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Facts about The Solar Sytem by MillarngLncashaun


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									           Solar System Information: The Truth Regarding
               Useful Details about Solar Systems
     Solar power, solar energy, and solar systems have become household terms in the last
decades, owing to the fact that the human race is now starting to strongly feel the effects of
dwindling fossil fuel reserves. It should be noted however that solar system information is not
new and dates back as early as the ancient times. It was not until the late 1800s when the
                                                                 technology finally became
                                                                 available but took a lag when
                                                                 the geniuses of that time
                                                                 realized that their generation
                                                                 would not be affected by the
                                                                 depleting reserves.

                                                                   With the price of
                                                             electricity     and      fuel,
                                                             compounded by the problem
                                                             of global warming, the human
                                                             race is once again forced to
                                                             find an alternative energy
                                                             source rather than relying
                                                             solely on fossil fuels. And
                                                             perhaps your rising electrical
                                                             bill might be the reason why
                                                             you have stumbled across this
article. So here are some useful solar system information you need to finally cement your
decision whether or not to have one installed in your home:

      1)       Will a solar system allow you to save on your cost of living? This is the most
important information that you perhaps want to know about especially with the economic
recession in place. From the moment you wake up and even as you sleep, everything in your
home is mostly run by electricity and/or fuel. Imagine having to do without these essentials with
the help of your solar system. Everything you will ever need for your activities of daily living
from energy for powering your appliances to fuel for cooking will be provided by the solar
system. The added bonus is that aside from being able to gain large savings, you will get to save
the planet from greenhouse gases, thus, prevent the problem of global warming from worsening.

      2)        Will a solar system cost much to install? The cost of a solar system will depend
on how much of your energy needs you want supplied by the system. It is said that in home solar
electrical systems, one photovoltaic panel can generate enough power to run an emergency
telephone. Usually a robust system would cost as much from 20,000 to 30,000 dollars. A solar
heating system that will entail you to shell out 5,000 dollars would allow you to save half of your
heating bill.

      3)        What options do you have when you want to have one installed? First, you have
to decide which type of solar system you would want in place as there are several. There are
systems designed for generating electricity to power your home appliance; others would serve as
replacement for your fuel needs for cooking. Some systems will allow you to heat your water
whether for domestic use or heating up your entire house; yet some are a combination of these
and are called integrated systems from solar energy stored in multi tank heat storage vaults. Next
decision you must make is whether to build the system yourself or to contact professional help.

      The above solar system information provide you only with the basic details for you to
jumpstart your desire of having one in place. There is no doubt that having a system in place will
not only mean savings on your part but a chance to become free from all the hassles of relying on
enterprising energy companies that make a profit on your expense.

                                                         Solar System Facts:
                                                     The Essential Components
                                                       for Purchasing Solar
                                                           What do carbon dioxide, methane,
                                                     nitrous oxide, and sulfur hexafluoride have
                                                     in common? All of these gases are the
                                                     reason for the rising atmospheric
                                                     temperature and the series of ice caps melts.
                                                     If you are still baffled, then perhaps the
                                                     terms global warming and greenhouse effect
                                                     will ring a bell. The four are called
                                                     greenhouse gases and when emitted, cause
global warming.

       The phenomenon is one of the reasons why many sectors especially the pro-environment
group backed up by multimillion-dollar companies have devoted their resources in finding an
alternative energy source for fossil fuel reserves. With the government spending a large portion
of the budget on subsidizing petroleum companies, laws have also become in place to encourage
home solar energy systems .Although home systems are already in place, the technology is still
in its early stages; and as such, can be quite costly to purchase.
      You might be one of the homeowners interested in having one installed, but the cost of
20,000 to 50,000 dollars might be too much for you. An answer to your dilemma is to turn to do-
it-yourself projects as there are many resources online to guide you in this undertaking.
However, before embarking on such project it would be useful for you to know some solar
system facts as follows:

      1)        In any home solar energy system, the first thing to ensure is to have the
orientation of the roofing of your house toward the south. This will allow your solar panels (the
device that harvests energy directly from the sun) to harvest maximally. The roof should be best
of optimum condition so that the panels are provided with a solid base.

                                                              2)         Next is your choice of
                                                        panels. If you really want to lessen on the
                                                        cost of the panel as this will be the most
                                                        costly item in your project, you can turn
                                                        to secondhand ones. However, bear in
                                                        mind that you really have to be certain of
                                                        the quality of used panels. It is always
                                                        best to invest in brand new ones to be
                                                        absolutely sure of its sun harvesting
                                                        capacity; anyway, your cost will all be
                                                        reimbursed when you start saving on your
                                                        electrical bill.

