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OCT – NOV 2008.

                                                                 One of the 24 obstacles in the Tough Guy race the Berlin
                                                                 Wall, you climb up 40 ft and then I guess down the other

                                                                 The Committee
                                                                 Chairman         Jack            01924
                                                                                  Bretherick      496243
                                                                 Secretary        Bernard         01924
                                                                                  Disken          529981
                                                                 Treasurer        Michael         01924
                                                                                  Wood            450296
Keith Long (in yellow) at the steeplechase in the Tough          Website          Andrew          07786
Guy race, lying in 75th position here but finishes 13th of the                    Cottier         925426
2433 other finishers and he was 1st over 45.                     Social           Leanne          07888
                                                                 Secretary        Entwistle       845877
                                                                 Club Clothing    Jack
                                                                 Men’s            David Binns     01924
                                                                 Captain                          430726
                                                                 Women’s          Maxine          07981
                                                                 Captain          Worden          268899
                                                                 WYCCWL           Heather
                                                                 Veterans         Andrew          01924
                                                                                  Meskimmon       480470
                                                                 Committee        Chris           07716
                                                                                  Maguire         166194
                                                                 Newsletter       Michael
                                                                 Handicapping.    Michael
Still in the Tough Guy, runners!!! Creeping                      Rankings &       Wood
                                                                 Grand Prix
through the mud with layers of barbed wire                       Beginners        Jack
just above their head.                                                            Bretherick
Don’t put your best kit on here.                                 Reccruitment     Jack
We are hoping to put a strong women’s team                                        Bretherick
                                                                 PR               Michael
in next year, Treena, Monique, Maxine and Flo                                     Wood
get some training in.                                            Race/Team        David Binns
                                                                 Entries Co-
Anne Robinson: The medieval map of the                           ordinator
world housed in Hereford Cathedral is known                      Entry            Jack
                                                                 Forms?notice     Bretherick
as the Mappa what?                                               Board
Contestant: The world.                                           Training         Michael
                                                                 Routes           Wood
Christmas Party
                                                    Saddleworth 6 mile race - 13th August 2008

                                                    Road Race

                                                        16th                  35:25
                                                      154th                   47:39
                                                      232nd                   57:02
                                                      235th Sue Sykes         58:37

                                                    241 finished the race.

This year it is quite possible we will              Frank Hodson Saddleworth 6 - 13th August 2008
get an appearance from Bernard
Disken at the Christmas Party at Lower              Road Race - Ranked
Hopton WMC on Friday 12th                                    Andy
December; so get your tickets from                      16th                  35:25      6th M40
Jack as soon as possible.                                    Heather                     1st F55 +4 Ranking
                                                      154th                   47:39
                                                            Mitchell                    Points
                                                             Rachel                         +25 Ranking
                                                      232nd                   57:02
Andy Cottier finished 4th in the Idle Trail Race,           Spilsbury                   Points
while Kevin Oates was 1st in the Reindeer             235th Susan Sykes       58:37
                                                    241 finished the race.

Reindeer Romp - 31st July 2008
                                                    Race the Train - 16th August 2008

Trail - Ranked                                      Cross Country

  1st Kevin Oates         17:48                                 Andy
                                                        16th                 1:32:51     5th M40
  8th James Morris        18:37                                Meskimmon

                                                    822 finished the race.
78 finished the race.

                                                    Trunce at Oxspring - 18th August 2008
Idle Trail Race - 3rd August 2008
                                                    Cross Country - Ranked
                                                        13th                  28:37
  4th Andrew Cottier      39:22                             Meskimmon
                                                        22nd Gary Johnson     30:43
                                                        23rd Peter Hill       30:48         +9 Ranking Points
305 finished the race.

                                                    Cinnamon Lodge Chase 6 - 20th August 2008
Trunce at Oxspring - 4th August 2008
                                                    Road Race
Cross Country - Ranked
                                                         8th James Morris     40:11
       Andy                           +2 Ranking
 10th                     27:33                     89 finished the race.
      Meskimmon                   Points
                                      +11 Ranking
 18th John Calvert        28:40
         Elizabeth Smith-
125th                     40:36
                                                    Dewsbury Road Runners Cross Country Race - 21st
                                                    August 2008
143 finished the race.
                                                    Cross Country - Ranked

