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									                                              D.I.Y. Books
                                              9 September 2011
Peter and Pauline Moncrieff,                                                  ABN 40 648 167 194
54 Zetland Road,
Mont Albert,

Telephone (03) 9898-6684 [Message if not in.] Fax. (03) 9898-9661, Mobile 0407-098-120
Email. Web address.
Personal callers welcome, but telephone to make an appointment first.

        All books in stock at the date this list is printed. Prices include G.S.T.
Basic Candle Making.Ham 2002.22x28, 104 pp, soft. Skills and tools needed to get started.                  $23
Basic Picture Framing.Cooper 2005.22x28, 101 pp, soft. Guide to tools, materials, techniques.              $26
Basic Stained Glass Making.Ebeling 2003.22x28, 137 pp, soft. Equipment, materials, skills, repairs.        $26
Basic Woodworking.Sobun 2004.22x28, 73 pp, soft. Equipment, materials, skills, projects.                   $28
Boxes & Chests.Bridgewater 1997.21x28, 176 pp, soft. Making 15 traditional country (U.S.) projects.        $26
Entertainment Centers You Can Make.Gerhards 1997.21x28, 133 pp, soft. Freestanding & built in.             $25
Making Your Home Sustainable.Wrigley 2005.21x29, soft. Guide to retrofitting.                              $42
Making Wood Trucks & Construction Vehicles.Martin 2006.20x25, 176 pp, soft.                                $24
Solar Hot Water.ATA 2001.14x21, 36 pp, soft. Plan your own solar hot water system.                         $10
Wind Power.ATA 2004.14x21, 48 pp, soft. Plan your own wind power system.                                   $10
Illustrated Guide to Wood Strip Canoe Building.Van Leuven 1998.28x22, 160 pp. Complete how-to.             $60
Your Home Technical Manual.Greenhouse Office 2005.21x27, soft. Building & renovating sustainably.          $45

ATV Projects;Get the Most Out of Your All-Terrain Vehicle.2004.21x27, 111 pp, soft. Upgrades, mods.        $32
Building Street Rods;All You Need to Know.Wickham 2005.21x27, 176 pp, soft.                                $40
Collector Car Restoration Bible.Joseph 2005.21x27, 400 pp, soft. Practical techniques for prof. results.   $48
Getting Home Alive.Puleo 2005.15x22, 216 pp, soft. Car collecting in US. One only.                         $32
How to Customize Damn Near Anything.Monster Garage 203.20x27, 221 pp, soft. Car modifications.             $15
How To Keep Your Tractor Running.Kubik 2005.21x27, 159 pp, soft. Step by step instructions.                $36
150 Years of International Harvester.Wendel 2004.21x27, 416 pp, soft. Tractors, trucks, etc.               $45
Ultimate Garages.Berg.2006.25x25, 224 pp, soft. Garages owned by US car enthusiasts.                       $30

Antique Iron;Survey of American & English Forms.Schiffer 1979.22x28, 348 pp. C15 to C19. Reduced to.. $30
The Backyard Blacksmith.Sims 2006.20x26, 176 pp, soft. Traditional techniques.                              $36
The Contemporary Blacksmith.Meilach 2000.22x28, 256 pp.Colour plates of completed works.Bent corners.$60
Decorative & Sculptural Ironwork.Meilach 1999.17x25, 313 pp, soft. 2nd. Ed. Tools, techniques. Inspiration. $58

Knives and Knifemaking.
American Premium Guide Knives & Razors.Sargent 1999.21x27, 496 pp, soft. ID & value guide. Reduced $5
Antique American Switchblades.Erickson 2004.21x27, 160 pp, soft. I.D. and value guide. Reduced.         $20
Art of the Knife.Kertzman 2007.21x28, 254 pp. Full colour. “Custom creations from world’s top makers.”  $45
The Art of Modern Custom Knifemakng.Darom 2006.23x28, 252 pp. 100 project in the making.                $45
The Best of Knife World, Vol.3.1993.21x27, 309 pp, soft. Magazine articles 1984-192..                   $26
Blade’s Guide to Making Knives.Kertzman 2005.21x27, 160 pp, soft. Very useful & well illustrated.       $38
Blade’s Guide to Knives & Their Values.Shackleford 2005.21x27, 576 pp, soft. Handbook for collectors.Now$25
The Bowie Knife; Unsheathing an American Legend.Flayderman 2004.23x31, 512 pp. Superb book.            $125
Collecting Indian Knives, ID and values.Hothem 1986.21x27, 152 pp,soft. Mostly flint knives.            $10
Collector’s Guide to Switchblade Knives.Langston 2001.22x28, 209 pp. US makes and prices. One only. $50
The Complete Bladesmith.Hrisoulas 1987.21x27, 179 pp, soft. Pattern welded blades. Bent corner!         $32

