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Bosch Car Service garages provide vehicle maintenance, repairs and diagnostics for all makes of vehicles. They offer an affordable service and
each garage is independently owned with friendly staff who are trained to fit or replace Bosch quality parts. The technicians at Bosch Car
Service garages are trained on the latest technologies and have the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment to pinpoint any faults in a vehicle
quickly and accurately. Any parts that need to be replaced are of the same quality as those that were originally fitted on the vehicle.

The Bosch Car Service network works to an Office of Fair Trading approved Code of Practice. The purpose of the Code is to set out the
standards and practices of a Bosch Car Service garage so customers will know what to expect. Bosch ensures that all Bosch Car Service garages
adhere to our strict quality guidelines and to guarantee they maintain these high standards, each garage is independently audited every year.
Technicians must also be up-to-date with new technologies, so we insist that each garage attends training on a regular basis.

Many people think that the easiest place to go for a car service is the nearest manufacturer’s dealership. Bosch Car Service garages offer
quality, affordable servicing, and fit manufacturer quality parts, which also represent huge savings when compared to dealer prices, in most
cases savings of up to 65% are available. Changes in European legislation also mean that people can take their car to a Bosch Car Service
garage without invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty. As preferred suppliers to the PDPA we can offer savings in excess of 25% when
compared to the manufacturer’s dealer network, so you can be sure that your vehicle is in excellent hands
We know your members maintain their equipment to the highest standard to ensure their personal successes and we know that by utilising
our service your vehicles will also be maintained to the same optimum professional levels.

Check it out to save £££

The Bosch Service Team

To find you’re nearest Bosch Service area or for more information visit the website link below;

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                                               Robert Bosch Ltd.
                             P.O.Box 98, Broadwater Park, Denham, Middlesex UB9 5HJ

The PDPA is proud to have Bosch Car Service as one of its partners, their quality and expertise in all aspects speaks volumes.
Our members can be assured of discounts on all services as well as the professional quality associated with Bosch.

We look forward to continuing our long term partnership


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