                                                            Another crucial decision is how
                                                      many panels to make up your array.
                                                      Remember that one panel is capable of
                                                      powering an electrical telephone; so the
more panels you have, the more appliances you are able to power. You also have to decide what
type of panel to purchase from monocrystal to polycrystal that differ in their durability and cost.

      3)       The panels are then connected to a battery bank through cables, which run into
your homes. Make sure that your cables are resistant to your type of weather. Most panels are
designed in a way that they can be easily plugged without much fuss. The battery bank should
have a charge controller to prevent the battery from excessively storing energy and to regulate
fluctuations. Take note that the battery should have the same voltage as the output of your

      You can select your materials and tools in online sites that specialize in DIY projects.
Another option is to purchase a DIY home kit that has everything you need. Check solar system
facts every now and then to make sure that you are on the right track.
      Can Installing a Solar System Eliminate Your Electric
      Lately, you might have heard about the topic “solar energy and power” being brought up
quite often in print, radio, and television programs as well as featured in online articles. In fact,
your child might have been given a school project about such topic one way or another. This has
started you wondering about what the deal really is in such technology. As you search for the
answer to your query, you find out some juicy information, seemingly hidden from public
knowledge, that having a solar system in place can actually help you reduce your cost of daily
living. So can installing a solar system eliminate your electric bill, Read on to know the facts.

                                                                                  As opposed to
                                                                            the          prevailing
                                                                            opinion that the high
                                                                            cost of electricity has
                                                                            brought on a surge of
                                                                            interest    in    solar
                                                                            power not only as an
                                                                            alternative     energy
                                                                            source but as a
                                                                            replacement         for
                                                                            energy derived from
                                                                            oil reserves, it is
                                                                            actually the negative
                                                                            effects of combustion
                                                                            of oil that has
                                                                            sustained the interest.
                                                                            Global warming has
                                                                            been felt more and
more as ice caps melt and erratic weather conditions ensue. In addition, the fear that in hundreds
of years the oil reserves will become depleted has continued to plague the innovative minds of
this generation.

      In fact, the government has been proactive in encouraging families to have a solar system
installed in their homes. A major reason to this is that the government subsidizes a large amount
of taxpayer’s money on the endeavors of the petroleum industry, amounting to about 5 to 10
billions of dollars per year. But as the government worries about petroleum cost—thus,
patronizing the solar power industry—ironically, the high cost of having a home solar system
installed is what hinders many families from acting on the state’s encouragement.
      If you want to have major savings on the cost of electricity, you must have a robust system
installed, costing about 20,000 to 40,000 dollars. When broken down, you generally spend about
11 dollars per watt generated, another 5 dollars for the panels, and surprisingly, 6 dollars for
installation services. A solution to this is enrolling in the mortgaging program of the government
called Energy Efficient Mortgage, wherein you can obtain a loan to start your home solar system.
This will help you afford the cost of having a system installed, which can be easy to pay off once
you start saving on your electrical bill.

      So back to main question of can installing a solar system eliminate your electric bill? The
simple answer is that you would have to be an energy independent house to do so, which is very
costly. Of course, you have the option to always start small; by spending about 2,000 to 5,000 on
your home solar system, you can already power your personal computer and other simple
appliance. It is always good to take note that with the high cost of a home solar system, there is
always the payback of large energy and electrical savings. For instance, having a solar panel
                                                           power your water heating system is
                                                           enough to give you about 50 percent
                                                           of savings, thus, you are able to repay
                                                           the large installation cost in three
                                                           years. Another good news about the
                                                           technology is that there is a decreasing
                                                           trend of the cost of installation as
                                                           producers perfect the technology.

                                                                   Build Your Own
                                                                   Solar System
                                                               Your neighbor has             been
                                                         bragging for months about how he or
                                                         she has saved immensely on the
                                                         family’s electrical bill. In fact, he or
                                                         she tells you that the savings has been
used to buy a new appliance that can be run leisurely without worrying about electrical charges
because of a secret weapon that the family has. As you enviously contemplate what the secret
weapon is, you also try to apply energy-saving measures such as turning your lights and
appliances off whenever not in use but still prove futile in giving you similar savings. You
wonder - could it be the shiny thingamajig installed in your neighbor’s roof that is doing the

      This might be the scenario before when solar energy systems started to be installed in the
homes as opposed to big power plants, which were the only establishments to have such systems,
but solar systems in homes have become common today. Thus, when your neighbor starts to brag
about how much he or she is saving per month, you automatically attribute such to the solar
panels installed and wonder instead where to get them. The good news is that you not only have
the option of turning to professional installers that charge more to have your very own solar
panels. Nowadays, you can subscribe to do it yourself installation procedures, which have made
solar panels within the reach of the common household.