Counterfeiting Antique Cutlery.Witcher1997.21x27, 512 pp, soft. US pocket knives.                         $40
Custom Knifemaking.McCreight 1985.222 pp, soft. Ten projects to make. Full instructions.                  $26
Custom Foldng Knives.Darom 2006.22x28, 256 pp. Colour illustrations of folders.                           $35
500 Knives.Ed Le Van 2009.20x20, 384 pp, soft. Colour pictures of 500 traditional and modern knives.      $30
How to Make Knives.Barney & Loveless 1995.21x27, 182 pp, soft. Stock removal, forging, sheaths etc.       $20
How to Make Knives.Barnety & Loveless 1995. CD ROM version.                                               $15
How To Make Folding Knives.Lake, Centofante & Clay 2002.21 x 27, 190 pp, soft. Out of print, few left.    $50
Complete Guide to Hunting Knives.Hollis 2001.21x27, 224 pp, soft. Selecting the right blade.Fact.& custom.$20
IBCA Price Guide to Antique Knives.Voyles 1995.21x27, 480 pp, soft. US prices 1800 – 1970. One only.      $20
IBCA Price Guide to Commemorative Knives 1960-1990.Voyles 1995.21x27, 250 pp, soft.                       $10
Ka-Bar,Next Generation of the Ultimate Fighting Knife.Walker 2001.21x28, 70 pp, soft.                     $28
Knifemakers of Old San Francisco.Levine 1998.21x28, 160 pp, soft.                                         $38
Knifemaking with Bob Loveless.Hollis 2010.21x28, 189 pp. “Build knives with a living legend”.             $34
Ed Fowler's Knife Talk.1998.21x27, 159 pp, soft. Articles from Blade magazine.                            $25
Ed Fowler’s Knife Talk II.Fowler 2003.21x27, 200 pp, soft. Knifemaking columns from Blade magazine.       $35
Knives 2011.Kertzman 2010.21x27, 312 pp, soft. Latest trends, superb examples in full colour. Bonus DVD.$35
Knives 2010.Kertzman 2009.21x27, 312 pp, soft. Latest trends, superb examples in full colour. Bonus DVD.$40
Knives 2007.Kertzman 2006.21x27, 312 pp, soft. Latest trends, superb examples in full colour.             $30
Knives 2003.Kertzman 2002.21x27, 311 pp, soft. Latest trends & examples of knives. Some colour plates. $20
Knives Digest 1.Warner & Voyles 2000.21x27, 430 pp, soft. New rival to Knife Digests. Reduced.            $10
Knives: Points of Interest.Book 5.Weyer 1999.22x28, 160 pp. Superb colour photos of knives.              $120
Knives of War.Hughes, Jenkins, Buerlein 2006.21x27, 119 pp, soft. Line drawings, mil knives WW1 to now. $30
The Lockback Folding Knife;From Design to Completion.Fronteddu 201023x27, 112 pp, soft.                   $36
The Master Bladesmith;Advanced Studies in Steel.Hrisoulas1991.21x27, 286 pp, soft. Damascus blades. $50
Modern Combat Blades.; The Best in Edged Weaponry.Long 1992.22x28, 121 pp. Reduced price.                 $22
The Pattern-Welded Blade.Hrisoulas 1994.21x28, 113 pp.                                                    $60
The Pattern-Welded Blade.Hrisoulas 1994.21x28, 113 pp, soft..                                             $40
The Scottish Dirk.Forman 1993.17x25, 56 pp, soft. Well illustrated history of dirks.                      $18
Silver Folding Fruit Knives.Karsten 1986.13x21, 34 pp, soft.                                              $10
Step-by-Step Knifemaking.Boye 1977.19x22, 272 pp, soft.Well illustrated, stock removal method.            $28
Switchblade; The Ace of Blades.Benson 2004.13x21, 97 pp. soft. Sorry, no working drawings. New edition. $22
Switchblade; The Ace of Blades.Benson 1989.13x21, 96 pp. soft. Sorry, no working drawings. Old edition. $10
The Tactical Knife.Ayres 2010.21x27, 255 pp, soft. Designs, techniques, uses.                             $30
Theater Made Military Knives of World War 2.Wright 2001.22x28, 264 pp. Reduces price.                     $60
The Wonder of Knifemaking.Goddard 2000.21x27, 157 pp, soft. Articles from Blade magazine.                 $30
The Wonder of Knifemaking.2nd.Ed..Goddard 2011.21x27, 158 pp, soft. Articles from Blade magazine.         $30

Advanced Machine Work.Smith 1925.14x22, 1524 pp. 1984 reprint.                                           $40
CAD for Model Engineers.Brown 1999.15x21, 89 pp, soft.                                                   $15
The Compact Lathe.Bray 1990.14x21, 187 pp, soft.                                                         $25
Drills, Taps and Dies.Cain 2005.15x21, 101 pp, soft.                                                     $15
The Farm Welding Handbook.Finch 2005.21x27, 143 pp, soft. Gas, arc and MIG.                              $38
How To Set Up Your Farm Workshop.Kubik 2007.21x27, 127 pp, soft.                                         $32
How to Do Aircraft Sheet Metal Work.Norcross 1942.14x21, 285 pp, soft.1997 reprint.                      $20
Improvements & Accessories For Your Lathe.Radford 1998.15x21, 190 pp, soft.                              $44
The Model Engineers Workshop Manual.Thomas 1992.18x24, 306 pp, soft.                                     $75
Myford Series 7 Manual.Bradley 1982.14x21, 232 pp, soft. Covers ML7, ML7-R and Super 7.                  $20
Old Ways of Working Wood.Bealer 1996.16x23, 255 pp. Techniques & tools of a time-honoured craft.         $18
Sheet Metal Work.Wakeford 1985.15x21, 151 pp, soft.                                                      $15
Simple Workshop Devices,Cain 2005.15x21, 140 pp, soft.                                                   $15
Useful Workshop Tools.Bray 2000.15x21, 108 pp, soft.                                                     $15

Pocket Knives.
Okapi (South Africa). Lock blade 97mm, non locking 95mm.Sharpening needed. Wooden handles.               $10

Postage and packing.

First book, $11.50 Qld, N.S.W., S.A. & Tas; $13.50 N.T. and W.A., $9 Vic ; $2 each additional
book. Excess postage refunded or credited. If you wish to send exact money, please
write for availability and postage cost. Please make cheques and money orders payable to
 “P. Moncrieff”.
        Mastercard and Visa accepted for mail and telephone orders. Please
 provide expiry date.

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