     1st  Kevin Oates       24:37    +6 Ranking Points
     2nd  James Morris      26:50
     3rd  Steve Schofield   28:02
     4th  David Smith       29:06    +4 Ranking Points
          Paul Ward         31:58
     6th Richard Aiston     33:17
     7th                    35:25    +4 Ranking Points
     8th Colin Watson       35:29
     9th Colin Priestley    35:55
    10th Tracey Rhodes      37:14
    11th Janet Murnin       39:31
    12th Jon Oldroyd        40:43
    13th Susan Sykes        43:16    +1 Ranking Points
    14th Susan Hope         43:17
    15th                    44:44
    16th Kim Schofield      48:09                        Under arrest
    17th Bev Parker         48:43                        Special Constable Glenn Sykes (left) arrested Kevin Hill at
                                                         Scarcroft Hill and dragged him 9.6 miles round Leg 6 in
18 finished the race.                                    84 minutes of driving rain.

Burnsall 10 Mile Road Race - 23rd August 2008

10 Mile Road Race

     8th              1:00:53
    68 Flora Skidmore 1:15:45

120 finished the race.

  Dewsbury Club Cross
                                                         Would you trust these men?
  Country Race                                           Richard Aiston and Bernard Disken at the start of
  This was held on the fields adjacent to Chickenley     Leg 5 on the Leeds Country Way relay
  over a completely off road course of 3.9 miles.         Can someone teach Bernard how to put his number
  Kevin Oates won the race easily leaving Jimmy          on?
  Morris over two minutes back in second place,
  Heather Mitchell was first female finisher and
  David Smith was first in the handicap.

  Club 5-mile race will take
  place on Thursday 23rd

                                                         He finally makes his escape.
                                                         Kevin makes his breakaway leaving Special
                                                         Constable Sykes in the distance.

                                                         Norland Moor Fell Race - 24th August 2008

                                                         Fell Race
  35th Keith Long             54:37                    14th Richard Aiston      1:21:16
                                                       14th Bernard Disken      1:21:16

121 finished the race.                               Some hard climbs

Leeds Country Way, Garforth Sports Centre to Grove   Leeds Country Way, Thorner Lane, Scarcroft to
Road, Stanley - 31st August 2008                     Garforth Sports Centre - 31st August 2008

Relay                                                Relay

   6th   John Calvert        1:20:43                    7th   David Smith       1:08:35
   6th   Treena Johnson      1:20:43                    7th   Keith Long        1:08:35
  18th   Matthew Baldwin     1:35:19                   19th   Glenn Sykes       1:24:40
  18th   David Greenwood     1:35:19                   19th   Kevin Hill        1:24:40

Fairly fast                                          Faster leg

Leeds Country Way, Grove Road, Stanley to            Sandal Castle 10k - 31st August 2008
Scotchman Lane, Morley - 31st August 2008
                                                     10k Road Race - Ranked
                                                       17th James Morris          39:20
   1st   Andrew Guiseley     1:14:58                     rd                                     +8 Ranking
                                                      143     Colin Watson        48:46
   1st   Paul Ward           1:14:58                                                        Points
  30th   Leanne Entwistle    1:54:46                                                            +4 Ranking
                                                      280th Janet Murnin          54:58
  30th   Jean Entwistle      1:54:46                                                        Points
                                                                                                +4 Ranking
                                                      325th Sue Lee               57:11
More climbing than 1st leg                                                                  Points
                                                                                                +12 Ranking
                                                      419th Susan Sykes         1:01:38
Leeds Country Way, Scotchman Lane, Morley to          428th Susan Hope          1:01:55
Thornbury Cricket Field - 31st August 2008
                                                     570 finished the race.

  12th Flora Skidmore        1:24:43                 Staveley Stampede - 31st August 2008
  12th Maxine Worden         1:24:43
  31st Kim Schofield         2:00:48                 Trail
        Elizabeth Smith-
  31st                       2:00:48                    3rd Martin Hall         1:07:37      2nd M45

Hilly                                                149 finished the race.

Leeds Country Way, Thornbury Cricket Field to
Golden Acre Park, Bramhope - 31st August 2008        In this years Leeds Country Way relay we just
                                                     managed to get two teams together after a lot
Relay                                                of woe for organiser David Binns. The first
                                                     team finished in 4th place while the second
   1st   Andy Meskimmon      1:18:12                 team were 23rd out of the 36 teams,
   1st   Andrew Cottier      1:18:12                 The first team managed four trophies with
  22nd   Michael Wood        1:42:43
                                                     John Calvert and Treena Johnson being the
  22nd   David Binns         1:42:43
                                                     fastest mixed team on the first leg, Paul Ward
                                                     and Andrew Guiseley fastest on the second leg,
                                                     Maxine Worden and Flora Skidmore first
                                                     female team on the third leg and Andrew
Leeds Country Way, Golden Acre Park, Bramhope to     Cottier and Andrew Meskimmon 1st on the
Thorner Lane, Scarcroft - 31st August 2008           fourth leg.


