to solve all problems and it's in your hand Just say that there is no god but one god and Mohammed is a messenger for this god.

Read this litter several times please

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