                                                                                     To help you
                                                                               decide      whether,
                                                                               which of the two
                                                                               methods            to
                                                                               subscribe to, here
                                                                               are their pros and
                                                                               cons. The main
                                                                               advantage      when
                                                                               you build your own
                                                                               solar system is that
                                                                               you will be able to
                                                                               save a lot on the
                                                                               cost; and if you do
                                                                               all things correctly,
                                                                               you will be ensured
of major savings (2,000 to 5,000 dollars in the DIY versus the 20,000 to 50,000 when you
subscribe to the service of professional installers) on the cost of your home solar system. In
addition, you will also be able to control the installation process every step of the way from the
number and type of panels to the brand of batteries to be used. The disadvantage with DIYs is
that you have to weed out from the various instructional materials and DIY companies available.
If you turn to professional installers, on the other hand, you have the luxury of being able to sit
back and relax as you wait for your panels to be installed. Also, professional companies provide
warranty of equipment and installation services that are not present in DIYs.

      Initially, to build your own solar system, you need to find a reliable resource on how to
install a solar panel yourself that will provide you instructions in the form of drawings, audio,
and/or video. There are many topics on such found online, and you can also purchase DIY
books; and to ensure that you have everything covered, you can read various resources and
combine their methods and materials into one. Next step is to canvass and choose the materials
needed from the solar panels down to the tools. To save more on your solar panel purchase, you
can turn to used or secondhand panels. Before installing them, check the foundation of your
system such as the condition of your roof where the panels will be placed. Another option to
make things easier is to subscribe to the service of DIY companies that charge lesser than
professional installers.
               Pond Solar Systems: Solar System Aeration
      If you are among the people who consider an outdoor pond not only important for aesthetic
reasons but for health and environmental purposes as well, then investing in pond solar systems
is one of the first things you should do. Solar system aeration is important to keep your pond on a
healthy balance by ensuring that oxygen is available at all times. The algae, which are natural
inhabitants of your pond, deplete the oxygen supply because of them being active at night time
when the oxygen is low.

                                                                  A drawback, however, you might
                                                            have is the cost of the product. You
                                                            can think instead that having one will
                                                            allow you to save on your electrical
                                                            bill in the long run. The best thing
                                                            about pond solar systems is that they
                                                            do not rely on fossil fuel reserves
                                                            because they don’t run on electricity.
                                                            As such, you will be able to help
                                                            alleviate the worsening problem on
                                                            global warming. Below are some of
                                                            the needed features of solar system
                                                            aeration before purchasing one to
                                                            ensure that you maximize on your

                                                                  1)       Find a solar aeration
                                                           you can easily install. Many solar
                                                           aeration      products    require     a
professional to set it up, requiring you to pay an additional fee on top of what you have paid for
the product. For this, you need to read the manual if possible and check whether illustrations and
diagrams are provided as well as instructions are comprehensible even for someone who has not
yet embarked on a DIY project before. Furthermore, try to check whether there are details
regarding troubleshooting of the solar aeration in cases of malfunction. Remember you are
dealing with machinery, which has the tendency to go awry once in a while.

      2)        Compare the features of each solar aeration product. The more features that the
product has, the more value for your money. One of the important aspects you should check is
how many hours can it run, which means how much solar energy can the battery store. Another
feature to look into is if the aeration system is able to eliminate pond pollutants such as bacteria.

      3)      Ask about the product warranty. Even the most tried and tested product brands
that have been around for a while have a tendency to break down, bypassing the quality control
of the manufacturer. And because the cost of an aeration system is no joke, you need to be
absolutely sure that events like these are covered by the company. This is where the warranty
will come in. The product itself should provide at least one year warranty with the solar panel
having five years. Some companies even give lifetime servicing in cases of malfunction
occurring outside the warranty period.

      4)        Read reviews and product ratings. These can be found mostly in the product Web
site. You can also search for reviews about the solar aeration system you are considering on
buying by typing in your search engine the product brand and name and the word reviews. Try to
focus on the negative reviews rather than on the positive as they will allow you to prepare for the
worse. Most positive reviews are paid for by the company. You can also search for reviews that
feature the top ten products with ratings by previous users and customers.

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