   7th Mark Oldroyd          1:11:16
   7th Steve Schofield       1:11:16
                                                 500 finished the race.

                                                 Exterminator - 7th September 2008

                                                 Fell Race

                                                   92nd David Smith       3:19:23
Matthew Baldwin and David Greenwood
on the first leg of the Leeds Country Way        184 finished the race.
relay, they look to be coming out of the
                                                 Stainland 7 - 7th September 2008

                                                 Road Race - Ranked

                                                   17th                    50:18
                                                                                        +9 Ranking
                                                   54th Glenn Sykes       1:00:37
                                                   55th Colin Watson 1:00:51
                                                   66th               1:04:18
Keith Long and David Smith finishing on                 Smith-Calvert
the last leg of the LCW in the rain.                                                    +4 Ranking
                                                  101st Kim Schofield 1:13:18
                                                  118th Susan Sykes       1:19:53

                                                 128 finished the race.

                                                 Trunce at Oxspring - 8th September 2008

                                                 Cross Country - Ranked
Treena and John Calvert in the mist on the
first leg LCW.                                             Andy
                                                   10th                    28:40
Did you know?                                      14th John Calvert       29:22
                                                                                        +9 Ranking
Colin Watson says Dewsbury Road
Runners was formed on 7th September
1983. This makes the club 25 years old.

Leeds Half Marathon - 7th September 2008

Half Marathon - Ranked

          Andrew                 5th M35 +6
  19th                1:18:31
         Guiseley               Ranking Points
                                 6th M35 +4
  26th James Morris   1:20:12
                                Ranking Points
 227th Flora Skidmore 1:35:29    5th F45
        James                                    Jimmy Morris and Andrew Guiseley had
1041st                1:51:07
       Maddison                                  good races in the Leeds Half Marathon
                                                 finishing 19th & 26th. Jimmy then goes on
       Webster                                   to beat Andy Meskimmon in the Great
1771 Jonathan Smith 2:03:35                      Langdale Half Marathon.
                                                        Ryedale Run - 21st September 2008

Yorkshire Off Road Half Marathon - 14th                 Road Race
September 2008
                                                         78th                1:29:43
Half Marathon                                                    Mitchell

35th David Almond 2:08:29                               127 finished the race.
79th David Clancy 2:25:56

                                                        Kirkstall Valley Trail Race - 21st September
251 finished the race.

                                                        Trail - Ranked
Great Langdale Half Marathon - 14th
September 2008
                                                               Andrew                        +2 Ranking
                                                           8th                   42:35
                                                              Guiseley                   Points
Half Marathon - Ranked
                                                         24th Keith Long         47:00
                                                               Richard                       +9 Ranking
                                           +5 Ranking    39th                    51:04
 8th James Morris            1:26:07                          Aiston                     Points
11th                         1:27:37    1st M40         174 finished the race.

446 finished the race.
                                                        Horsforth 10k - 28th September 2008

Settle Loop Tough Trail Race - 14th September           10k Road Race - Ranked
                                                                                             +5 Ranking
                                                         27th John Calvert       38:25
Trail                                                                                    Points
                                                               Steve                      4th M45 +3
                                                         35th               39:09
     nd                                                       Schofield                  Ranking Points
22         Keith Long        1:13:28
                                                        232nd Glenn Sykes 48:47
                                                               Janet                         +6 Ranking
72 finished the race.                                   298th               52:34
                                                              Murnin                     Points
                                                               Kim                           +7 Ranking
                                                        403rd               56:54
                                                              Schofield                  Points
Mileta 10K - 14th September 2008
                                                        457th Susan Sykes 1:01:27

10k Road Race - Ranked
                                                        489 finished the race.
     th                                  rd
15         Steve Schofield    39:48     3 M45
     th                                    +3 Ranking   Prince of Wales Hospice 10k - 28th September
46         Colin Watson       47:30
                                       Points           2008
50th Glenn Sykes              49:30
     st                                 3rd F45 +2      10k Road Race
51         Jean Entwistle     50:01
                                       Ranking Points
     Elizabeth                          1st F40 +14
58th                          51:06                               Bernard
    Smith-Calvert                      Ranking Points    73rd                    44:42
67th Janet Murnin             53:48     4th F45
                                           +6 Ranking
75th Kim Schofield            57:25                     268 finished the race.
79         Susan Hope         58:56
     nd                                 2nd F40 +10
82         Susan Sykes        59:45                     Sutton Seven - 28th September 2008
                                       Ranking Points

85 finished the race.

