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									    The Internet

(as in Intro to PCs and the
         Common Fallacies
• The Internet was not created by Al Gore

The Internet is not literally a series of tubes

• There is only one Internet
What is the Internet?
        What is the Internet?
• The Internet is a worldwide, publicly
  accessible series of interconnected
  computer networks that transmit data by
  packet switching using the standard
  Internet Protocol (IP).
  – Wikipedia Contributors (03/17/2008)
 What is the World Wide Web?
• In contrast, the Web is a collection of
  interconnected documents and other
  resources, linked by hyperlinks and URLs.
• The World Wide Web is one of the
  services accessible via the Internet, along
  with various others.
  – Wikipedia Contributors (03/17/2008)
    Common Uses of the Internet
• World Wide Web (WWW)
• Email
• Remote Access
• File Sharing
• Streaming Media – Listening to Internet radio or
  viewing Internet TV
• Collaboration – With other people in in games,
  chat (instant messaging), or unlimited other uses
• Voice Telephony (VoIP) - calling people over the
        Internet Related Topics
• How does the Internet actually work?
• How can I find what I’m looking for when I search the
  world wide web?
• How can I keep my personal information and my
  computer safe on the Internet?
• Can I trust that material I find on a website is true?
• Is it legal to use material that I found on a website?
• How can I troubleshoot problems with my Internet
• How can I keep my PC running smoothly on the
• What are some cool tricks to use on the Internet?

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                                  Hyper text
• Write Shayne an email at
  with subject “cs110: HW4”
• Don’t do any research.
• In the email describe everything that you
  believe/image happens when you click a
  hyperlink on a web document in Internet
  Explorer web browser. Don’t leave
  anything out.
• Due: Wednesday March 19, 2008
      Interesting Statements?
• If I am running an antivirus program, am I
  protected from viruses on the Internet.

• If I am viewing a web page in Internet
  Explorer, will it look the same in other
  browsers such as Firefox.

• If I receive an email from it
  was sent to me by my teacher.
     Interesting Statements?
• If I am purchasing something from a well
  known website, it is OK to provide my
  credit card number.

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