                                                           4th Martin Hall       40:06     1st over 45

                                                        153 finished the race.
                                                             David Almond         2080
                                                             John Calvert         2069
Martin Hall has a good race in the Sutton                    Steve Schofield      2046
Seven finishing 4th and he was 1st over 45.                  Keith Long           2012
                                                             Treena Johnson       2007
                                                             David Binns          1997
Triathlon Double Ironman                                     David Smith          1995
Monique Hollinshead completed a Double Ironman
on the 2/3 August weekend, said to be the first time         Chris Maguire        1988
this distance of a Triathlon Event as taken place in         Gary Johnson         1975
the UK. Monique finished in 14th place and was first
female finisher – doing the 4.8 mile swim in
                                                             Maxine Worden        1968
2hrs46m4secs, the 224 mile bike ride in                      Richard Aiston       1964
15hrs21mins and the 52 mile run in                           Flora Skidmore       1955
10hrs29mins22secs making a total time of
28hrs36mins26secs.                                           Peter Hill           1943
                                                             Yahya Seedat         1938
                                                             Matthew Baldwin      1911
                                                             Bernard Disken       1910
                                                             Roger Tolson         1909
                                                             Paul Conway          1897
                                                             Iftikhar Ahmed       1888
                                                             Russell Thomas       1887
                                                             Paul Croft           1881
                            Monique                          Martin Kaye          1873
                                                             Wayne Speight        1866
                                                              Colin Watson        1846
Orienteering                                                 Glenn Sykes          1841
Michael Wood ran in the Swindale North regional
event near Shap in the Lake District on 21st Sept.           Jonathan Smith       1837
He finished 5th of the 23 runners on the M65long             James Maddison       1836
course in 48mins28secs.
                                                             Angela Binns         1834
                                                             Michael Wood         1803
Whernside Fell Race                                          David Webster        1798
I noticed that Matthew Speake finished first in the
Whernside Fell Race showing a clean pair of heels to
                                                             Jean Entwistle       1787
some leading fell runners, Matthew has represented Great     Heather Mitchell     1779
Britain in Orienteering Events.                               Nicole Griffith     1756
Incidentally Barrie Speake, Matthews father was 4th in the
Swindale North (M65) Event mentioned above.                  Jack Bretherick      1748
                                                             Eliz Smith-Calvert   1748
                                                             Caroline Felce       1747
Dewsbury Road Runners                                        Leanne Entwistle     1734
Rankings                                                     Russell Webster      1727
                                                              Fiona Lee           1718
Paul Ward                      2148                          Janet Murnin         1713
Kevin Oates                    2141                          Maggie Haley         1705
Andrew Guiseley                2129                          Adrian Kerner        1703
Martin Hall                    2111                          Paul Schofield       1699
Andrew Cottier                 2109                          David Whittingham    1687
Andy Meskimmon                 2105                          Sue Lee              1685
Jimmy Morris                   2103                          Peter Morton         1654
Chris Fothergill               2080                          Tracey Rhodes        1644
Kim Schofield             1606
Susan Hope                1591                   Please send your contributions for the next
Julie Broadhead           1583                   newsletter as soon as you can while it’s
                                                 hot off your head.
Susan Sykes               1545                   To:
Rachel Spilsbury          1543

Grand Prix
Sue Sykes                 130
Colin Watson              123
Wayne Speight             114
David Webster             93
Eliz Smith-Calvert        92
Adrian Kerner             84
Glenn Sykes               78
James Morris              70
Julie Broadhead           68
John Calvert              65
Paul Ward                 64
Iftikhar Ahmed            62
Matthew Baldwin           62
David Whittingham         56
Maxine Worden             55
Kevin Oates               52
Martin Hall               50
David Smith               43
Flora Skidmore            41
Heather Mitchell          41
Kim Schofield             41
David Almond              38
Yahya Seedat              38
Leanne Entwistle          37

Calderdale Way relay
It looks as if we will only have one team for
the Calderdale Way relay; a list on the notice
board indicates there won’t be enough names
for two teams so some people are going to be

Will take place on Thursday the 13th of
November 2008.

Marathon 14th Sept.

6th Martin Hall     2hrs43mins46secs and
1st over 45.

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